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View all 46 comments. That's perfectly normal, too! On one of those eventful nights Ally and R 3. I found my REN!!! Last night, around the time you fell asleep against me, you became mine. I have to be honest.

View all 13 comments. Mar 30, Christy rated it really liked it.

Rock Chick Series

Ally Nightingale has seen all of her Rock Chick friends fall in love. With members of the Hot Bunch. When will it be her turn? Ally has fallen in love with Ren Zano. Ally and Ren have secretly been together for about a year. Well, together is code for having sex. As much as Ally loves Ren, she has to protect herself. It drove me a little crazy. Ally worked my patience at the beginning.

Ally Nightingale is a Nightingale through and through. That pretty much means she is a badass. She wants to be a P. Her brothers are worried, but she has someone always there to back her up, someone on her side Darius Tucker. Getting more of Darius and his story was a real treat. Then we have Ren Zano. And ever since he met and hooked up with Ally, Ava has been the last thing on his mind. He wants Ally. More than just a hook up, more than just a fuck buddy. He wants Ally to be his woman.

It takes a while for him to get through to Ally, but once they figure it out They both accepted each other for who they were. They appreciated one another, and they were probably the funniest Rock Chick couple.

You have a dick. I got an aversion to the mall. Whats up? That went fast. I wanna eat you and fuck you again before you learn how to bypass security systems. I stared into his eyes. I drew in a breath. I love you. Memories mean something. Things mean nothing. It took a little while for Ally to grow on me, but she did. Ally is fearless, independent, but when it comes to her work, she is smart, not reckless. He was beyond alpha, hot, sexy swoony, just all around KA perfection!

Ren became so sweet, understanding, and supportive of Ally. He really is her perfect match. The ending That was a fantastic epilogue, not just for Ally and Ren, but the entire crew. What can I say about these Rock Chick books I am SO sad to see this series end.

This family of characters will forever be some of my favorite people. A family. That is exactly what these characters are.

Some of the hottest guys, the funnest chicks, and most amazing side characters. You will want to crawl in their world and live there. View all 53 comments. Jul 16, Karla rated it really liked it. A little slow to move forward at times, but still I'm sorry to see this series end.

Love me some REN!!! I loved the deep connection that was built between Ren and Ally and there was definitely some role reversal, but it was alll gooood!

R 4 Stars! Ren was a smoother and more polished KA hero, but he did have his alpha, caveman moments that satisfied my inner damsel. Now Ally was a less needy heroine. She was more daring, but growing up with a cop dad, Hank and Lee Nightingale as brothers who could really blame her. The fierce protectiveness and the over the top controlling behavior that especially Lee displayed was heartwarming and infuriating.

What also worked was the ever-present Rock Chicks and Hot Bunch that were constantly woven throughout the story.

They were more than secondary characters in RC Revolution, because when they entered the picture, their mannerisms and dialog would trigger and bring back their own unforgettable stories that I loved. Being that the Hot Bunch has the place wired, sound and audio, they keep an eye on their women, and when things go haywire…which is damn near every day, that delicious bunch of hotties, one or all of them, swoop in to save the day ; a little dessert to go along with the coffee.

She is a Nightingale after all, and it made sense that she would follow in their footsteps, much to their dismay. He comes to the realization that he needs to make changes in his thinking and life to accommodate her, so she can live her dream.

Ren stands by his woman! All of her elements were there, but I wanted more conflict in the love department for Ren and Ali, more heartfelt dialog, more uncertainty building to their HEA. It was all a little too easy for me, since about halfway through they were a sure thing. I would have preferred more of them interacting just as a normal couple doing normal things.

Best scenes Splage: The ones where Kristen Ashley talks about the fictitious Kristen Ashley. No one writes these memorable romantic scenes like Kristen Ashley. Favorite characters Splage: She was a part of the original Rock Chick duo. I kept waiting and waiting for her story and it was perfect that KA ended the series with her. She also could rock the shoes, the outfit, and the girl time. Another favorite was Daisy and Darius. They were her biggest supporters and at times comic relief.

Daisy, with her Dolly Parton flair and her motherly instincts, encouraged Ally and became a part of her business. I am really looking forward to his story as a new series begins.

I adored him! What a treat to have him so much of him in this story. He was a character that I fell in love with in book 1, Rock Chick. He can boss me around and toss any obscenity my way, as long as he makes me one of his coffee concoctions. Overall Thoughts Splage: I knew the Rock Chick saga had to end and for a Rock Chick addict like me it was a very satisfying end to the series.

I feel like crying though. These characters have been with me for 4 years and they were REAL!! I laughed and cried throughout each of their stories. Some were stand out favorites and all were truly loved. It was a culmination of what we loved in the prior books, a walk down memory lane, and a chance to be with our friends again.

I hate to see this series end, but I think Kristen Ashley is bowing out at the right time. She ended it with another beautiful signature epilogue, and as I turned the last page…no kidding…I gasped and then cried. So to the Queen of Rock Chicks A quick shout-out to my girl Splage. Thank you for doing this review with me; you are a true Rock Chick sister of my heart!

His eyes were this beautiful espresso color, so rich and deep, thick dark hair…he was like a rock star without the guitar. View all 41 comments. Reread on: I think I loved it even more then when I originally read it in August Another 5 Star KA Read!!!! My emotions were all over the place on this one but I suspect a lot of that had to do with the fact that I was reading the last RC Book. But as my lovely friend Karla reminded me and everyone who read her and Splage's wonderful review Ally is one "righteous" Rock Chick!

And Ren I loved Ally and Darius' relationship and no matter what was going on or how pissed they were at each other they had each other's backs and even happier that we had insight into Darius' past and future through the amazing epilogue!!! Darius said, "your a pain in the ass. Your succeeding beyond your wildest dreams. View all 38 comments.

I will miss my Rock Chicks and the Hot Bunch! For me, Rock Chick Revolution was bittersweet, the conclusion of a series I have truly enjoyed. Ally finally gets her man, and while she drove me a bit crazy, I enjoyed her and Ren's story. Oct 06, Catarina rated it it was amazing Shelves: Let me just get this straight: This is a hard review to write.

A very hard one. Okay, moving on. Being one of the most important supportive characters is nice to finally meet her love story. Yes, the hot Italian alpha-male. And she shocks another person: Well, non-strings-attached for her. Ren is very settled on making it official. First let me tell you about Ren: Lee is still my favorite alpha-male. Indy and Lee are still my favorite couple.

And Ren is my solid number two alpha-male in this series. Ally pissed me off in the beginning, but I end up warming up to her.

I cried in the end. That epilogue was down-right perfect. I will miss these people like crazy. So this is me, right now: Kristen Ashley is a writing genius and this is one of the best series ever.

Go buy these books people. View all 55 comments. Jul 11, Jennifer rated it it was amazing Shelves: My mind was blown. You gave us the fairy tale. I just feel so warm and snuggly inside.

My Ren: My Ally: View all 17 comments. Nov 26, Jen rated it really liked it Shelves: She's pure honey all the way through. I think I officially have a new favorite Rock Chick! This particular Kristen Ashley series has never been a favorite of mine. First we had Indy making some idiotic choices with regards to And she'd been in love with him since she was 3.

And she'd been in love with him since she was five and he held her hand at her mother's funeral! Sweet, caring and sexy as all get out Eddie. That man still holds a special place in my book boyfriend heart.

Did Jet surrender to Eddie's considerable charms easily? Ally's special. She's watched and learned from her Rock Chick brethren and she's witnessed the stupid choices they've made. She's also wished for a Hot Bunch kind of love for herself. Ally and Ren had some initial issues to work out, but once that stuff was sorted: D they were good to go.

They both knew what they wanted and didn't hesitate in sharing. This was our way. One place I absolutely didn't mind Ren being bossy and domineering was in bed. And he was both, he'd never been anything but both, and I got off on it. I loved Ren and Ally together. It was an actual give and take relationship. They talked, they fought and they listened. Was Ren as supremely alpha as most of the other Rock Chick's pieces? It still worked for me in a big way.

Ren's so hot that he could give his girl the business and still make her a fabulous breakfast, with tater tots no less! And besides, Ren's plain HOT!

What didn't work for me was the rest of the story. I love the idea of Ally becoming her own boss and going into business for herself, but that happened mighty quick. Hasn't the running joke been that Smithee asks them to strip and they and or their Hot Bunch men put a kibosh on that shit?

There's a Darius storyline that deserves better than that! Not to mention Ally's stalker. I love Kristen Ashley. Love her. It took me out of the story and I didn't like it. I also missed the status quo "Rock Chick" interaction in this one. There was a whole lot of Ally coming into her own, which I honestly loved, but not a lot of help from her friends. Finally, I want to mention the epilogue. It was awesome!!! Ain't no epilogue like A KA epilogue.

The thought of all of these couples reproducing like rabbits is a righteous thing! View all 36 comments. Nov 20, Pam rated it it was amazing Shelves: The guy got his girl, the girl got her guy, and everyone was happy.

Something big, bold, bountiful and amazing.

Revolution pdf chick rock

Rock Chick was one of the first series I read of KA and it just spiraled into a love for everything righteous. The first Rock Chick was Indy but Ally was there through it all, and it was perfect for her to end with her. But in light of all the drama, it was beautiful, it was sweet, it was hilarious and it made me happy and it made me cry. I have to say though, I hope she comes out with a family tree, because keeping up with all the baby making was pretty damn hard … lol View all 25 comments.

She has secrets that no-one knows except for 1. Darius her friend and 2. Ren the Hot Italian Sexy man who has her heart, back in Rock chick Revenge Luke and Ava's story We meet Ren who's there as part of Ava's protection and in that time Ally knows that Ren has feelings for Ava but obviously Ava chooses Luke and they live happily ever after On one of those eventful nights Ally and R 3. On one of those eventful nights Ally and Ren come to an 'Agreement' to be Fuck buddies to use each other or so Ally assumes Ren wants because she doesn't want his 2nd best she wants her forever, the other half to herself, her Badass Man and she refuses to belive that maybe just maybe he wants the same, so Fuck buddies is what they become.

They argue, they fight, they make up, they Fuck but never do they go on dates and get to know each other. As there story unfolds, Ren push's Ally and makes her realize that Ren does want more and to give them a chance He knows what he wants and he wants to keep her. He's also sweet really does that go with Alpha? Yes because he's compassionate, loving, protective.. I really loved him. ALLY Ok Ally Ally fucking Nightingale, now she wouldn't be a rock chick if she didn't fight, didn't have strength to push away and fight to be with this man would she?

Once she lets Ren in it flows nicely, gradually but slowly and this story was essentially about Ally not just the romance between Ren and her but about who she wants to be, where she wants to be, and how she's going to become it??

So this is where you say hang on then it all sounds good, why only 3. So reading Ally and Rens story I found there to be something missing, it just didn't give me that edge that there was in the others there's a little drama but not a lot and it was slow for me. Maybe that's just me, so don't let me put you off because as a series as a whole they're AH-mazing but this lacked that umph where I was at the end of my seat holding on for dear life, it never came and I really wanted something to happen more so than it did.

As a end of series book I was soooooo excited maybe I had too high expectations!! It was good and I did like it just didn't love it. Ok moving on who and what I loved Lee nightingale-his love for his wife and his love for Ally to protect his little sister to want her to be happy to protect her even though Hank is also Allys older brother the moments and times Lee had with Ally I loved those insights into there relationship.

Indy- Best friends and sisters she definitely grew on me as time went on. Darius- loved seeing into his life and seeing him happy. The Rock chicks are all pretty awesome, all strong, all beautiful all full of fun. Tex and his coffee-yup happy times. All the parents and there love for there children, be it that the men are all Alpha and women independent, they all played there part.

Anyway hope you take the time to read these fun, sexy, reads full of Alpha hotness View all 37 comments. I had high, high expectations for this story. I felt like I waited forever for Ren and Ally's story. It didn't disappoint.

At the same time, it was more than Ren and Ally's story, this was the finale of the Rock Chick series, so we got a ton of other side stories that wrapped up all the lose ends, and any lingering questions that were still hanging.

It was what I needed. I feel like, after seven books, I KNOW these characters, and I wanted every piece of information I could get about their lives I had high, high expectations for this story. Without a doubt Ally has taken her place as my favorite rock chick. She proves to be a real bad-ass, and lives up to the nightingale name in this book. I know that there are going to be some who don't love Ren as much as the hot-bunch guys - and he is his own brand of alpha.

But, I'd make the case that he was the perfect guy for Ally. Ren is a bad ass in his own way, but doesn't get in the way of Ally's need to follow her own dreams. This felt like pure KA. There were times where I felt like she was flat out setting her life's philosophy out for you with blinking lights, and I loved it. I laughed, I got all choked up, I sat around with a goofy smile on my face I loved every page And OMG. We have GOT to have a Darius book. And a Liam book - and a Sniff and Roam books A must read for all Rock Chick fans.

View all 19 comments. Reviewed jointly with Liz Becs: Well, Liz, I really enjoyed reading the final book in the Rock Chick series. I Reviewed jointly with Liz Becs: I crave an emotional connection with my books, and Rock Chick Revolution so totally gave me that. I was all teary and sniffly at multiple points throughout the book because it was a goodbye, in a way, and, in typical Kristen Ashley fashion, she brought each of us, and the characters, full circle.

I loved this story--hard--for that very reason! Yes - one thing Kristen Ashley always does very well is give a lot of time to the deep emotional feelings of her characters and she never rushes this and I always appreciate it. We always get to hear their hopes, fears and uncertainties and experience them right along with her characters.

Talking about characters - how did you feel about Ally? I have to be honest. But, at the end of Breathe, when she came to rescue Faye, I saw a glimpse of a different Ally that I really liked.

Turns out, she became one of my very favorite Rock Chicks after all! She was kick-ass, but still You know? She was smart and capable and sexy and all woman, and I love to see a female character portrayed that way, without her being hard and too masculine.

I loved to see how this tough little cookie slowly started to soften up and let Ren into her heart. Could we discuss Ren and his stunning Italian-American beauty, please?!

He kinda did it for me, Becs. He was an amazing combination of macho and suave. Sometimes that works for me, and other times Oh, but it so worked for me in RCR!

Instead he wore well-tailored suits, crisp shirts, and cooked gourmet meals! Color me stunned, but Lord, by he was ALL man. I so loved that he and Ally talked things through. OMG, Ren!! How much of a gorgeous Italian Stallion is that man? The way he loved Ally just about melted my heart and the concessions he had to make to his uber-protective and possessive nature just to let her forge ahead with her dreams really were a thing of beauty.

In fact, I wish he would have had his own book!! But, what we got was so amazing and emotional and beautiful. He and Ally were so cute together. Yes, it was so good to get to know Darius a little better. We got to see weddings, pregnancies and enjoy all the previous couples living out their Happy Ever Afters together. I loved seeing these guys still being fiercely protective of their Rock Chicks. It just warms my heart. Kristen Ashley is known for her epilogue magic touch, and, I must say, I think I grinned, laughed, teared up and sniffled the most over the epilogue in Rock Chick Revolution.

It really was simply perfection.

Revolution rock pdf chick

That full circle moment I always want? I got that and more. Yes, I agree. Kristen Ashley is absolutely the Queen of the Epilogue and this one did not disappoint. Vintage Kristen Ashley! Becs - 4 Stars Liz - 4. View 2 comments. Jul 16, Kellie Maddox-Ward rated it it was amazing Shelves: You got a problem with getting in a taxi with me, comin' to my place, letting me take your clothes off and then letting me do a shitload of other things to that beautiful body?

The Queen of the Alphas I love everything about her writing.. I swear she could write.. If I ever got to meet the Queen one day?!

I would prob hyperventilate and stumble and fuck up more than Jet did with Eddie! OH and pass the fuck out! Would be a dream come true! She has the ability to make you laugh, cry, sob, giggle, snot cry, hiccup cry, then fan your vagina and have you reaching for B. B all in the same chapter Ok the book Spoiler free Trying to figure out who wrote the books! The way KA was talking about Kristen Ashley.. Also at a wedding The epilogue BY the end of it I was a mess.. A happy but seriously sad mess!

This series is hands down my fav of anything in this genre.. I mean, I basically am one of the gang! Its my dream to own a Fortnum's I just need my own Hot Guy and I could be part of the crew!

It just makes me sad that they are gone OK Rocking on Down time - This was more emotional - NOT emotional like Mace and Stella's book, just emotional like Ally's relationships with people, finding herself, falling in love etc and there wasn't as much action as I am accustomed too. It kinda lulled for a bit Just that! So in conclusion But after 8 books Luke Stark is still my number one man with Kai "Mace" Mason still love that name soo much and Hector Chavez a really close second!

View all 24 comments. Aug 08, Sarah rated it really liked it. You will read many amazing reviews on here that will tell you all about this final instalment of the Rock Chick Series. No instead I decided in this review to tell you why I am and 4 bittersweet, hugely sentimental, thank you and goodbye stars When I was younger I read a huge amount, I was your typical book worm, always had my head glued in a book, always stalking the library shelves waiting for my next brilliant read I read less and less and then over the years life decided, as it sometimes does, to throw a whole heap of shit and drama my way Then one day I picked up my first ever KA book: I cant remember what led me to do it, I hadn't read a book in years, I just remember thinking how nice it would be to just sit down for ten whole minutes and read a few pages of a book, just be someone else for a while It gave me my out, it gave me that quiet time we all need to curl up with a great story and, for a brief time, be somewhere or someone else.

This series was the beginning of me immersing myself back into the world of books, thus leading me to GR and a whole other world of friendship and books. And even though now my life is thankfully a world away from what it was, and I have since been blessed in many many ways helped thank fully by my very own, real life Rock Chick and my very own special member of the hot bunch So you see I have a lot to thank Kristen Ashley for Not just for the massive smile she puts on my face and the feel good vibe I get every time I turn the page of one of her many awesome stories Not just for the times she made me laugh out loud or cry tears of joy And not just for this amazing ending to a truly unforgettable series But mainly I am thankful for her reminder that View all 45 comments.

Aug 26, Karen rated it it was amazing. These books have captured my heart and soul OMG!!! These books have captured my heart and soul right from the beginning and ALL the way through. Each and every book, and each and every character so rich and full of heart, hotness and hilarity, I can scarcely choose a favorite. But it did not come easy. Ally would find herself fighting everyone that loves her in order to pursue her dream.

I am in LOVE!!!!! And did I mention the suits?!!!! In fact, it could have been called Rock Chick Revival. This story brought back all of the characters in all their awesomeness, making me laugh, cry and gnaw my nails down to nubs with suspense.

And Ally…. In fact, she has completely personified the Rock Chick philosophy. I didn't speak macho alpha, therefore could not communicate telepathically, via chin lifts or through actions to other macho alphas, so I felt it prudent to agree verbally. I did this by mumbling, Okeydokey. And growing up in the badass shadows of her older brothers, the P.

She was destined for awesome from the very beginning. I loved her personality; I loved her protectiveness, and her deep feelings for those she loved. And above all, I loved her confidence in herself, and her determination to live her dream. In the end though, it all worked out for her. The way you wear a dress is goddamned foreplay.

The way you give me everything and nothing, making you a challenge only a real man would accept, is all kinds of hot. The way you give as good as you get in bed, totally unselfish at the same time phenomenally greedy Bar none. And the way you love, stubborn, tough, unshakeable, is unbelievably fuckin' beautiful.

And still you're a serious pain in my ass. But I found, not havin' you, I got off on the pain. I missed it. So I'm takin' it back and we'll see how it goes. Facing off with Shirleen, and rallying all of the Rock Chicks, employing all of their special talents in ways that only they could provide. Daisy was awesome personified. What can I say, the special relationship they shared…yep more awesome. He has overcome so much adversity, and that scene at the end…. I want more of his story. In the end…I loved every part of this story.

An unbelievably awesome heroine, with her fuck-hot Italian fuck buddy boyfriend in all his awesome suits, then throw in her crazy awesome side-kicks and her funny Rock Chick girlfriends and their hot-bunch husbands, an explosion, a couple of lap dances, a couple of stoners, a gaggle of tweekers, a mafia boss and a fucked up stalker, what more could one ask for in a finale episode?

Oh and who can forget that killer epilogue with miniature rock chick and hot-bunch toddlers running around!!!! Thank you Kristen for sharing your Rock Chicks with us!!!!

I have loved every single second of them!!!!!! And look forward to more… with Mace and Stella in LA!!!!!!! I'm a goddamned, fuckin' rock chick. And that tells me, a man gets in there, you give that to him, the children you give him, that man will be all kinds of lucky.

I can't say that this was my favorite book in the series, but I will tell you that it was a fantastic conclusion to the series. So what was my favorite part of Rock Chick Revolution, you ask? I have a one word answer for that: The man made my happy place tingle the entire book. He was equal parts bad-ass alpha and sweet, without being obnoxiously overbearing or possessive.

Now if I'm being honest here, the urge to lick a fictional character is really nothing new for me. That's perfectly normal, OK! Ren took it to a whole different level for me, and I found myself developing a very close and personal relationship with my Kindle while reading.

That's perfectly normal, too! Stop judging me! But I digress. So I am very happy to report that Ally didn't irritate me at all in this book. She was incredibly endearing.

Pdf rock chick revolution

I loved how tough and tenacious she was, yet still had that emotional and soft-hearted center beneath the tough-girl shell. I was a Rock Chick. I had a lot of friends. I had a lot of good times. I was… me. Well Ally, a knight in shining armor may not do anything for you, but a hot-headed Italian sure did.

Ally fell for Ren pretty quick, but had her hopes of a future with him shattered when Ren unknowingly did something that wounded her deeply. Unable to deny the chemistry between them, Ally insists that they stay on a casual hook-up basis.

Which, c'mon Ally, we're talking about Ren here? Just casual hookups? Like friends with benefits? Of course Ren is having none-of that, and he definitely doesn't hold back his thoughts about the matter. Then again when you came when my cock was driving into you in my bed.

Then again when you wrapped your mouth around my cock, also in my bed. And last, when you wrapped your sweet, hot, naked body around me and passed out in my bed. She's had enough testosterone alpha-speak from her brothers and The Hot Bunch. And Ren had just demonstrated he was fluent in Asshole. Well Ally, you might not like it, but it certainly made my happy place tingle.

So you'll be getting no complaints from this girl. Ren was just delicious, and when it came to getting his way with Ally Don't get me wrong, while Ren was a hot-headed, dirty-talkin, panty-melting hot; he also had an incredible sweet side to him.

I loved the way he fought for Ally and to prove that they should be more than just casual. Nothing better than a man that can admit when he's caught. I can't say that I was so enthralled with this book that I couldn't put it down.

It did take me much longer to finish than my usual reading speed, and I did find myself skimming through certain chapters. But I still really enjoyed it. The best part about KA books, are her epilogues, and this one definitely didn't disappoint. S Dear Ren, So that'd be all the ramblings from me for now.

And I thank you! For more reviews visit: Dirty Girl Romance Book Blog Jul 29, Wminbc rated it it was amazing Shelves: Lorenzo Zano is a man with a plan Ava fits perfectly into his life plan too!

Gorgeous, friends established in the family, no legal connections to deal with and for the most part available. Ren let it be known to the Rock Chicks and the Hot Bunch that he would throw down for Ava, unfortunately, Ava was marked by Stark when she was a kid and her heart has belonged to him ever Lorenzo Zano is a man with a plan Ren let it be known to the Rock Chicks and the Hot Bunch that he would throw down for Ava, unfortunately, Ava was marked by Stark when she was a kid and her heart has belonged to him ever since.

Along Luke and Ava's bumpy road to happiness, Ren gets jostled around. True, Ren cared for Ava.

Chick pdf rock revolution

True, Ren wanted more with Ava. True, Ren wants to be married, have kids and live a quiet life as he prepares to take over Uncle Vito's empire. But also true, Ally hoped that in the one night Ren spent with her, she would wipe everything and anything but her from his mind Ally longs to be "the one" for someone. She holds on to her romantic notions that "the one" will know her right back Sadly, "the one" held her naked, satiated body tight to his body and in his bed, then called her, "Ava Indy and Ally began their rock chick lives as kids, growing up together and planning their whole lives down to a tee.

Indy would marry Lee, after much partying and rock concert attendance was had, and they would name their daughter Allyson. Ally, would marry a guy who worshipped the ground she walked on, loved her family and never interfered with the rock chicks. Simple plan, right?

PDF [FREE] DOWNLOAD Rock Chick Revolution (Volume 8) TRIAL EBOOK

Wrong, over two years of drama, explosions, tears, sorrows and many bowls of cashews, the rock chicks have not only survived but prospered in number to so many I cannot even enumerate!

And yet, Ally is still alone, with the exception of nightly booty calls from Ren. But I was actually surprised along the way by his support and his belief in Ally. I was sceptical, and like Lee, I worried that Ally was in over her head. Since I have read this book before many of you and I hate spoilers unless I go looking for them…none will be found here. The dance these two played out for 13 months was nothing compared to the fast paced scenes leading up to their being together together.

Yet still…I find myself wanting. Old news: Seriously, heads up, re-read RC series! I'm out! Okay, girl Hot blooded Italian American I love tall, smoldering, brooding Italian men Seriously, excited, stoked, on the edge of my seat waiting for you guys to tell your story!!! I found my REN!!! And Finally Ren looking at Ally [image error] Jun 09, Vilma Iris rated it it was amazing. It may even be my favorite installment. I got teary-eyed more than once and loved all the full-circle moments.

View all 3 comments. Jul 16, Leea marked it as could-not-finish Shelves: I was so excited about this final installment in the Rock Chick series. I've loved reading about this quirky woman who are hilarious, sexy and beyond loyal. So much is wrong with this book, I just don't want to list it all.

First off its choppy, I mean we're in the past and then present and then we go forward 2 months, then 1 day I was getting whip lash.

PDF [FREE] DOWNLOAD Rock Chick Revolution (Volume 8) TRIAL EBOOK - video dailymotion

That alone did not make me put the book aside. Add the cheesy one-liners and I was just done. I'd rather have those good memories of the Roc I was so excited about this final installment in the Rock Chick series. I'd rather have those good memories of the Rock Chicks of the past View all 7 comments. Who is excited for Rock Chick Revolution?! Readers Also Enjoyed. About Kristen Ashley. Kristen Ashley. She nearly killed her mother and herself making it into the world, seeing as she had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck already attempting to accessorise and she hadn't taken her first breath!

Thus she has been blessed to have friends and family around the globe. Her posse is loopy to say the least but loopy is good when you want to write. Kristen was raised in a house with a large and multi-generational family. They lived on a very small farm in a small town in the heartland and existed amongst the strains of Glenn Miller, The Everly Brothers, REO Speedwagon and Whitesnake and the wardrobes that matched. Needless to say, growing up in a house full of music, clothes and love was a good way to grow up.

And as she keeps growing up, it keeps getting better. Other books in the series. Rock Chick 9 books. Books by Kristen Ashley. Trivia About Rock Chick Revolu Quotes from Rock Chick Revolu Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

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