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No part of this manual or the described SOFTWARE may be copied, .. It was very important to us that the people who bought T E S:Arena got as much. Why there are two versions of Manual / Player's Guide? One with filename "" seems to be shortened version of the one with filename. Xbox Manual (Includes Game of the Year Edition) · PlayStation 3 Manual ( Includes Game of the Year Edition) · Games for Windows Manual (Includes Game .

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Arena. Player's Guide. The Elder Scrolls. A DIVISION OF MEDIA TECHNOLOGY LIMITED No part of this manual or the described SOFTWARE may be copied. The Elder Scrolls: Arena manual. The Elder Scrolls: Arena; manual; The Elder Scrolls I Arena Manual. Download The Elder Scrolls: Arena Elder Scrolls: Arena, The Manual (pdf):: The Elder Scrolls: Arena is a first-person computer role-playing game, first game in the Elder Scrolls.

F rom here holding down the left mouse button moves you in the same direction as the arrow. Explore as often as possible. During rest you will slowly regain lost hit points. Y ou are now ready to journey Into the world of Arena. Knights Knights are the fighters of the noble class. They area versa- tile character, able to employ their skill at arms in almost any situation.

DAT and your save files. The link is between the slot itself irrespective of the name and the saved game files' extension. DAT isn't important. To export a saved game from Arena, first create a place to put the files. Those files can be bundled any way you like e.

The simplest method by which to import a save-game into Arena is to overwrite a previously created save. This may be accomplished as follows:. Save-game files may also be imported into an empty slot which, while less likely to incur an error, is also more difficult.

DAT file, which can only be modified using a binary editor. For those without a binary editor, or unfamiliar with such, the following program will allow the NAMES. DAT file to be easily modified: The zip-file contains an executable, help file, and the source code in C. Exporting Arena save-games is a little trickier in Windows. First, locate where Arena stores its files. With Bethesda's official release, the default location is C: These files can now be passed along to anybody that would like to enjoy them.

The best way to do this is to copy the saves to an empty slot; see the second paragraph of "Importing Arena Save-Games DOS " above for instructions on how to do this.

Jump to: Retrieved from " https: Personal tools Create account Log in. Requires macOS The game works with an already configured DosBox.

Elder Scrolls: Arena, The Manual (pdf) :: DJ OldGames

In option, you can install translation s. Note that this is the floppy-disk 1. The main page for this software can be found here and for support for it can be found here in a list with other Bethesda games.

The latest official Arena patch 1. To apply, download and unzip into your game directory. A rare slideshow of Arena screenshots which show beta elements, released almost a year before the demo. Text-based save game editor that gives the player 64, Gold. Thieves Q uick, agile, cunning. Thieves use agility and speed to steal for a living.

They are useful In combat to surprise the enemy, scout, or try for criti- cal hits. Thieves have a chance per level of experience to score a critical hit when attacking an opponent. A critical hit Is defined as3x the dam- age the weapon normally does. Thieves are the fastest to rise In experi- ence levels. They start with 25 health points plusadlO In health. Thieves have the ability to pick locks and pockets. This ability Increases as theThlef Increases In levels.

W eapons: Leather only Shield: Buckler only Starting H ealth: They do this better than any other class, honing their skills to be able to find ways Into areas thought Inaccessible. B ecause of the delicate nature of their work, they are restricted In the armor they may wear and the weapons they may carry.

T hey may not use shields. B urglars also receive a chance per level to score a critical strike 3x damage when attacking an opponent, though they are not as adept at this as Thieves. D agger. Short Sword, T anto. Short B ow Armor: Leather only Shields: None Starting H ealth: They are very adept at this, abieto find weak points or criti- cai areas to strike, often feiiing opponents much more powerfui than themseives.

Assassins have the greatest chance per ievei to scoreacriti- cai hit 3x damage when attacking. Becauseoftheir training. Assas- sins havea widevariety of weaponsfrom which to pick, but because of their need for steaith, they are not aiiowed to wear armor greater than ieather or aiiowed to use shieids. Any Armor: Leather oniy Shieid: None Starting H eaith: They havecombined theagiieand cunning of their brethren with theskiii of arms found in warriors.

This makes them formidabieand versatiie. They arecomparabiein combat to the warrior ciass, but stiii retain theabiiity to pick iocks and pockets. Rogues may wear up to chain armor and use any weapon or shieid, with the exception of the Tower Shieid.

Rogues havea siight chance per ievei to criticai strike an opponent 3x damage. Any Leather or Chain oniy Shieid: Any except for Tower.

Starting H eaith: They retain theabiiity to score a criticai hit. They aiso have theabiiity to ieap great distances and ciimb waiis moresecureiy and faster than the average thief.

They are, in generai, thefastest characters on foot. F urther, because of their nimbie- ness. Acrobats deduct a certain percentage from their opponent's base chance to hit when engaged in combat with them. This makes them diffi- cuit foes to hit, and dangerous adversaries. B ecause of their need for agiiity and speed. Acrobats use oniy ieather armor, but never shieids, and havea reasonabieseiection of weapons. They are able to perform many tasks, including but not limited to: T hey are a very versatile class, able to take up slack in almost any situation.

Bards receive an amount equal to their I NT in spell points. They have a wide selection of weapons, may wear armor up to chain, and use any shield except theT ower Shield.

A Bard's critical strike capability is useful when cornered by stronger opponents, though their chance to score is not as great asT hieves and the others in this subclass. Any Leather or Chain only Shield: Any exceptTower Shield Starting H ealth: They are ver- satile and useful in most situations, since there is no question that any prob- lem can be solved with a sword. U niess otherwise specified, W arriorsand their subclasses cannot ever cast spells. The governing statistics for warriors and their subclasses are Strength and E ndurance.

Elder Scrolls: Arena, The download

A high Agility is also desir- able, since this directly affects their Armor Rating. Warriors W arriors are the basic stock of the world of Tamriel. They area versa- tile character, able to employ their skill at arms in almost any situation.

T hey may use any weapon, armor, or shield. W ith the exception of K nights and R angers, W arriors are the only other class able to wear plate armor. This fact is important, for only plate armor is strong enough to be enchanted.

T herefore, only W arriors, K nights and Rangers may wear enchanted armor. W arriors are the second fastest to rise in experience. Thieves being thefastest. At high levels this, along with the use of magical equipment, puts them in equal standing with M ages and their ilk.

Any Shield: Any Starting H ealth: They are well schooled In the ways of chivalry and conduct themselves with honor and dignity. Knights may use any weapon, wear any armor except for leather, and use any shields. I n addition, becauseof a Knight's Innate strength of character, he or she Is Immune to paralyzatlon, whether they by carried by spells or poison.

They also have the ability to repair damaged weapons or armor. This ability Is done automatically to any weapons or armor In their Inventory. Knights and the other W arrior subclasses do not rise In experience as quickly as a Warrior. Not Leather Shields: Rangers may wear any armor up to and Including plate armor, and use any weapon. Rangers because of their skills at tracking and survival automatically decrease their traveling time between cities.

Rangers do extra damage equivalent to their level to their opponents. Any Shields: Any except Tower Starting H ealth: They may wear any armor up to and Including chain, and useany weapon. They may not use shields. Archers have a chance of causing a critical strike upon a target per experience level when using any missile weapon longbow or shortbow.

A critical strike equals 3x the normal damage caused for the weapon used.

Any Leather or Chain only Shields: M onks may not wear armor or use shields, but may use any weapon they prefer. M onks have a chance per level of experi- ence to deliver a critical strike 3x damage when engaged with an oppo- nent. They do not have this ability with missile weapons. F urther, M onks deduct from their opponents base chance to hit for each level of experience they haveattained.

Because of their mental discipline, M onks can actually reducetheamount of damagethey would normally take. Ifthey successfully save versus a spell, itwill resultin no damage, as opposed to the normal result of taking half damage. None Shields: Barbarians may wear armor up to and including Chain, and may use any weapon or shield. Barbarians begin with the most hit points of any character class. Because of their hardy upbringing.

Barbarians have a natural immunity to poison. Barbar- ians, because of their incredible physique, heal additional health points based upon their endurance. UptoChain Shield: T hey are, at high levels, someof the most powerful characters available to play, mainly because of the w ide variety of spells they can employ. W izards and their subclasses usel ntelligenceand W illpower as their governing statistics.

Mages M agesareborn and bred for manipulating magic. They may notwear armor or use shields. They may however use a limited assortment of weapons. They depend upon spells for offensive and defensive power. M ages have 2x their I N T in spell points. Dagger, Staff Armor: None Shield: They are those born with thepotentiai of casting speiis, but with no power to generate speii points internaiiy.

This does not make them any iess powerfui; in fact Sorcerers have thepotentiai to bethe most powerfui of aii theM ageciasses. Thisis because of the unique way in which they manipuiate magic.

Sorcerers are in essence, magicai 'batteries'. They absorb speii points from speiis that are targeted at them. Sorcerers may absorb up to 3x their I NT in speii points. These points are permanent untii used. I f a Sorcerer faiis to absorb a directed speii, they take the normai effects, whatever they may be. Sorcerers do not regenerate speii points and they do not absorb points from their own speiis. R egardiess of these restrictions they have the abiiity to cast more power- fui speiis because when they arefuiiy 'charged', they have more speii points than any other M age ciass.

T hey can therefore cast more power- fui speiis at iower ieveis, provided that the speii is in their speiibook. Sor- cerers have a wide seiection ofweaponsand armor, but cannot use shieids. W ithout a charge of speii points, they wouid quickiy succumb to attacks if they did not practice defending themseives.

Any up to Chain Shieid: Their powers tend to be powerfui in a defensive nature, and weak in an offensive nature. H eaiers have an increased baseheaiing rate.

Certain defensive speii effects in theSpeiimaker are cheaper for a heai- er to purchase. H eaiers have 1. Staff, M ace, F iaii Armor: Any up to Round Starting H eaith: They are highly skilled at delivering offensive spells at their targets. T hey have 1.

C ertain offen- sive spell effects in theSpellmaker are cheaper for a Battle M age to purchase. I n combat, a trained B attle M age has few equals. Any up to Round Starting H ealth: They are war- rior-mages, dedicating their lives to learning not only the arts of war, but the ethereal ways of power.

They may use any weapon, almost any armor, and any shield except for the tower shield. Spellswords, because of their dedication to learning both arts, receive only 1. This is more than made up for by their versatility in combat and their increased starting hit points. Any except for Tower Shield. Starting H ealth: They are much like thieves, creatures of the night, able to use their considerable powers to help them in their nocturnal activities.

I n combat, N ightblades receive a chance per level of scoring a critical hit 3x damage. N ightblades can pick locksabout as well as Rogues. They also receive 1. At certain times when enough experience is gained, you will also gain a level. Gaining a level results in stat increases, health increases, and improved abilities. J ust for a guide, we have included the experience necessary for each level.

F or example, aThief will need ,x 1. Some of these conditions are disease, poison, speii effects, orjustpiain intoxication. The designated coior behind your head wiii give you an idea of your current condition: Background is: Current condition is; Aqua: T his is the defauit condition mode of a heaithy character. The character iscurrentiy under some kind of speii or magicai effect.

T he character is currentiy affected by some sort of poison or aicohoi. Y eiiow: T he character is currentiy affected by some disease. T 0 get the exact condition ciick the snake-staff icon see Keys and Com- mands for a summary of your condition. T empies can usuaiiy assist you with correcting any probiems faced by you as far as these conditions go, but usuaiiy for a price.

On-Screen Buttons There are many options that you can invokewhileexploring the world of T amriel. To the right of your face are two rows of buttons. They represent various actions available to you.

The button, and the action it represents are explained in thefollowing list: M ouse G eneral C ontrols Left clicking while cursor isan arrow will moveyou in thedirection of the arrow. Thefurther thearrow isfrom thecenter of thescreen, thefaster you will move.

Left clicking an object whilethe cursor isan 'X' interacts with it, the interaction depends upon whether you are in 'talk', 'cast', or 'attack' mode, see below Right clicking while left mouse button isdepressed will causeyou tojump. Right clicking an object while cursor isan 'X ' identifies it, if it is not generic.

If your class can use that item Right clicking an item will give you info on it. If that item has any info Y ou can left click the Spell book button. This will give you a list of the spells in your spellbook and their current casting cost. L eft or R ight clicking one of the spellswill bring up its sheet and allow you to see the specifics associated with that spell. You may only cast spelisfromthewalkaround menu, not from the character sheet.

U nequipable items are in red. Equipable items are in tan. Equipped items are in yellow. U nidentified magic items are in cyan. U nidentified equipped magic items will be displayed in bright cyan. F rom here holding down the left mouse button moves you in the same direction as the arrow.

FI olding down the right mouse button and moving the mouse swings your weapon.

Y ou may still jump using the'] ' key. Shift4j will do a standing long jump. Clicking this icon again will sheath your weapon. Sunburst icon- Cast Cast a spell. Left clicking the icon will cause your spellbook to appear. You may pick the spell you wish to cast, and thetarget of that spell.

T 0 save time in recasting the same spell, you can right click the icon again. If you havethespell points, you will cast the last chosen spell again.

Fingers picking gold icon- Steal steal something. W hen this icon is clicked a prompt will come up asking, "T arget? Pick thetarget on the screen. If it is a person, there will bean attempt to pickpocket them. I f it is a barrier, such as a chest or door, an attempt will be made to unlock it. Be careful however, in a city you may attract guards. H and grabbing icon- U se U sesomething. W hen this icon is clicked an inventory of usable magic items will come up. Pick the item you wish to use and then follow any onscreen prompts that may arise, such as'T arget?

Note Only from theBD walk-aroundmenu can you usean item. If you want to usea healing potion, you must use it from here as you will beunableto useit from thecharacter sheet. Snake-staff icon- Player Status Player Status. Clicking this icon will pause thegame and show your current status, and other items such as the date and time of day, or any reputational issues that may affect your status at your current location.

I n your iogbook wiii be information on any quests you have agreed to accompiish, and province iocations of piaces that peopie have inscribed onto your continentai map. This is an easy way for you to keep track of the things you have promised to do.

Becarefui, oniy 16 quests wiii be recorded at a time! The iog- book updates the iist by ciearing out the oidest entry, so at any time oniy 16 entries show. If it is really important, print out the logbook periodically.

See 'Getting quests' for further details. Campfire icon- Camp Camp icon. Left clicking this icon will cause you to rest. D uring rest you will slowly regain lost hit points, spell points, and fatigue. Y ou may camp any- where outside a city's walls. You may not camp inside a city unless you have purchased or snuck into a room in a tavern and are currently inside the tavern where you have that room. The amount you heal per hour of rest is greatly affected by whereyou sleep. The nicer the accommodation ie Left clicking this icon will bring up your automap parchment, upon which will be inscribed all the places you have currently visited.

Pay close atten- tion to this map, it may be the only thing to provide you clues when searching for something. Y ou can make notes on the map by left clicking the map where you wish to place the note and then typing. H it 'E nter' to get back the pen or right click the mouse button.

Y ou can erase notes by clicking the lineyou wish to erase and then hitting the 'ESC' key. Left clicking the compass points on the automap will scroll the map so you can see a larger area. Left clicking the center of the compass will center the map on your location. Asa note, any locations that are marked automati- cally by the automap, ienot by you will beleft of the first character in the sentence.

Therefore an inn that is marked on your automap will be to the left of the first character in its name. Right clicking Map icon: Right clicking the Automap icon will bring up the Continental M ap, from which you can travel to other cities, towns, or villages.

Y ou can travel to another place from anywhere outside in the world of Tamriel. You must exit an interior first to travel to another city. ESC key Setup menu. Thiswill pause the game and bring up an option menu from which you wiii beabietodothefoiiowing: This wiii repiace the current game. H itting the ESC key wiii abort this option. Y ou may save up to 10 games. M ake sure you have the room on your hard drive! Adjust the detaii ievei to minimum to maximize the speed. F or a compiete description see the Character Sheet section.

You wiii use it to define actions or choices whiieexpioring theiand. Asyou iook at the screen, you wiii notice that the mouse cursor can change into one of 10 cursors, either an arrow, a sword, or an 'X W hen the mouse is an arrow and the ieft mouse button is depressed, you wiii waik in the direction designated by that arrow cursor. T he further towards the edge of your screen the arrow gets, the faster you wiii waik.

W hen the arrow is a sword, it is used to pick or ciick icons on the waik around menu. W hen the arrow is an 'X ', whatever is under the'X ' wiii be interacted with, depending upon what modeyou are in. F or further expianations, seeThe'X ' beiow. J umping isaccompiished by ciicking the right mouse button whiietheieft mouse button is being depressed. If you are standing still at the time you will jump straight up.

If you are running you will do a running broad jump. The distance you can jump is determined by your Strength, and the Speed at which you were running. Since characters with a higher Speed rating can run faster, they will also beabletojump farther. TheO ' Placing your 'X'cursoron a monster or door and rightclicking will identify the monster or store. Therefore, placing the cursor on an equipment store's door and right clicking will display the equipment store's name, and will inscribe that name onto your automap for future reference.

While the cursor is an 'X'you can manipulateyour environment; Placing the 'X ' on another person and clicking your left mouse button will allow you to talk to them, pickpocket them, or cast a spell at them, depending upon what modeyour cursor is in. N ormal, Steal, Cast Placing the 'X ' on a locked door or chest and left clicking will display your assessment of the lock, or allow you to try and unlock it, depending upon what mode you are in.

N ormal. Steal Placing the 'X ' on treasure and left clicking will give you a picklist of the treasure available for you to pick up. Consult the previous section on Onscreen buttons to get a detailed descrip- tion of how each is accomplished.

Keyboard Note; Mouse is required for game to operate correctly. Theyear isdispiayed in thefoiiowing manner. TheEra in which you are adventuring is piaced first, after which comes the actuai year in theE ra. T herefore, 3E means, 3rd E ra, th year. E ach E ra iasts for years.

Days E ach week is 7 days, arranged thus: Sun's H eight. Last Seed, H earthfire, F rostfaii. Sun's D usk, and Evening Star. Itison these days that you wiii beabieto find speciai bargains on many different services.

Thefoiiowing isacom- pieteiist of the hoiidays ceiebrated. Smart pianning can ensure your arrivai at a particuiar town in time to take advantage of the festivities: A s you explorethis world you will probably find it necessary to conversewith people in the various cities, towns, and villages. To do so you simply left click a per- son when thecursor isan 'X'. Thiswill enteryou into a conversation. The people of T amriel are honest folk, who although they may not know all the information, will not lie to you.

J ust as a warning, if you have your weapon drawn people will not pause to speak to you, but will instead 'mind their own business'. Y ou must have your weapon sheathed to speak with someone. Y ou will havethefollowing choices: HO Who are you? The person will reply with their occupation or livelihood, whatever that may be.

Where is Y ou can ask where a particular place is by clicking it off of the picklist that appears, or you can click the options near the bottom of the picklist and ask the person for the nearest place, whether that be an inn, temple, or equipment store.

Y ou will have the ability to ask about general rumors, those that have to do with events such as holidays or economic statusof the city you are in, or you can ask about work rumors. W ork rumors basically let you know what latest opportunities exist around town for making a little extra gold. Exit This exits the conversation. G etting Q uests W hen talking to people you may find yourself in the position of getting a quest.

These can range from any number of things, from a simple delivery job, to slaying a creature that has terrorized the town. Sometimes people may even inscribe locations of forgotten crypts or other mystical places onto your conti- nental map. The most important thing to remember in these situations is your Logbook. I n there you will find a concise synopsis of what you have agreed to do. Y ou will also find the location of any placethey may have inscribed onto your map.

F or instance, the person you are talking to may tell you the loca- tion of Fang Lair, but you would haveto search through blow ups of each province until you located the one with a new dungeon icon on it. This is not always an easy task. If you look at your logbook however, on there will be noted the province in which Fang Lair can be found. It Isa simple matter from that point to locate the dungeon itself.

Y our logbook will display up to 16 quests at a time. When you receive your your 17th quest, and every quest thereafter, the logbook will replacetheoldest entry with this new one. It is highly recommended that if you wish to saveyour log entries, you periodical- ly print out the logbook for later use. See 1 ogbook' for further details.

FI ere you can be healed, curses can be lifted, and diseases can be cured. T emples also offer blessings for those about to enter the wilderness or dungeons. Keep in mind that prices will vary from city to city and province to province.

T here are important main services a T emple provides: For a smaii fee based upon the damage to the victim, a character can be heaied of aii injury sustained, whether they arrived at their dire state through magicai or mundane combat. C uring characters that have been unfortunate enough to suffer any num- ber of dangerous maiadies that can affect an adventurer.

Tempieswiii cure any maiady inciuding poisoning, disease, and curses. Thecostwiii depend upon the victim's ievei and damage. Blessing characters on any action performed within the next twenty-four hours. This can be especiaiiy usefui to the person that needs just that iittie extra iuck against a stronger or tougher adversary, or just to even the odds.

Biessing can make the difference between finishing a quest success- fuiiy, or not exiting at aii. The cost is dependent upon how much is donat- ed to thetempiein question.

As with aii piaces, tempies may show partiaii- ty to those from its own province. T he G uiid offers speiis that can be inscribed into your speiibook.

The Elder Scrolls: Arena manual

They aiso offer potions and enchanted itemstowouid-be adventurers. The strength of these potions or items, or the seiection speiis that can be bought, depend upon the ievei of the mage in charge of the particuiar guiid you are visiting. T here are many needs that the M ages Guiid serves: T he Speiimaker aiiows those who are interested and have the abiiity, to createspeiisfortheirspeiibook.

Thecostof each speii is based upon its power. Speiis that are bought are automaticaiiy inscribed into your speii- book. See 'The Speiimaker' for moredetaiied information. TheM ages G uiid wiii inscribe pre-made speiis into your speiibook, seii you potions, or seii you magicaiiy enchanted items. Buying Spells is the basis for how you increase yourformidabiiity. The seiection of speiis wiii depend upon the ievei of the mage in charge of the particuiar guiid.

W hen the speii option is picked, a pickiist wiii appear with thespeiisavaiiabiefor saie. Picking a particuiar speii wiii dispiay that speii on a scroii, aiong with its effects.

Ciicking 'Choose Another Spell' wiii exit back to the pick iist. Ciicking 'Buy Spell' in this menu wiii purchase thecurrentspeii being dispiayed. It is probably a good idea to jot down the city location of a guild with a large selection, since this indicates that the mage working there is an Adept, a particularly rare and difficult level of experience to attain. Buying potions to supplement your magic. Potions are a convenient way to heal yourself when you're out of spellpoints, gain certain special abilities, or cure yourself when stricken with a poison or disease.

The G uildmaster will give you his list of available potions and their prices. Curative potions are most effective when taken as soon as you are hurt. D elaying its use only strengthens whatever ails you.

Arena pdf scrolls elder manual

The potion will eventually become useless against whatever ails you. Pay attention to the calendar, on certain days things can befound at half price. Buying magically enchanted items can make the difference between returning from a monster's lair, arms laden with treasure, or not return- ing atall. Aswith potionson certain holidays theM ages Guilds across the land have sales.

Pay attention to the calendar and you may be able to pick up that E bony R ing of L ightning you've always wanted at a special bargain rate. D etecting M agic on an item that is in your possession. I f he or she is successful, thenameof the item will change to reflect its properties. Identi- fying items is useful if you wish to know exactly what condition your item is in. The Taverns and Inns T averns are the homes of all weary travelers who wish to sleep a safe night under a roof.

At a tavern or inn you may sleep, get a drink, or just sit and lis- ten to rumors. It is said that someof the greatest adventures started in the back of a smoke filled pub, as tales were woven to the delight of the people.

There are three things that a tavern or inn can assistyou with: Gettinga D rink to ease a parched throat. The ale and beer will flow freely, as long as there's coin to pay. Be careful though, too much can adversely affect your abilities!

Gettinga Room so that you can relax and recuperate. Sleep istheonly non-magical meansof healing injuries. By renting a room, you will assure yourself of at least one safe haven in an unfamiliar city. Y ou may only camp within a tavern in which you have rented a room. Like much in the world ofTam- riel, room prices can be negotiated. HearingRumors about theworld ofTamriel. Rumors can aid you in com- pleting quests, getting clues to legendary locations, or even solving certain puzzles.

If there is something in particular you wish to know about, the best way is to ask about it. Svcf It is essential that you outfit your characters with the best that money can buy. Adventurers have learned through trial, and costly error, that there is a simple maxim to follow when buying equipment, 'Y ou get what you pay for. There a re 3 things you can do at an equipment store; Buy weapons and armor for yourself. U sually, the more expensive an item is, the better it is at whatever it does.

With weapons this means that a more expensive weapon will usually do moredamage, last longer, or be of better quality. W ith armor this means that more expensive armor is usual- ly better protection, will last longer, or beof a higher quality. This means that any class who cannot wear plate armor cannot take advantage of enchanted armor. Sell weapons and armor you don't need anymore. Blacksmiths who are adept at their field will appraise the item and determine its general value.

An offer will then be made. It is up to your negotiation skills to arrive at a priceyou can both agree upon. Repair items that have become damaged or broken. W ith skillful negotiating, you can shorten the time, or reduce thecost. U sually, affecting onewill have the opposite effect on theother, therefore shortening thetimewill raise thecost, or reducing thecost will lengthen thetime.

Keep in mind when you might need thechosen piece of equipment and you should fare well. N ote: Y ou can check the condition of any weapon or armor in your inventory by right ciicking it.

You wiii get a brief summary of your weapon or armor's capabiiities and current condition.

Arena pdf manual scrolls elder

HU Armor Pieces Y our body is protected by various pieces of armor you can find at an equipment store. They can beciassified in thefoiiowing manner: H ere is a iist of the equipment and its affects on your AR. N ote, because of the sheer voiume of magicai items avaiiabie, this iist isnotcompiete. It is given as a guideline when buying armor or other items. T he lower your Armor Rating, thebetter protected you are Metal Types: T hese modifiers are: Therefore normal plate gauntlets will reduce theAR on your hands by 9.

I n comparison, E bony gauntlets will reduce theAR of your hands by 14, using the same example it would make them an AR of Shields The use of shields can improve your armor rating in specific areas. The fol- lowing chart outlines the bonuses and areas protected. Keep in mind that shields requireone hand to befree, limiting your weapon selection. Each of these areas are ruled by K ings, Q ueens, L ords, etc. The Palace is a place where you may journey in order to meet the ruler of a particular region.

T hey may have certain things to offer, such as valuable clues for some lost artifact, or a quest by which you can increase your coffers. Palaces also offer a place where the ruler of a particular region can enlist peo- pleto help with a particular problem, such as delivering an ultimatum to a neighboring Town or Village. Such people are usually rewarded well for their time. Sometimes these 'errands' can be quite dangerous, such as slaying a monster that has terrorized the region.

I n those cases it is well to remember thatthereward will usually match thedanger. F inally. Palaces can be a good place to hear rumors.

If for some reason you find that you need some information, someone at the Palace may havewhatyou need. You will beableto explore thesurrounding area. M any interesting and dangerous places can befound in including crypts, temples, and dungeons. Therearealso friendlier places such aswaysideinns and quaint farmsteads. It all depends upon what region you are currently exploring. See'TheW ilderness' for moredetails. Y ou may encounter some of these people in your journeys: T hey are people just like you, with their own aims and goals.

At times you may find yourself pitted against them, at others times they may be your staunchest allies. It is impor- tant to remember that these various Guilds usually work for their own bene- fit. They can greatly aid those who help them, and can bring great pressure to bear upon those who oppose them. H ere is a brief description of some of the G uilds that work throughout the known world: They are known to organize and govern any who wish to 'work' in a particular city. Those who pay their monthly tithefind certain perks when faced with theauthorities.

Those who do not find that theThievesG uild can be a dangerous adversary. MagesGuild TheM ages G uild is the center of magical study for all those of spell casting potential. They perform many services to thosewho havethe money to pay including, selling potions, selling magical items, helping mages create spells, and selling spells for spellbooks.

T hey are a power- ful force in the world of T amriel, often searching for lost artifacts or treasures. It is said by some that the M ages Guilds have many secrets, including the location of some legendary places.

They are sworn to uphold the tenements of Chaos. They are vicious foes to thosewho would follow the roads of Law, often patrolling outer paths and byways for unwary travelers.

It is said that the Brotherhood does not associate with any other group, contesting that even the N ecromancers are not true to word of the D ark G od. T hey instead work towards what they call a pure form of Chaos.

F ew have faced them and escaped with their souls intact. The B iades approach whomever they wish for membership. N one know exactiy what their uitimategoaisare, for they have been seen on both sides of the iaw, sometimes heiping those in need, other times attacking caravans or weaithy merchants. Aii that is known is that they are dead- iy in combat, trained by speciai sword masters to a point where their thought and reaction are one.

The Necromancers TheN ecromancersarea guiid that works in the shadows of iife, steaiing bodies for purposes known oniy tothem. They deai and consortwith the undead reguiariy, and are staunch foes of the M ages Guiid.

They are accompiished speiicasters, often questing for magicai artifacts and other sources of knowiedge. It is said that when facing theN ecro- mancers, one need fear w hat comes after death more than death itself.

Although they do not represent the best of what is out there, their sheer numbers make up for any deficiency in skill. The ThievesG uild will attack any membersof the W harf Rats it finds, con- sidering them an infringement upon their turf. T hey prey upon the weak, elderly, or rich traveler, stealing from them anything of value. Some say he is actually a very old and powerful Lich, others that he is an Arch mage whose very being has been somehow transformed by his use of magic.

It is agreed however that he is a force to be reck- oned with in the world of Tamriel, sending his undead soldiers on errands whose goals only he knows is privy to.

SJaCic an The world ofT amriel isa vast and wonderful place to explore. There are numerous dungeons, crypts, temples, houses, and other exciting areas In which you can try and makeyour fame and fortune. This Includes magic, combat, fighting In the world of Arena, or taking on quests. Still, there should be an explanation on at least one of the many activities you may choose to Involve yourself In, Thieving. F or a thief, nothing Is better than getting something for free.

Y ou will have the opportunity to steal Items of value, break Into houses, loot stores, whatev- er your heart desires. Still, It Is Important that the consequences of such actions are outlined, so that you enter this way of life with an understanding of what you're In for.

T 0 pilfer something, click the Icon with fingers plucking at gold. You will be prompted to pick a target to pilfer. Left-click whatever you wish while the cursor Is an 'X '. If It Isa person an attempt will be made to pick that person's pocket. If you click a door or chest, an attempt will be made to unlock It.

Y our chances depend upon your level and your class. N aturally. Thieves and Thief subclasses have the best chance. You can right click the mouse to abort the steal option and return to normal Interaction mode. Although T hleves and their subclasses are most adept at stealing, any character class has a basic chance to succeed In this area. If they spot you, remember. Its you or them. They will try and kill you on the spot. As we said, they take a very dim view of thieves In their city.

Except for the fact that the toughest guards are found In City-States, there really Is no difference If you are caught In a village, town, or City-State. The punish- ment Is the same. There Is one consolation. Facing the City Guard does not always mean Instant death. If you aretough and resourceful, you can beat them and then hightail Itto a safer area. J ust as their tempers are short, so are their memories.

Cities are very unforgiving of those who would break the law. Act carefully and you can make a quick killing In cash; act stupid and the onlookers will agree that It was a quick killing. Y ou can also break into places without trying to pick the lock.

T ake out your weapon and bash away. If you can damage the door or chest enough, it will open. Y ou may also break your weapon if the door is too strong. Still, it might be better than having to turn back because you don't happen to have thekey. Becareful with chests, or you might damage thecontents of whatev- er was inside. T her e a re three ty pes of G ua rds; Guards: Thenormal heavy grunt.

Good at killing, chopping, dismembering, stomping, drinking, etc. A little faster and stronger than normal G uards. Bet- ter at all the things listed above. F aster still than Sergeants. Captains usually work in the Palace or in important areas of the C ity. V ery good at parting you from your life. Some commonly asked questions by would-be thieves and other interested parties: W hat happens if you are fighting guards and happen to get beat, and go down fighting?

Y ou'redead When you interact with them, it is important to remember this. Store owners look to make a profit, M agesG uild acolytes try and earn money for their guild, even innkeepers need to turn a profit in order to keep their inns and taverns open. F or this reason it is possibleto barter with them. N o priceisfinal, unless of course the person you're negotiating with says so.

Steps to bartering or negotiating: All you need remember is that usually when you buy an item, or contract a service, you will have the opportunity to barter for a reasonable price for that item or service. Simply respond to the on-screen prompts to negotiate for something. T he outcome is based upon your personality, and the store owner's or guild member's intelligence. Of course, you can choose to not barter and accept the first price offered. I twill save you time, but may cost you more.

Thankfully you do not have to walk the entire distance! J ust a note of interest, walking between cities at the normal game time pace can take anywhere from hours of real time! That's why we have incorporated the fast travel option in the Continental M ap. The Continental Map The ability to travel from city to city can be accessed from the Continental M ap by right clicking theAutomap icon.

The province you arecurrently in will have a yellow highlighted name. Y ou must pick a province to examine before you may travel. T o select a province, simply click it on the C ontinen- tal M ap.

I f you currently are in this province, your location here will be marked by a yellow outline of the particular city, town, or village you are at. F rom this map you can find out information about a particular place by clicking it. W hen you do so you will be shown such things as the name and type of the location you wish to travel to, estimated date of arrival, and other useful information about your choice. The last location you have picked will flash with a red outline.

F rom this prompt screen you will have three choices, 1 T ravel, 2 Search, or 3 E xit. This option is controlled by the icon that looks like a horse. It will start you on your journey to the selected location. This option is controlled by the icon that looks like a sextant. If you do not, you can choose from the list of cities, towns, and villages in the province. It will then find the city, outline it in red, and show you information on that place.

This option will exit back to the continental map. Y ou can choose to enter the wilderness by going to the City Gate and clicking it. Be warned however, the wilderness is a place of beauty and peril. W hile I mperial C ity-States and other demesnes sit safe behind high walls, vagabonds, ruffians, even monsters roam the wild countryside.

Those who choose to explore it do so at their own risk. Still, the rewards of finding an abandoned crypt, or a forgotten temple, can outweigh the inherent dangers. These places can be a haven to the weary or sick.