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Report. / Side hustles. Do you have a second job? 6 Minute English. Side hustles (). 6 Minute KB. Listen to 6 Minute English free. Learn and practise useful English language for everyday situations with the BBC. A weekly instruction manual for saying or doing . Chris: Hello and welcome to 6 Minute English from BBC Learning English, I'm Chris and with me today is Jen. Jen: Hi there. Chris: Now Jen, are you reading any.

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Our long-running series of topical discussion and new vocabulary, brought to you by your favourite BBC Learning English presenters. Podcast downloads for 6 Minute English. Learn and practise useful English language for everyday situations with the BBC. Your weekly instruction manual for. BBC LEARNING ENGLISH. 6 Minute English. A tall story. This is not a Hello and welcome to 6 Minute English. I'm Neil. Catherine. And I'm.

Built to fail? Is technology always the solution? Thu 4 Apr Neil and Dan discuss what awkwardness is and why we feel it. What do you buy when you're sad? Dr Parkman says his patients tense up — the dentist can see a tension come over them with that high-pitched sound of the drill.

He says the new buildings have sprung up in the last few years. When he says they've sprung up, he means they've suddenly appeared — and it's often used to talk about buildings.

And he also used a great word to talk about those nicknames — he said they were irreverently British nicknames — if something is irreverent, it doesn't show the respect you might expect for official things, and often treats serious subjects in quite a fun, jokey way. By calling them irreverently British, he suggests that being irreverent is quite typically British!

Now, Rob, you're quite typically British but are you irreverent? I think I am. I joke about everything! But, whether these nicknames are respectful or not, as I mentioned, many people are not happy with these tall new buildings.

What reasons does Jonathan Savage give? BBC reporter, Jonathan Savage: They are not universally popular.

6 Minute English

Some say they obstruct sightlines of old-fashioned landmarks like this one; that they threaten London's cultural identity; that they're just plain ugly.

A group of high-profile Londoners, politicians, artisans and academics are now campaigning to halt this incoming tide.

They say more than more skyscrapers are being thoughtlessly thrown up across London. OK, so, what were their reasons? They said they obstruct sightlines — they block the views of some older landmarks. They also threaten London's cultural identity — and some think they're just plain ugly. Using the word 'plain' in this context emphasises the adjective that follows.

Just plain ugly — means: Indeed, well that's the opinion of this group, but not of all Londoners. Nonetheless, they're working to halt — or to stop — the incoming tide of new skyscrapers. An incoming tide is the rise of the sea that happens every day, which makes it come further into the land. A strong image — and a lovely idiom to use when something is happening more and more. Yes, earlier we heard the phrasal verb 'spring up'.

Which similar phrasal verb was used by the reporter? Thrown up.

Minute english pdf 6

If something is thrown up, it's made quickly and without a lot of care. But be careful — to 'throw up' also has a different meaning — which is to vomit or be sick! Rob, have you got a head for heights? I've certainly got a head for heights and it doesn't make me sick being up high.

Pdf english 6 minute

Well, in that case you are unlikely to throw up from the top of one of these buildings! Indeed, well, back to the ground level to answer today's question! Earlier I asked you when St Paul's Cathedral was finished. Was it in , or ? And I said And you were right. They actually started building it back in Ah yes, not too long after the Great Fire of London in , which is why they had to rebuild it. Thank you Neil, and thank you everyone for listening.

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The decluttering trend Thursday How tidy are you? Choose your file Higher quality kbps Lower quality 64kbps. Why do we feel awkward? Thu 4 Apr Neil and Dan discuss what awkwardness is and why we feel it. Side hustles Thu 28 Mar Do you have a second job? How your eyes predict your personality Thu 21 Mar Neil and Rob discuss how your eyes predict personality and teach you related vocabulary. Internet - good or bad? Thu 26 Apr Rob and Neil discuss some of the advantages and drawbacks of going online Download.

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