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Quantitative Aptitude Tricks. By Ramandeep Singh. Page 1. Quantitative Aptitude Tricks - PDF. Download. Topics: 1. Simplification. 2. Number Series. 3. This PDF Contains Shortcuts in Quantitative Aptitude || Short Tricks in Maths Download PDF || Maths Tricks and Shortcuts. Download Mathematics Quantitative Aptitude Shortcut Tricks Book Pdf For India IBPS Exam Preparation Study Material in pdf Ebook, and For UPSC, RRB, IBPS.

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I have started Quantitative Aptitude preparation series. I will try .. Pls send me shortcut tricks pdf at my mail id [email protected] Find the list of Important Aptitude shortcuts PDF for upcoming Bank Exams and all other competitive exams, aspirants those who are preparing. Shortcut tricks on Quantitative Aptitude method will help you to do Quantitative In this website we provide few shortcut Methods on Quantitative Aptitude and solution for the please send me the shortcut tricks PDF for aptitude and reasoning.

Ravi Handa and so after searching for him found his online preparation course at http: Sir awsm job great help for evry aspirats thank u so much sir plz kp up th gud work we all need guides lk u: December 20, at 1: Pushpender says: Thanks for commenting.

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Shortcut tricks pdf aptitude

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Shortcut pdf aptitude tricks

Sponsored By. Sharing is Caring. Hope the above information will help you in learning the short tricks and practicing number system with given formulas. For more topics, Stay tuned with Eduncle! Eduncle provides free customized study material and downloadable stuff to make your preparation easier.

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How to Solve Number System Questions in Exams [Short trick PDF]

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Divisible by 2 — If a number ends with 0,2,4,6,8 then the number is divisible by 2. Example — , , , All number ends with 4,6,8,0 so these numbers are divisible by 2. Example — ,, Example — Here last two digits 48 are divisible by 4, so is also divisible by 4.

Example — , Here last 3 digits are divided by 8, hence the number is divisib le by 8. Divisible by 10 — If a number ends with 0, then it is divisible by Example — , , Divisible by 12 — If a number is divisible by 3 and 4 both, then it will also be divisible by 12 as well.

Quantitative Aptitude - Concepts and Tricks

Example — 48 48 is divisible by 3 and 4 both, so it will be divisible by 12 also. Divisible by 14 — If a number is divisible by 2 and 7 both, then it will also be divisible by 14 as well. Example — 42 42 is divisible by 2 and 7 both, so it will be divisible by 14 also. Divisible by 15 — If a number is divisible by 3 and 5 both, then it will also be divisible by 15 as well.

Example — 45 45 is divisible by 3 and 5 both, so it will be divisible by 15 also. Finding number of Factors To find the number of factors of a given number, express the number as a product of powers of prime numbers.

Hence the remaining are the minimum number of imaginary roots of the equation Since we also know that the index of the maximum power of x is the number of roots of an equation.

Search f or Study. Mixtures If Q be the volume of a vessel q qty of a mixture of water and wine be removed each time from a mixture n be the number of times this operation be done and A be the final qty of wine in the mixture then.

That is Very useful for finding multiples. This can be derived from the above.. HM stand for arithmetic. Common Queries..

Tricks aptitude pdf shortcut

Symbiosis Test XAT Rules of Logarithms: Quantitative Aptitude Shortcuts and Tricks 30 comments: MBA from Assam April Also note that the ogarithm is with respect to base e ] Also Read: Thank you buddy for this information. Keep it up. After 4 years this ratio will be 9: Reply Thanigai June 6. I really appreciate your efforts. If at the time of their marriage the ratio was 5: Reply srinivas reddy cherukula August I heard much of Prof.

So please review this online course for me. Thank you for this information. Reply Rizzi August 2. Ravi Handa and so after searching for him found his online preparation course at http: What sum of money is to be divided among 3 men in the ratio 3: Find the greatest of the four least common multiples of 3. Reply Yuvan Kumar February Find square root of 2 7.

What are the numbers?

Shortcut pdf aptitude tricks

Good Stuff! Get more aptitude questions with explanation here.. IIFT and many more: