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Pokémon Black 2 and White 2: Prima's Official Strategy Guide is a guidebook for Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 published by Prima Games in October Retro Magazines, Comics, Game Guide, Game Book Scans» Game Guides» Pokemon Black & White Prima Official Guide (Volume 2 - Official Unova Pokedex ). pokemon black version 2 pokemon white version 2 scenario guide Rather than enjoying a good book with a cup of tea in the afternoon, instead they are facing.

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DOWNLOAD POKEMON BLACK AND WHITE 2 STRATEGY GUIDE BOOK pokemon black and white pdf. The first time you enter the game after defeating the. Pokemon Black & White Prima Official Guide 2 - Free ebook download as all of the eGuide sections for Pokmon Black and Pokmon White Versions at your. Unova Pokédex Completion Guide. Communication Features Guide Pokémon Global Link. C-Gear. Infrared Battle Subway Strategies. Pokémon Battle Primer.

They cannot see, so they tackle and bite to learn about their surroundings. Check with many people and collect lots of Sweet Hearts. Don't miss your chance to catch an uncommon Pokmon Some Pokmon in the Unova region appear in four special places: This Pokmon fought humans in order to protect its friends. LM Lampent But, when at a disadvantage in a fight, this intelligent Pokmon flees. The solar energy absorbed by its body's orange crystals is magnified internally and fired from its mouth.

This Pokmon dwells deep in the forest. Eating a leaf from its head whisks weariness away as if by magic. It shares the leaf on its head with weary-looking Pokmon. These leaves are known to relieve stress. Ill tempered, it fights by swinging its barbed tail around wildly. The leaf growing on its head is very bitter. When it is angered, the temperature of its head tuft reaches F. It uses its tuft to roast berries. The water stored inside the tuft on its head is full of nutrients.

Plants that receive its water grow large.

Pokémon Black 2 and White 2: Prima's Official Strategy Guide

It does not thrive in dry environments. It keeps itself damp by shooting water stored in its head tuft from its tail. The tuft on its head holds water.

When the level runs low, it replenishes the tuft by siphoning up water with its tail. Munna always float in the air. People whose dreams are eaten by them forget what the dreams had been about. It eats the dreams of people and Pokmon. When it eats a pleasant dream, it expels pink-colored mist. The mist emanating from their foreheads is packed with the dreams of people and Pokmon.

Each follows its Trainer's orders as best it can, but they sometimes fail to understand complicated commands. These Pokmon live in cities. They are accustomed to people. Flocks often gather in parks and plazas.

Many people believe that, deep in the forest where Tranquill live, there is a peaceful place where there is no war. Males swing their head plumage to threaten opponents. The females' flying abilities surpass those of the males. Males have plumage on their heads.

They will never let themselves feel close to anyone other than their Trainers. Its mane shines when it discharges electricity.

(Prima 2012) - Pokemon Black & White - Volume 2.pdf

They use their flashing manes to communicate with one another. When thunderclouds cover the sky, it will appear. It can catch lightning with its mane and store the electricity. They have lightning-like movements.

When Zebstrika run at full speed, the sound of thunder reverberates. This ill-tempered Pokmon is dangerous because when it's angry, it shoots lightning from its mane in all directions.

They were discovered a hundred years ago in an earthquake fissure. Inside each one is an energy core. When it overflows with power, the orange crystal on its body glows.

It looks for underground water in caves. Compressing the energy from its internal core lets it fire off an attack capable of blowing away a mountain. The solar energy absorbed by its body's orange crystals is magnified internally and fired from its mouth. Its habitat is dark forests and caves. It emits ultrasonic waves from its nose to learn about its surroundings. Suction from its nostrils enables it to stick to cave walls during sleep.

It leaves a heart-shaped mark behind. It emits sound waves of various frequencies from its nose, including some powerful enough to destroy rocks. Anyone who comes into contact with the ultrasonic waves emitted by a courting male experiences a positive mood shift.

It can dig through the ground at a speed of 30 mph. It could give a car running aboveground a good race. It makes its way swiftly through the soil by putting both claws together and rotating at high speed. It can help in tunnel construction. Its drill has evolved into steel strong enough to bore through iron plates. More than feet below the surface, they build mazelike nests. Their activity can be destructive to subway tunnels.

It touches others with the feelers on its ears, using the sound of their heartbeats to tell how they are feeling. Its auditory sense is astounding. It has a radarlike ability to understand its surroundings through slight sounds. It fights by swinging a piece of lumber around.

It is close to evolving when it can handle the lumber without difficulty. These Pokmon appear at building sites and help out with construction. They always carry squared logs. This Pokmon is so muscular and strongly built that even a group of wrestlers could not make it budge an inch. They strengthen their bodies by carrying steel beams. They show off their big muscles to their friends. They use concrete pillars as walking canes. They know moves that enable them to swing the pillars freely in battle.

By vibrating its cheeks, it emits sound waves imperceptible to humans. It uses the rhythm of these sounds to talk. When they vibrate the bumps on their heads, they can make waves in water or earthquake-like vibrations on land. It increases the power of its punches by vibrating the bumps on its fists. It can turn a boulder to rubble with one punch.

When it tightens its belt, it becomes stronger. Wild Throh use vines to weave their own belts. When they encounter foes bigger than themselves, they try to throw them. They always travel in packs of five. The sound of Sawk punching boulders and trees can be heard all the way from the mountains where they train. Tying their belts gets them pumped and makes their punches more destructive.

Disturbing their training angers them. Leavanny dress it in clothes they made for it when it hatched.

It hides its head in its hood while it is sleeping. This Pokmon makes clothes for itself. It chews up leaves and sews them with sticky thread extruded from its mouth. Forests where Swadloon live have superb foliage because the nutrients they make from fallen leaves nourish the plant life. It protects itself from the cold by wrapping up in leaves. It stays on the move, eating leaves in forests. Upon finding a small Pokmon, it weaves clothing for it from leaves, using the cutters on its arms and sticky silk.

It keeps its eggs warm with heat from fermenting leaves. It also uses leaves to make warm wrappings for Sewaddle. It discovers what is going on around it by using the feelers on its head and tail. It is brutally aggressive. Protected by a hard shell, it spins its body like a wheel and crashes furiously into its enemies. It is usually motionless, but when attacked, it rotates at high speed and then crashes into its opponent.

With quick movements, it chases down its foes, attacking relentlessly with its horns until it prevails. When attacked, it escapes by shooting cotton from its body. The cotton serves as a decoy to distract the attacker. They go wherever the wind takes them. On rainy days, their bodies are heavier, so they take shelter beneath big trees.

Like the wind, it can slip through any gap, no matter how small. It leaves balls of white fluff behind. Riding whirlwinds, they appear.

These Pokmon sneak through gaps into houses and cause all sorts of mischief. The leaves on its head are very bitter. Eating one of these leaves is known to refresh a tired body.

Since they prefer moist, nutrient-rich soil, the areas where Petilil live are known to be good for growing plants. Even veteran Trainers face a challenge in getting its beautiful flower to bloom.

This Pokmon is popular with celebrities. The fragrance of the garland on its head has a relaxing effect. It withers if a Trainer does not take good care of it. Red and blue Basculin get along so poorly, they'll start fighting instantly.

White 2 pokemon book and black pdf guide

These Pokmon are very hostile. Red and blue Basculin usually do not get along, but sometimes members of one school mingle with the other's school. They live buried in the sands of the desert.

The sun-warmed sands prevent their body temperature from dropping. It moves along below the sand's surface, except for its nose and eyes. A dark membrane shields its eyes from the sun. They live in groups of a few individuals. Protective membranes shield their eyes from sandstorms. The special membrane covering its eyes can sense the heat of objects, so it can see its surroundings even in darkness.

They never allow prey to escape. Their jaws are so powerful, they can crush the body of an automobile. It can expand the focus of its eyes, enabling it to see objects in the far distance as if it were using binoculars. When its internal fire is burning, it cannot calm down and it runs around. When the fire diminishes, it falls asleep. Darumaka's droppings are hot, so people used to put them in their clothes to keep themselves warm.

Its internal fire burns at 2, F, making enough power that it can destroy a dump truck with one punch. When weakened in battle, it transforms into a stone statue. Then it sharpens its mind and fights on mentally. It uses an up-tempo song and dance to drive away the bird Pokmon that prey on its flower seeds.

This Pokmon can easily melt holes in hard rocks with a liquid secreted from its mouth. It makes a hole in a suitable rock. If that rock breaks, the Pokmon remains agitated until it locates a replacement. Competing for territory, Crustle fight viciously. The one whose boulder is broken is the loser of the battle.

It possesses legs of enormous strength, enabling it to carry heavy slabs for many days, even when crossing arid land. Its skin has a rubbery elasticity, so it can reduce damage by defensively pulling its skin up to its neck. Groups of them beat up anything that enters their territory. Each can spit acidic liquid from its mouth. It can smash concrete blocks with its kicking attacks. The one with the biggest crest is the group leader. They never vary the route they fly, because their memories of guarding an ancient city remain steadfast.

The guardians of an ancient city, they use their psychic power to attack enemies that invade their territory. Each of them carries a mask that used to be its face when it was human.

Sometimes they look at it and cry. These Pokmon arose from the spirits of people interred in graves in past ages. Each retains memories of its former life. It has been said that they swallow those who get too close and turn them into mummies. They like to eat gold nuggets. They pretend to be elaborate coffins to teach lessons to grave robbers. Their bodies are covered in pure gold.

About million years ago, these Pokmon swam in oceans. It is thought they also went on land to attack prey. They can live both in the ocean and on land. A slap from one of them is enough to open a hole in the bottom of a tanker. Said to be an ancestor of bird Pokmon, they were unable to fly and moved about by hopping from one branch to another.

They are intelligent and will cooperate to catch prey. From the ground, they use a running start to take flight. It runs better than it flies. It catches prey by running at speeds comparable to those of an automobile. Inhaling the gas they belch will make you sleep for a week. They prefer unsanitary places. The combination of garbage bags and industrial waste caused the chemical reaction that created this Pokmon. It clenches opponents with its left arm and finishes them off with foul-smelling poison gas belched from its mouth.

They absorb garbage and make it part of their bodies. They shoot a poisonous liquid from their right-hand fingertips. It changes into the forms of others to surprise them. Apparently, it often transforms into a silent child.

To protect themselves from danger, they hide their true identities by transforming into people and Pokmon. Cannot be obtained through regular gameplay Level up Zorua to Lv. Bonds between these Pokmon are very strong.

It protects the safety of its pack by tricking its opponents. Each has the ability to fool a large group of people simultaneously. They protect their lair with illusory scenery. They greet one another by rubbing each other with their tails, which are always kept well groomed and clean. These Pokmon prefer a tidy habitat. They are always sweeping and dusting, using their tails as brooms.

Their white fur is coated in a special oil that makes it easy for them to deflect attacks. Their white fur feels amazing to touch. Their fur repels dust and prevents static electricity from building up. They intently observe both Trainers and Pokmon. Apparently, they are looking at something that only Gothita can see. They use hypnosis to control people and Pokmon. Tales of Gothorita leading people astray are told in every corner.

Starlight is the source of their power. At night, they mark star positions by using psychic power to float stones. Starry skies thousands of light-years away are visible in the space distorted by their intense psychic power.

They can predict the future from the placement and movement of the stars. They can see Trainers' life spans. They drive away attackers by unleashing psychic power.

They can use telepathy to talk with others. Since they have two divided brains, at times they suddenly try to take two different actions at once. When their brains, now divided in two, are thinking the same thoughts, these Pokmon exhibit their maximum power. When Reuniclus shake hands, a network forms between their brains, increasing their psychic power. These remarkably intelligent Pokmon fight by controlling arms that can grip with rock-crushing power. These bird Pokmon are excellent divers.

They swim around in the water eating their favorite foodpeat moss. Swanna start to dance at dusk. The one dancing in the middle is the leader of the flock. It administers sharp, powerful pecks with its bill. It whips its long neck to deliver forceful repeated strikes.

The temperature of their breath is F. They create snow crystals and make snow fall in the areas around them. Snowy mountains are this Pokmon's habitat.

During an ancient ice age, they moved to southern areas. Swallowing large amounts of water, they make snow clouds inside their bodies and attack their foes with violent blizzards. If both heads get angry simultaneously, this Pokmon expels a blizzard, burying everything in snow.

The color and scent of their fur changes to match the mountain grass. When they sense hostility, they hide in the grass. The turning of the seasons changes the color and scent of this Pokmon's fur. People use it to mark the seasons. They migrate according to the seasons. People can tell the season by looking at Sawsbuck's horns.

The plants growing on its horns change according to the season. The leaders of the herd possess magnificent horns. The energy made in its cheeks' electric pouches is stored inside its membrane and released while it is gliding. They live on treetops and glide using the inside of a cape-like membrane while discharging electricity.

These mysterious Pokmon evolve when they receive electrical stimulation while they are in the same place as Shelmet. When they feel threatened, they spit an acidic liquid to drive attackers away.

This Pokmon targets Shelmet. They fly around at high speed, striking with their pointed spears. Even when in trouble, they face opponents bravely. These Pokmon evolve by wearing the shell covering of a Shelmet.

The steel armor protects their whole body. It lures people in with its Pok Ball pattern, then releases poison spores. Why it resembles a Pok Ball is unknown. For some reason, this Pokmon resembles a Pok Ball. They release poison spores to repel those who try to catch them. It lures prey close by dancing and waving its arm caps, which resemble Pok Balls, in a swaying motion.

With its thin, veil-like arms wrapped around the body of its opponent, it sinks to the ocean floor. They paralyze prey with poison, then drag them down to their lairs, five miles below the surface. The fate of the ships and crew that wander into Jellicent's habitat: They propel themselves by expelling absorbed seawater from their bodies. Their favorite food is life energy.

The special membrane enveloping Alomomola has the ability to heal wounds. Floating in the open sea is how they live. When they find a wounded Pokmon, they embrace it and bring it to shore. Joltik that live in cities have learned a technique for sucking electricity from the outlets in houses. They attach themselves to large-bodied Pokmon and absorb static electricity, which they store in an electric pouch. When attacked, they create an electric barrier by spitting out many electrically charged threads.

They employ an electrically charged web to trap their prey. While it is immobilized by shock, they leisurely consume it.

Black book white pokemon guide pdf 2 and

When threatened, it attacks by shooting a barrage of spikes, which gives it a chance to escape by rolling away. It fights by swinging around its three spiky feelers. A hit from these steel spikes can reduce a boulder to rubble.

The two minigears that mesh together are predetermined. Each will rebound from other minigears without meshing. By changing the direction in which it rotates, it communicates its feelings to others. When angry, it rotates faster. Spinning minigears are rotated at high speed and repeatedly fired away.

It is dangerous if the gears don't return. Its red core functions as an energy tank. It fires the charged energy through its spikes into an area. While one alone doesn't have much power, a chain of many Tynamo can be as powerful as lightning. These Pokmon move in schools. They have an electricity-generating organ, so they discharge electricity if in danger. They coil around foes and shock them with electricity-generating organs that seem simply to be circular patterns.

These Pokmon have a big appetite. When they spot their prey, they attack it and paralyze it with electricity. They crawl out of the ocean using their arms. They will attack prey on shore and immediately drag it into the ocean. With their sucker mouths, they suck in prey. Then they use their fangs to shock the prey with electricity. It uses its strong psychic power to squeeze its opponent's brain, causing unendurable headaches.

It can manipulate an opponent's memory. Apparently, it communicates by flashing its three different-colored fingers. Litwick shines a light that absorbs the life energy of people and Pokmon, which becomes the fuel that it burns.

While shining a light and pretending to be a guide, it leeches off the life force of any who follow it. This ominous Pokmon is feared. Through cities it wanders, searching for the spirits of the fallen. It absorbs a spirit, which it then burns. By waving the flames on its arms, it puts its foes into a hypnotic trance. They use their tusks to crush the berries they eat. Repeated regrowth makes their tusks strong and sharp.

They mark their territory by leaving gashes in trees with their tusks. If a tusk breaks, a new one grows in quickly. Since a broken tusk will not grow back, they diligently sharpen their tusks on river rocks after they've been fighting.

They are kind but can be relentless when defending territory. They challenge foes with tusks that can cut steel. Their sturdy tusks will stay sharp even if used to cut steel beams.

Pokemon Black & White Prima Official Guide (Volume 2 - Official Unova Pokedex) Scan

These Pokmon are covered in hard armor. When it is not feeling well, its mucus gets watery and the power of its Ice-type moves decreases.

Its nose is always running. It sniffs the snot back up because the mucus provides the raw material for its moves. It can make its breath freeze at will. Very able in the water, it swims around in northern seas and catches prey. It freezes its breath to create fangs and claws of ice to fight with. Cold northern areas are its habitat. When its body temperature goes up, it turns into steam and vanishes.

When its temperature lowers, it returns to ice. When attacked, it defends itself by closing the lid of its shell. It can spit a sticky, poisonous liquid. It evolves when bathed in an electric-like energy along with Karrablast. The reason is still unknown. When its body dries out, it weakens. So, to prevent dehydration, it wraps itself in many layers of thin membrane. Its skin is very hard, so it is unhurt even if stepped on by sumo wrestlers.

It smiles when transmitting electricity. It conceals itself in the mud of the seashore. Then it waits. When prey touch it, it delivers a jolt of electricity.

In fights, they dominate with onslaughts of flowing, continuous attacks. With their sharp claws, they cut enemies. They have mastered elegant combos. As they concentrate, their battle moves become swifter and more precise. It wields the fur on its arms like a whip. Its arm attacks come with such rapidity that they cannot even be seen.

It warms its body by absorbing sunlight with its wings. When its body temperature falls, it can no longer move. It races through narrow caves, using its sharp claws to catch prey. The skin on its face is harder than a rock. The energy that burns inside it enables it to move, but no one has yet been able to identify this energy.

These Pokmon are thought to have been created by the science of an ancient and mysterious civilization. It flies across the sky at Mach speeds. Removing the seal on its chest makes its internal energy go out of control. It is said that Golurk were ordered to protect people and Pokmon by the ancient people who made them.

Blades comprise this Pokmon's entire body. If battling dulls the blades, it sharpens them on stones by the river. They fight at Bisharp's command. They cling to their prey and inflict damage by sinking their blades into it. It leads a group of Pawniard. It battles to become the boss, but will be driven from the group if it loses.

Bisharp pursues prey in the company of a large group of Pawniard. Then Bisharp finishes off the prey. Their fluffy fur absorbs damage, even if they strike foes with a fierce headbutt. They charge wildly and headbutt everything. Their headbutts have enough destructive force to derail a train. They crush berries with their talons. They bravely stand up to any opponent, no matter how strong it is.

They will challenge anything, even strong opponents, without fear. Their frequent fights help them become stronger. They fight for their friends without any thought about danger to themselves. One can carry a car while flying. Its wings are too tiny to allow it to fly.

As the time approaches for it to evolve, it discards the bones it was wearing. They tend to guard their posteriors with suitable bones they have found.

They pursue weak Pokmon. It makes a nest out of bones it finds. It grabs weakened prey in its talons and hauls it to its nest of bones. Watching from the sky, they swoop to strike weakened Pokmon on the ground. They decorate themselves with bones. It breathes through a hole in its tail while it burns with an internal fire. Durant is its prey. Using their very hot, flame-covered tongues, they burn through Durant's steel bodies and consume their insides. They attack in groups, covering themselves in steel armor to protect themselves from Heatmor.

It tends to bite everything, and it is not a picky eater. Approaching it carelessly is dangerous. They cannot see, so they tackle and bite to learn about their surroundings. Their bodies are covered in wounds. After it has eaten up all the food in its territory, it moves to another area. Its two heads do not get along. Since their two heads do not get along and compete with each other for food, they always eat too much.

(Prima ) - Pokemon Black & White - Volume | DocDroid

This brutal Pokmon travels the skies on its six wings. Anything that moves seems like a foe to it, triggering its attack. The heads on their arms do not have brains. They use all three heads to consume and destroy everything. This Pokmon was believed to have been born from the sun. When it evolves, its entire body is engulfed in flames. The base of volcanoes is where they make their homes.

They shoot fire from their five horns to repel attacking enemies. When volcanic ash darkened the atmosphere, it is said that Volcarona's fire provided a replacement for the sun. A sea of fire engulfs the surroundings of their battles, since they use their six wings to scatter their ember scales.

This legendary Pokmon battled against humans to protect Pokmon. Its personality is calm and composed. This Pokmon came to the defense of Pokmon that had lost their homes in a war among humans. Its charge is strong enough to break through a giant castle wall in one blow. This Pokmon is spoken of in legends. This Pokmon fought humans in order to protect its friends.

Legends about it continue to be passed down. Its head sprouts horns as sharp as blades. Using whirlwind-like movements, it confounds and swiftly cuts opponents.

The lower half of its body is wrapped in a cloud of energy. It zooms through the sky at mph. Tornadus expels massive energy from its tail, causing severe storms. Its power is great enough to blow houses away. Countless charred remains mar the landscape of places through which Thundurus has passed. The spikes on its tail discharge immense bolts of lightning. It flies around the Unova region firing off lightning bolts.

This Pokmon appears in legends. It sends flames into the air from its tail, burning up everything around it. When Reshiram's tail flares, the heat energy moves the atmosphere and changes the world's weather. Concealing itself in lightning clouds, it flies throughout the Unova region.

It creates electricity in its tail.

Lands visited by Landorus grant such bountiful crops that it has been hailed as "The Guardian of the Fields. The energy that comes pouring from its tail increases the nutrition in the soil, making crops grow to great size. It generates a powerful, freezing energy inside itself, but its body became frozen when the energy leaked out.

This Pokmon brings victory. It is said that Trainers with Victini always win, regardless of the type of encounter. It creates an unlimited supply of energy inside its body, which it shares with those who touch it. Check www. Among those many mysteries are Pokmon color variations and the microscopic yet beneficial virus, Pokrus, that affects Pokmon development.

Keep reading to learn more about these unusual features of Pokmon biology. Shiny Pokmon are so rare that not everyone believes they even exist. These Pokmon have the same stats as any other Pokmon, but their coloration is distinctly different. You'll know you're facing a Shiny Pokmon if you hear a special chime and see stars when the Pokmon appears. Meeting one is pure luck, so if you catch one, treasure it! Evolution doesn't affect its status Don't be afraid to evolve a Shiny Pokmon.

It stays Shiny even after it evolves. Pokrus is a beneficial virus that can infect other Pokmon. You can't see it, but the Pokmon Center receptionist will tell you if your Pokmon have it when you bring them in for healing. With Pokrus, a Pokmon's stats increase at a faster rate, making it easier to train. After a few days, Pokrus is no longer contagious and goes away, but its effects remain. If you keep that Pokmon in your party, the Pokrus can be spread to teammates, as well.

Pokrus leaves after one to four days When the Pokrus is gone, a smiley face indicates that your Pokmon had it. If you see this mark, you can't spread the Pokrus to teammates anymore.

Unova Pokdex Completion Guide Protected by copyright. After your adventure in the Unova region ends, your next goal is to complete the Unova Pokdex.

This is an epic adventure to register the kinds of Pokmon unique to the Unova region in the Pokdex. Completing it gives you a great sense of accomplishment. This means catching all Pokmon with Pokdex numbers from to or trading for them with friends and family.

The goal: Caught number is Pokmon not needed to complete the Unova Pokdex More than kinds of Pokmon live in the Unova region, but you only need Unova Pokdex numbers to to complete the Pokdex. Landorus, Kyurem, and Victini are not included. The professor will tell you how complete your Pokdex is. The number of seen Pokmon in the Unova Pokdex must be over When you've met the requirement above, she will evaluate the number of caught Pokmon.

He will give you a certificate to recognize your hard work. After that, the award certificate will be placed in your bedroom in Nuvema Town. Requirements for getting a certificate from the Game Director Catch one of every Pokmon in the Unova Pokdex from to You have to work together with friends and family and trade Pokmon for Pokmon you can only get one of, such as the three starter Pokmon or Pokmon that only appear in one version of the game.

If you can't get Zorua and Zoroark, work together with a friend If you put the distributed Celebi in your party, you can meet Zorua, and if you put the distributed Shiny Raikou, Entei, or Suicune in your party, you can meet Zoroark. You need these two Pokmon to complete the Unova Pokdex. If you don't have the distributed Pokmon, cooperate with your friends and Link Trade to register these Pokmon p.

The simplest way to ll out your Pokdex is by catching wild Pokmon with Pok Balls. Master the following techniques to always get the Pokmon you're after. You could just fling your Pok Ball at a wild Pokmon, but there's a good chance the Pokmon will pop right back out.

You won't catch it if it's still full of energy, so use attacks to lower its HP. Once it's weakened, you have a much better chance of sealing the deal. Inflict status conditions on wild Pokmon condition and lower the Pokmon's HP, you'll maximize your chances of making the catch. Use Pokmon moves to inflict status conditionsa target with the Poison or Paralysis condition is easier to catch. That's not all it takes, of course.

If you inflict a status Status conditions that aid in capture. Sleep The target cannot attack. Wears off on its own after several turns. Some moves that cause Sleep. Frozen The target cannot attack. When it tries to use a move, it will sometimes wear off on its own. Status does not wear off on its own. Some moves that cause Paralysis. Master these differences and get the most out of your Pok Balls.

Each of these Pok Balls performs differently depending on the particular Pok Balls you can obtain in the Unova region. Premier Ball It has the same performance as a Pok Ball. Received as a bonus. How you get them. Pok Marts where they're sold. Quick Ball A Pok Ball with a good capture rate when thrown right at the start of battle.

Timer Ball A Pok Ball that does better after more turns have elapsed in battle. Pok Mart where they're sold. Dusk Ball A Pok Ball that does better at night and in caves. Try the Quick Ball Throw the Quick Ball immediately after the battle starts to get the most out of it. No matter how difficult it might be to catch this Pokmon, try throwing a Quick Ball first. Certain Pokmon moves and Abilities come in handy for nding and catching wild Pokmon. Use these moves to increase your chances of catching the Pokmon you're after.

Examples of useful moves for catching Pokmon Sweet Scent Use this wherever wild Pokmon appear, such as tall grass or a cave, and wild Pokmon will certainly appear. Useful for lowering HP as far as it will go without fainting.

Three great Pokmon for catching wild Pokmon Some Pokmon have moves that are practically custommade for catching wild Pokmon. Use these Pokmon Case. It evolves into Watchog at Lv. It learns Super Fang at Lv. When trying to catch a Pokmon that flees immediately, such as Tornadus or Thundurus, use Mean Look to keep it from running. Then use Super Fang to keep halving its HP. Hypnosis Inflicts Sleep status Psychic.

The target can't escape. If used in a Trainer battle, it prevents opposing Pokmon from switching out. This puts wild Pokmon in the easiest-to-catch state.

GrassWhistle Inflicts Sleep Grass. This attack always leaves the target with 1 HP, even if the damage would have made the target faint. This leaves any wild Pokmon in an easy-to-catch state. Thunder Wave Inflicts Paralysis Electric. Catch Pokmon That 3 Appear in the Wild and ll its pages. Some Pokmon that appear in the wild are listed here. Throw a Pok Ball when you meet a Pokmon Knowing where and when a Pokmon appears is important when you want to catch a Pokmon you haven't caught yet.

Use these tables to track down even the wiliest of wild Pokmon. Once you've caught the Pokmon you were after, check the box by its name. Wild Pokmon that appear in tall grass, caves, etc. If they are at the head of your party, this Ability makes it easier to encounter Electric-type Pokmon. Have them help you catch wild Electric-type Pokmon like Blitzle and Joltik. Trubbish and its evolution Garbodor. If a Pokmon with this Ability is at the head of your party, Stench makes it harder to encounter any wild Pokmon.

Make sure you don't have one of these two at the head of your party when you're trying to catch Pokmon! Catch Pokmon 4 While Surfing on land. When you've caught all the Pokmon that appear on land, its time to catch the Pokmon that live in water. Use the HM Surf to find wild Pokmon Plenty of Pokmon live in the water, and you'll encounter them while using Surf to move over the water's surface. You won't see any of these Pokmon. Catch Pokmon on the water Three kinds of Pokmon appear on the water surface not including Pokmon that appear in rippling water.

Both can be caught in either version, but your chances of encountering the other form is lower. You need to catch just one of them to register it in your Pokdex. Pokmon that appear on the water surface Unova Pokdex No. Use the best kind of Pok Ball for the job Of course, throwing highperformance Ultra Balls is an effective way to catch Pokmon on the water. You can even save money by using the right Pok Ball for the right Pokmon.

And guide pdf black pokemon 2 white book

High-performance Pok Balls. Don't miss your chance to catch an uncommon Pokmon Some Pokmon in the Unova region appear in four special places: Pokmon special appearances Watch out for the four types of special appearances: The wild Pokmon that appear are all hard-to-find Pokmon that can only be caught in these places. If you see one of these special opportunities, make it your first priority to check it out, even if you're in the middle of your adventure.

Rustling Grass This occurs in the light-green tall grass, not in the dark grass. Step on the rustling grass and a Pokmon will appear. Dust Cloud Occurs inside caves. Step on the dust cloud and a Pokmon will appear, or you will get an item.

Step on a shadow and a Pokmon will appear, or you will get an item. Ripples in Water Occurs on the water's surface. The collectors edition includes:. The collector's edition features a hard cover that is individually numbered on the inside with a special removable lenticular cover featuring White and Black Kyurem.

Both editions were released on October 7, Please remember to follow the manual of style and code of conduct at all times. Jump to: October 7, Publisher: Prima Games Author: Blurb A complete walkthrough of the games, including all the new Gyms, Trainers, challenges, and even the post-game surprises! Hints and special information to help you find hidden items, with a location index! Matchup strategies to help you beat the toughest quartet of Trainers in the game, the Elite Four!

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