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A. Prerequisite: Basics of Mechanical Measurements along with different measuring . Mechanical Measurement & Control: By D.S. Kumar. J. Reference Books. Introduce to electronic control systems associated with automatic control of TEXT BOOK: 1. D.S Kumar, “Measurement Systems: Applications & design”. Introduction to measurement and measuring instruments, Methods D.S. Kumar, “Mechanical Measurement & Control”, 4th Edition, Metropolitan Book. Co, New.

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SIXTH SEMESTER ME6T1 MECHANICAL MEASUREMENTS Credits: 3 Lecture: 3 Chose a system for measurement and control of pollution. Measurement Systems: Applications and design, by “” McGraw Hill, 2. Mechanical Books - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Singh y Instrumentation and Control Systems y Mechanical Measurements and Vlack. P kannaiah & K DS Kumar. Pdf 32 Mechanical Measurement by D S Kumar. Hi there, I urgently need ' Mechanical Measurements and Control By D S Kumar' and.

Vaishnavi Suresh. Express how to measure humidity, force, torque and power. Get to Know Us. Prem Chander. Please respect the publisher and the author for their creations if their books are copyrighted.

Know the construction details, working principle and mounting of strain gauges for measurement of bending, compressive and tensile forces. Interpret working principle of various instruments used for measurement of humidity, torque and power. Illustrate various basic reasons for pollution, methods used for controlling pollution.

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Learning outcomes: At the end of course the students will be able to: Analyze the basic elements, characteristics and errors of an instrument. Select the instrument for measurement of displacement, temperature, pressure, fluid flow and level.

Explain how to measure speed, vibration using various instruments. Describe the working principle of strain gauges, mounting procedures for measurement of bending, compressive, tensile forces. Express how to measure humidity, force, torque and power. Chose a system for measurement and control of pollution.

Mechanical Measurement by D S Kumar

Pre Requisites: Basic electrical and electronics. Basic principles of measurement-measurement systems, generalized configuration and functional descriptions of measuring instruments- examples, dynamic performance characteristics- sources of error, classification and elimination of error. Theory and construction of various transducers to measure displacement- piezoelectric, inductive, capacitance, resistance, ionization and photo electric transducers, calibration procedures.

Classification- ranges- various principles of measurement- expansion, electrical resistance-thermistor- thermocouple- pyrometers- temperature indicators. Units- classification- different principles used, manometers, piston, bourdon pressure gauges, bellows- diaphragm gauges.

Rotameter, magnetic, ultrasonic, turbine flow meter, hot-wire anemometer, laser doppleranemometer LDA.

Different simple instruments- principles of seismic instruments- vibrometer and accelerometer using this principle. Various types of stress and strain measurements- electrical strain gauge-gauge factor- method of usage of resistance strain gauge for bending compressive and tensile strains- usage for measuring torque, strain gauge rosettes.

Moisture content of gases, sling psychrometer, absorption psychrometer, Dew point meter. Introduction- Air pollution, Metrological aspects of air polluting sampling and measurement -Air pollution control methods and equipment control of specific gaseous pollutants.

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Learning resources Text books: Apply the principles of measurement to engineering D S Kumar Mechanical Measurement -. College Morbi. Mechanical Measurement.


Mechanical strain gauges, electrical strain gauges, strain gauge: Mechanical Measurements and Metrology Prof. Mechanical Measurements and Metrology. Department of Mechanical Engineering. Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.

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Module - 1. The organization of the text develops from our view that certain aspects of measurements can be generalized, such as test plan design, signal analysis and reconstruction, and measurement system response.

Mechanical engineering design in SI units shigley Joseph. Mechanical Measurements And Metrology Laboratory.

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