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Seminar Report. Blue Brain. 2. INTRODUCTION. Human brain, the most valuable creation of God. The man is called intelligent because of the brain. Today we. The report is in Do Androids Dream of. Electric Sheep The Blue Brain project proposes a fantastic voyage.2 The first phase of this project succeeded in http :// Crochet, S. Free download complete engineering seminar Blue Brain Seminar Report pdf.

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Blue Brain, Ask Latest information, Abstract, Report, Presentation (pdf,doc,ppt), Blue Brain technology discussion,Blue Brain paper presentation details,Blue. blue brain seminar report - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Word Document Blue Brain - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. imp. IBM is now in research to create a virtual brain, called Blue brain. .. Blue Brain Technology Seminar Report.

Traveling into the spine and brain,they will be able to monitor the activity and structure of our central nervous system. Called MyLifeBits, the project aims to makethis database of human memories searchable in the manner of aconventional search engine. In the same way that the neuron is the elementary cell for computing in the brain. So, even after the death of a person we will not loose the knowledge, intelligence, personalities, feelings and memories of that man that can be used for the development of the human society. In the similar way thebrain and we can remember the past things.

Nose Once the smell of food has reached your nose, which is lined with hairs, it travels to an olfactorybulb, a set of sensory nerves. The nerve impulses travel through the olfactory tract, around, in acircular way, the thalamus, and finally to the smell sensory cortex of our brain, located between oureye and ear, where it is interpreted to be understood and memorized by the body.

Eye Seeing is one of the most pleasing senses of the nervous system. This cherished action primarilyconducted by the lens, which magnifies a seen image, vitreous disc, which bends and rotates an imageagainst the retina, which translates the image and light by a set of cells.

A Technical Report On Blue Braineye ball where rods and cones structure along with other cells and tissues covert the image into nerveimpulses which are transmitted along the optic nerve to the brain where it is kept for memory. Tongue A set of microscopic buds on the tongue divide everything we eat and drink into four kinds of taste: These buds have taste pores, which convert the taste into a nerve impulseand send the impulse to the brain by a sensory nerve fiber.

Upon receiving the message, our brainclassifies the different kinds of taste. This is how we can refer the taste of one kind of food to another. Ear Once the sound or sound wave has entered the drum, it goes to a large structure called the cochlea.

In this snail like structure, the sound waves are divided into pitches. The vibrations of the pitches inthe cochlea are measured by the Corti.

This organ transmits the vibration information to a nerve,which sends it to the brain for interpretation and memory.

Word Document Blue Brain

Here is a comparative discussion Natural Brain Simulated Brain1. INPUT 1. INPUT In the nervous system in our body the neurons In a similar way the artificial nervous system canare responsible for the message passing. The be created. The scientist has already createdbody receives the input by the sensory cells.

Report blue pdf brain

It has also been tested that thesewhich are received by the neurons. The neurons neurons can receive the input from the sensorytransfer these electric impulses to the brain.

So, the electric impulses from the sensory cells can be received through these artificial neurons and send to a super computer for the interpretation. The received by the artificial neuron can be done byinterpretation in the brain is accomplished by the means of a set of register. The different values inmeans of certain states of many many neurons. OUTPUTBased on the states of the neurons the brain Similarly based on the states of the register thesends the electric impulses representing the output signal can be given to the artificialresponses which are further received by the neurons in the body which will be received bysensory cell of our body to respond.

MEMORYThere are certain neurons in our brain which It is not impossible to store the data permanently byrepresent certain states permanently. When using the secondary memory.

In the similar way therequired these state is interpreted by our brain and required states of the registers can be storedwe can remember the past things. To remember permanently. And when required these informationthing we force the neurons to represent certain can be retrieved and used.

The past experience stored and logical calculations. Uploading human brain: The uploading is possible by the use of small robots known as the Nanobots.

These robots are smallenough to travel through out our circulatory system. Traveling into the spine and brain, they will be ableto monitor the activity and structure of our central nervous system. They will be able to provide aninterface with computers that is as close as our mind can be while we still reside in our biological form.

Nanobots could also carefully scan the structure of our brain, providing a complete readout of theconnections. Thus the data stored in the entire brain will be uploaded into the computer. Research Work1. Advantages And Disadvantages Advantages1. We can remember things without any effort. Decision can be made without the presence of a person. Even after the death of a man his intelligence can be used. The activity of different animals can be understood.

That means by interpretation of the electricimpulses from the brain of the animals, their thinking can be understood easily. It would allow the deaf to hear via direct nerve stimulation, and also be helpful for manypsychological diseases.

By down loading the contents of the brain that was uploaded into thecomputer, the man can get rid from the mad ness. Further, there are many new dangers these technologies will open.

Pdf blue brain report

We will be susceptible to new forms of harm. We become dependent upon the computer systems. Others may use technical knowledge against us. Computer viruses will pose an increasingly critical threat.

The real threat, however, is the fear that people will have of new technologies. That fear may culminate in a large resistance. Clear evidence of this type of fear is found today with respect to human cloning. Hardware And Software Requirements1. A super computer. What is virtual brain? Why we need virtual brain? Function of brain 6.

Brain Simulation 7. Hardware and software requirement 8. Current research work 9.

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Advantage and disadvantage The man is calledintelligent because of the brain. Today we are developed because we canthink, that other animals can not do. But we loss the knowledge of a brainwhen the body is destroyed after the death of man. That knowledge mighthave been used for the development of the human society. What happen ifwe create a brain and up load the contents of natural brain into it.

That means amachine that can function as human brain.

blue brain seminar report

Today scientists are in researchto create an artificial brain that can think, response, take decision, and keepanything in memory. The main aim is to upload human brain into machine. So that man can think, take decision without any effort. After the death of thebody, the virtual brain will act as the man.

So, even after the death of aperson we will not loose the knowledge, intelligence, personalities, feelingsand memories of that man that can be used for the development of the humansociety. No one has ever understood the complexity of human brain. It iscomplex than any circuitry in the world. Because what everman has created today always he has followed the nature. When man doesnot have a device called computer, it was a big question for all.

But today itis possible due to the technology. Technology is growing faster than everything. IBM is now in research to create a virtual brain. If possible, this would be the first virtual brain of the world. The IBM is now developing a virtual brain known as theBlue brain. With in 30 years,we will be able to scan ourselves into the computers. Is this thebeginning of eternal life?

What is Virtual Brain? We can say Virtual brain is an artificial brain, which does notactually the natural brain, but can act as the brain.

It can think like brain,take decisions based on the past experience, and response as the naturalbrain can. It is possible by using a super computer, with a huge amountof storage capacity, processing power and an interface between thehuman brain and this artificial one.

Blue Brain Seminar Report and PPT - EduTechLearners

Through this interface the data storedin the natural brain can be up loaded into the computer. So the brain andthe knowledge, intelligence of anyone can be kept and used for ever,even after the death of the person. Seminar Report Blue BrainWhy we need virtual brain? Today we are developed because of our intelligence. Intelligence isthe inborn quality that can not be created. Some people have thisquality ,so that they can think up to such an extent where other can notreach. Human society is always need of such intelligence and such anintelligent brain to have with.

But the intelligence is lost along with thebody after the death. The virtual brain is a solution to it. The brain andintelligence will alive even after the death. We often face difficulties in remembering things such as peoplesnames, their birthdays, and the spellings of words, proper grammar,important dates, history facts, and etcetera. In the busy life every onewant to be relaxed. Can not we use any machine to assist for all these? Virtual brain may be the solution to it.

What if we upload ourselves intocomputer, we were simply aware of a computer, or maybe, what if welived in a computer as a program? How it is possible? First, it is helpful to describe the basic manners in which a personmay be uploaded into a computer.

Raymond Kurzweil recently providedan interesting paper on this topic. In it, he describes both invasive andnoninvasive techniques. The most promising is the use of very smallrobots, or nanobots. These robots will be small enough to travelthroughout our circulatorysystems. Traveling into the spine and brain, they will be able to monitorthe activity and structure of our central nervous system. They will beable to provide an interface with computers that is as close as our mindcan be while we still reside in our biological form.

Nanobots could alsocarefully scan the structure of our brain, providing a complete readout ofwww. Seminar Report Blue Brainthe connections between each neuron.

They would also record thecurrent state of the brain. This information, when entered into acomputer, could then continue to function as us. All that is required is acomputer with large enough storage space and processing power. Is thepattern and state of neuron connections in our brain truly all that makesup our conscious selves? Many people believe firmly those we posses asoul, while some very technical people believe that quantum forcescontribute to our awareness.

But we have to now think technically. Note,however, that we need not know how the brain actually functions, totransfer it to a computer. We need only know the media and contents. Technology is growing faster than every thing.

Brain pdf blue report

IBM is now in research to create a virtual brain. If possible, this would be the first virtual brain of the world. Blue Brain 9 months ago. Toggle Navigation. Seminars Topics. Blue Brain Seminar Report pdf.

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