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Eversea book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers . Library Journal SELF-e Selection Title An orphaned, small-town, so. FOREVER JACK EVERSEA 2 NATASHA BOYD caite.infoft3d. com. FOREVER JACK EVERSEA 2 NATASHA BOYD page 1 / 3. Get Free Read & Download Files Eversea 1 Natasha Boyd PDF. EVERSEA 1 NATASHA BOYD. Download: Eversea 1 Natasha Boyd. EVERSEA 1 NATASHA .

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"Eversea is the kind of book you read with a carton of ice cream, to escape for a while and daydream for hours afterwards. It's the kind of chick flick you'd watch. An orphaned, small-town, southern girl, held hostage by responsibility and self- doubt. A Hollywood A-list mega-star, on the run from his lat Download in PDF. Was this part of your team 'management' of poor fucking clueless Jack Eversea?" My voice is harsh, like I just screamed it hoarse. Something I wish I could do.

There were times when the scenes were no longer holding my attention. Meanwhile though, quite literally the whole world was wondering where on earth their top favorite movie star had gone! See 2 questions about Eversea…. I mean the back cover! I was being a complete dick to her and everyone around me that day. Life isn't always rainbows and roses, and Jack and Keri Ann both know this.

D He was like a bright and beautiful rogue planet. He pulled the entire galaxy into a gravitational wobble until he got close enough to suck you in and tilt your axis head over heels. Eversea is easily my favourite NA this year and yes the paperback is on its way! View all 19 comments. Nov 25, Jacqueline's Reads rated it liked it. Summary Jack is a movie star and is known worldwide. He decides to go to a little town. Keri Ann lives in this little town. He comes into the restaurant in a hoodie and is kind of rude and very standoffish.

Keri Ann is a total sweetheart and I do feel for her. I like how Jack and Keri Ann first start off a friendship-sort-of. Soon they forge a friendship and both start to open up. The fact he is kind of in a relationship with another movie star, Audrey made me cringe a little.

You will just have to read it and take it for what it is. It was also hard to read the up and down roller coaster of emotions between the two of them. Jack would be sweet, then be a jerk and would yank Keri Ann around at least in my opinion.

I just felt like he could have been just a complete jerk or not. The ending picks up a bit and you are hit with drama. I liked it a lot. I felt like the middle pace a bit slow so I was expecting something major and I got it.

View all 8 comments. Nov 15, Jennifer Kyle rated it really liked it. This was a light and enjoyable read where the main character Keri Ann waitress meets a runaway Hollywood megastar, Jack Eversea one night at her place of work. Similar to Love Unscripted Keri Ann was a wonderful character, the setting Butler Cover Island and her responsibility to restore and take care of her inherited family home was unique.

I loved all the minor characters as well. Jack and 3. If I was going down, I might as well go down hard. Overall, a light, sexy, witty read that I was enjoying till the author let me down with her lack of imagination in breaking our couple apart.

Here's hoping the sequel doesn't disappoint because I'm pretty sweet on Jack and Keri Ann. View all 24 comments. Apr 24, Laura rated it it was amazing Shelves: You can read an awesome deleted scene from Eversea on my blog - http: Full review is coming soon: With that ending there had better be a sequel! Full Review I really enjoyed this book.

It is a fun read but it also has lots of depth and emotion. You will get lost in the characters and their stories. This book is escapism at its very best. It is a beautiful coming of age story with lots of lovely romance mixed in. The synopsis may make You can read an awesome deleted scene from Eversea on my blog - http: It is a coming of age tale about two people realising that what the people around them want them to do and what they want to do may be two different things.

Together they help each other realise who they really are and what they truly want. I love books set in the south I think it is the sexy accent and this one captures the southern feel perfectly. You can almost see the characters and they feel so real.

Keri-Ann is a great character, she always puts other people first and she is kind and caring. I would love to know her in real life.

Jack is a character you will wish was real. He is so swoon worthy; sexy and powerful but he also has an innocence that makes you want to look after him.

The romance builds slowly. Jack and Keri-Ann have an instant attraction that becomes something deeper. I felt that the romance is really believable and it is the perfect mixture of sweet and steamy. I recommend this to fans of NA books and any type of romance. The ending makes it pretty obvious there is a sequel. Jan 31, Ankit Garg rated it liked it. Books like Eversea are the reason readers like me can cozy up to the genre that is romance.

Over the past I have tried to read quite few books under this theme, only to lose interest in the story within the introductory phase of the story itself. But being stubborn as ever, I still haven't given up on romantic fiction as I try to read books in this genre. If you ask what's different in this book when compared to the rest, I do not have the answer as I haven't read enough material on this genre to Books like Eversea are the reason readers like me can cozy up to the genre that is romance.

If you ask what's different in this book when compared to the rest, I do not have the answer as I haven't read enough material on this genre to form an opinion. But Eversea fits right within my taste limits if that's a thing! Must read if you are not a fan of the usual romantic novels yet still want to give the genre a try. May 17, Beth rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jack Eversea's career is booming, but when his Hollywood girl friend and co-star is caught kissing another man, he starts to question his life and career direction.

Running to a beach front home in South Carolina he meets Keri Ann, a local with deep roots in the sea turtle tourist town of Butler. Connecting quickly as friends, Jack was shocked and won over to Keri Ann's honesty and lack of star awe. While Jack assisting Keri Ann with the repairs of her family home, the friendship moves toward strong attraction. How can a mover and a shaker and a hometown girl ever make it work? Guess you'll have to read Eversea and find out.

An absolutely sexy, heart touching tale of finding oneself and discovering love along the way. Eversea is brilliantly written with lovable characters and wonderful story that left me wanting more. View 2 comments. Nov 04, CC rated it it was ok Shelves: I know people liked this book. But I did not. The heroine was annoying as shit. TSTL Immature. A blabber mouth. And I was sick to death of being in her head.

Jack was also a weak, wishy washy loser. Dude, grow a pair!

Pdf boyd eversea natasha

Technically no. But I never want to have to use the word Seriously? But I never want to have to use the word technically when it comes to cheating. Heroine is a virgin hide spoiler ] Jul 04, Heather rated it it was amazing Shelves: Natasha Boyd I have to have the next one What happens to JACK?

How does it end? I fell in love with this book. Natasha Boyd is an author on the rise and I can not wait to see what else she has in store for us. Jack is a young Hollywood star who has recently underwent a significant break up with his on screen and off screen romance.

He is looking for some space and some privacy and asks a friend to hide out in their small co Cliffhanger! He is looking for some space and some privacy and asks a friend to hide out in their small coastal town cottage. Jack is looking to lick his wounds and get his life back on track without being discovered by the paparazzi. Kari Ann is a small town girl whose family owns a historic home. She was orphaned and she and her older brother have been taking care of one another since.

He is off at college getting his education. Since they can't both afford school at the same time, Kari Ann stays back to take care of the house and work. One night a rude customer comes in and changes everything.

Kari Ann finds herself face to face with the most beautiful man she has ever met. She knows that she would never be good enough for Jack freaking Eversea! She has several "OMG fangirl" moments but soon discovers that he is just a regular guy looking to stay under the radar. She can't help but feel herself being drawn in by his charm and amazing good looks. He has obligations, contracts, appearances that he must go back to.

Jack agrees to help Kari Ann with her home restoration. In exchange, she will help him go unnoticed. Jack is not as simple as he seems, he has a dark and troubled past. Kari Ann does everything in her power to resist Jack but in the end it's useless.

He had her heart all along. Jack's past comes back to haunt him and he must decide what future he will choose. In the end, he may not really have much of a choice. This is where the cliffhanger comes in I hate cliffhangers, I hate them with all my heart. I couldn't help but love this book.

This author is amazing. The characters were so real and the chemistry was amazing. Kari Ann is a smart girl who knows what she wants in life.

She is strong and sure of herself, even if she is a bit unaware of her beauty. Jack is a tortured soul who made me ache for all he has endured. I love Eversea! Read this View all 5 comments.

Mar 10, Irene Sim rated it it was amazing Shelves: It was impossible while reading Beach Wedding not to go back and reread the first book. You can't just let go of her characters, they stick with you and you want to experience their feelings over and over. I also bumped up my rating to 5 stars because this series is pretty awesome. May 27, Michelle Kannan rated it really liked it.

What the hell just happened to me?? Holy cliffhanger. I was not expecting that. I kept thinking- gee I only have a few pages left so I guess this will be one of those quick wrap up endings. Damn you Natasha Boyd. Ok I loved this book.

Jack and Keri Ann were awesome.

Natasha Boyd

I loved that they fell for each other organically. I thought the chemistry was just amazing and the sexual tensio http: I thought the chemistry was just amazing and the sexual tension-almost killed me.

I loved that there was honesty- although not always right away. But most of all I loved that it developed. Yes- I was getting a wee bit sexually frustrated myself but it was worth it. So worth it. By the time it happened it was like Jack and I were together Sorry- I went somewhere for a minute. I loved the relationship Keri Ann had with the town and especially with her friends and her brother. I am interested to see how things develop with a certain brother's BFF named Colton cause I wouldn't mind a try at that myself.

Also I love drama. And this book had it and I loved it. So much drama. It sustains me. I recommend this book but know this: The sex is hot but you have to be patient and wait for it. The drama is there but again- it brews slowly Can't wait for book 2! He tensed under my touch, his eyes now slate grey in the darkened hall. This time he pushed it against my lips, seeking entry.

I hesitated a split second before sucking him into my mouth to taste the tang of his skin. His mouth grew taut, his nostrils flaring slightly, his gaze pinned on the action. Watching his reactions, my own breath had grown shallow and irregular. My pulse was spiking, the heat inside of me swirling up between us like a fever.

Slowly he pulled his thumb out and rubbed the wet pad across my lower lip pulling my lip down. The laughing was over. The feel of his rough denim clad hips under my bare thigh, the press of his hardness against my apex, and the warm skin of his hand as it roamed up my thigh and waist to my neck, to my chest.

His mouth. My heart. Jack tugged my scarf from its loosely wound place at my neck. In moments, his hand cupped my breast through my dress, his thumb running across my nipple. My breath came in ragged pants. His lips quirked. He feathered a light touch around my bare nipple in the cool air.

He chuckled, and then his warm hand palmed my breast more fully and I moaned. Sliding down my body, he bent his legs and hooked my other leg around him. He stood up quickly, taking my weight, his hands on my bare thighs and pressed me firmly back against the wall. I gasped and grabbed onto his broad shoulders to steady myself.

He stopped millimeters away—his breath softly fanning my lips. I nodded. She lives in the coastal Carolina Lowcountry, complete with Spanish moss, alligators and mosquitoes the size of tiny birds. She has a husband, two sons and a cat named Tuna. Eversea is her first full-length novel.

Jun 01, Laila rated it it was amazing Shelves: From the blurb: That's what I thought. But sometimes, the girly-girl in me loves this Cinderella-ish kind of storyline and that's why I requested an ARC, even though I was prepared for some cheesiness and eye-rolling. Well, don't judge a book by its cover. I mean the back cover! The front is gorgeous, even more so when you realize the significance.

Eversea is a great example of a somewhat standard plot, executed brilliantly. I was expecting to like it, imagine my delight when I loved it! The biggest plus of this book is its narrator, our heroine Keri Ann Butler. She is a breath of fresh air and very real. She's one of us. Her reactions upon finding one of the biggest Hollywood stars are how I'd imagine myself to act. I like that she isn't ignorant of who he is and doesn't act unaffected. I like how she gets all flustered and klutzy.

That she drools over him while the rational part of her realizes that much of her desire at first is because he plays her favorite fictional character. I even like the fact that she blabbed to her best friend about his presence, even when sworn to secrecy, of course I'd do that!

Her reactions aside, I could connect with her on so many levels. She is strong. She has a lot of responsibilities but that isn't what's kept her stuck in Butler Cove, it's her own fear of the unknown. She loves to read. She may not have real-life experience with boys, but she finds plenty of romance in her books. Jack Eversea is also a very real star. He's not perfect, he's rich and spoiled and arrogant.

He doesn't give the oh-please!

Boyd pdf natasha eversea

He has a 'tragic' past but it's not used to define or excuse who he is. I love how the story unfolds, slowly, unsteadily. They start off trading favors, then becoming friends. There's a strong attraction between them but they know acting on it isn't wise.

He has commitments, and whether he wants to or not, he cannot just give up his old life. She knows that he'll leave, that he has to go back to his girlfriend for contractual reasons and she'll be heartbroken when he does. There is some "What could he possibly see in me? Despite knowing it's wrong, will these two still take a chance?

And if they do, what happens next? The writing was excellent, I felt like I was right there in the sleepy South. The make-out scenes were sizzling and sensual Haha, you have to be patient! Grrr, I can't believe I have to wait until Fall to find out what happens next!!

That said, I'm glad this story wasn't quickly wrapped up and I'm sure there's much more this couple have to face. I will definitely be reading the next instalment, and looking at the calendar impatiently meanwhile!

Eversea is the kind of book you read with a carton of ice cream , to escape for a while and daydream for hours afterwards. Thank you so much to the author for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review. It was an utter delight! May 17, A. I loved this book. I love my celebrity books so when I saw it was up for review, I jumped at the chance.

I loved Jack Eversea! His character was a perfect mixture of "arrogant celebrity" and "they're just normal people". I really felt for him because you can see how hard the whole thing is on him - he's actually hating himself for being a cliche celebrity. Keri Ann was a great heroine, too - because while she was being fangirly about Jack Eversea yes, I can't just say Jack she saw how annoyingly I loved this book.

Keri Ann was a great heroine, too - because while she was being fangirly about Jack Eversea yes, I can't just say Jack she saw how annoyingly fangirly she was actually being and she made fun of herself for that many times. She was also a virginal heroine. Did not like this one bit. But okay. Sadly, it was insta-love. I really thought the book would go a different way because all the signs were there, however - five days after they meet, they're in love, and they didn't even spend that much time together.

Feelings are pretty intense, they have never felt like that before, etc, etc. I wish the author was patient about it! It's only a matter of prolonging it a week or two and I would have believed it.

This way But as usually, you just have to ignore these things in books. Jack Eversea and Keri Ann had great chemistry and I loved every second they spent together. He teases her, she teases him, it's an all around great friendship that makes you go aaaaaaw. The writing is great! I mean, really engaging, and funny. A few cliches here and there but overall very tight and I loved it. The side characters were awesome, I think Joey and Jazz were my favorite and I loved them.

I didn't like the conflict because that whole Audrey thing was just so unclear to me. What was the deal between her and Jack Eversea? I wasn't sure, he made it sound like one thing, then another, then back to the first. It kind of made me dislike him. There is a graphic sex scene in this book: It was well written, and wasn't overly graphic, and I thought it suited the story.

I felt that with Eversea. There is a big, fat cliffhanger in the end. The book doesn't end, it's more like an end of a chapter. I was violently hitting the next button hoping it doesn't work and is skipping something and that's why I can't read the next chapter. But that delusional thought fell apart when I saw acknowledgements. So be prepared for another one of those books that leave you hanging.

What kills me is that it's a damn good cliffhanger and now I want to know what happened! I'm scared by the time the next book is out which I have no idea when , I won't care: I actually didn't want to write a review straight after I finished the book because I was really, really pissed and I didn't want to snub the book because of that.

I just can't ignore it, though - it doesn't say anywhere this is a series! Not in the beginning of the book, not here on Goodreads. I wish authors told you this so you didn't go in blind thinking you're reading a standalone. Overall, I loved Eversea and recommend it. The characters are honest, the story was engaging, and I devoured it in a matter of hours. Now I wait. It was very YA to me even though the main characters were in their mid to late 20s. Small town girl meets world famous actor who is hiding from the world, and it was that kind of insta-attraction that I'm not always fond of, but I guess it worked.

Don't know if I'll ever go back and read the 2nd book, but I do have it. This book has instantly become a favorite for me. One of those books that I want to re-read and I do not re-read books, well, almost never.

Full review to come, first, like Keri Ann, I am going to kayak and gather my thoughts. Just wow! I am not the biggest fan of the celebrity romance books. I like them but I always feel so stressed out reading them. They are so often full of such trust issues that I have a hard time seeing the actual love story.

This one was different. This was a chance meeting far from the lights of Hollywood. The meeting of two people who just want to be seen for who they are and find it within each other. I just fell in love with this story. The setting was amazing. I love the South and this book just painted such a beautiful picture to go along with a beautiful story. I loved, loved, loved Keri Ann. She is the perfect book heroine.

She for real deserves a HEA. Now, what can I say about Jack Eversea? Oh my, I think I love him too. He was just so, yeah, he was just soooo…Loved him!

He finds it with Keri Ann. Well, he finds it but then…the end of this book just wrecked me. I was screaming at Jack, my heart ached for Keri Ann and then, my heart completely broke for Jack. I will be the first in line to read the next book. These two need to be together.

Loved it! Jun 10, Becky Ellis rated it it was amazing. I really liked this book I am kicking myself however bc it's a cliffhanger and I see no date for book 2. That said, I will be anxiously awaiting the next book. Definitely worth the read. View 1 comment. Jun 20, Kelly 'Perusing Princesses blog' rated it really liked it. I really liked this story because I am a total sucker for girl next door and the Hollywood legend type romances.

Eversea didn't quite live up to Love Unscripted a total favourite of mine but it certainly kept me captivated and made me give up my whole Saturday which tells me something Yeah, Jack Eversea I kinda love you.

Its a 4 due to the ending Book Review: I take my literary proverbial hat off to Natasha Boyd; she has delivered one hell of a page-turner! Written in first person with Keri Ann providing the voice, she has taken a far-fetched idea, the fantasy, and gave it plausibility. It felt authentic as I felt myself connecting with both, Jack and Keri Ann almost immediately.

Her parents tragically killed in a road accident, all that remained was her Nana and her Brother Joey, as they spend the rest of their young lives growing up in their large family manor home in the small town of Butler Cove.

Now, with their Nana gone and Joey at med school, Keri Ann is left alone to renovate the house while working as a waitress. He is totally out of his comfort zone, with no friends, no protection, with no-one knowing of his true whereabouts, he wants to remain anonymous for as long as possible, but in order to do so, he needs help!

He is only staying for three weeks, so with this realisation, Keri Ann decides to keep a distance, even though the pull they both feel towards each other goes against her decision at every turn. Eventually it gets too much, and when Jack starts showing an interest beyond the trade-for-services friendship they have going on, Keri Ann feels herself being consumed by Jack the man, and not the actor as she finally starts to disconnect the two.

I can truly reel off about 4, possibly 5 books that rendered me into a puddle, and Eversea is one of them! But of course, things have to change as both worlds collide. Enter the ex as she storms up trouble, or rather - drop a bombshell of epic proportions, and the whole vibe of this story completely changes.

I recommend this to fans of Love Unscripted by Tina Reber. View all 4 comments. Another FAVE of !

Boyd pdf natasha eversea

This pic describes my love for this book-just in case you needed any idea: This book pulled me into it's arms immediately. It is so wonderfully written, that I was trying not to read it so darn fast. But I did, darn it.

It is one of those light, quick, feel good books. Author Natasha Boyd has a way with her characters. No joke! So our heroin Keri Ann is the epitome of perfection and innocence. I don't necessarily think that she is naive, but more reserved and unsure of things.

She has the heart the size of the Pacific, and welcomes everyone with open arms. My jaw clenches tightly to keep myself from exploding back at her. I shake my head. She turns to an imaginary person next to her.

When she looks back, her eyes are watery again, and a single tear tips onto her cheek. He laughed and told me he had never been in love with me. There was this one girl-" She stops and looks at me. I need a few moments to clear my head.

My hand fucking hurts like hell, but right now this Audrey, like a grenade with the pin out, is scaring the shit out of me. I'm not sure how she and Andy can ruin my career, what she's threatening is bad enough, but I feel pretty sure Audrey has thought long and hard about it and has a few aces up her sleeve.

I think back to my early days-the stupid partying and drug taking. If there's even a chance Peak Entertainment thinks I'm still doing that, they'll drop me faster than I could piss in a bottle. Their liability won't cover it, and it was part of the no-uncertain-terms deal of doing the Erath movies, as well as the upcoming films they've contracted me for.

If Peak drops me, there's not a chance in hell any smaller boys would pick me up. Gossip is king in this town. But worse is they could sue me to pay back what I've made from them until now, and Audrey knows it.

At this moment, I realize Audrey will say anything and make up any story to make sure I play by her rules. I've known this fall out was always a risk, but I truly never thought Audrey would be the enemy here.

Pdf boyd eversea natasha

I never thought she'd be the one to drive the nail in my coffin. I thought she might want out as much as I did, that we would find a way to do it together. How could I have been naive about so many things? And now she's threatening Keri Ann too, and if I know Audrey, it won't be idle and it won't just be damage. Keri Ann will be decimated.

I clutch my head and breathe, trying to calm down. One fist through a wall is enough for tonight. I don't know how to appeal to her not to do this to me. I don't want to make the choice she's forcing on me. But I will. I'll walk away from it all. I almost did it before, but then there was the baby. The baby that doesn't fucking exist. It would be a while before people got over the scandal enough not to make me a bucket of chum in the Indian Ocean.

If ever. And where would I go this time? And for how long until people didn't care? By then I would have lost my career and the girl.

Of course, I've probably lost her already. I tilt my head back up and look her straight in the eye. It was just in time, too. The first fat raindrop splattered over the windshield, followed by a deluge, as the cloud waters broke. I flicked on the wipers, peering ahead at the bright sunshine that shone up the road and shook my head.

Natasha Boyd · OverDrive (Rakuten OverDrive): eBooks, audiobooks and videos for libraries

Nana always used to call this A Monkey's Wedding. I had no idea what that meant, still didn't, but there'd be a heck of a rainbow in a few minutes. I'd have to look out for it. The April showers were incessant this year. A shrill ring emanated over the loud roar of the heavy drops hitting the truck, and I felt around blindly on the seat next to me trying not to take my eyes off the slick road.

You almost here? I tucked the cell under my chin so I could keep two hands on the wheel as the road got trickier to manage. I hate driving in the rain. Did you miss it? I wish you'd let me drive you. But surely you have other stuff to do besides take care of your best friend's baby sister coz he's too freaking busy to come home. This way you can get on with your day after you help me unload this stuff. I'm parked at the service entrance. When you get to the front of the Westin, drive to the left around the building.

I let the phone slide down to my lap and pursed my lips as I squinted through the water-distorted view. It was dumb to make the baby sister reference again. But it was Joey who was supposed to help me drop these pieces off for the exhibit. He was the one who called Colt when he couldn't make it.

Setting me up again. I shouldn't have agreed to go out with Colt when my heart wasn't in it. He was such a nice guy. Well actually, several girls in Savannah would probably disagree with me, but he was nice to me.

Too nice. I was leading him on, and I knew it. Even though I'd told him, repeatedly, I wasn't ready for a serious relationship. But a month ago, I'd capitulated. Well, I had agreed to go out to dinner with him. Like a date. One dinner.

That had turned into a couple of other dinner occasions, taking me for lunch after I went to drop something at the admissions office at SCAD, going to a few movies, kayaking trips on Saturday mornings, and heck ,,, we were basically dating. Or at least special-friending as Mrs. Weaton, my elderly tenant, called it.

I snorted and rolled my eyes. I felt bad. It was exactly why I hadn't asked him to help me out today. The rain finally eased up as I turned off William Hilton Parkway toward Port Royal Plantation and made my way under the canopy of curvy live oaks that lined the main driveway. His dark hair was cropped short, making him look a little like a marine. I nodded. This, for example," I said heaving my load up slightly. He never gave up. And I swear, I swear , he inhaled just a little.

Pulling away, I elbowed him jovially in the ribs. I worked fast, and then checked in with the events coordinator, Allison, before heading back to find Colt. She'd invited me to be a part of this exhibit. Soon I'd be back here on Hilton Head Island for a black-tie cocktail party, with me as one of the star guests.

It seemed totally surreal. And all my sweet friends in Butler Cove were raiding wedding rental companies for formal attire. Who knew what I was going to wear? It sent me into a flat panic every time it crossed my mind, so I tried not to let it.

Now the party was just around the corner, and I was still dress-less. Colt wasn't where I left him, so I headed to the walkway deck then looked over the pool area and followed it toward the restaurant.

I found him leaning on his elbows overlooking the beach and the ocean beyond. We both fell silent watching the shadowed pool area as the sun lowered somewhere behind us. White ribbons flapped haphazardly in the sea air, the remnants of a wedding celebration tied to some wooden chairs near the beach. I had yet to attend a wedding in my adult life, although I remembered going to one when I was nine with my parents in West Virginia.

My mom's high school best friend was getting married. My parents fought for the entire car trip there about something my young mind didn't think to retain. They were stone cold silent for the entire ride home. I was looking forward to seeing some of my friends tie the knot in the years to come, happier occasions they'd be, I was sure. Colt breathed in a loaded breath, bringing me back to the present.

I don't want to sound patronizing, but I'm so proud of you and what you've accomplished. I smiled self-consciously. It's pretty cool, huh? I can't quite get over it, really. I mean, I know this is just a hotel and not a New York Gallery, but this island gets over two million visitors a year, and I think they are promoting the heck out of this exhibition all summer long.

Colt grinned. Automatyczne logowanie Zarejestruj. Zaloguj Anuluj. Natasha Boyd - [Eversea 02] - Forever, Jack epub. Opublikowany Jack Natasha Boyd.