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Simply the largest collection of pdf screenplays. Shotgun Wedding () · SHRAPNEL () · Shutter Island · Sicario - Taylor Sheridan · Sideways. U.S. Marshals Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Chuck Aule (Mark Ruffalo ) arrive on Shutter Island to assist in the search for a missing. Taxi Driver Shutter Island -

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Read the Shutter Island script, written by Laeta Kalogridisand Dennis Lehane. Shutter Island PDF - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. LenaSam. collection of coral speaking Uploaded by. Full script/screenplay for the movie Shutter Island. Starring Leonardo Decaprio and Directed by Martin Scorsese. Great tool for someone learning to write their own screenplays is to read professional ones.

Speaking of a I do not want to leave, all right? I'de have to say that's quite close to my clinical conclusion So you think it's just random scribblings? It's turning into fucking Kansas out here Not you, not you. You'll be leaving, Now that Rachel has been found.

Four years. So you know how small it is What about you? I was. Boss, i didn't There was a fire in our apartment building, while i was out Four People died. It was the smoke that got her not the fire - That's important. Where are my goddamn Cigars? Government employees, rob you blind thanks Have you received any briefing about the institution befor you left?

All I know is it's a mental hospital For the criminally insane. Well, if it was just folks hearing voices and chasing butterflies, i guess they wouldn,t need us - that's where we're headed? The other side of the island is rock bluffs all to ended in water The dock, it's the only way on, or off we will casting off again as soon as you two are ashore i'd appreciate if you two hurry about it - Why?

I've never seen a marshal badge before. Welcome to Shutter Island. I'll be taking you up to Ashecliffe. We all are "Remember us for we too have lived, loved and laughed" Electrified perimeter.

How you know? I've seen something like it before. All right. But during the stay you will obey protocol, do you understand? The red brick bulding on my right is ward A, the male ward Ward B the female ward, is one on the left Ward C is that building on the bluffs The most dangerous patients are there Admittance to ward C is forbidden without the written consent and physical presence of both myself and Dr.

Cawly Is that understood? You act like insanity is catching You are hereby required to surrending your firearms Mr McPherson, We are duly apointed federal marshals we are required to carry our firearms at all times Executive order of the Fedral Code of Penitentiaries states that when stays at Penitentiaries the office head of institutions has the final authority.

Gentlemen, you will not be allowed to pass through the gate with your firearms ok, well that does for the official stuff, come on boys What do you say we go find Dr. So when did she escaped? Tell me the truth. I'm really You breached protocols? All right, I do not know what to expect here. Let's back up. Solando was put in her room for lights out. Does anybody knows what did she do before taht?

Defines "unusual". I will rephrase. Did anything happened last night during and group therapy, that was more I'm sorry. Did Mrs. Solando said anything during group therapy?

She was worried about the rain. And she hates the food here. Complained constantly. Last night including So Sheehan led discuses. He was running the session. He's Rachels's "primary" The psychaiatrist who directly oversees her care. We'll need to speak with Dr. I'm afraid that won't be possible. He left on the ferry in this morning His vacation was already planned. He'd putting it off too long You're in a state of lockdown. A dangerous patient has escaped and you let her primary doctor leave on vacation?

Of course, he's a doctor Do you have the phone number for where he's gone? Is anyone there? I'm sorry sir, but it all down. All the lines. The storm's hitting the mainland as a hammer. If you get it working come find me immediately. I'm afraid I have evening rounds in the wards, But I'll be having drinks and a cigar at my house around 9 If you like to drop by Good, we can talk then, right?

We have been talking, marshall. Gotta say, i'm thinking I went into the wrong line of public service It is a little overwhelming.

Shutter Island (2010)

It's Mahler. Quite right, marshall. Forgive me, gentlemen My colleague, Dr. Jeremiah Naehring. Quartet for Piano and Strings in A minor. Soda and ice please, thanks You don't indulge in alcohol? I am surprised. Isn't it common for men in your profession to imbibe? I've always heared it's overrun with booceys and drunks Not that i've noticed. Cold tea in your glass? Excellent marshall. You have outstanding defense mechanism. You must be quite adapt at interrogation. Men like you Men of violence.

That's a hell of assumption to make No assumption. Not at all. You both served overseas Not much of a stretch, Doc. Since the schoolyard, I would bet neither of you has ever walked away from a physical conflict Not to suggest you enjoy it but because retreat wasn't something you considered an option Wasn't raised to run doc Ah, yes Raised and who raised you, marshall?

Very impressive defense mechanism. Do you believe in God, marshall? I'm quite serious That's rubbish. Have you ever seen I have, I was there, for the liberation of Daqhau Your English is very good, almost clawless Your English is very good. You hit the consonants a tad hard, though You're German?

Listen, we need the files of Sheehan and on the rest of staff as well No such file will be released for you. Anyway, who is in charge here? Dr Naehring is the liaison to our board of overseas. He relayed your request and it's been refused. They don't have the authority to refuse. And neither you, sir. This investigation is over. We'll take the ferry back in the morning. Come on, Chuck Nice night. You're bunking in the orderlies quarter. Hey boss? I guess, i dunno, i just We haven't heared the truth once yet Chuck Rachel Solando did not slipped out of a locked room barefoot without any help.

I'm beginning to think alot of help Maybe Cawley sitting up in his mansion right now, rethinking his whole attitudes - Maybe in the morning I didn't said that. I found a whole stock of these, Teddy. Jesus, are you ever sober anymore?

I killed alot of people in the war. Is that why you drink? Are you real? She's still here. Remember when we stayed at the cabin by the lake? You can't leave I'm not gonna leave. I love you so much. I am You have to wake up. I won't go. You're here. I'm not. You have to face that. But she is and so is he Who? I have to go. Let me go. I can not. Ain't gonna be no ferry in this shit Doctor. Doctor, Doctor. It's not like we can take the ferry and was Rachel recieving any other treatment for her illnesses?

Do you know what the state of mental health field in these days, gentelmen? We are not doctors. The old schools believes in surgical interventions Psychosurgery. The procedures are that the orbital lobotomy.

Some say that patientsi are reasonable, Other essential say become zombies. A new drug has just been approved of autorities. That relaxes psychotic patients some would say tames then - And which school are you in, Doc?

I have this radical idea that if you treat a patient with respect and listen to him Trying to understand. What should be the last resort, becomes the first response. Give them a pill and put them in a corner, and it all goes away. Rachel Solando was a on a combination of drugs meant to keep her from becoming violent and it was only intermittently effective The greatest obstacle to her recovery was her refusal to face what she had done "was.

Look outside, marshall. Why do you think? Next one is Peter Breen. Assaulted his father's nurse with a brocken glass. Nurse survived, but her face permaanently disfigured i can't wait. She smiles at me. She was so sweet But I could read in his eyes.

Liked to suck cock All right, Mr Breen. And asked me if she can have a glass of water Alone in the kitchen? She wanted me to pull out my thing so she could laugh at it Mr Breen, we need to ask you some questions, okay? When I cut her she screamed But She scared me. What did she expect? But we are here to talk Rachel Solando, OK? Rachel Solando Did you know she had drown her own kids? She drowned her kids This is a sick fucking world we live in. They should be gassed all of them Stop that.

A husband You tore her face off, didn't you Congratulations, no more normal for her, not ever again Do you know what she was afraid of? Could you stop that, please? Stop that! I want to go back.

I'll never get out of here. I'm not sure I should Excuse me for saying it, - Miss Kearns But you seem I mean in comparison with the other patients here Well, I have my dark days I suppose everyone does Differents is that most people don't kill their husbands with an axe Although personally I think if a man beats you and fuck half the women he sees and no one will help you axing him isn't the least understandable thing you can do Maybe you shouldn't get out.

And what would i do if I did? I don't know the world anymore. They say there are bombs that can turn whole cities to ash And what do they call "television" No much, she He talked about anger.

Tell me about him What's he like? I think e. No, Dr. Sheehan is a good doctor, he wouldn't Could I have a glass of water, please? No problem. Thank you, marshall. I have just one more question Mrs.

Did you ever meet a patient named Andrew Laeddis? Never heard of him. She was coached He used the same words as Cawley's and the nurse. You asked every one of those patients about him. Who's he? What the hell, boss, I'm your partner for the God's sake! We just met, Chuck. There are the job long. You got a duty, a career and what i'm doing not exactly by the book.

I don't give a damn about the book, boss But I need to know what the hell is going on When this case came over the wires, - I requested it. Specifically, do you understand? Andrew Laeddis, was the maintenance man in thr apartment building where my wife and I lived Okay. He was also a firebug. Andrew Laeddis lit the match, that caused the fire that killed my wife. Open the! What happened with Laeddis? Laeddis got away and disappeared. About a year ago I opened the newspaper and there he is. He's an ugly son of a bitch.

He had a new scar in the right temple down to his left lip. Eyes different colors. He'd burned a schoolhouse. Killed 2 people. He said voices told him to do that. First he was sent to prison and then he was transferred here. He vanished like he never existed no records forever I'm sure he's not in ward B that leaves ward C. Or he could be dead. So could Rachel Solando.

Lots of places to hide a body here only one place where no one really knows the patient , Bridget Kearne, when she sent me for water, she said something back to you, didn't she? Come on boss! She wrote it. We must get inside. It's turning into fucking Kansas out here Let's go! Come on! Let's go back! Jesus Christ! What are you going to do boss? I'm not here to kill Leaddis. If it were my wife I'd kill him twice.

When we got through the gates of Dachau, the SS guards surrendered. The commander tried to kill himself before we got there I wasn't warfair, it was murder. I'm tired of killing. That's not why I'm here So what is it all about? After Laeddis vanished, I started doing some checking on Ashecliffe. And how exactly are we fighting the countries from an island in Boston Harbor? As I said, nobody's talking, right? Until I found someone who used to be a patient here. Guy's name George Noyce. He got an offer to get some money for some psych study.

Guess what they were testing. Almost beat his proffesor to death End up appearing in Ashecliffe. Ward C. They released him after 1 year, right? What does he do? Two weeks on a mainland he walks into a bar and stabs three men to death His lawyer pleads insanity, but Noyce Judge give him life in the Dedham prison. I do not know, boss. I stood in Dachau. On our land? What are you really here to do, Teddy?

Shutter Island PDF

I'm here to get the proof. I'm gonna go back and blow the lid off this place. That's it wait a minute. You started asking around about Ashecliffe. I got lucky. No, no, no boss. Luck doesn't work that way. The world doesn't work that way. They got electric fence around a septic facility. Ward C is inside a Civil War fort? Everything in this place stinks "government ops" - What If they wanted you here? Where is Rachel Soalndo?

Where is one shred of evidence that she even existed? I had to know where that will give me any. In any case While you were looking at that neighbourhood, they're looking at you All they need to do is making a fake escape to get you here And now they have you.

Marshall, are you here?. Please signal us, this is deputy warden McPherson. How about that? They found us. It's an island, boss. They'll always find us. I know you are in there We get out of this fucking island. You and me. Cawley wants to talk to you. And hurry up, this thing is transforming to a goddamn hurricane! I dopped those suits to be cleaned. It should be ready by tomorrow. If we don't all wash away first speaking of which, I'm afraid your smoke were pretty much done for So It's our only choice, right?

Now that you mention it, it is just fine. A lot of flooding seems like a distinct possibility It's a gamble, Steven. The cell doors will open Where are they to go? They can't just hop a ferry, scoot over to the mainland over a weak havoc. You're right. Probably responsible recovery right here on us.. If they're manacled to the floor, they die you can't live with that, can you?

Yes, I will be with you in a moment. When we spoke this morning about Rachel Solando's note the law of 4, I loved that. Yes, I'm afraid I still do not know.

None of us knows. Nothing comes to mind. Because I believed i just heard you say that there are And 42 of patients, in wards A and B which would mean there are That's correct, yes. Then it seems that Rachel Solando was suggesting you have a 67th paient, doctor - But I'm afraid we don't. Didn't McPherson tell you the good news?

No, what's the good news, doctor? Rachel has been found. It's here. Safe and sound There is not a mark on her. Who are these men? Why are they in my home? Police officers, Rachel.

There's been a sighting of a known Communist subversive in this area passing out literature Here? In this neighborhood? Yes, I'm afraid so. If you have tell us what you have done yesterday, where you were, it'll help us narrow our search.

Well, I I made breakfast for Jim and the children, and then I I packed Jim's lunch and he left.

Pdf shutter island script

Then I sent the children off to school. And then I decided to take a long swim in the lake. I see And after that? After that I thought of you. I'm sorry, ma'am. I do not know what you talking about. Don't you know how lonely I've been, Jim? You're gone You're dead. I cry every night. How am I supposed to survive? I'm so sorry, but I buried you I buried an empty basket. Your body was nothing but blood and chunke of My jim is dead, So who the fuck are you?

Who are you? I'm sorry about that I didn't wanted to interrupt, I thought she might trll you something, but We have no idea how she get there. We have food, water, and cots. It's the safest place to be when the hurricane hits. You look pale. I'm fine, it's just Boss, are you okay? It's so goddamn bright? Photo sensitivity, headaches sometime? Marshal are you having migraine? Yeah, right. Take these, marshall. You'll sleep a couple of hours, wake up clear as bell.

You have a migraine. Imagine someone sawed open your head and filled it with razors then shook it as hard as they could Take these pills, marshall. Take pills. You'll need to lay down carefull. Gonna be okay.

That's the warden. Do not worry about him, allright?

Looks like ex-military prick. You know I can not argue with you onthat. You should have saved me. You should have saved all of us. Hey buddy Hi, buddy. No hard feelings, right? No hard feelings. Little something for later. I know how much you need it.

Script shutter pdf island

Wer're running out of time. I could get in trouble. I'm dead? I'm so sorry. Why did not you saved me? I tried, I wanted to, but by the time I got there, it was too late. It's not beautiful?

Why are you all wet, baby? Laeddis isn't dead. He isn't gone. He's still here. I know. We need to find him, Teddy. It's okay. Generaytor is faulty Are you okay boss? Back up generator failed. What do you want to do? No, no, no! Put it down. You think the whole electrical system is fried? I think that is a good possibility.

Shutter Island Screenplay

All electronic security system Nice day for a stroll don't you think? He told me this is where they keep the worse ones The guys in the other wards are scared of Noyce did not say anything about the lab? Not really. All that he remember was people scream day and night. There were no windows. There were bars everywhere. Jesus Christ!. You haven't heard shit. If you see some don't try to restrain him yourself These fuckers will kill you. Well get your ass moving, then c'mon he's here.

I can feel him. You are it. Hey, hey! Listen to me! I do not want to leave, all right? Why wouldn't anyone want that?

Script shutter pdf island

I have heard many things here. About the outside world. About atolls, about the hydrogen bomb tests. You know how a hydrogen bomb works? Other bombs exploding, right? But not the hydrogen bomb It's imploding. An explosion that is hundredth thousand millionth degree.

Shutter Island Screenplay

What are you doing? Jesus Christ, Teddy. What's the matter with you guys? He jumped at us. You give me a hand with him we've got to get him to the infirmary No! Not you, not you. Please, please! You lied.

That's pretty damned funny. Your vioce Don't you recognize it? After all the talks we've had? After all the lies that you've tell me? Let me see your face. They say i'm theirs now They say i'll never leave. Your match is about to go out. Let me see your goddamn face! And Laeddis. That's all it's ever been about. I was incidental. George Noyce? No, it is not possible, You can not be here. Who did this to you, George?

You did! What are you talking all of your fucking talk And I'm back here because of you! George, I get you out of here. I'll find a way to fix this I'll never get out now. I got out once, But not twice, never twice - Tell me how sis they got you here? Don't you get it? Everything you were up to. Your whole plan. This is a game. All of this You're not investigating anything.

You're a fucking rat in a maze. Been alone much since you got here? I'm with my partner. You have never worked with him before, right? He's a US Marshall from Seattle.

You have never worked with him before, have you? George, look I know people. I trust this man. Then, they've already won. And I'm only here because of you! George, I'm going to get you out of here. You're not going to the lighthouse.

You can't kill Leaddis and expose the truth at the same time You have to make a choice you understand that, don't you? I'm not here to kill anyone. I swear to you