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Zindagi Gulzar Hai Novel By Umera Ahmed. here is Pakistan's famous novel Zindagi Gulzar Hai Pdf free download. umera ahmed is a great writer. Umera Ahmad is the author of Zindagi Gulzar Hai. It is an interesting novel. It is dramatized and telecasted on a leading private TV channel in Pakistan. Islamic Books, Biographies, Urdu Novels, Romance Novels, Fiction, Adventure Novels, Jasoosi Novels, Purisrar, Mysterious Novels, Comedy, Crimes Novels.

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Zindagi Gulzar hai Novel Authored by Umaira Ahmad also known as Umera Ahmed. In Zindagi Gulzar Hai novel, Umera Ahmed describe the story of a lady in . Aye Sitara e Shab e Zindagi by Nighat Abdullah Urdu Novels Center ( (Umaira Ahmed) Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay (Novel # ) Darbar e Dil Umaira Ahmad Urdu Novels Center ( Download or read on line another very famous romantic novel "Zindagi Gulzar hai", written by Umaira Ahmad in Urdu language. A very famous.

When university ends, both Kashaf and Zaroon begin to climb their career ladders separately. For instance, a. On of my best writer book umera Ahmed This Book tell us upper class or Lower class differences and Empowerment of Women. Kashaf comes out of a lower-middle-class family and resides with her mum Rafia along with her 2 sisters, equally Sidra and Shehnila Sana Sarfaraz. Kashaf started off as a self sufficient, impulsive and strong headed woman and by the end of this laborious journey she was reduced to the role of a pawn in her husba First things first. Zaroon is a complete nutcase and Kashaf turns a blind eye: I was disappointed to read.

I mean WHAT? He does not think, he does not communicate, he just does. Because, he is a guy and according to Kashaf, guys are inherently retards as far as emotional intelligence is concerned. Again I am sorry to all the wise women out there, but I will remain an imbecile and keep on having more hope than them in the humanity of the human race.

Zaroon has zero redeeming characteristics as a hero: Zaroon marries Kashaf, because according to him she is superwoman. She is a career woman who manages her house, husband and children perfectly. She is a woman, whose character is flawless, even if her outward beauty is flawed.

She is a woman, who deserves respect and awe!

Zindagi Gulzar hai By Umaira Ahmad

But what about Zaroon himself? What does he have apart from money, status, popularity and power? The answer is simple a marginal sense of humanity. Why, you might ask, am I saying this?

For instance, a. He does not taunt her about her family background. I mean wow that is something really good, coz he tends towards an emotional idiot who would do the one thing that will send his wife spiralling back into the world of insecurities. This is something that is expected of him. I am not saying that it is not a good quality. It is something that is expected of him. If he is unable to provide emotional security to his wife, he would be deemed as a terrible person.

I understand why this would really appeal to Kashaf though, considering she believes men are unable to be NORMAL human beings, because of their horrible reaction to feelings He allows her to do what ever she wants with her money.

As if that is even something one should be thinking of as redeeming…: S It is her money and she can do whatever she wants with it. She earns it and she has the right to spend it as she wishes. Again I am not saying it is not a good quality. It is, but it does not redeem him, because it is not something that takes him beyond himself.

He marries her despite the status quo. I disagree with her that this can even be considered a good quality. He marries her, because of his own selfish desire to find the perfect woman as a life partner. He found it in her and he chose to marry her. It was not something he especially fought against to make her happy. Rather, she was the one who was going to have to fight against to make her life worth living. He did nothing. I am not a guy and so I will not presume and state here what type of girls guys usually like.

I suppose everyone is different, but generally women who are outspoken and assertive seem to attract a lot of attention. She just happened to be a girl of good character to top it off. Truth be told, I believe the library incident was where Zaroon fell for her my warrant: She was spontaneous and volcanic!

Novel zindagi gulzar pdf hai

He is not ashamed of her family background. Well he better not be… The very fact that these qualities need to be laid down are the reason that one starts to wonder about Zaroon.

That makes it evident that he needs to strive to BE a marginally humane person towards his wife. How is that redeeming? Rather, it serves to prove quite the opposite!

There is nothing redeemable about him. He claims to have realised that money, status and power are nothing in front of love, family and happiness, but that is all talk. He does not practically implement it.

He does not try to know her the way she strived to know him. He does not take care of her emotions as she has fought to care for his. He just remains busy in his work and his achievements. The only thing that comes an inch closer towards redemption for him is his attitude towards his kids.

He aspires to show them his love in a way that was never shown to him. The funny thing about this story and its author is that, somewhere between the book and the drama serial, Ms. A non-redeemable hero is a dramatic nightmare. So she changed the story, elaborating it to make Zaroon into a more redeemable character on screen. I just hope I have a changed view about him towards the end of the serial; otherwise, he is doomed as far as I am concerned. I can see a pattern that Ms.

Ahmed tries to lay in her work. She seems to be laughing at her audience and at her readers by portraying a character as flawed as Zaroon as a handsome, rich and accomplished man.

She is playing her readers by the strings, making them love him for all the wrong reasons, only to bring him close to a girl, who appears to love him for the right ones. Pity is that for readers like me, she herself gets laughed at for she gets played by the strings she created to play on others.

While women around Pakistan swoon over Zaroon like he is the perfect guy, I look at him and feel sad at his fate. He is doomed to NOT learn to respect women even after being blessed with a wife like Kashaf. He is doomed to have an emotional equivalence of a rock that gets erroded by the gushing river, ignoring the life it supports. He only sees himself and what he needs and wants. He ignores the desires of others and their right to them. For that he becomes the most selfish, insolent no body, lying on a spectrum too far from the perceived perfection that so many women bestow on his character.

I would like to end my long tirade by crediting Ms. Umera Ahmed where she truly deserves credit. She goes from being angry at God to realising that He is the only constant in this world.

Everything may be taken away from her. She realises that the only being to truly love her forever and ever is her Creator and only He will give her what she needs. He is the only entity that can support her and it is on His sustenance that she survives her ordeals. Everything else is temporary and everything else is meaningless. Her realisation towards the end of the book is the only thing that brought some semblance of satisfaction to me.

Nothing else. View all 49 comments. Jan 09, Rosemean Hussain rated it did not like it. It was a pointless story with way too many flaws! This is the first story by Umera Ahmed that I was completely disappointed and kept waiting maybe something worthwhile will happen! View 2 comments. Oct 13, Qurat rated it it was ok. I recently read another novel by the writer and reading in Urdu is fun so I decided to go ahead with the second one I had on my shelf by the same author.

To say the least, the story disappointed me. Let me begin by giving you a rough idea of what the story is about: GCU student doing M. He is rich and thinks he is very charming.

The biggest worry of her life is that she has to get her sisters married. She believes that she is unlucky and hates life as it is. Predictable character but not so bad overall.

In fact her diary entries are even interesting at times. This is when the story begins. So my problems with this particular story which by the way is going to be made into a Drama at Hum T.

This trodden down version of Casanova wants to marry a girl who hasn't ever had a 'scandal' or 'been friends' with a guy.

No points for guessing who. Then suddenly the irritation transforms into something that's pure and true chokes and viola, he becomes the best man on earth.

زندگی گلزار ہے (Zindagi Gulzar Hai)

Mind you, he retains his lovely characteristics. She has a past, she has suffered, she is ambitious, she hates the foolish man and then suddenly she finds herself in a situation where all this self confidence seems to crumble and she takes the step that no girl with her charcater traits would have done.

Eventually she forgets all that troubles her and lives a happy life. Umera Ahmed believes otherwise. Her novels are not complete without lectures. While the author has what it takes to become a good writer and many woman who read khawateen digest and the likes passionately every month would disagree with me her stories have too much in common and in trying to make her characters appear strong and insert impressive dialogues, I feel that she weakens the plot substantially with the loopholes especially in the face of the fact that the stories are nothing new or novel.

Another thing that troubles me is the fact that she is bent on establishing a certain supremacy of the middle class, no doubt in order to appeal to the audience but in doing so she does great injustice. She almost makes it sound that those girls that hung out with Mr. Zaroon were infact destined to be time pass. She gives the reader an impression that because they belong to an upper class it is perfectly okay to play with their emotions and nowhere does she condemn the behavior of the protagonist, something which greatly troubles me.

View all 4 comments. Dec 21, Fahad Naeem rated it it was amazing Shelves: Main Theme: Kashaf was querulous about everything that happens to her but refused to give up on her antecedents. Good Things: The novel focuses on trust in God and putting efforts when antecedents are against you. Relationships often require compromises and sacrifices.

Without it, neither life is a blessing nor it brings joy. Bad Things: Asmara's character was weak and wasn't concluded Main Theme: Asmara's character was weak and wasn't concluded properly.

Favorite Quotes: What God has blessed me is the consequence of my sacrifices and compassion. God won't offer us anything by putting on a plate. What is written in our destiny won't be given to us until we don't try to get it. I recommend this book.

After reading this book, it would increase the quality of life and make you be a better person. This book was funny and entertaining when I read it years ago. Oct 17, Saleha Iqbal rated it it was amazing. Life is the name of Ups an Downs.

And in time of happiness we just enjoy time to death forgetting its from Allah and we need to thank Him in a proper way.

Pdf zindagi gulzar hai novel

Love marriages are good but they lack that interesting thing which arrange marriages have. Nov 22, Komal Ahsan rated it really liked it. On the surface it seems that this book may not have a great story or plot however I thoroughly enjoyed reading about how the characters grew and matured over the course of the book.

I think this is a good read for those of us who can appreciate that sometimes we should read about real life down to earth things rather than always need a grand story with a great climactic point and conflicts and resolution.

It was like reading the diaries of two real people who I fell in love with while reding. De On the surface it seems that this book may not have a great story or plot however I thoroughly enjoyed reading about how the characters grew and matured over the course of the book.

Definitely recommend: Feb 21, Areeba rated it did not like it. I think this probably one of those very few times where I say the screen adaption was better than the book, way better. The drama had a couple of issues sure but overall it was enjoyable. The book? Not so much. Prose wise it's acceptable, the story however was dissapointing in all aspects whether it was the themes, the characterisatons or the flow of events.

Zindagi Gulzar Hai Novel By Umera Ahmed PDF Download

Would not read it again. Hopefully Umera Ahmed's other books are better. Dec 22, Maryam rated it liked it Shelves: Umera Ahmed is to0 good! This was the secod novel of her that I read. I was inclined to read it after watching two or so episodes of the serial made on it as I had to satisfy my curiousity: I have to say that I was expecting abot more of drama in it. At the end I was like ,Now,Now,Now something exciting would happen but it never did.

Nonetheless, learned some more lessons about life! Short and sweet: Jan 09, Zoya Tanveer rated it did not like it Shelves: Although, this wasn't Umera Ahmed's best work but still it was an enjoyable read. I was very surprised to find out all the dissimilarities between the tv serial's plot and the original storyline.

Zindagi Gulzar hai Novel By Umaira Ahmad Pdf Free Download

Serial's Zaruun is way more likeable than the novel's, but more realistic. Apr 29, Shabana Mukhtar rated it it was amazing Shelves: Reviewing again - I don't know why my review text gets disappearing. This is a story about Kashaf and Zaroon. I loved their class debate on various political and economic topics. The story is good, but the drama is fantastic. Feb 11, Anum rated it liked it. Kashaf should have opened the Quran, read it and tried understanding it!

LOVED the way it's written through diary entriess!! View 1 comment.

Novel zindagi pdf hai gulzar

Jul 21, Rimsha Sabtain rated it it was amazing. Apr 22, Anam Zahra rated it did not like it Shelves: I personally don't like this nOvel much The plot is very weak! Jun 23, Sami rated it it was amazing. Her Novels used to publish in monthly digest. The writer holds a great repute owing to a vast readership especially in the youth of Pakistan.

Her novels and stories are even projected on TV dramas and they also carve a great spot in the heart of viewers. Her novels are basically based on spirituality love emotions and humanity. The writer has also achieved lux award.

She got married in and now living a happy life. Get Yourself a Copy Feb 13, Arbazfahad rated it it was ok. First things first. The book is just a series of diary entries by Zaroon and Kashaf. The story line is different from the television series. Reading this book has reinforced my view about Umera Ahmad being an over rated writer. The storyline lacks punch and innovation. Moreover, the character development leaves a lot to be desired.

Kashaf started off as a self sufficient, impulsive and strong headed woman and by the end of this laborious journey she was reduced to the role of a pawn in her husba First things first. Kashaf started off as a self sufficient, impulsive and strong headed woman and by the end of this laborious journey she was reduced to the role of a pawn in her husband's hands.

Pdf zindagi novel gulzar hai

Just watch the drama, Zindagi Gulzar Hai. Don't read the book. Jan 19, Sajjid Khan rated it it was amazing. On of my best writer book umera Ahmed This Book tell us upper class or Lower class differences and Empowerment of Women. May 27, Fazna Hussain rated it liked it. Nov 06, Shaheen rated it it was amazing. Apr 10, Mariam rated it liked it. Rafia was left with her husband Murtaza because she did not give birth to your kid. Rafia functions since the main of a college, and Trainers children along with her daughters from the afternoon to make ends meet.

But, later Zaroon tries to patch along with her attempts are rebuffed. Afterwards upon over-hearing Zaroon saying he was only trying to become favorable as a struggle and to snare Kashaf and minding her image, Kashaf starts bothering him.

Their households create them participated but because of irreconcilable differences they violate the participation. Zaroon says several occasions that his ideal wife might have qualities situated in Kashaf. Having developed over Zaroon again makes efforts at friendship only to be turned down as Kashaf believes him to be precisely the same flirtatious and reckless man just as before. Osama indicates to Kashaf, however, she hears it. Zaroon admits to him that he would like to marry Kashaf and asks him to speak to Kashaf on his own advantage.

She chooses his suggestion and they get engaged and married. Later, Kashaf discovers that Zaroon is covertly connected with Asmara. She starts overlooking Zaroon and afterwards fantasies that Zaroon has divorced.