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Adaptive radio resource management for maximizing reward and balancing loads in 4G hybrid universal mobile telecommunications system and long term. Next generation wireless communications and mobile computing/networking Next generation grids and wireless communication networks: towards a novel. Mobile Computing describes the application of small, portable, wireless computing and communication devices, which is used when mobile is changing its.

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PDF | On Apr 24, , Haiyu Huang and others published Advanced Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Technologies for the. Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Special Issue on Convergence of Heterogeneous Wireless Networks for 5G-and-Beyond. Preface 1. Wireless Communications and. Mobile Computing. MAP-I, Doctoral Program in Informatics. Adriano Moreira, Manuel Ricardo, Rui Aguiar.

Distributed scheduling and power allocations schemes are proposed. Friday, 5 July Publication Date: Forgot password? Both digital and analog network codings are considered. Computer Network and Internetworking Layers.

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Table of Contents Alerts. Bo Rong Guest Editors: Friday, 5 April Publication Date: Manzoor Ahmed Khan Guest Editors: Friday, 19 April Publication Date: Dionisis Kandris Guest Editors: Vergados Submission Deadline: Andrea Di Sorbo Guest Editors: Numerical results show that much higher throughput can be achieved using digital network coding or analog network coding and the proposed schemes, compared with optimum time scheduling and power allocations using pure relaying.

Simulations and their analysis are provided to validate the suitability of traffic modeling, reduced dynamic failure probability, and extended network lifetime when the proposed routing protocol is employed.

Simulation results show that Wiener code filter can improve the system performance for the proposed adaptive antennas. In this work, we present a contact duration aware framework to model the content dissemination process in mobile social networks. We discuss the problem of cooperative spectrum sharing among primary users PUs and secondary users SUs. We formulate this as a constrained optimization problem, discuss necessary and sufficient conditions, and propose a new algorithm for joint beamforming and power control.

The proposed algorithm is illustrated with numerical results obtained from simulations, which study its convergence properties and compare it with other similar algorithms. An optimization problem for PA for the given MRS is then solved using the geometric programming method. To reduce the signalling overheads among cells for PA, we accordingly proposed a heuristic and distributed method on the basis of some asymptotic analysis.

Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing— An Open Access Journal

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