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The man-eating leopard of Rudraprayag by Jim Corbett, , Oxford Univ. Press edition, in English - [1st American ed.]. The Man-eating Leopard of Rudraprayag. Preview. Man-Eaters of Kumaon. Preview. The Temple Tiger and More Man-Eaters of Kumaon. Preview. Juggernaut. PDF | The present article argues that the representation of the animals in Corbett's text Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag, the study aims.

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Start by marking “The Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag” as Want to Read: Most of Jim Corbett's books contain collections of stories that recount adventures tracking and shooting man-eaters in the Indian Himalaya. Edward James "Jim" Corbett was a British hunter, turned. The Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag - Ebook download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. a sensational, hair-raising story. (Read free ebook) The Man-Eating Leopard Of Rudraprayag. The Man-Eating ePub | *DOC | audiobook | ebooks | Download PDF. 0 of 0 people found the.

Being from India, it was also very heartening for me to read how well he connected with the native populace of that period, and the genuine respect and admiration which he holds for many of the Indian characters in his story. The book also taught me a great deal about wild life, why leopards or tigers become man eaters, how to track wild animals… Jim corbett makes you fall in love with nature. I From the maps had been supplied with found that. Near sundown we took our position on the machan. This book was a page turner and I was literally biting my nails on the edge of the seat while I read it. L I The number of human on page My only suggestion to Oxford University Press would be to get a better editor and FIX the multiple typos and spelling errors, which were a bit of a distraction.

This swing bridge. Locating the Leopard 35 gave broki' one. This jhula being beyond the powers of the man-eater to cross. I should be able to confine him to one side of in and so reduce by half the area which to look for him The river left first thing therefore was to try to find out on which bank of the the leopard was. The goat a had unquestionably been by a leopard. On visiting the goats the following morning I found the one across it the river had been killed and killed a small portion of eaten.

One of these tied up the following evening a mile along the pilgrim road. Having received on news about the man-eater during the to sit day. During the three hours sat in the tree I had no indication.

I decided up over the goat. I The day 1 I purchased two goats. The Second Kill 37 had made no attempt to break the previous night bungalow.

There was not. It up the steep hill accompanied by the villager and two of a sultry day. I man-eating leopards. I was fortunate that made an early start next morning.

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I —-and set off for the have already admitted that I I had very a little previous experience of tigers. Within a few minutes rifle collected all the things I needed—a spare off fishing-line—and set and a shotgun. Alter their was fire.

The leopard eater. I met on the roads. These tracks followed back to a densely the goat wooded The ravine which crossed the path close to where was lying. The story of the husband of the woman who had been soon the told.

Nothing happened that after a but next day. On falling pots and pans. On that diis woman. The marks on the ground showed that the leopard had dragged the unfortunate woman for a fields. The pug-marks were of an out-sized male leopard long past his prime. Here he ate his meal. Almost before I realized daylight had faded out of the sky and night had come. I had stepped from the bank on to the rick and there was nothing to prevent the maneater from doing the same.

The Second Kill 39 come bv any otlier wav. I Bred at him while he was on the he would be almost certain to run into the trap lav which on his most natural line of retreat. My ground arrangements completed to my satisfaction. I was firmly convinced. My clothes were still wet after the stiff climb. Just as the fall. I big drops of a deluge began to heard a stone roll into the ravine.

To me. I can see quite well enough to find I my way that the through any jungle for that matter. But regrets and who can say that the fourteen people life if who died later would have had a longer span of their throats?

It was not until some hours that the man who so gallandy braved both the leopard thirty miles and the storm had done a forced march of over to bring from Pauri me the electric night-shooting light the Government had promised. The leopard had and while I sat in torrential rain with the icy-cold wind whistling through my I wet clothes. The night before. This was something I had not foreseen. Eating Leopard of Rudraprayog would be dark. The rain was soon over — leaving me chilled to the bone —and the clouds were breaking up when the white stone was suddenly obscured.

His light colour could be accounted for by old age. I have given the usual name of 'field' was only about two feet wide at this point. Three times within the next two hours the same thing happened. I now. Ten minutes I later the stone was visible and almost immediately thereafter heard a sound below me and saw the leopard as a light-yellowish object disappearing under the rick. Five hundred square miles. Had any been it there to witness my entry into Rudraprayag. However little I merit it.

News that was on my way 1 to try to rid still Garhwal of the man-eater had preceded me. I walked down the hill Rudraprayag from the scene of it night's failure were very bitter.

I With visibility reduced to practically nil. And few hours of them of the menace they had good luck. The populace quite naturally did not share my misgivings. The day visited if I Michael Keene and told him would go to Garhwal he had asked I me had everything 1 wanted. I Then had come the storm. So I on the success of spare rifle I that night's venture. I had weighed up my chances of killing the leopard and assessed them at two- to-one. Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag enormous area in which to find and shoot one particular leopard out of it.

The plan was a simp one and. After examining these approaches very carefully crossed the bridge and mile. There were three approaches to the bridge.

I been Satisfied in that the leopard had not crossed the determined to put night operation mv 1 plan for closing the two bridges at and thus confining the leopard side of the river. Regret over a spilt bred into the ground was as profitless as regret over milk on sand. The and tower was built out a projecting rock it. The bridges were closed by wedging thornbushes wide archway in the in the four-foot- towers carrying the steel cables from which the plank footway was suspended.

Standing on the top rung of the ladder and friction of the dependent for a handhold on the the palms of my hands on smooth masonry the had less safe gaining of the platform was an acrobatic feat that appeal the oftener it was tried. The ladder —two uneven lengths of bamboo connected with thin string- sticks loosely held in position with —only reached to within four feet of the platform. All the rivers in this part of the Himalayas flow from north to south. I a very rickety bamboo chose die latter way.

Eating rudraprayag of the man pdf leopard

There was no handhold on the platform and when lying flat on my stomach to increase risk of friction and reduce wind- being blown off on to the rocks below. Preparations 47 midnight to even a raging gale.

I suffered ants. During the twenty nights I guarded the bridge. I The glints had seen on his head-dress and breast were. On reaching the bridge the man knelt down and. That he was a Christian was apparent. This he continued to do at short intervals bridge. After remaining feet. Magic 49 had not heard him speak beard. The following morning. However much I doubted I the man's ability to accomplish the task faith he had set himself. I assumed from his long hair. Thcw ite- an robed man.

When the effigy. Next morning die familiar figure was absent from the rock. In India. I When I the tree had been partly cut through changed mv mind. Ibbotson and his in the wife Jean arrived Pauri. Pulling the bush out of the gap in dashed up to the Held as I which was about forty yards width and bare of crops. My cook for them than there was for me in the open tent. The weak of it. Picking up the off the riffle. I discovered. A Near few big rocks. The though tree was cut down next day and the fence strengthened.

The cook informed me fact later that he had been lying on of which I had long been aware —and his back— hearing the tree crack he had opened his eyes and looked straight into the leopard's face just as it was preparing to jump down. To set start with. Here killed inside a house. One door it in particular deeper claw -marks dian any other to enter die — had more and was die door the leopard had forced room in which die forty goats and die boy had been secured.

The Gin-trap 55 i in turns over the hole in the wall throughout the long night without eithei tearing anything oJ the leopard.. With these poles to support a second. Facing the door. Wisps netting. Two-inch-mesh the whole structure. One of die joint owners of the hayrick. It was moon nioht. The leopard dashed out hill. After the fright he that night.

Immediately below me. On arriving at the rick paused for I a few minutes and then started to crawl under the platform was sitting on. After killing the it cow the leopard broke the rope by which it was tethered. This trap. Jean Ibbotson returned with our men. At this three-foot step from the upper to the lower field. The Gin-trap 57 The owner of this cow onlv lived alone in an isolated house which contained one room. Sometime during the night a noise in the kitchen the door of which he had forgotten shut the in odd —awakened a — to the man.

For long time the man lav and sweated. On ot and ahout twenty vards from where a fair-sized tree. In trying to reload my rifle I displaced some part of the light.

Ibbotson joined me on the ground. Touching down was depression and facing us and growling. Halfway along the field there hump caused by an outcrop of rock. Freed from the peg the leopard went along the of great leaps. After tying a stick in front to act as a screen.. As evening closed heavy clouds spread over the 9 p.

Switching fact that the leopard was on the electric light. I In animal that lay dead before me was an out-sized male leopard. I with Ibbotson holding the heavy lamp high above his head. Within a few minuets of my bullet crashing into his head. I saw the leopard rearing up with the trap dangling from his forelegs. This affair. Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag who the previous night had tried to tear down a partition to get at a human being. But that he I could not make myself believe I was the same animal it I had seen the night a sat over the bodv of the woman.

Returning to the bungalow after dI a wash at mv camp. Braidwood it had of a rifle. Progress was every few yards the leopard was put it. At the farther end of the long in our escort and the leopard was carried triumph to the bungalow by our men. Admittedlv there a leopard. The occurence concerned and Braidwood of the two men: One dark stormy these night. In and the two horses. I I early to bed that night. As this was very unusual.

I conviction of the Ibbotsons. I called out to ask what men were doing on the road climbed up the path to On seeing me. We took our rifles.

These details settled. I this telegram I decided to cancel. Ibbotson's work at his headquarters at Pauri pressing. She was lying on her face with her hands by her sides. Every vestige of clothing. Shortly after the rain had stopped, the leopard, coming from. When a minute of davlight may make the difference between success and failure", this is. On the shoulder of the hill the animal pulled up, and after barking in one spot for some time went away on the far side, and die sound dies away in the distance.

German make and was its called a petromax. It Ibbotson's telescopic sight was no longer of any use the tree. So we set off. Ibbotson slipped. Three minutes. The Hunters Hunted 67 Light was beginning to fade. When leopard sufficient light for me to shoot by had long since gone. The streak of blue flame to the petrol reservoir gave sufficient light feet.

When we. This lamp was of a brilliant light but. Ibbotson leading and Fifty yards following with both hands on tree. Ibbotson was of the opinion that he it lamp stiff for three minutes before burst. We were told that our men had room arrived about sundown. After rummaging about corner of the room. Alternately slipping on wet ground and stumbling aver unseen rocks.

There were some twelve or fourteen men. Climbing these steps we found on the as far side of which was a door. As no answer came. On this an agitated voice came from inside fire. Not knowing what sound they heard at form the man-eater might night. In their fear they take. While the Though Ibbotson he could not rt at all angles while I hurriedly reloaded my rifle. The room that had been vacated for us had no windows. The dog evidently belonged to the.

He was just a friendly village pye. By watching the dog leopard. The next second. Here very difficult to negotiate. Tracking on the hard and pine-needle-covered ground for the shoulder of the jungle. MORNING WE very carefully stalked the and were disappointed felt to find that the leopard had not returned to which we sure he would do after his failure to bag one of us the previous evening.

In this was it 1 a surprisingly large head of game. During the day. They suspected cow had been by the man-eater. In a big pine-tree near the footpath we built a machan. Ibbotson left for Rudraprayag after an earlv breakfast. Government wanted me tittle to try every means to kill and that there was use in my I trying poison. Its back was against a tangle of wild rose-bushes. My i 1 arrangements made to a tree halt-way it my satisfaction kill I retraced mv steps and limbed between die and die headman's house.

I it over with big green leaves. Not one of that the a hundred human beings going to the in would have noticed a ground had any way been disturbed. Having dug away die ground between the cow's to a distance. The headman was old and crippled with rheumatism. While courtyard. I side of the glade I was a big rock. Retreat 75 had been watching for some time. X He had left the track where I had crossed the soft ground to the rock and. When daylight had all regained die path and.

As I On the upper. I slipped off the tree and myself tiptoed awav on rubbervillage. Nothing happened after that. I and I hate no less now. In time was daily mentioned that an effort entailing extenuation 1 would urge. I to a my conscience for not having done so the previous night.

So sure was that the poison had been eaten by a leopard that had accidentally the kill. There was no hope of the leopard returning salve to the However. Sitting on die foot-high bank. Knowing temporary abandonment of my self-imposed I would be severely I criticized by the press. I had for hours walked the roads which were alone open to me and to the leopard.

On many moonlit nights. Retreat 77 great Strain cannot hours in be indefinitely sustained. There were twenty-four every day of the many weeks I spent in Garhwal. I walked endless miles next day.


Ibbotson joined me and accompanied During killed ten me my three months' absence from Garhwal the man-eater had human beings. We kill at Pauri. I travelled by train to Kotdwara and went from there by foot to Pauri. The last of these ten kills — the victim was a small boy —had we taken place on the left bank of the Alaknanda.

On this my second visit to Garhwal in pursuit of the man-eater. Hundreds of false rumours of alleged attacks by a door. The report stated that an all-day resulted in finding surrounding country. Galtu left the village in the evening to spend the village.

Hve equa sHowed six circles. Ibbotson and left were beating a hillside on the as I bank of the river for the man-eater when the arrived. Next soft earth near patwans report. One of these rumours concerned a man by the name of Galtu. Fishing Interlude 79 Rudrapravag. On the second night on which I I was sitting up over the first cow. The leopard had forced open and seizing door oi live room in which she was sleeping with her baby her arm had attempted to drag her out of the room.

After just as we had pacified him. Ibbotson was averse to lying all night as on the wind-swept tower of the Rudraprayag suspension bridge.

After Ibbotson's departure the leopard killed one dog. The wanton waste of good money had so angered him that.

The dog and goats had been eaten out on the nights on which they had been killed. The Man -Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag setting out to sit up on the tower of the bridge. I The roar of the water die rocks prevented conversation. Presendy one of the men got to his feet. Fishing Interlude 81 after the leopard — dragging her along the floor it.

I after visiting a spot a village on the Kedarnath pilgrim route. I was returning one day towards the latter end of March. After the fish fall One of these fish. I As watched these fish. The water in this beautiful and imposing pool was The rock face at the head of the pool rose sheer up out of the water to a height ot twelve feet. No day.

It was not possible to get down to water level anywhere on my side of the pool. Thev watched me with interest. To land a fish in diis pool would be a difficult and a hazardous task. Above and pebble of which was visible in the clear water. Peering over the rock into the backwater. Alternately easing strain on the line. There was the bend plenty of line on the reel.

I had now very definitely reached my bridge and had just regretfully it. Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag water with in a two-inch spoon mounted with flight a single strong treble hook mv hand.

The falling of the spoon into the water coincided widi the arrival of the fingerlings at the rock. I and told same breath asked what it was going to do about to When e him that would not be possible draw the fish up the it cut of the rock. For a moment or two the fish did in not appear to realize what had happened the water with his white belly towards to side. In his run the mahseer ripped carried hundred yards of for anodier fifty and after a moment's check still on yards.

Then very gently fish drew the hand and to towards the rock. I When had been asked the brothers it they ate fish. There was no question that die stripling knew how handle a his had inserted for before the fish had touched the rock. Stalling irregularly from where we were standing. The plan we finally agreed on was that the stripling wa ter — —who presendy should go returned with his arms and legs glistening with to the ledge. Fishing Interlude 85 tree.

Man of leopard the rudraprayag pdf eating

Before embarking on the plan fish I asked the brothers whether they knew how to handle a and whether they could swim. The fish on the shingle bottom had been disturbed while I was plaving the mahseer and by our subsequent movements on the face of the rock but were now beginning to return.

Waiting in it for a linein second to give the spoon time to giving the little started to as wind I the spoon just the right amount of spin. When I die spoon. Why should fish want to eat brass?

And was really brass. I I wanted it to.

Rudraprayag leopard pdf eating man of the

Man-Eating Leoparc pounds — I if they would help me to land another fish for my men. The and as treble had bitten deep into the leathery underlip of the mahseer. I been commented on and marvelled made the brothers fish. The second cast was beautifully placed and beautifully timed. When The the hook in was free.

To this thev very readily agreed. Before in the was able to make a cast. S the reel spun round and the line paid out. Our luck was or else the fish feared the run. Both than the village fish were the same length. Fishing Interlude 87 l. Easier said than done. The landing of the first this second fish was not as difficult as the landing of had been. Over the whole of this area there was scrub jungle. At the village having killed all we purchased I a young male goat — the leopard the goats that had purchased from time to time.

Death of a Goal 89 After an early lunch Ibbotson and rifles. I set out armed with our. Ibbotson's aim would be more accurate than mine. For minutes Ibbotson kept and made the telescope and then shook his head. Creeping to the side of the rock and looking through a screen of grass. The sun — a fiery red ball—was a hand's breadth from the snow the mountains above Kedarnath when rocks. The track where ran across the hill was bordered on the upper side by scattered bushes.

I 1 ears watched. Having tied the goat to a peg firmly driven into the ground bend in the track. At left. We had a long way and waiting longer would be both useless and dangerous. The flicker of an eyelid. When on the I took my eye away from the telescope I noted that the light was rapidly fading.

This goat. Keeping hill had done. The I light had nearly gone. Striking all match and steps. Death of a Goal 91 Blood was oozing from muscles were It still its throat.

I the goat track and turned right at the bend. Half a mile above and on the tar side miles from this village of a deep ravine. Nand Ram had heard the wailing of women from the direction of Gawiya's house and. At daybreak that morning. Nand Ram's village was about four where we had sat the previous evening. I At the bungalow the found Ibbotson in conversation with a man by name of Nand Ram. There were no trees within sight of the kill on which we could sit. Again there were no trees overlooking the and after a prolonged discussion on which we.

The leopard was undoubtedly lav in in dense brushwood. The leopard had caught the unfortunate man him by the throat. Ibbotson had had the Arab and the English mare saddled. Arrived at the little women —who appeared still isolated clearing in the forest. With this information Nand Ram had come hot-foot to the Inspection Bungalow.

Cyanide Poisoning 93 carried off In the man-eater half an hour previously.

The Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag

We saw and to the heard nothing. The wailing of the shouting of lor women and the Nand Ram had evidently disturbed the leopard at his meal. At dusk we lit the lantern we had provided ourselves with. I was beginning hill to hope that heard him going up the on the far side of all sound ceasing when he regained the path which carried on hill.

For seconds I watched the path. I for he passed die foot of the tree without a pause. At davlight Ibbotson returned. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages.

More Details Original Title. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Apr 22, Apratim Mukherjee rated it it was amazing. This is a book set in Garhwal in s. Yhe book comes from an age where hunters were sportsmen and animals were trophies. Jim Corbett provides minutest details about his adventure here which also tells about Garhwal of 's and this narration often makes adventurers of today seem small.

Further his deep sympathy for victims and acceptance of his failures is heart warming. The reason I rate this as a five star book is due to the fact that this is a perfect hunter's adventure which is a goodread ev This is a book set in Garhwal in s.

The Man-Eating Leopard of Rudraprayag 1947

The reason I rate this as a five star book is due to the fact that this is a perfect hunter's adventure which is a goodread even today. View all 3 comments. Nov 19, Mike the Paladin rated it really liked it Shelves: The copy of this book I have is copyrighted The events in the book took place from to Jim Corbett is well known to most "outdoors types" and wrote a good number of books.

His style is mostly a straight forward one in that he tells events as they happened laying them out factually. He doesn't embellish the facts for effect or seek to make them more horrific or more "dangerous seeming".

He doesn't have to. As he opens the book Mr. Corbett mention that the official rep The copy of this book I have is copyrighted Corbett mention that the official reports of this man eater say he killed people, but Mr.

Corbett says, "I know this is wrong. Well of course these numbers are always inflated But no. Corbett he can also be called Colonel Corbett as he was a colonel in British Indian Army says that he knows of several kills that happened while he was there that aren't counted in the official tole.

The number is greater, probably much greater than people killed. There are many reasons why any big cat becomes a "man-killer".

Corbett discusses a few here but in this case he thinks he knows what turned the leopard into a human killer, why it developed a taste for human meat. The first known appearance of the man-eater is in The normal way the dead were and often still are handled in India was that they were cremated on a stream bank where the ashes could go into the water and hence to the Ganges and then on to the sea. In normal times this can be a bit labor intensive.

Carry the body sometimes over miles, gather the wood and carry that to the place then clean up. This begins in The flu pandemic hit the world hard and it hit this area very hard.

There was no way the full funeral rites could be carried out for all the dead. The general way it was handled according to Corbett was that a live coal was placed in the corpse's mouth and the corpse was rolled into a stream When his source of "easy meat" was cut off when the pandemic ended he simply began to hunt humans.

Whether this is what happened of not it sounds logical. I'm temped to go on here and relate the tale told in the book but I won't. It's a fascinating story, maybe not told as a book would be today but still very readable and very interesting. I'll leave you to follow the story of the 8 years of terror endured by the people of the area. Corbett mentions how the curfew of the area was so strictly observed that the area would go "dead" quiet and look deserted by the time the sun was down.

There are accounts of the incredible silence with which the leopard killed. There are eyewitness accounts of those kills and others. There is the story of the full eight years. Read it for yourself. View all 5 comments. Jun 08, Ridhika Khanna rated it it was amazing Shelves: What a gripping tale of true adventure. This book was a page turner and I was literally biting my nails on the edge of the seat while I read it.

It has been written in a very simple and structured way. The natural flow of the story, the incidents of the man eater and the methods used to gun him down was excellent. Corbett has a way of narrating a tale.

In this story, his task was to kill one man eater who had created a havoc in many villages of Uttrakhand. But it was no ordinary animal. With a s What a gripping tale of true adventure. With a sharp mind and an unusual cunning, the leopard knew almost all the ways of the human world. Jim Corbett meets his match!!

The ways which Corbett used to combat the leopard showed his skills and his understanding of leopards and tigers. But somehow, due to bad luck and many other factors, gunning down this particular leopard had been difficult. While reading the book, I felt immense respect for this man eating leopard. He was also no short of being a hero. Till the last chapter, I had a doubt whether Corbett will be able to kill him or not.

The most outstanding part of the book was Corbett's attitude. I loved the way how he interacted with villagers and understood their loss with immense apathy. Moreover, I loved the way he thought about the man eater as an animal who because of some unfortunate reason had been turned into a man eater.

He did not think of the leopard as an enemy but only as an opponent. It was a great experience reading this book and the thrill and mystery was no short of an Agatha Christie or a Sherlock case. Recommended to all nature and wildlife lovers!

Man rudraprayag pdf the eating of leopard

View all 4 comments. May 18, Rashik rated it it was amazing. View 2 comments. Jun 28, Saurabh Kumar rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Nature Lovers. The beast struck terror into the hearts of the inhabitants of the town for eight long years. At the end of the introduction of his widely known book Man-Eaters of Kumaon , Corbett wrote:. A leopard, in an area in which his natural food is scarce, finding these bodies very soon acquires a taste for human flesh, and when the disease dies down and normal conditions are established, he very naturally, on finding his food supply cut off, takes to killing human beings.

Of the two man-eating leopards of Kumaon, which between them killed over five hundred and twenty-five human beings, one followed on the heels of a very severe outbreak of cholera, while the other followed the mysterious disease which swept through India in and was called war fever. In Rudraprayag , there is a sign-board which marks the spot where the leopard was shot. There is a fair held at Rudraprayag commemorating the killing of the leopard.

The man-eating leopard of Rudraprayag.

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