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Views 58MB Size Report. DOWNLOAD PDF e-shock How the Digital Technology Revolution Is Changing Business and All Our Lives. Revolution is one of the best selling noels written by Chetan Bhagat, who is one of the great authors. Download the eBook from below download link. Download Free PDF of Revolution - Chetan Bhagat. Once upon a time, in small-town India, there lived two intelligent wanted to.

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Page 1. Page 2. For all new magazines, ebooks, softwares and a lot all mediafire links free caite.infoot. Revolution Pages Oh Crap! Potty Training. Revolution - Love, Corruption, Ambition. . Mobile App. She is not ;sure about Psychology* Aarti snatched the phone from Raghav mid- sentence, 'Copal! Where are you?' I n Kota, of course, I called you,* 1 said.

Hows Kola? Thefilmmakerswho chose to make my stories into hlim And once again, yon, dear reader, for wanting a revolution. Two words: What sort of a question is that? Gdpdsfacefdl Not only had I ignored Ins impressive business statistics, I had also rejected his whisky 'Not goodf Gopa! I leased against the wall outside the class. Take it, it is within yourbudget I shook my head.

How stupid.

Revolution 2020

I do care. He said no more than twice a week' "So what? I will be the only one calling you, no? Anyway hows life?

I hate it here' I s it that bad? Have you started studying? It is hard to pick up the same hooks again. Maybe I will gel motivated after I join a coaching class. Baba is there, Raghav, me. Please dont start that again. You say you miss me.

But not in that way. Anyway, we have to focus on our respective careers. You are there, 1 am here' I f I had a girlfriend, at least I could talk to her. Talk to me whenever you want. Or we can-ch. We can chat in the evenings. Ill tell you about my life, and you about yours. Should I jomatefmbed-imt'e the upcoming but cheaper ones? One, I didn't clear the Bansal exam, I could join their separate correspondence programme, which kind of defeated the purpose of being in Rota.

Resonance hiked its fees at the last minute, It became unaffordable for me, so I didn't even write their entrance exam, f made it to the waitlist of the Career Path programme. IT and Careerlgnite offered me a thirty per cent discount. However, five days later Career Path told me I had made i t I handed the accountant at Career Path a twenty-thousand-rupee draft with trembling hands.

I also collected three sets of the Career Path uniform, Wearing it made me look like a budget hotel receptionist. I walked out of the institute with the uniform in my hands, 'Congratulations!

T am Sanjeev sir. They call me Mr Pulley here, I teach physics' I shook his hand. Apparently, nobody could solve pulley problems in Kota quite like Sanjeev sir. I soon realised there were subject experts across institutes in Kota. Career Path had its own wizards. Mr Verma, who taught maths, had the moniker of Trignometry-swamy. Mr jadeja taught chemistry. Students affectionately addressed him as Balance-jl He had a unique method of balancing chemical equations. TEE also, sir. High potential?

Once you get low marks you learn to lower your eyes rather quickly. Tt's okay. Many non-high potential students make it It all depends on hard work' Til do my best, sir,' I said.

I could call myself a true Kota-ite a month into moving there. Like thousands of other students, my life now had a rhythm. Career Path resembled a school, but without the fun bits. Nobody made noise in class, played pranks on one another or thought of bunking classes. After all, everyone had come here by choice and had paid a big price to be here.

We had three to four classes a day, which started in the afternoon. In theory, this allowed the current class XiX students to attend school in the morning, m reality, the class XII students never went to school Career Path had an agreement with a cooperative CBSE school, which had a flexible attendance policy. It was rumoured that the CBSE school received a handsome kickback from Career Path for the cooperation extended, I hated the brutal Career Path schedule at first, Lectures started at two in the afternoon and went on until nine in the evening.

Alter that students rushed home to eat dinner, and do the 'daily practice sheets' a set often problems based on the current lesson. I usually finished by midnight. After a few hours of sleep t would wake up and prepare for the next days classes. In between, I did household chores, such as washing clothes and shopping for essentials. I went along with the madness, not so much because of the zeal to prepare, but more because I wanted to keep myself busy I didn't want Kotas loneliness to kill me.

One night our classes ended late. To my surprise she was still online. I typed in a message from my usual handle, GopalKotaFactory: Flying Aarti: Guess what! If girls got to set grammar rules in this worlds there would only be exclamation marks, GopalKotaFactory: At their computer centre!! How come? Raghav joined college. He brought me here.

Gopal Kota Factory: Isn't it too late to be in his college? How will you get back? I have dad s red-light car. GopalKotaPactory; How often do you visit Raghav? I waited for her to type a message, FlyingAarti: What sort of a question is that? Do you keep tabs on meeting friends? Just a friend, right? FlyingAarti; Yes, dear. You should become a detective, not an engineer. I only came to see his campus. So, whatl- up with you? I completed one month in Kota. At least you dont refer to it as a godforsaken place anymore!

I am quite busy though. Mugging away. We even had class tests, FlyingAarti: You did okay? In top fifty per cent. Not bad for such a competitive class. Who knows? If I do, will yon go out with me? I like us how we ate. And how is it linked to JEE? You are my favourite!!? Stop using so many exclamation marks- FlyingAarti: Nothing, Anyway I.

Okay, I expected her to ask me to chat for a few more minutes. Not just give me a bland okay She didn't even ask me if I had had my dinner FlyingAarti: Did you eat dinner? Not yet. Will do so when I get home. When girls are hiding something, they start speaking like boys and use expressions like 'cool!

How about you? Raghavs treating me. Only at his canteen though. GopalKotaPactory; You still seem excited She did not respond. If someone stalls you on a chat every minute seems like an hour. She finally typed after five long minutes. Okay, anyway, Raghavs here. He says hi. I have to quickly eat and head back home. Chat later then, Xoxo. I don t think Aarti meant them. She logged out, f had twenty minutes of Internet time left. I spent them doing what most guys who came here did - surf the official IIT website or watch porn.

I guess these are the two things boys wanted most in Kota, At least the coaching centres could help you get one of them, K J n the eve of Aarti s birthday I had finished three months in Kota, For the first time I managed to reach the top twenty-five percentile in a class test.

Balance-ji congratulated me. My chemistry score had improved by twenty points. Mr Pulley didnt like my average physics performance Shishir sir, also known as Permutation guru, paused a few extra seconds by my seat as my maths score had improved by ten per cent, 1 kept my answer-sheet in my bag as 1 sat for the physics class. I looked around the three-hundred-seat lecture room.

Mr Pulley was speaking into a handheld mike, tapping it every time he felt the class was not paying enough attention. I still had a long way to go. One needed to reach at least the top-five percentile in the Career Path class to feel confident about an I1T seat. Increasing your percentile in a hyper-competitive class is not easy You have to live, breathe and sleep HT.

The top twenty students in every class test received royal treatment. They were called Gems, a title still elusive to me, Gems stood for 'Group of Extra Meritorious Students' Gems comprised of ultra-geeks whod prefer solving physics problems to having sex, and for whom fun meant memorising the periodic table.

Career Path handled Gems with care, as they had the potential to crack the top hundred ranks of JEE, and thus adorn future advertisements. Gems were treated preciously, similar to how one would imagine Lux soap officials treat their brand ambassador Katrina Kaif: However, the top twenty-five percentile felt good.

I wanted to share this with Aarti, Also, 1 had told her I'd be the first one to wish her on her birthday. I tried again but couldn't get through, I made five attempts but the line was still engaged. I waited patiently as he ended his call at I rushed into the booth and called Aarti again, The line came busy After several attempts the shopkeeper gave me looks of sympathy. He told me he had to shut his shop by I tried calling many more times, at two-minute intervals, but to no avail I don't blow why, but I decided to call Raghavs house.

It being a Friday night I knew Raghav would be home for the weekend. I hesitated for a second before I dialled his number. Of course, if the phone rang so late the whole house would be startled.

However, my suspicions were right. The line was busy I tried Raghavs and Aartis numbers in quick succession. He switched off the lit sign. No auto-rickshaw agreed to go to the railway station at a reasonable price at that hour. I reached platform 1 of Kota station at 1: Even at this hour the station was bustling.

A train arrived and the general-quota passengers ran for seats. This time the phone rang. My temper was not something I was proud o f f wanted to keep it under check as the birthday girl picked up the phone, 'Hello?

Uncle, Gopal,11 blurted out, even though I should have probably hung up. After so many attempts I had to talk to her, 'Oh, yes. Hold om he said and screamed for Aarti, Aarti came close to the phone. Tts my birthday, dad,' Aarti said and picked up the phone. Thanks, Thai s so sweet of you. You stayed up solute to wish me? I also ran five kilometres and will walk back five more, I wanted to say but didn't.

Tve been trying to reach you for an hour 'Really? Who were you talking to? I wanted to be the first,71 said. I have my aunt there, no? I could sense it when she lied. I spoke to them for two minutes. Maybe I didn't place the phone back properly. Leave it, no. How are you?

Wish you were here' 'Do you? Of course! I miss you,' Aarti said, her tone so genuine that it was hard to believe she had lied to me ten seconds ago. I f you had placed the phone incorrectly, who placed it back correctly now? Stop interrogating me, I hate this.

How old are we, ten? You were speaking to him. What's going on between ym guys? Can you not make it so stressful? Chat tomorrow on the net? Vtter my college? I value honesty a lot,' I said, 'Of course. Okay, bye now. Dad's giving me dirty looks. Wait til! Sunday, 1 consoled myself She never came online on Sunday I spent two hours at the cyber cafe.

Noon became one, and one became two, There's only so much porn one can watch. I downloaded enough x-rated clips to open a video library, f couldn't bear it anymore. How hard was it to deliver on a simple promise? I had done nothing but wait for Sunday to talk things out with her, She had suggested the time, not 1. The power went ofT 'What are you doing? Her mother picked up, "Good afternoon, aunty, Gopal here. Raghav is in the debating team. She's also participating.

Singing, I think. Hell, it is importantt aunty. I want to know if your daughter is having a seme, "Nothing urgent. They'll come back tonight, right? Shes gone in the government car. With a security guards I wanted to post my own security guards next to Aarti. You study Then you can also be in a proper college and have fun like Raghav. The month of November still had ten days left.

One moment I told myself not to chase her. Let her call or mail hack. However, the next moment I could think of nothing but her.

I had crazy mental conversations with myself. She couldn't be dating him, She said she is not ready for a relationship. If she is, she will go out with me, Mr Optimist Gopal said.

However, Mr Pessimist Gopal did not buy it. Okay, so Raghav has better looks. But Aarii is not so shallow. I have known her for a decade, Mr Optimist-me argued. Raghav also has better future prospects, Mr Pessimist-me said, But would she choose a guy just on the basis of his JEE rank? She is a girl not a damn institute, said Mr Optimist-me. She will even find jokers in the circus funny, Mr Optimist said. My head hurt as the two morons inside would not stop arguing, Girls have no idea what effect their wavering has on boys.

I had to talk to Aarti. I wanted to shake her and make her talk. My temper flared again. I wanted to run to the Kota station and travel unreserved to VaranasL I couldht think about Balance-ji or my percentile or the stupid Career Path.

If Raghav did anything with Aarti, I would fucking kill him. Tm not going to fucking kill myself, okay? You don't use f-words with your landlord. I didn't sleep the whole night, 1 kicked myself for thinkiog;;about her so much, She is a liar, ditcher and heartless person, I told myself fifty times. She also happened to be someone I couldn't stop thinking about. V V e had a surprise test in class the next day - which went badly.

In the chemistry class Balancedi scolded me as 1 could not answer even a simple question. I didn't give a fuck, 1 wanted to get hold of this girl. She wasn't online. I did not know what to do. It would be way too desperate to call her again. I had a horrible week at Career Path. My results slipped to the eightieth percentile. Four-fifths of the class had done better than me, Career Path had a software that picked out students with the maximum improvement or deterioration, 1 featured in the latter.

T m sorry, sir,M said, 'You are not in bad company, 1 hope" T have no friends. He seemed young and genuine, T know how hard it is. I am a Kota product myself' On Sunday I went to the cyber cafe again. As usual, no email. However, she came online in five minutes, A part of me resisted. I initiated the chat anyway GopalKotaFactory: She didn't respond lot two minuted FiyingAarti: Are you upset? FlyingAarti; Only if you don't yell at me. Ym sorry!

I wanted to ask why she went to Kanpur with Raghav. However if I came on too strongly she would give me the silent treatment that could kill me. Its fine, Apology accepted. I found it strange that 1 ended up saying sorry when she owed me an apology Is it ever the girls fault? The good thing about chatting on the internet is that you can control your impulses,! So, what's up? When in doubt, stick to open-ended questions.

Not much. College is busy. Made some friends. Not many. Any special friends? Her mood had lightened. Ifs okay. Tell me. You wont tell me? Your best Flying Aarti: You get so upset. My heart started to beat fast 1 typed one character at a time, GopaiKotaFactory: Well, there is someone special. A rusted iron knife jabbed my chest. I fought the pain and typed. You know him.

Very well, in fact. Mr BHU, who else? The knife was now slicing through my heart I clenched my teeth hard. Hes mad. Mad stupid laghavt!! Hetrapped me, GopaiKotaFactory: Kind a. I couldn't keep up the smileys anymore. Don't ask all that.

You've done it? How cheap, Gopi. No, not yet. Meaning almost. Oh, don t embarrass me. What the fuck? Excuse me??? What stuff? You said friendship is all you wanted. With me. With anyone. FlyingAarti; Did 1? I don t know It just kinda happened, GopalKotaPactory: How did it kinda happen? My temper had returned and taken over my remote control. Watch your language, GopalKotaPactory: You someone pure or what? Behaving like m: I continued.

Can you tell me why? Shut up, Gopal. Its a very special bond between him and me. What makes it special? Did you give him a blow job? In his hostel or in Kanpur? She didn't respond, I realised 1 had said too much. However, you cannot undo a line sent on chaL And 1 did not want to fucking apologise again, I kept waiting for an answer. After three minutes a message flashed on my screen; FlyingAarti is otilioe. I refreshed my screen. I had another notification: FlyingAarti is no longer a contact.

She had removed me from her list. Ton need to extend your time? Instead, I hung out every night at the roadside Chaman chai shop near my house. Students, teacups in one hand and worksheets in another, occupied the one dozen "wooden benches, I didn't bring any reading material to the shop.

One day I ran out of money to pay for my order. I'll pay you tomorrow, 1 forgot my wallet at home,' 'Relax' he said and extended his hand. Tin Prateek. Didn't work. Still hanging around here to get some. I think I may have a chance if I try again" 'Do you want to?

We sat down on the wooden stools outside the shop. The next installment at Career Path is due. My father doesn't have much cash on him,' 'Go back' Prateek said. He lit a cigarette and. I declined. T cant. How I rowed with my bare hands. How she used to massage my palms afterwards. I flexed my hands, remembering, i hate hen Bui I miss her; Prateek smoked two cigarettes without uttering a word. I t is a girl,'!

We are losers. We dont get things easily. From Kota classes to the bitch back home,' I said. You seem like a fun guy Prateek high-fived me. No home, no school no college, no job. Only Kota,' He winked at me. Pie had become a quitter the first time, and even now he had almost given up. We became friends, meeting at Chamans every night. One day the tea didn't seem enough. Mr Pulley had thrown me out of his class. T fell asleep. Such a boring lecture, 1 said. He laughed, T gave them their bloody second installment today.

Still they do this to me,' I said. Beer bottles outnumbered books, cigarette butts exceeded pens. The walls had posters of scantily-clad women instead of Resonance circulars, 'You've really settled down here,' I said, 'I would if I could, My parents wont fund me here after this year," he said. He took out a bottle of Old Monk from his cupboard. He poured the rum neat for me. It tasted terrible.

For mobile 2020 pdf revolution

Reality check for my parents. Both of them are teachers. Hopefully, the passing of two years and half their life savings will make them realise that their son cant crack any entrance exam. Most of us cant crack these tests, basic probability But who will drill it into our parents' heads? Anyway, finish your drink in one shot; The rum tasted like some hot and bitter medicine.

I forced it down my throat. I had to get over Aarti. Sometimes the only way to get rid of an unpleasant feeling is to replace it with another unpleasant feeling. Soon, Aarti didnt seem so painful 'You loved her? Did you guys meet at birth in the hospital? Over the next three hours 1 told him my entire one-sided love story.

From the day 1 had stolen her tiffin to the day she massaged my hand for the last time, and until she finally logged out and removed me as a contact, Prateek listened in silence. Say something' I said. To my surprise he was still awake. Toy can talk a lot, man! Try to forget her. Wish her happiness with her JEE boy. I havent studied a day since she stopped talking tome' "Dont worry. You will get another girl Everybody gets a girl Even the last rankers.

How do you think India has such a large population? Marry your hand? Men are useless. They hide their inability to discuss relationships behind lame jokes, T better go,v I said. He didn't stop me. He lay on the floor, too tired to go to his bed.

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Don't lose your grip, man,' he shouted after me as I left his house. Grip, Yes, that's the word. The trick to these entrance exams is that you have to get a grip on them. You need a game plan, What are your strong subjects, which are your weak ones? Are you working with the teachers on the weak areas? Are you tracking your progress on the mock-tests?

Are you thinking about nothing but the exam all day? If your answer is yes to all these questions, that's when you can say you have a grip. Thats the only way to have a shot at a seat Of course, you could be one of those naturally talented students who never have to study much.

But most of us are not, courtesy our parents' mediocre genes. Ironically, these same parents who donated these dumb genes take the longest time to understand that their child is not Einstein's clone. At least for the three months after Aarti cut me off The spaced-out Prateek became my new and only friend.

I attended classes, though my hangover made it difficult to understand Benzene structures or radioactive isotopes. I tried to do my practice sheets, but could not focus.

The teachers started to see me as a quitter and stopped paying attention to me. I had another problem to deal with. My expenses had increased, for I had to pay for rum. Prateek treated me a few times, but after a while he asked me to pay my share, I knew Baba had borrowed to pay the last installment and had no money. However, I had little choice. I dialled home from the STD booth one night. They are supposed to be the best for maths. I kept quiet, trying to recuperate from uttering so many lies at once, 'How much?

I resolved to study harder. J will get back into the twenty-five percentile, and then the top five percentile. I decided to study the entire night. However, I bad a craving for rum first. My resolve weakened. I went to Prateeks house and spent most of the night there- Nothing could motivate me to study. Then came my 1 1 y birthday came five months after my arrival in Kota. Who could it be? I thought. A teacher from Career Path? Did 1 do something wrong? Emotions surged within me.

I felt overwhelmed 'Aarti? Uncontrollable tears ran down my cheeks. I thought I'll play a guessing game, Can we talk? Or am 1 disturbing you? Like I didnt care who she was. Or I would pretend to be busy. Why did birthdays come only once a year? Will go out for dinner with a friend' 'Friend? Date, eh? I t s okay, An w a y , its your birthday. More than anything, 1 wanted to know their relationship status.

In fact, he edits the campus magazine now. Keeps talking about that. She still hadn't told me about both of them. I did not want to pry too much like the last time, Ties a great guy, Gopal, You should see him, how much he wants to do for the world. And I am happy with him. T wouldn't be talking to you otherwise, right? I wanted to tell her she hadn't spoken to me for three months. However, girls get extremely upset if you give them evidence contrary to their belie!

Ai' 'And what? The rusty knife returned to my gut. I wondered what to say. More than anything, I didn't want to lose touch with her again. My life in Kota had become hell after she disappeared. Like if I told her, 'but you said you missed me', she would jump and say, 'but I also said as a friend! Happy birthday again! Will speak to you or c h a t I said and paused.

T will add you back on chat,' she laughed. That's it. She had done it again - confuse me with a throwaway affectionate line. Did she like me or not? I wanted to study I wanted to live. Career Path would never know why 1 made it to the most-improved list once again, Aarti had me go back to studies in a big way. Maybe it was her simple 'how was your day?

I also liked to be accountable to her, and report back to her on how productive the day had been. I told her about the equations taught in class, the feedback the teacher gave me especially the praise , and how I planned to study late into the night Deep down, I still wanted to impress hen 1 never gave up the idea of fur having a change of heart.

Mr Optknistme never gave up. However, I didn't tell her this. I knew mv place; I, who could never compare myself to Raghav I chatted with her one evening and talked about my class performance, GopaiKotaFactory: So 1 reached 20th.. GopalKotaf actory: My percentile in class. My best performance ever! FlyingAarti; Wow! Long way to go still FlyingAarti: Yon will get there, there's time.

You'll be fine. I hope so. I had slipped in the middle of the course. I low come? No reason as such. Lack of focus. Anyway, cant wait to get out of Kota. I know Miss you. You do? You will come for movies with me? She didn't respond. I waited for five minutes, GopalKotaFactory: You there? She didn't answer. I wondered iff had asked something inappropriate. My he irt began to beat fast. I wrote after five minutes, GopalKotaPactory: Hey, you upset? I am sorry if I said something wrong ,..

You don t have to Hey, sorry ,.. Boyfriend called to apologise. He's finished his work. We are going for the movie1.! Oh, thats great. What were you saying Of course, we can see movies when you are back Why are you sorry? Nothing, I just felt Okay, I have to go get ready GopalKotaPactory: Else, he 11 be proof-reading his articles on our date.

I better study too. Two more months, then we can all have lots of fun. I walked back home as slowly as possible. After all, I had nothing to look forward to but books. I debated if I should be in touch with Aarti at all. However, I remembered the abyss I had fallen into the last time.

A few jabs at the heart are better than a complete nervous breakdown,. The Career Path instructors toici us to go to sleep at 8: In our last class we had motivational speeches.

Balance-ji gave examples of people ranging from Mahatma Gandhi to Muhammad Ali, people who never gave up and won against ail odds. I pumped my fist like Ali, and charged out of the institute like Gandhi, to crack one of the toughest entrance exams in the world, On my way home, I called the two people who I thought may want to wish me luck, "My best wishes are always with you, my GopL Tomorrow is your chance to make your family name famous,' Baba said, "1 hank you.

Baba,4 f said, ping ihe short. It did not "May 1 speak to Aarti, please,' I said, who's this? I kept to a neutral tone and topic. Its like any other college. How T know, My college is a centre too. You didn't come here to take it? Not unkindly, I winced. When someone refers to your weak spot even indirectly, it 'Me too, hopefully soon J1 wid.

Depends on - the paper. So much of it is luck' 'True,'Raghav said We had an awkward nothing-to-say moment It was his fault as he forgot I had called for Aarti.

I wondered if Raghav had joked about me. Best of luck, JEE boy,' Aarti said. I dragged this lazy Raghav to take a bath and come along too' she said and laughed again. Hey, Raghav stop Hold on, GopaL1 I paid long-distance to hear their private banter, I heard Aarti tell Raghav to stop imitating hen But Raghav didnt seem to have anything better to do.

Gopi, you will go into the exam centre super-confident, promise? I liked her maternal instinct with me want you. Come back soon. When the results come out we will celebrate your victory together. Yes, i wanted to make it - for htr sikt The city had changed,, but the JEE exam centre in Kota gave me the same feeling as last year, Parents came by taxi-loads and auto loads. Maybe not a lot but enough to survive. If only Baba 'would understand this.

Firangs would pay five hundred bucks for the same. I broke down. Japanese tourists" ' I won't take more than half an hour' I promised. He smirked. I lay down.

He was asleep. She knew Id call her when I was good and ready Aarti and I were in sync. I tossed and turned for ages. Yoa-mayforgetthe time' 1 won't. I could make money like this too.. I reached Assi Ghat at four-thirty in the morning. He had never charged me in all these yearn' I would take his boat for an hour. His paan. Tbooichaod orai f will be 'back: Til get nowhere in life J! You are disturbed. Fhooichand gave us a smile. We want to ei. Hurt myfeelings? Aarti said sternly..

You have been my best friend for wars. We are nom a simple Indian family. But IVe told you earlier W She went silent.. I jiiLUt. I tamed away from her. As I held her. She complied. We remained siknt till. I picked up the oars again. My watch said 4: We stepped. The other three had appeared from Kota. I explained. I did not make it in the JEE either.

He did not react to my. Local aapers carried big stories the next day. Among those four. Four students from Varanasi had.

University The 12G. Aren't you. I didn't want to discuss entrance exams any more. I need to buy college admission forms! Baba looked like I had stabbed him. After ail. An IIT rank Is a huge event. Ihey had come ro congratulate the Kashyaps. Ragbag father sat on a sofa with visiting relatives. Mr Kashyap smiled at me from. Raghav and I went-to his room. BHEL-provided apartment. I sat on-a chair and he on. If ley.

I don't-know if he cared. I owe you guys a treat' He goi up to leave. When people clear JEE. When people are offered something on a platter.

Ragkn omi Xets catch up later. His father shouted outJ o r him again. Why else? He had published: Journalism is my passion.. I l l also leave' 'See you. BHU heeause I will a belter branch like. When people achieve something they become self-obsessed. I have told him f am lakiog.

Raghav stopped. Hon t tell htm anything else! I have contacts In newspapers hereJ Raghav said. Raghav had a thing for writing. J Baba mumbled to himself. It was she who suggested I go to a college here. I thought of Aarti. Tuition is thirty thousand a year. Kota will help you get those extra marks. You can visit. How-much Is that for twelve months?

Thirty plus thirty-six thousand. I had never thought of a second attempt. And how will you do a repeat attempt without better coaching? You just missed a good rank 'because of a. Allahabad is nearby I can. I was confused. Look at Ragfeiv He! I do most of the housework? Not a day went by without us-talking. Give me the money for that At least. J' 1 can mauage.

Baba shouted suddenly 'You are going! I promise I will work harder next lime' 1 said. I thought about the downside. M move with you to Kota. How could I tell her I am going Of course. Reiki to preserve all this for medical! What about the rest? What about expenses such as travel. III go by myself! We finished dinner and I began to clear the table. I f it makes you happy. If 1 go. It had a thi. His laughter meant everything to toe!

Aarti wasiit too conscious of her looks. She was fuming prettier every week A. She hypnotised me every time. The picture of her cooking in my kitchen flashed in my head. She turned to the shopkeeper.

If I came to'Kota with you. Aarti looked at me. We had come to a househHd m-m:. It made her even more attractive.

She went to the utensils section and picked up a large steel bowl md held it up. Why does Aarti make statements like these? What dm I supposed to soy? Id cook for you everyday H e r f i k hands held up the shear vessel. Aarti said. She never checked herself out in mirrors. XJhatsf she said. I am not agulli-whatever person.. She placed a finger on my hps. She pulled my cheek 'Oh. You-never know. Tm joking. She took my wallet and placed it back in my shot pocket.

Aarti could defeat. J will ieil dad I also wane to repeat a year. I collected the purchased. She logged at my elbow and dragged me out of the shop. Don't Its not good. I wanted to talk. Hundreds of' tour Ots gyOho'cd around J u pi it. Especially for yore' Why? V e 1 card the leoipk bells ring m ihe 1 distance.

They dorft say good things about girls who sit 00 the ghats. I hated that term. We will call. We cm chat 00 the net. She hHd myelhoH hglnh. A dozen. L'on'i look so glum. Holding my hand. We walked down. Xefs pray together. She passed one. If we had a commitment wouldnt it be better? Gopal we are so young! She set one diya afloat. And I like what you and I share. Don't you? But I am leaving now.. She purchased a set of six lit diyas for five rupees. I figured out what made Kola different Every'.

He laughed and "turned around. My wife. A watchman sat inside. I diook It as little as possible txopal from a monthly cost of fifteen hundred bucks. Some landlords don't like that Sos. He extended his greasestaioedliand. Repeaters only go for coaching classes. HIT I said.

Kola locals find it hard to place outsiders until they know what they are there for. I wondered if I should find an I or Medical? I wished he would' give me more.

He gave me a business card for the tiffin service. Gopal bhai. You hoys study it is such a tough exam: One held clothes. I missed her. My rucksack carried. Come on. You will he out of-the house more. I f yon. The watchman. Many sleep all day. I nodded. I went to the small guard post at: Many students: Fix my fee first' m a t? He opened the gate and kept my suitcases in his cabin. I guess when you fail an entrance exam. I want a private one. I don't know why I looked down as I said that.

We climbed up the steps of the first apartment block. That is why it is a good place to stay inside and We reached the fourth floor. He couidot stop talking. It is horrible outside. Studies or not. They know they won't get in. I panted due to the exertion. I said The watchman sneered. I will get you a nice. M least the parentssiop harassing them for a vean he said. Three to a room: I struggled to catch my breath. The extreme neat did not help. What's your budget? We climbed up three floors.

I thought of Aarti and our heart-to-heart conversations. The lady had converted barely stand in the tiny room together. But if you need stuff like beer or cigarettes.

I thought about how different my life would have been if 1 had answered six more multiple-choice questions. Hie watchman came running after me. Her place smelt of medicines and damp. The old lady seemed arrogant or deaf or both. I started to walk down the stairs. I t s perfect for studying. I walked out of the flat. I thought of Baba's ill health and his determination to kick me into this dump. An elderly lady opened the door. We walked down the steps and reached the ground floor.

She kept a grumpy face throughout. I fought back tears. I will get in. I t happens the first time' the watchman said.

The watchman showed me the room on rent. The lady let us in. This housing society doesn't allow it' 'So?

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The room had no windows. I did not want to live here. I thought of Raghav. Why couldn't I study in my Varan asi? What was so special about this godforsaken place? Til take it. I am used to being alone. They kept the place immaculately clean. He didn't get through.

I could take death. Two years ago. I dont care if some loser hanged himself: The watchman picked up my suitcases. Birju took the suitcases from me and placed them down. The spartan to-let room had a bed.

The watchman gave me a dirty look. Take a shared room. A retired couple stays there. T have a pioper room. It has windows. T know what happened here' I said. The couple looked at each other. Til find a cheap hotel for now. Some people find it perfectly normal to cross-examine strangers.

Within your budget hen why didn't you show it to me earlier? Big deal. A couple in their sixties stayed there. We went to the third floor in the next flat. I said to the couple. T m Gopal. I plan to get in this time. T am RL Soni. I gave him a firm handshake. It felt too hot to exchange pleasantries. I nodded in gratitude. Mr Soni gently knocked on the door of my room. I had spent the day visiting various coaching schools. Resonance and Career Path seemed to be everyone's top choices.

I went through their super-flexible not to mention super-expensive fee structures. At three in the afternoon. Of course. Kota now had small coaching shops to coach you to get into the top coaching classes. This complex vortex of tests. I switched on the same fan that helped Manoj check out of the entrance exam called life.

Once there. In fact. I could always take the job of Birju the watchman or. From there. I had arranged for my meals and a place to stay. Each of them had their own. The pictures belonged to the IIT toppers from that institute. My arms felt flabby. I wanted to talk to Aarti first. They had grins wider than models in toothpaste ads but not the same kind of teeth. M did. I guess Manoj Dutta didn't call home often enough. Nobody loves you more than your parents' Mr Soni said as he left the room.

I did not want Aartis mother going "why is this boy calling you so many times from so far? Since my favourite hobby was wasting time. I wished she would. I picked up a green-coloured brochure. I didnt care. He seemed fine. I wanted to exercise. Her mother had picked up the phone the first two times. I told him I had started preparing for next year.

Aarti had mentioned she would get a cellphone soon. I compared the pictures of their successful candidates. In any case. I hadn't rowed in ten days.

Everyone seemed to be getting one nowadays. I hung up without saying anything. Mr Soni asked me this question at least twice a day. I would have to try again tomorrow. I didn't compare the course material. There was no point to this exercise. The cover had photographs of some of the ugliest people on earth.

Whichever coaching class 1 joined would make me slog soon. Aarti did not have a number to reach me. Id called her four times but could not speak to her even once. I shut the door and removed my shirt. I had indeed called Baba. In factj many of the coaching classes had their exams within a week. I had little time to prepare for the test scheduled in three days.

Staying idle would make me go mad faster than the earlier occupant of this room. They might as well have written: Tf you have the cash. I called Raghav. Gopal From Kota. I cut the phone on reflex. The brochure of AimllT said: I shortlisted five coaching institutes. I had already called Baba in the morning. I kept myself motivated by saying I would call Aarti once more before dinner. Career Path. I found an STD booth. The Bansalites were Kotas cool I had to crack their exam.

The next set of exams was a month away 1 had to join something now. I went out for an evening walk at 7: The meter at the STD booth whirred. Each institute asked for a thousand bucks for an application form. I had fifty thousand rupees with me. Who is he? A career counsellor? Or does he have the license to preach now because he has a fucking JEE rank? T have to choose a course.

Where are you? I want to talk. It could be my overactive mind. Or maybe not. Whats up? With who? Raghav says one should not give up ones dream so easily. J will call you. I called you. She is not. Or should 1 leave Agrasen and join hotel management?

That s the only reason 1 am doing it I want an easy course' lOh 3 so your air hostess plans are not dead" 1 said. T wanted to ask her why she had come to Raghavs place. Flow are you. Hows Kola? We miss you. Generally' When girls use vague terms like 'generally'. Maybe BSc Home Science is better. Sort of related to hospitality industry. I picked up a brochure in disgust I took a blade from my shaving kit cut out the cover pictures of the 11T. I returned to my room where my dinner tiffin and the brochures awaited me.

I imagined Aarti at Raghavs place. Like in many other coaching classes in Kota. I stood in the gigantic lobby. GopL Nonsense you i4L' 'Let us talk when you are alone.

It resembled an institute or a large corporate office. Equality in clothes didn't mean Bansal believed all students were equal A class system existed.

I only got a click in response. T am so confused. You had rich kids from Delhi. Bansal classes did not look like the small tuition centres run out of tiny apartments in Vararrasi. My suggestion is to apply to other institutes. Top institutes claimed to send up to five hundred students a year to IIT. I also realised that the reputed institutes kicked up a bigger fuss about 'repeaters'. T have 79 per cent. After all. A1EEE rank Wails covered with stamp-sized pictures of successful J EE candidates.

I kept quiet He slipped me a visiting card: Course material is the same. My cousin is an ex-Baiisal faculty' I examined the card. He handed me a receipt. The officer looked around to ensure nobody could hear us. I will. In that case you apply for full-rate programme.

The latter even offered a twenty per cent discount. AimllT and Careerlgnite had less people lining up. I kept quiet. Ts there anyone in Kota who is not? I 'I have no one. I can't. So nice to hear your voice.

Please dont start that again. Anyway hows life? I hate it here' I s it that bad? Have you started studying? One more attempt. Baba is there. Maybe I will gel motivated after I join a coaching class. It is hard to pick up the same hooks again. He said no more than twice a week' "So what? I will be the only one calling you. How stupid. She recognised me in a second It felt good. You care. You say you miss me. I do care. I didn't clear the Bansal exam. Should I jomatefmbed-imt'e the upcoming but cheaper ones?

We can chat in the evenings. Resonance hiked its fees at the last minute. Or we can-ch.

But not in that way. Invite me" 'flying Aarti' I laughed. I could join their separate correspondence programme. Talk to me whenever you want. Even the Career Path waitlist had value. It became unaffordable for me.

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Many will join Bansal and Resonance. You are there. Now study with us at a much cheaper price and clear the exam.

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I feel so lonely. IT and Careerlgnite offered me a thirty per cent discount. Ill tell you about my life. Career Path had its own wizards. I also collected three sets of the Career Path uniform. Mr jadeja taught chemistry. Wearing it made me look like a budget hotel receptionist. At Ignite. Many non-high potential students make it It all depends on hard work' Til do my best. High potential? They call me Mr Pulley here. I picked up the items required for the first term. Tt's okay. I soon realised there were subject experts across institutes in Kota.

TEE also. Once you get low marks you learn to lower your eyes rather quickly. I teach physics' I shook his hand. I walked out of the institute with the uniform in my hands.

T am Gopal. ID card. According to rumours. Mr Verma. T am Sanjeev sir. Students affectionately addressed him as Balance-jl He had a unique method of balancing chemical equations. After a few hours of sleep t would wake up and prepare for the next days classes. Nobody made noise in class.

I typed in a message from my usual handle. To my surprise she was still online. Career Path resembled a school. Like thousands of other students. I hated the brutal Career Path schedule at first. Flying Aarti: Guess what! If girls got to set grammar rules in this worlds there would only be exclamation marks. I did household chores. We had three to four classes a day.

In between. Alter that students rushed home to eat dinner. I went along with the madness. I usually finished by midnight. Lectures started at two in the afternoon and went on until nine in the evening.

One night our classes ended late. In theory. I could call myself a true Kota-ite a month into moving there. I am quite busy though. I only came to see his campus. Who will dare to. At their computer centre!! How come? Raghav joined college. What sort of a question is that? Do you keep tabs on meeting friends? Just a friend. And how is it linked to JEE?

Stop using so many exclamation marks7 FlyingAarti: I like us how we ate. We even had class tests. Who knows? If I do. I completed one month in Kota.

You did okay? In top fifty per cent. I am sure you will crack JEE this time. Gopal Kota Factory: Isn't it too late to be in his college? How will you get back?

I have dad s red-light car. You should become a detective. He brought me here. Not bad for such a competitive class. How often do you visit Raghav? I waited for her to type a message. Mugging away. At least you dont refer to it as a godforsaken place anymore! At least the coaching centres could help you get one of them. He says hi. I don t think Aarti meant them I spent them doing what most guys who came here did. If someone stalls you on a chat every minute seems like an hour.

Only at his canteen though. You still seem excited She did not respond. I didift know what xoxo' implied. Not just give me a bland okay She didn't even ask me if I had had my dinner FlyingAarti: Did you eat dinner? Not yet. I have to quickly eat and head back home. Will do so when I get home. Haveto do my daily worksheet. She finally typed after five long minutes. I guess these are the two things boys wanted most in Kota. Raghavs here.

Anyway I. I expected her to ask me to chat for a few more minutes. She logged out. When girls are hiding something.