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Discover ideas about Romance Novels. Ten Tiny Breaths (Ten Tiny Breaths, # By : KA Tucker Published: December by Papoti Books pages Genre. Get Free Read & Download Files Ten Tiny Breaths 1 Ka Tucker PDF. TEN TINY BREATHS 1 KA TUCKER. Download: Ten Tiny Breaths 1 Ka Tucker. TEN TINY. K.A. Tucker - (Ten Tiny Breaths, #4) Five Ways to Fall (Reese) ENG - dokument [* .pdf] Five Ways to Fall Prologue Is it just me? Or does everyone have a moment.

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Ten Tiny Breaths. Home · Ten Tiny Breaths Author: Tucker K A Микроконтроллеры AVR семейства Tiny · Read more. Ten Tiny Breaths - K.A. Tucker (1).epub. KB. One Tiny Lie - K.A. Tucker (2). epub. MB. Four Seconds To Lose - K.A.. Tucker (3).epub. MB. Five Ways. Ten Tiny Breaths series K.A. Tucker Kathleen published Lose MB. One Tiny Lie MB. Ten Tiny Breaths K A

Until then. Liquid pools. This has never happened before, and I hope it will never happen again. Lists with This Book. I crave his presence, his body, his voice, his laugh, his everything. Don't get me wrong, I love when a book takes over my heart and crushes me with so much emotion I can't breathe, but sometimes He's gonna pummel me soon, no doubt.

You could really feel how strongly he cared for her. You know that, right? Yes to all of it. I know this is the NA genre and its not Adult, and it wasn't that the scenes were fade-to-black, but almost more that the acts were glossed over in places. You saw the immediate before and the immediate after but the actual acts were very hazy. It didn't detract from the emotional connection, but I do wish they had been just a little more present even still within the lines of NA.

The book never made me cry but I did get choked up a few times. Especially during a big tell-all scene at the end. The last part of the book takes a bit of a turn from the pacing and feeling of the first part. It made it… hmm… very… less perfect? Really makes you think twice about the story. And seriously, I think this is one of THE. I have EVER seen!!

View all 50 comments. Dec 07, Dd rated it really liked it. How do you cope after watching your entire world crumble around you? What do you do when everything goes wrong? What do you do when pain shatters your soul? TEN Seize them Feel them Just Breathe D How do you cope after watching your entire world crumble around you? Too dark to see Billy,but I know he's there because I can feel his hand. It's big and strong and it envelops mine. But it's not moving It all suddenly disappears and I'm falling backward,crashing into cold water,sinking further into the darkness,picking up speed as the weight of the ocean swallows me whole I'm in quite a fix.

What do I tell you about this story? How do I explain to you the what are these ten little breaths? Why ten? Why tiny? Why not deep? Well our Kacey asks the same exact questions. They don't work. But she takes them anyways. That's a little bit of her mom left with her. The story starts with 20 year old Kacey and her 15 year old sister Livie arriving in Miami. After the accident which resulted in their parent's death along with Kacey's best friend Jenny and boyfriend Billy,their custody had been handed over to their aunt and uncle.

But when one drunken night their uncle makes a pass at Livie,Kacey packs up their suitcases and they come to Miami to start a new life. There in their new apartment they meet their neighbours Storm and her five year old daughter Mia. Also Kacey meets with their sexy,beautiful and smoldering hot neighbour Trent. No one looking at these two beautiful people will ever guess how very damaged they are.

The Kacey before the accident is dead and buried. Now all she has is pain and anger and hatred. Which she channels out during kickboxing. Yes,she can kick some serious ass. But unbeknownst to her,somehow Mia,Storm,Trent manage to creep in. And nothing is more vulnerable than LOVE. We're going to go for dinners,and see movies,and walk on the beach. We'll go hang-gliding,or bungee jumping,or whatever you want to do. Whatever makes you laugh and smile more. His fingers toy with my botom lip,"Let me make you smile.

The girl who hated to be vulnerable,becomes vulnerable. And the girl who never let any one hold her hands after Billy died holding them,lets him hold them!! Trent has his own secrets. Secrets which can tear them apart You have such a beautiful laugh,Kacey Cleary. The healing of soul which only forgiveness can bring. And watch her resurface I barrel into his arms,my mouth connecting with his. That's all for now. Bright lights And then it all just And I'm vaguely aware that something is very wrong.

It's hard to breathe And that is exactly what Kacey does every time she feels like the world has fallen form underneath her feet and she just can't breath any more Ten tiny breaths is a remarkable story about loss, love, friendship and about losing e "A hissing sound.. Ten tiny breaths is a remarkable story about loss, love, friendship and about losing everything you have in life and learning how to pick up the pieces to make it whole again And in the end, isn't that what life is all about?

Falling down, and learning to get back up again? I think we all go through the stages of recovery at least once in our lives, but everyone handles with them in their own way.

In this book, the mantra that's continuously repeated to regain control over your life is to take ten tiny breaths Does this mantra help at all??

Why tiny and not deep? That is what you'll have to find out for yourself by reading this wonderful story Ten Tiny Breaths follows the journey of a girl named Kacey Cleary-- When we first meet Kacey, she's not the same person she used to be four years ago Four years ago, is when a terrible car accident happened and Kacey did not only lose the four most important people in her life her mom, her dad, her best friend and her boyfriend , she also lost a very important part of herself.

She suffered from the accident; not only physically her body now being covered in scars and held together by dozens of metal rods and pins ; but most of all she suffered emotionally A mess who spent a year in physical rehabilitation to repair her shattered body, only to be released with a shattered soul.

I'm not Kacey Cleary anymore. I'm an empty shell who cracks inappropriate jokes and feels nothing.

I'm Kacey imposter. After her parents died, Kacey and her sister Livie spent four years living with their aunt and uncle but after their uncle tries to assault Livie; the two sisters decide to move out and start a new life in Miami. And that is were Kacey meets her new next-door-neighbor Trent-- At first he's a contradiction. One second sweet, the next second brazen.

A mind-blowing hot contradiction. But Kacey and Trent quickly become inseparable and although Kacey has an impenetrable shield wrapped tightly around her heart, Trent manages to break through, slowly but surely He makes her want to be alive again. He's like watermelon after a lifetime of thirst. He's like air after years under water. He's like life So we follow Kacey along the journey of healing In fact it's a very hard one and you'll probably struggle a lot, but with the right people by your side, anything is possible We're going to go for dinners, and see movies, and walk on the beach.

We'll go hang gliding, or bungee jumping, or whatever you want to do. Let me make you smile. For the first time in four years, the thought of a hand covering mine doesn't send me into a dizzying spiral down. And I realize that I want Trent to touch me. It was a beautiful, unforgettable story and it definitely earned itself a very special place in my heart Tucker, you've gained yourself a new fan!!!

View all 83 comments. This book was a fucking mess. The main character was a bitch, the entire book's premise was unrealistic and disgusting, the romance was dry, rushed, and unrealistic, there was slut shaming, etc.

I am appalled someone read this and went "!!!! WOW I hated it. I can't believe I made myself finish it. View all 9 comments. Read with Archaeologist's Anonymous group. Old MacKacey had a farm. And on this farm she had a Trent. With a wink, wink, here and a smirk, smirk, there. Here a wink, there a wink, everywhere a wink, wink.

I'll avoid non-tagged major spoilers of specific outcome-revealing details, but there will probably be dancing around general plot points of the bo Old MacKacey had a farm.

I'll avoid non-tagged major spoilers of specific outcome-revealing details, but there will probably be dancing around general plot points of the book and commentating on some of the events. I'm going to give my final verdict upfront: I liked Ten Tiny Breaths enough to read all the way through. This was mainly because of my curiosity to see how Kacey would fare, as well as what would happen with Mia, Storm, and Livie. I did not like the character of Trent.

At ALL. He would wink and smirk and wink and smirk. He never really showed anything of himself until pretty far into the book just showing up, hanging around, and looking hot is not enough for me. Kacey observed from the get-go that it seemed like he knew something was wrong with her and yet she never questioned why he was always there, wanting to help?

I get grief being a cloud but what was it about Trent which made her decide to let her guard down? I'm not sure if this was ever made clear. Trent was a stalker. Kacey went from shutting the entire world out to changing her tune just because of dual-colored eyes. Although, I guess if I ever saw someone with turquoise flecks in their eyes, I might cave too because that's pretty damn unusual.

Is he a supernatural creature? Maybe so, because guess what ladies No, I'm not kidding. I wish I were. I actually went and flipped back and forth a few pages to try and find out what made Kacey deduce that Trent was a "godlike creature" who "couldn't be a creep because he was too beautiful and too nice. A brief encounter in the laundry room and a couple minutes of conversation?

So how does the relationship build, you ask?

Ten Tiny Breaths

Is it through long and meaningful conversations and poignant moments? Uh, no. Trent decides to show up at the strip club where Kacey works at and stare at her. Rinse, repeat Then in one of the few brief 'alone' moments, he comes up with this question - "Isn't it exhausting? Now, the stalking might have been kind of cute if Kacey worked at the local IHOP that's a restaurant for those who don't have them where they live and he showed up on occasion to order his morning coffee before heading off to work.

But, nope. Avoiding the naked chicks so you can watch the chick at the bar serve drinks to horny men was just Oh, btw Kacey got job at said bar with no test of her knowledge on how to make drinks, no trial run or training, and no paperwork.

It was 'here's a rec from a friend' and she's in there working right away. Hey, I'm no bar expert, but I'd assume the person hiring would want to know if you can even make some basic drinks and might watch you for a sec? So when stalker guy finally gets close, these are the words which are supposed to make things better?

I promise you, I will," he whispers. Back the train up here. She's aware of the fact that when you're broken inside, another person can't make you whole, right?

At least, she should be aware that another person can't banish your own personal demons even if they can help you through the process as you learn to do it yourself. Pushing inside me, making me whole. I guessed what was coming when view spoiler [Trent kept harping on how he was going to fix her.

Why would this person who didn't even know her be so invested in needing to fix her unless he had a connection? Why couldn't view spoiler [Trent have just been a normal guy who helped Kacey learn to start living again? Instead, we find out that he was just as screwed up as she was and that they were going to somehow try to work together to form a functioning relationship? Realistically, the book would have been better had Trent been put back into the hospital and he and Kacey never saw each other again.

It was too easily solved. I don't mind "issues" books having a strong presence of romance but the romance needs to make sense. And this romance never quite made sense, given that these two people didn't ever really know each other.

So where are my positives? The story was actually readable. The story was actually interesting. The story was actually moving at times.

The secondary characters absolutely made the book for me and I'm glad that they were there. It's always nice to see when females can put away initial misgivings and learn to trust one another because this can be such a rare thing in the real world. If Storm or Livie had helped Kacey start to put the pieces back together instead of Trent, this could have been a "wow" book for me.

Never, have I ever wished so much for a romance to go away than I have with this book. I would have loved to have seen a person find reasons to keep moving and keep seeking out help, other than through the urging of a 'godlike male. Who might like this book? I'd say that it would work for just about anyone who loves books where romance is the primary focus. As a straight-forward love story without picking apart the details like I have , it works.

Even though I do enjoy romance, I generally put the story as a whole over the aspect of romance, so Ten Tiny Breaths only worked halfway for me. I expected more than what I got. Stacia's prediction: I see a future movie deal in the style of a Nicholas Sparks flick. Horrified men will be dragged along by their girlfriends to watch this on the big screen. Women will cry.

Men will keep checking the time on their phones. I'm calling it now. This book provided from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

View all 76 comments. Dec 16, Tough Critic Book Reviews rated it really liked it. This was another read in which I was doused with reader hype before I had a chance to pick it up. When that's the case, I try not to expect much. Actually, I prefer to enter a book with little to no expectations.

Expectations tend to taint my experience. However, if you look up synonyms for taint you'll find the word infect. There is no doubt that I was infected by Ten Tiny Breaths from the very first moment. What blew my mind was that this book was a fast paced easy read despite the trauma, hea This was another read in which I was doused with reader hype before I had a chance to pick it up. What blew my mind was that this book was a fast paced easy read despite the trauma, heartache, loss, and pain.

It was a complete contradiction. It was the perfect contradiction. Don't get me wrong, I love when a book takes over my heart and crushes me with so much emotion I can't breathe, but sometimes I want to breathe.

I was not suffocated or drowned by the emotion or drama, but I was able to experience it and at the same time enjoy it. It was not overpowering; it was perfect. The tension between Kacey and Trent is palpable. My only issue was the semi-awkwardness of the beginning of their relationship. Specifically the second laundromat scene.

I loved how their relationship wasn't rushed, but that's exactly what made Trent's "You are so very beautiful" comment seem a little out of place Other than that I loved everything about Trent and Kacey. The other mind blowing experience of Ten Tiny Breaths was the secondary characters.

All of the secondary characters. So much love! It was like a secondary character orgy. Caring about these characters helped make this such a fast read. It caused me to be completely invested in such a way that I never, never had any bored moments I admit, I knew about halfway through what the "big secret" was, but I didn't care. I still enjoyed the experience of getting there. I would have loved to see a little more out of the ending specifically Trent and Kacey's beginning I was pulled into their world, their stories, their heartache, their love, their loss, and their healing.

I didn't want to leave. I definitely recommend it! View all 11 comments. Before she was a sweet g "Just breathe," my mom would say. Before she was a sweet girl.. Now she is a mess. She sunk into the world of drugs,alcohol,sex. She doesn't cry and she doesn't let people in.

She use boxing to forget her past. Starting her new life in Miami with her younger sister,Kacey has managed to secure an apartment in a little complex and intends to have nothing to do with those around her.

All she wants to do is support herself and her sister and figure out her life along the way. She will meet new friends and the guy who will change her life Trent is so hot and adorable!! He is sweet and care about Kacey!! Because of Trent, Kacey finally allows people back into her heart But in the end of the book I was so happy for them!! Because they found the ability to forgive and cope with their pasts.

They found a way to not let it rule who they would be forever. It was a beautiful story and the epilogue was perfect! View all 71 comments. I've just read another phenomenal book! It did not disappoint. The story was handled and delivered well by the author. Ten Tiny Breaths tells us a story about the main character Kacey Cleary whose life has changed ever since the day her parents, her boyfriend, and her bestfriend died in a car accident.

It's the accident where she was the only one who survived. When she and her siste I've just read another phenomenal book! When she and her sister Livie moved to Miami to start a new life, she met the tall, gorgeous, and intriguing guy Trent Emerson whom she had an immediate attraction to.

She later on became attached to him-- but with reluctance, because of her issues. I am a fan of romance books with deep and heavy drama behind, and I must say that this book really brought out the emotions in me.

Although the writing style of the author didn't feel as captivating to me at first , I enjoyed the book as I've read further because of the surprisingly peculiar effect it had in me. Kacey is a great character. She's a headstrong woman. What I like about her is the way she became determined to protect her sister from anyone who became a threat to them. I wish I have a sister like her!

I have to admit that at first, I really had a hard time liking her. She's one of those whiny female leads that constantly annoy me, but then I quickly warmed up to her the moment the author presented the details about her traumatic past. I ended up a bit feeling awed by her. Trent is also one amazing character that is worthy to be praised. I love how he was introduced in a mysterious manner. I also love his gentleness towards Kacey and the way he became a remarkable part of the book.

Ten tiny breaths … Seize them. It's a story about love, grief, denial, healing, and forgiveness.

Breaths pdf tucker ten tiny ka

I appreciate how moving on was greatly emphasized here. I highly recommend! I've read this along with my sissy QueenNicay. Thank you, sis! View all 30 comments. How to start Ok so Ten Tiny Breaths follows the story of Kacey Cleary, a girl who is trying to get her life back on track after a traumatic accident.

Shortly after which, her and her sister move to live with her aunt and uncle. After that fails they decided to run away and move to Florida. I was drawn too this story for two reasons The cover and the ratings. Almost everyone I'm friends with on GRs gave it 4 stars or higher Which I'm kind of confused about. The characters How to start The characters in this book are just above okay. That's it though, just okay. Kacey is our leading lady. From the start I didn't like her. If anyone said hi to her she wanted to fight them.

She automatically assumed every guy wanted to sleep with her. We get that you're a fiery red head and all but calm your tits. Just because a guy says good morning doesn't mean he wants to jump your bones.

Seriously, she spends pages and pages talking about punching people in the face Towards the middle of the story I started to like her a lot more, but by the end I was hating her again.

The whole "don't hold my hand" thing was so pointless. It seemed like it was going to be important, but was dropped so early on.

View all 10 comments. Jan 13, xrysa rated it it was amazing Shelves: Seize them Love them Will you ever recover from your past? Kacey Kacey lost her parents , her best friend and her boyfriend in a car accident.

Since then she was living at her aunt's house. After an incident Kacey decided that it wasn't safe for her and her sister to live there and they ran away. They moved to a new town. They started a new life. I'm me and you are you and that's who we need to be. Livvie and Mia started to spend a lot of time together and Kacey after all these years she found someone who she could rely on. Trent He was her hot neighbor.

Ka ten tucker pdf tiny breaths

He wanted to be with her from the first moment but whenever he got a chance he wouldn't grab it. He wanted things between them to be real.

We'll go hang-gliding, or bungee jumping, or whatever you want to do. In the first half of the book she is cold and full of hate for those bastards who took the lives'of her most beloved people. Her only wish is: Forgiveness is bad. He made her laugh.. He took her nightmares away.. He made her feel again. I promise you, I will.

He makes me smile every day. Why I liked this book: This book was setting a good example. Vegeance is not the most important thing in our lives. All of us can forgive and survive from the most difficult situation. This book combined love,happiness,fear and forgiveness. View all 67 comments.

My Kacey and Trent: But after everything Kacey had to go through, s My Kacey and Trent: But after everything Kacey had to go through, she is different person, bitter, full of pain, almost like a living shell, keeping her distance from everyone. Until she meets her new neighbour, good looking and charming Trent, who knows exactly how to get through that protective wall of hers Ten Tiny Breaths is one of those stories that after reading blurb you think you know exactly what it is going to be about but once you start reading you do not have an idea what hit you.

This book is perfect, unique and definitely one of the most interesting contemporary novels I have read this year. It was my first book by K.

Tucker and I really liked the "voice" of this story and style of writing in general. Ten Tiny Breaths is book about ways of dealing with death of close person and overcoming the trauma.

Everyone deals with pain and sorrow differently. Some people need to open up, someone needs a time and some people think they are lost forever in their hatrage and bitchiness. The last mentioned is the case of 20 years old Kacey, the narrator of this book. Kacey was very interesting character, I could feel her pain and understood her decisions even though I did not always agree with her. Ten Tiny Breaths is about Trent, main male character who got my full attention from the very fist moment he appeared in this story.

He was charming, playful, nice and attractive in every possible way. BUT there is always but right? Ten Tiny Breaths is about forgiveness - about letting anger go and letting forgiveness to heal you when you feel broken.

Ten Tiny Breaths is about strong passion and desire between two young people who never expected to find happiness again. Ten Tiny Breaths is about It is so worth it!!! View all 62 comments. Initial reaction: I think most people know from my status updates on this that I didn't like this book, but I think reflecting upon the work on a number of different levels, it's more than just one element or the measure that this fell into many New Adult cliches.

This book really got under my skin on how poorly it was written, how poorly it treats some very weighted, but very real issues PTSD, depression, etc. T Initial reaction: There is a part of me that's interested in hearing Liviey's story, because that's contained in the sequel, but honestly?

I don't think the writing will carry that well based on what I see in this book. This just wasn't done well. I have many bases to cover in the full review, but I'll try to be as concise about it as I can, and note some of my respective issues with it. Full review: I sat on my hands intentionally before writing a review on "Ten Tiny Breaths" because I felt I needed to think about what didn't work with this book.

Let alone the fact that the book upset and disappointed me on a number of different levels. I could go into an extended discussion on how there's really nothing new that distinguishes "Ten Tiny Breaths" from other titles in the "coined" New Adult genre, but for me, this actually could've been a much better novel if the writing wasn't so terrible among other aspects.

It makes many basic mistakes on the level of the narrative aspects of the writing as well as the presentation of many different issues. And it's emotionally manipulative to top it off.

Some of you might be wincing at this point and say "Rose, that's harsh" but when I say emotionally manipulative here, I don't say it with much snark or mirth. I'm saying that the story - in technical terming - manipulates the emotional resonance in a horrible way here.

Whether it was intentional or unintentional, I don't know, but I really think this story could've been so much stronger than what it was - I saw where it was going, I saw what it was trying to do. It just didn't handle it well at all; I've read stories in other terms that have taken these issue and made them hit home with so much more impact.

Further, there were a number of things in this story that really offended me. I'll address much of that shortly. Let's begin by talking about Kacey, the protagonist. She's a tough cookie for sure considering she's suffering from a heavy measure of PTSD after a horrific accident in which her family, boyfriend, and pretty much everyone she loved was killed except for her and her little sister Livie, who happened to stay home that day.

Kacey was the only survivor of the crash. I would expect her to be bitter, go through the motions, and be psychologically damaged. I would expect her to lash out and have trouble with relationships and have recollections from the crash, alongside nightmares that perhaps her family Poor, poor Livie would have to contend with from time to time. Those factors I didn't mind at all.

I also didn't mind the fact that she ran off with her little sister year old Livie, who was pretty much the major character I liked somewhat consistently in this book, even if she wasn't always at the forefront. Livie was nearly molested by their uncle, and that prompted Kacey to pick up their things and get away from home. I actually didn't like how the book depicted them leaving home - what with some drug induced manipulations and whatnot, but I figured for the sake of the story, I'd follow it.

Kacey really turned out to be a horrible protagonist in more ways than one, basically coming across in spurts as the female version of Travis Maddox from Beautiful Disaster. She slut shames every woman she comes across including her neighbor Storm, who I have to say was a nice character in framework and I would've liked to see more of her than Kacey.

Kacey uses and loses people she sleeps with, thinks every man she comes across is a misogynistic twat which to be honest, every single male character in this really is misogynistic in some way, including the hero. Kacey has a penchant for violence and she either thinks of beating down the people she's around or she actually does so in physical measures I'm trying to figure out how the author thought this was okay?

There's also another confrontation where she came close to killing a man with a broken bottle. I'm not going to say she didn't have her reasons because of events, but I still couldn't wrap my head around her actions even in context with what occurred. In a more mature narrative, it probably wouldn't have been a problem, but the writing is juvenile the way it's presented.

Melodramatic even. Cliched, certainly, to the level of committing several offenses. I could talk about the slut shaming, body shaming, bitch slamming, sexual objectification, misogyny among other things that goes along with other NA reads in current spectra, but I want to turn attention briefly to another problematic issue that rears its head in this novel: Yeah, I'm going there. They're both strippers, and while their occurrence may fit somehow in the context of where Kacey works, I didn't get any other impression in this novel other than they were there as diversity set pieces.

The Asian stripper was shamed because of a certain way she could move her body and that had the underlying subtext of denouncing her , while a Native American stripper is shamed in a manner by doing a version of a "rain dance" when she's nearly naked. I'm going to be blunt with saying this - characters of color are NOT an author's personal set pieces to be moved around willy nilly. Because like the assumption of portraying a Native American with stereotypical feathers and doing some sort of dance in a strip club when that "dance" has significant symbolic value to a tribe who isn't even really named, it's just following stereotype , you use it in the wrong way.

Authors, don't do this. When portraying any group of color, think about how you're portraying them. Moving on with the story dynamic, Kacey, as the protagonist, overfixates her attention on her love interest Trent, who when her "walls" aren't being broken down just by being in his presence, she spends long passages talking about his physical features - the specks in his eyes, his physical body and "looking him up and down" when she isn't being looked up and down herself.

I'm not saying that physical objectification doesn't exist in other narratives, but it came to a point I wanted to say that the author was doing it TOO much to the point where I just felt ill at ease with it and noted the repetition. Kacey somehow pours all of her trust into being with this guy even when she doesn't know much about him, and shames any woman who comes close to him.

Tiny tucker ka pdf breaths ten

On that note, let's talk about Trent. Or maybe I shouldn't, because when this novel was all said and done, I wanted to say "Screw Trent" with the power of a thousand Trent is emotionally manipulative in his own way - I cannot with people who use sexual encounters as emotional leverage to get the other person they love to do things.

Kacey is obviously a damaged person. He recognizes this, tells her to get help even when she's resistant against him. Kacey does call him out on the fact of witholding sexual encounters to make her admit things she doesn't want to admit and yet she does them anyway. Yet he's just as reluctant to talk about his own past then again Kacey doesn't ask.

When a certain twist in the narrative comes to the forefront that involves his and Kacey's relationship, I thought that could've been used as a conflict of worthiness if it was done right even if I didn't like some of the implications behind it. Yet, the events after said twist were so creepy and unrealistic that I wanted to throw my computer against the wall. It was manipulative, championing, deceitful and made this one of the worst narratives I've read this year for its subject matter.

I do not understand why stalkerish relationships in the NA genre are somehow championed and made to be romantic. This book is especially creepy considering the knowledge Trent has before this point and what he did with those measures, and it's equally unrealistic to think that with the emotional turmoil that Kacey has been through before and after these events which I would say is so overblown with drama that I felt my head rushing with blood , that everything would turn out to be just fine.

In a line from a Maroon 5 song, and I run the risk of being slightly cheese with saying this: It can take a long time for someone like Kacey to heal IRL, and there could've been so many more constructive, fuller ways for her to come to terms with what happened.

Hinging her recovery on Trent and who he reveals himself to be after the twist plays into a horrible mentality that Kacey can't heal herself unless it's by loving someone or having someone heal her, rather than healing herself. The twist and the revelations behind that twist didn't make that any better with what she emotionally goes through. I felt sick with some of the apologetic bargaining that Kacey's therapist forced her through.

The only time I think I actually felt for Kacey's coming to terms was when her sister Livie pretty much told her to buck up and that she was tired of going through the same things that her older sister put her through. I wanted to hug Livie after that because she was spot on. I just wish that there were more of that actual, genuine resonance in this story than there was. This was very weak in comparison, and champions a lot of problematic ideals for the sake of drama.

Overall score: View all 15 comments. Jan 22, Ramona rated it it was amazing. I've heard to much about this series and I know that K. Tucker is a wonderful writer, that truly provides her readers with the most genuine and real stories. This depth I am talking about will surely connect with everybody because we all know life sometimes can be hard, but we must find a reason to keep going. So, taking into consideration the above info, let me tell you something about the story. Kacey has been through a lot.

After losing her parents, best friend and boyfriend in a terrible acc I've heard to much about this series and I know that K. After losing her parents, best friend and boyfriend in a terrible accident, she is lost and literally hanging on for dear life. One day, in order to protects her sister, Olivia, from their uncle, she decides to leave her old life and move to Miami.

They want to start fresh, leave behind the terrible events that marked them forever. Easily said than done. With no money, because their uncle made sure to lose them at playing cards, they have to start from scratch. But how? Kacey didn't graduate, Olivia doesn't have the age to work and they have to make a living from something. With the little resources they have, they rent out an apartment and try to find a solution.

Kacey feels so lost and not because she can't provide for herself, but she has to do something for her sister, because she is the only one in her life that means the world to her. Enter Trent Emerson, the guy next door. He moved in recently and he's as mysterious as it can be. Of course he is smart, gorgeous and extremely persistent.

He instantly clicks with Kacey and sets up his goal to befriend her. Of course friendship will lead to other steamy and romantic things, but the readers have to be patient.

So, this is all about the plot. Why 5 stars? First, the characters were amazingly built and here I am talking especially about Kacey. She is not your typical heroine. After the accident she changed dramatically. She became involved with drugs, fights and one night stands, using that rush and adrenaline to keep her emotions together.

She didn't talk to anybody about that night and as time passed, she built up a wall that couldn't be destroyed easily. Violence and a hard exterior were her only defense mechanism and she used them permanently. Olivia was everything for her and she focused that energy in seeing her well provided, paying her studies and maybe one day seeing her happy. There was no time to think about herself, and despite a very traumatizing experience, she didn't received the proper treatment then, becoming " The after Kacey".

When meeting Trent she couldn't believe how instable she was around him, how her walls came crumbling down and how alive she felt around him. Trent at first sight is perfect, caring so much about Kacey and making her feel special, but there are a lot of things we don't know about him and as the plot progresses, be prepared to be surprised and why not, cry.

I know I did: If you think this is a normal love story, you are in for a disappointment. A lot of connections will be made regarding our characters past and many secrets will be revealed that will completely turn their world upside down. This is a very different love story, born from hurt and suffering and I won't spoil much because there are some twist and turns that will leave you completely shattered, and they are key to our heroes relationship.

What I can say is that their love will be tested and despite everything, everyone deserves a chance to be happy and whole again. This element of moving on was very important for the writer, because her focus was not only on Kacey's ability to do so, but also on Trent's past and issued that will connect with Kacey. Just wait and see. And one last thing. This book raises awareness about PTSD symptoms and I believe it is so important to read carefully and try to connect with the characters and maybe learn something from it.

There are so many people in the world that didn't ask for help when the time came, so if anybody knows a similar case, please don't hesitate in taking a stand and help them, until it's too late. With the proper medical help and love from friends and close ones, anybody can start over.

For more reviews please check https: View all 28 comments. Mar 13, "That's All" Ash rated it really liked it Shelves: Why not a deep breath? Why not three or five or twenty? I do now. Because it will affect you. The twised metal. Well, her lungs still have the audacity to breathe. And her mind still swims with thoughts. And her legs still have the power to walk. And words still fall parachuteless from her mouth. One drunk driver. One bad decision. And One impact.

So she and Livie take of in the middle of the night and start over in a new city, Miami. And Trent. Something about the way he takes over a room, the way he looks at me, as though he has already identified and can disarm every one of my defense mechanisms with no effort, as though he sees through them to the disaster lying beneath.

And he wants it. Trent is the ultimate contradiction. Sieze them. View all 70 comments. My Kacey and Trent Fantastic book! I was in a huge book hangover from my last read and I was worried that whatever I read next would be difficult, but Ten Tiny Breaths was just what I needed.

It was a really easy read. I flew through it in about twelve hours and it was relatively pain free. The characters were great. Trent was impossible not to fall in love with from the very beginning. He was sexy and seductive, with his panty dropping laundromat introductions I was hooked. I think I'm going to fall in love with this man. As the book progressed, his sensitivity just pulled me further and further under his spell.

He's a fantastic, gorgeous, adorable hero and I'm officially adding Trent Emerson to my ever growing collection of book boyfriends. We'll go hang gliding, or bungee jumping or whatever you want to do. I like that she didn't resist for too long, to Trent's charms. After all, a book where the heroine spends the entire time rebuffing the hero is no fun for anyone. I crave his presence, his body, his voice, his laugh, his everything. I need him. I need Trent. There were some great surrounding characters that really made this book what it was There were some great witty one liners.

The sexual chemistry in this book is palpable! I found myself fanning myself on numerous occasions as Trent and Kacey wound each other up to the boiling point. Completely scrummy! Oh how, love a good dose of sexual frustration! For two years, I haven't given anyone the time of day. Now, here I am, day one into our new life, and I'm ready to straddle this guy on the washer. But ultimately, this book is a moving story of forgiveness, coping through adversity and love. Love for family, love for friends and finding love in the most unlikely places.

I shed a tear a couple of times and the beautiful ending made my heart swell! Hope that something beautiful may come from this tragic story. Fear that it won't. To read more reviews go to my Book Blog: Five Ways to Fall Prologue Is it just me? He swallowed my heart whole and then let my unwanted remains simply.

Until then. Daddy rests his hand on the steering wheel and turns his body to face me. I swallow back my tears. Now go on. Turning, I see his hand wiping at something on his cheek before he gives me a wink and a smile. The truck door makes a loud bang as I swing it tight. Holding my breath, I climb the steps and push as hard as I can against the diner door, the jangle of the bell ringing in my ears.

When the nice waitress with the big hair comes by, I tell her my daddy will be here soon and I order that piece of chocolate pecan pie with a please and thank you. I sit in that booth and gobble it up, thinking how lucky I am to get two pieces in one night. And I wait. With my chin resting on my palm, tucked into the corner of the booth, I stare out that window, watching for the familiar blue truck to reappear, checking the door every time that bell jangles.

No nice lady bringing me a piece of chocolate pecan pie to combat the sourness in my mouth. The way his steely blue eyes wander over my violet hair. Normally they throw you into a holding cell or make you sit in an uncomfortable chair next to a drunk named Seth who stinks of malt scotch and body odor. I hold my breath as I watch Jack take a seat, adjusting his slightly rumpled suit jacket on his large frame as he tries to get comfortable in the hard plastic chair.

Despite the severe strain in our once close relationship, warmth immediately spreads through my chest. A tiny sad smile creeps over his face. Not surprising. Friends since they could barely walk, Jack and Barry were once equity partners together in his law firm. My mother. Barry is a high-priced, successful criminal lawyer who has gotten his unruly stepdaughter out of more than one debacle. The last incident was on my eighteenth birthday when I decided it would be funny to go retro and moon cars.

One of those cars was a police cruiser.

Ten Tiny Breaths (Ten Tiny Breaths, #1) by K.A. Tucker

The cop was an uptight prick. And I was drunk. After helping me avoid indecent exposure and underage public drunkenness charges, Barry announced that my juvenile record was sealed, I was now an adult, and he was officially washing his hands of me.

Three months later, when my mother left him for husband number four, it really became official. My doodling finger freezes suddenly. She had called it after all. What would I tell her, anyway? You were easy to find. I know why you left my mom, but how could you have shoved me out of your life so easily too? I need to be smart. Not because this is amusing. My boss fired me over the phone.

At nineteen years old? After knowing him for six weeks? I did. I think I still do, despite how much Jared has hurt me. Fireworks exploded, lightning struck, electricity coursed.

Common sense flew out the window with a cement block tied to its ankle. Jared said he felt it too. Jack slides his glasses off and gives his face a rough rub, looking exhausted.