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Last Battle of the Icemark How to print the digital edition of Books for Keeps: click on this PDF file link - click on the printer icon in the top right of the screen to . The Last Battle of the Icemark book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. With her murderous daughter, Medea, banished to the. Allied with Cronus, the embodiment of all evil, Medea has raised an army of the undead to invade her family's kingdom. Now in paperback, the thrilling.

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With her murderous daughter, Medea, banished to the spirit world, Queen Thirrin's tiny kingdom of Icemark has enjoyed a time of peace. But her consort, Oskan. Last Battle of the Icemark is the Third and presumably final book in the Icemark Chronicles by Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Icemark Chronicles: Blade of Fire. Fantasy. J F Hill, S. Hill, Stuart. Icemark Chronicles: Last Battle of the Icemark. Fantasy. J F Kingsmit King-Smith, Dick.

Phantom Stallion: It is fast-paced and I have grown to love these characters quite a lot. But as this book even said, he was the Lindenshield most in touch with his emotions, so I feel like he would feel guilt for her doing these bad things because of him and empathy for her or SOMETHING and somehow try to make amends. What will be the outcome, and who will die? Jan 14, Caitlin rated it it was amazing.

Sharley wasn't a warrior because of his injury, and he had to come to terms with this. He wasn't thrust into a position of leadership, but instead had to find his own place in the world and forge it for himself. Both books told two very different, very excellent stories that both managed to thoughtfully and mostly realistically deal with themes of war, responsibility, family, etc.

Of battle icemark pdf the last

So, after all these years I finally got around to reading the finale to see how ends the story. I was beyond ecstatic to visit my old friends and return to the Icemark. Unfortunately, I found this concluding novel to be rather underwhelming and disappointing, especially after the epicness of the first two.

First, let's talk about the antagonists of this third book. In the first and second book, we had Scipio Bellorum and to a lesser degree, his sons. And, if you count her, Medea. He made for an excellent antagonist, because he was effective, dangerous, intelligent, and just cool in that smooth military general type of way.

This third book, on the other hand, has three main antagonists instead of one and only one book in which to deal with them all, which is something that can be done well, I'm sure. Unfortunately, this book didn't really establish any of them well, which is hilariously paradoxical considering how much of the book is actually dedicated to them. I think this is because I didn't really care for any of them.

And I don't just mean that I didn't like them as people. I'm usually not supposed to like antagonists as people because they are either warped in such a way as to be despicable individuals or they simply oppose the protagonist I love and am rooting for.

Icemark pdf of the last battle

But in Last Battle of the Icemark, I didn't like them as antagonists. None of them worked for me, and I will explain why. The first of our disappointing Antagonists Three is Medea, who is my least favorite by far. Unfortunately for everybody, me included, she didn't die in the second book. She was my least favorite part of that one too, but there she felt very minor and secondary, so it was easier to shrug off my annoyance and focus on the parts I actually enjoyed.

Book three, however, is very Medea-heavy. My problem with her is that I never really identified or sympathized with her at all.

She is a pouty, evil brat, but I never really understood why she is that way. She claims it is because Sharley was her parents' favorite and she was ignored, but I never really SAW any of that happening. I mean, early in the second book when war was looming, Sharley was the only one to be sent away for his own safety, but their parents' reasoning could arguably be that was because he was the youngest, wasn't a warrior, and was physically crippled on top of all that.

It made sense that he should be sent away; at that point in the story, he was in need of the most protecting. If that was an instance of favoritism, it was one so subtle it had to have been unintentional on the part of Thirrin and Oskan. And that is literally the only instance that could even maybe be seen as favoritism; other than that one vague instance, there is absolutely no evidence that any favoritism is happening whatsoever.

If there was any case of actual blatant favoritism, it happened entirely off-page or before we came in at book two. So I guess I just don't buy into her complaints because I never felt it happening and have only her word to go on that it exists at all.

And I know this favoritism-turned-me-evil thing can be done well. Look at Stephen King's Eyes of the Dragon. I felt that favoritism and actually SAW it in play. Peter would be like "Hi, Dad.

God, I love you! Let's hang out today! I love you so much that I made you a present! Hi, Thomas. That's nice, I guess. So, Peter…" God, I felt Thomas' pain and understood completely when he then made some morally questionable decisions. But with Medea, I never felt it. Not once. So I can't sympathize with why she is being an evil bitch, because her reasoning is essentially nonexistent. So this makes all of her actions, her entire storyline in both the second book and this one, seem like an extended whiney, melodramatic teenage "My-life-is-so-unfair!

Which, again, wasn't as critical a problem in the second book because her role in the story was relatively minor and on the sidelines. She was the POV of essentially every other chapter, and it got to the point where I would literally groan every time I saw a chapter began with "Medea…" Which means that half of the book was extremely unenjoyable simply because I was forced to read about her ridiculous storyline.

If you want her to return as a villain, fine, but there is really no point in making her an active POV character, especially when only a cursory effort has been given to make her sympathetic, likeable, or even believable.

Her half of the book was just ridiculous, boring, annoying, and pointless, and I really wish it wouldn't have been included. On to our next antagonist: Cronus and his whole supernatural storyline. He was certainly more of a threat than Medea, whose tactical brilliance essentially consisted of failed plots, empty threats, and tantrums, and he wasn't as annoying, I guess, in the way a rock isn't as annoying as a screeching air-horn, but he was also rather boring.

He just felt like The Big Bad, you know? He was essentially the Devil of this world: He rebelled against the Goddess, creator of all, failed, and was cast out of that world's version of Heaven.

Now he is plotting his revenge on a massive scale, not only to take out the Goddess, but to destroy the physical world as well. That storyline actually has the potential to be somewhat interesting, but my brief summary is basically all the detail we get.

He wasn't The Big Bad in a particularly new or unique way, he just WAS, which made him seem like an empty trope instead of a full-fledged character. Almost every word he said was some form of melodramatic "taking-over-the-world!

It was always just some variation of: They will join with me! Soon my vengeance will be complete! Towards the end, it got to the point where it was actually kind of funny, and I don't think it was supposed to be. So as an antagonist, he was just rather dull. Erinor was definitely my favorite of The Antagonists Three. She was clearly psychotic but in a way that was fascinating and fun to read about, and she definitely posed a threat.

However , her general awesomeness was completely undermined by Cronus' supernatural storyline. Cronus completely used her as a pawn in his own scheme by controlling her, and I don't mean he used subtle influencing or gentle nudges. He full on hopped in her head and took control of her thoughts and, sometimes, of her body.

Last Battle of the Icemark

But even worse, it is stated that he did the same thing with Scipio Bellorum. That he, Cronus, was responsible for the other wars with the Icemark. Um, NO! I'm not on board with that. I am honestly pretending like that isn't even canon. That didn't happen. I just don't understand. All those storylines, Bellorum's and Erinor's, were strong enough by themselves that they didn't need a lame supernatural explanation.

But he is and I don't, so I don't appreciate the more interesting storylines and the beloved storylines being forced in with his. Then we could have had an awesome story about the Polypontian Empire breaking down, Erinor and all her awesome craziness invading, and the Icemark having to form an uneasy alliance with their hated enemies to save both their nations.

That is a strong enough story on its own that it could have carried the whole book and felt more like an Icemark story in doing so. Then we could even have had time to explore a lot of things that were skimmed over or hastily done. Like, Cressida and Leonidas' romance. It's okay as is, but it doesn't feel organic in the slightest. I liked how Cressida approached wooing him in a tactical way, but I don't feel like she would be one to moon over anybody, especially someone she had never met.

If they had met and she grew to respect and love him for his battle prowess during the war, it would have felt a lot more believable than the random forced pairing we received. Or how there are actually only a few battle scenes in this entire war. Why do we only get two hasty battles? Because we have spent too much time focusing on Medea and Cronus and their tedious plans for boring world-domination, so we have to hurry through the actual cool bits so the book doesn't get too long.

Speaking of hurrying through: The pacing was really off in this one. We spend a ridiculous amount of time slowly establishing these antagonists and the threat they pose even though they all fell flat anyway , but then each conflict is resolved in the most rushed manner possible.

As I said with Erinor, she is built up to be this HUGE thing, but then we only get two hurried battles before she herself is insta-killed. We spent even MORE time establishing Cronus and Medea as a threat, and then they and their army are whipped out by some of the most rushed deus-ex-machina storytelling I have ever seen. There were actually some cool skirmishes between their army and the vampires, but the way they are actually BEATEN is lame.

First of all, the last battle of the Icemark against the Ice Demons was vague and poorly explained, especially by Stuart Hill standards.

He is usually awesome at describing battle tactics and which parts of the army are doing what and where, but besides the second battle against Erinor, they all felt very hasty in this third book. But this last battle especially felt like "Both sides were fighting hard, and, uh, losses heavy.

Yada yada. Ghost army comes in and decimates Ice Demons. This ghost army just comes out of nowhere and saves the effing day. It wasn't pre-established ghosts could do this and there was no foreshadowing or build-up to this plot element AT ALL.

I literally had to do a double-take while reading, because I was like, "Did that just say 'ghost army'?

What ghosts? How did they do that?! WHY did they do that?! Then Medea and Cronus are just blipped off the map by a magical loop-hole given to Oskan at the beginning. Which isn't terrible in and of itself, but their battle also felt forced and rushed like the author just wanted to hurry to the end.

The ending of essentially EVERY conflict and storyline just had this rushed feel about it that was hugely disappointing and unworthy of the Icemark Chronicles. The last chapter, in particular, was the most rushed summing-up-of-events chapter I have ever read, which is particularly damning considering this is the end of the trilogy and this last chapter is supposed to satisfyingly bring all the different characters to the end of their stories. But, again, this last chapter had that "Um. He went here.

They went there. They died. They got married. I don't want a hurried summary of what became of them; I want to linger a moment to say my farewells, but I never really felt like I got a good chance to do that, which is what the last part of the last book should be about. I feel there is a lot left unsaid between us, and I'm sorry we were forced to part on such terms.

This heavy focus on antagonists I don't care about also means that the main cast of characters I do love didn't have as much page time. Like, it makes me really angry that Sharley's entire storyline felt like a complete afterthought in this book. The only significant thing he was given to do was wander around the Plains of Desolation, which was a very weak storyline because all Sharley and Co. That's it. The only real thing of import that happens is that they meet the Vampire King and learn about the whole "vampire soul" thing, which later becomes significant for the Vampire Queen's storyline.

But I feel like that could have been introduced in another way, maybe in such a way that would also explain how freaking ghosts can appear in this world out of nowhere, thus not making the end quite so random. Like, it was said that the space between those worlds is thinnest on Halloween, which was how Sharley and Co. And besides this whole useless Plains of Desolation storyline, Sharley didn't have anything of import to do.

I would be reading and suddenly think, "Wait. Where the hell is Sharley? Like suddenly he would be with Cressida's cavalry or suddenly he would be somewhere else just kinda tacked on. Which isn't okay.

The second book was essentially Sharley's story. He was never like Eodred, where he always just kinda existed in the background which is another shame, these last two books really could have used more Eodred ; Sharley was an important primary character! The one significant thing he is given to do is useless tacked-on fluff, and after that he is just sorta passed around between different groups or mentioned like a complete afterthought.

And I'm very upset that there is never a confrontation between him and Medea. I mean, she was the one who trapped him on the Plains of Desolation, but after he is saved, she largely forgets about him. When Sharley himself is finally told that Medea suppossedly turned evil because she was jealous of him, he just kinda shrugs it away. But as this book even said, he was the Lindenshield most in touch with his emotions, so I feel like he would feel guilt for her doing these bad things because of him and empathy for her or SOMETHING and somehow try to make amends.

That is what I feel like the Sharley I fell in love with would do. NOT shrug and never think about it again. Hell, that would even have given him something meaningful to do: He finds out about his sister's feelings and tries to rectify the situation. Whether he succeedes in bringing her back into the fold or is forced to take her down, that would still give both Sharley and Medea a more satisfying story than what they actually received.

I'm just very disappointed that the character I fell in love with in the second book is treated like little better than an unimportant side character in this one. And, of course, this problem also means that we just generally don't get as much time with Thirrin and everybody else I love in this one.

Don't get me wrong, this book isn't bad. All the things I love about it are still there. The battle sequences when we actually get them are still exciting and mostly well described. The war still feels like an actual war, with all the blood and death and consequences that entails. And, most importantly, I still love all of these main characters, which can carry me a long way to overlooking a book's other faults.

Loving the Lindenshields and the allies of the Icemark is probably the only saving grace of this book. Had this book been about other, less likeable characters, it would have been a piece of crap. But as it is, it was still somewhat enjoyable because I genuinely cared about the people who populated this world.

It was just disappointing and underwhelming that it didn't live up to the promise of the first two books and that it was a forced, hasty goodbye to beloved characters. Definitely worth a read if you have traveled this far into the Icemark, but be prepared for some disappointment in doing so.

I just finished this book for the second time, and I loved it!! Even if it was 3 years ago Who really does care? I'm just trying to get the plot across, not the fine points of pronouncing these names or describing their origin and meaning.

Of pdf the last battle icemark

Anyway, not only that but there is a threat to the south of people Hypolitian that was spelled really bad So, Therrin and Oskan have to decide what to do when faced with impossible decisions with everything at risk.

Because Medea is not alone. The most evil of all Adepts in growing in strength, and is almost ready to invade the Physical Realm yes, it's supposed to be capitalized and declare war on the Goddess. What will they be willing to sacrifice to defend their people and kingdom, when it might come to allying with the very people they've been taught to hate and fought against? Not only that, but is it possible for love to survive and flourish, as well as begin in this war torn place?

I've noticed that a common theme in all a common theme in all three books is that Therrin and Oskan allways seem to be faced with 1 war It's like all the books are focused on a different war, one after another. Give an economy to replenish itself before plunging it back into war again!

Read/Download Last Battle of the Icemark : Chroni

True, it makes for a better excitement and action scene, but it's predictable. In this book, it was Medea and Cronus Vs. Oskan Witchfather. They're all related and two of them are dark, but one of them kind of just wants to be accepted and loved I won't tell you who incase you haven't read the book but it's not that hard to figure out In the first book, there was less, but I do believe that King something-that-starts-with-an-R-who-was-Therrin's-dad was murdered Anyway, if you've made it this far, I commend you for what it's worth and hope that you don't feel like you've wasted your time.

Though I'd be lying if I told you you hadn't wasted at least five minutes reading this and continuing to read this nonsense that I don't even know why I, myself am writing. Maybe it's just because I'm procrastinating Anyways, I've got stuff to do, stuff that I really should be doing instead of writing these worthless words, and so I'm going to do them now. So you to, yes you, the reader, you should probably go find something to do besides sitting there and doing nothing like I am.

No offense or anything, I just thought that maybe there was something that you should be doing and were procrastinating, like me. But I still am, so if you want, have a little more procrastination! Have a wonderful life! Unless it's opposite day, then have well, the opposite of wonderful, and happy, and amazing, and, well, whatever things you want the opposite of but make sure it's really opposite day or else you just might find those ugly things sitting at your doorstep.

Now you see why I'm a writer! Usually it's better than useless chatter that no one's going to see anyways About thirty minutes so don't bring me down or rain on my parade! It's a free country at least where I am it's a free country Anyways, this is goodbye for real and I only had 14, characters that I could have spent wasting your time, but I have decided that enough is enough and I really need to do those things that I was going to do Oct 26, Treylon N.

Sometimes the infidel is beyond help, eh, Mekhmet? Sometimes people never change and certainly not in the third book of The Icemark Chronicles. We're back in Icemark as a new and more horrible threats are frightening the country. Now Thirrn, Queen of Icemark must lead her people against a more powerful enemy, Erinor and her uncounta "That's enormously kind of you, but I'm afraid I'm just an old reprobate who expects his drink to make his head spin when he's had too much.

Now Thirrn, Queen of Icemark must lead her people against a more powerful enemy, Erinor and her uncountable hordes. Meanwhile, The Vampires are the only one who have caught on to a more spiritual threat to Icemark and must battle for every inch. Will Icemark finally fall against all these new threats? As the ever present allies of the North continue to stand with them, the Giant talking Snow Leopards will be there to present their strength in the north.

View 1 comment. Mar 25, Eric Bertone rated it it was amazing. It has been a while since I finished the previous two of the series.

I always found them slow to start, except for maybe the first one, and this was much the same. But Hill has always done an astounding job creating an nerve wracking and exciting ending. When a book can move me to emotions whether nervousness, sadness, or make me laugh out loud, it has thoroughly met my approval. I am sad that the series is now over, but it was a great read, and best for me was the good ending that I would do ve It has been a while since I finished the previous two of the series.

I am sad that the series is now over, but it was a great read, and best for me was the good ending that I would do very little to change. Jul 16, Raghav rated it liked it.

I think that Stuart Hill wrote this one in a hurry as if he just wanted to finish the series. Compared to the first 2, a bit of a disappointment. Still, the book had some good parts and the vivid imagination of the author is still great.

Aug 13, Nazmira rated it did not like it. I'd live to give this book 5 stars but it sucked… Poor Medea and still no dialogue between her and her mother you'd think her mother never loved her at all poor kid. Jan 14, Caitlin rated it it was amazing. Feb 06, Donny Zhu rated it really liked it.

Great book, not as great as the second I do feel overall but at the end, it was quite emotional. Great book, not as good as the second book overall, it end was emotional. Aug 24, Emma rated it liked it. I really liked the start of the book, but then I started reading two other books, and my interest in this book died. I simply wasn't interested anymore after I got to page May 25, Sophie Cox rated it really liked it Shelves: I enjoyed this book a lot.

It was a perfect end to the series. The characters got good character development, there was a lot more plot to this one, and everything was wrapped up nicely.

It was a bittersweet ending, which I had a feeling that was coming, though I think that it was the best way to end the series. It is fast-paced and I have grown to love these cha I enjoyed this book a lot. It is fast-paced and I have grown to love these characters quite a lot. Jan 07, Sue rated it really liked it Recommends it for: This series was amazing and Last Battle of the Icemark was a great finale!

Hill created a cast of characters that I just didn't want to say goodbye to. When I started reading the final installment, I was worried what Hill would do to the characters. I expected him to kill most of them off and leave Cressida as queen.

Read/Download Last Battle of the Icemark : Chroni

I was happy to be wrong! There were a couple of scares and I was distraught as I read about Thirrin, Tharaman, and Krisafitsa supposedly being blown to bits. But thankfully Hill rectified the situation.

However, we then had to read about Oskan's death and I was skeptical that he was in fact dead. As it became clear that he was I became teary-eyed, especially when reading about Thirrin's apparent sadness and mourning. I liked that Hill gave us the happy ending even to this situation with the promise that they will be together but I was hoping and truth be told also expecting the book to skip ahead in the future when Thirrin was silver-haired alright, so that would be a little too predictable and we would get to read about their reuion.

But I'll gladly take what I can and will settle for just knowing that eventually it will happen. I will say that I didn't really see Thirrin and Oskan being that close and in love. They always seemed to be doing their own thing and hardly any affection, not to mention Oskan would get highly irritated with her and periodically she would be terrified of him. I sort of got the feeling she just got on his nerves a lot. So I was pleasantly surprised to see his reaction to the thought that Thirrin had died.

I was glad to see that Hill didn't end up redeeming Medea in the end. I thought because of her feelings towards her father she would eventually seek forgiveness and be restored as Thirrin's and Oskan's daughter.

There were so many characters in this series and Hill was able to make me feel like I knew each one of them. Overall, I'm completely satisfied to the point of elation over the ending. He gave us a happy ending but still kept it realistic with the loss that war brings.

This is one author that I will definately be keeping my eye on in the future! Fabulous job, Mr. May 13, Marissa rated it it was ok. Okay, so I'm not exactly done reading the book yet, but I need to write the review now so that I can get it back to the owner by tomorrow morning.

Trust me, I will have it finished by then! So far, this book has been a pretty good read. The beginning is really slow, but once you get to the battle scene it picks up pretty fast.

I'm pretty sure the ending will be awesome once I get to it. Here were some of my favorite quotes: The place has this habit of changing the rules and pulling the rug from under your feet It's just that you mentioned pulling a rug from somewhere and I just wondered if perhaps Odd expression But little girls still love their daddies even when they realize they're just human; perhaps those faults even make little girls love them more.

Prepare to die, bat thing! You could sit her in a cesspit and cover her in dung, and she'd still have more regality than an entire roomful of emperors! Kat rated it it was amazing Jun 30, Dec 04, Rhys rated it it was amazing. This review was originally posted on ThirstforFiction. The Last Battle of the Icemark is set a few years after the happenings of Blade of Fire; Sharley is now 16ish, and both Oskan and Thirrin are getting into their late forties.

In terms of story, however, The Last Battle is quite different. Rather than just being your simple sword and shield battles, The Last Battle now displays the more… elemental and magical side of the imaginary world. Hill has created a plausible magical element, and The Last Battle of the Icemark really fleshes this side of their world out. The Last Battle of the Icemark reintroduces us to nigh on all the main characters a vast number, it must be said!

The list goes ever on. My point is that Stuart Hill certainly has a knack of creating characters and making us empathise with them… continue reading Jan 22, Daria rated it it was amazing. Don't you know that moment when you haven't read an author's books for so long that when you do open one, it's awkward at first?

The first few pages seem fast, childishly written, and you just can't seem to fall into them. Same scenario with this one. I've been away from Icemark for so long, I had forgotten Hill's narrative. I have to still credit him with being the greatest battle narrator.

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Read reviews that mention last battle icemark chronicles battle of the icemark good book book in the series ending evil fantasy hill sad third war queen vampire. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Hardcover Verified Purchase. The Cry of the Icemark is one of my favorite fantasy books for several reason. It's sequel, Blade of Fire, kind of fell beneath my expectations, but the finale, Last Battle of the Icemark, is all around lovely.

Ok, so it's not perfect. Some characterization seemed nonexistent, but what can you really do with someone completely bent on evil? There's one grammatical mistake, if you care about that sort of thing. You could sit here all day nit-picking it: It manages to take the basic good vs. Perhaps the title is a little misleading, for the scrappy little country comes out more or less intact. Still, I'd vote with this well and truly being the end, so that it doesn't risk becoming just another money grubbing fantasy fad.

The story has some predictable elements, but the ultimate showdown in the end doesn't disappoint. Queen Thirrin must invade the Empire to the south to save her people from the newest threat. Yet the biggest battles will be fought on a different plane of existence. As a stand-alone story, this book was below average. As a part of the richly developed world developed over the course of the first two books, this was atrocious and painful to read.

Very little, if anything was added to the well-drawn cast of characters, and the conclusion of the story was hastily crafted and poorly executed. All in all, very disappointed by a lackluster finish to what was previously a great series.

I'm just going to pretend the series ended after book two. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. A series that had me captivated since I was young. It is enjoyable to re visit every once in a while and never fails to make me feel every emotion the characters feel.

Paperback Verified Purchase. I recommended this series! My avid readers in junior high and high school quickly get caught up in the storyline and strong character development. This last book in the series doesn't disappoint! She loves the Icemark Chronicles series books. This book is 3 of series book.

Great books for young teens. Highly recommended. I love this series. The first book was amazing and I look forward to reading this one and the prequal. A better way to end this supremely satisfying series, I'm sure does not exist. This is a must read for all fantasy lovers. See all 27 reviews.

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