Igcse physics notes pdf

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High quality CIE/CAIE IGCSE,AS,A Level, and SAT revision notes made by students, for students. Also offers ZClass high quality CIE IGCSE Physics PHYSICS IGCSE EXAM REVISION NOTES. By Samuel Lees and Adrian Guillot. 1. General physics. length and time. Speed, velocity and. Brownian Motion occurs when inⅵsible molecules of a liquid or gas bombard a ⅵsible particle due to random thermal movement. If the ⅵsible particle is small.

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A compiete set of notes for Cambridge IGCSE Physics. Page 2. CONTENTS. 1. General Physics 2. Thermal Physics -. 3. Properties of waves, including Light. Ċ, Summary Notes - Topic 1 Forces and Motion - Edexcel Physics View Download, k, v. 3, Mar 17, , AM, Nirmalie Fernando. IGCSE Physics notes - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. these notes are summary for all the.

Angie Erditha Atqa. Manan Sharma. Range of thermometer The temperature limits of the thermometer. Baaz Pathan. Post to:

Energy measurement: Work is set to be done when a force is applied at an object and the object is moved in the direction of the force. Kinetic energy: All moving objects have kinetic energy. Potential energy: The energy due to change in position. The heat equation Specific heat capacity: The specific heat capacity of a substance is the heat required to produce a rise in 1 Kg Specific heat capacity of water Thermal capacity: Specific latent heat of fusion: The specific latent heat of fusion of a substance is the quantity of heat needed to change unit mass from solid to liquid without temperature change.

Specific latent heat of vaporization Heat supplied by a heater: Speed of wave Circular motion: Specific latent heat of fusion Specific latent heat of vaporization: The specific latent heat of vaporization of a substance is the quantity of heat needed to change unit mass from liquid to vapor without change of temperature.

Series and parallel circuit The current is the same at all points in a series circuit The current is different in the branches of a parallel circuit Direct and alternating current In a Direct current d. Voltages round a circuit In series: The voltages at the terminals of a battery equal the sum of the voltages across the devices in the external circuit from one battery terminal to the other.

The unit of charge. In an Alternating current a. The Ampere and the Coulomb The unit of current is the Ampere A which is defined using the magnetic effect.

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In parallel: Resistors in parallel Also. V Resistors in series: The resistance of a wire of a certain material: Resistance The opposition if a conductor to a current is called its resistance.

Physics notes pdf igcse

Effects of capacitors in d. For simpler case of two resistors in parallel Inverting both sides.

Physics notes pdf igcse

Capacitor It stores electric charge and is useful in many electronic circuits. The processor decides on what action to take on the electrical signal receives from the input sensor.

The output transducer converts the electrical energy supplied by the processor into another form. It changes alternative current to direct current. Simple d. Are all known Weight The weight of a body is the force of gravity on it.

IGCSE Physics notes | Electric Current | Series And Parallel Circuits

Linear expansivity The expansion can be calculated if: Sensitivity of a thermometer It is the length of increase of the liquid per degree rise in temperature. Linear scale When the fixed points of the thermometer have been marked. Range of thermometer The temperature limits of the thermometer. The lower limit and the upper limit. More sensitive means more noticeable expansion. Stable equilibrium The body is in stable equilibrium when it slightly displaced and then released.

We say the object is Elastic. Plastic If a force is applied to an abject. Within elastic limit.

Pdf igcse physics notes

Conditions of equilibrium: The law of moments must apply. The sum of the forced in one direction equals the sum of the forces in the opposite direction II. Mass Mass is the amount of matter in an object and is measured in Kg.


Elastic If you put a force on an object making the object change shape and it returns to its original shape after removing the force. Unstable equilibrium A body is in unstable equilibrium if moves farther away from its previous position when slightly displaced and then released.

The pressure of fixed mass of gas is inversely proportional to its volume if its temperature is kept constant. Case Studies Whitepapers Webinars. Partnerships Become a Reseller Become an Affiliate. Add to Favourites In your Favourites.

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Physics IGCSE Full course notes

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