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Trilogia Awakening di Josephine Angelini. Josephine Angelini, originaria del Massachusetts, è la più giovane di otto fratelli. Figlia di un. Read starcrossed by josephine angelini pdf StarCrossed by Josephine Angelini Series also known as Trilogia Awakening ItalianG ttlich-Trilogie German. Josephine Angelini (Ashland, ) è una scrittrice statunitense. Indice. 1 Biografia; 2 Opere settembre ISBN · Dreamless, Giunti Editore, Giunti Y, giugno Crea un libro · Scarica come PDF · Versione stampabile.

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Helen felt so giddy after playing hooky on a Hergie hall pass and eating raw sugar on an empty stomach that she couldnt even remember what class she was supposed to be going to. It sticks out like a sore thumb. First they looked over at Castor, to make sure he was sure. Harold Speed. The bell rang and she gathered her things. I figured, she said, nodding. To be fair, she could tread water for a few minutes at a time, but she was rotten at it.

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Trilogia Awakening di Josephine Angelini [Goddess, Il Destino della Dea #3]

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The Consort. The Dark Calling. They haunt us until we break. Helen remembered that tone. She thought of it as Lucass professor voice. She could listen to it all day, except she knew she shouldnt want to. They make us want to kill each other in order to fulfill some twisted sort of justice, Lucas continued in his measured tone.

Someone from another House kills a person in our House. We kill one from theirs in retaliation, and on it goes for three and a half thousand years. And if a Scion kills someone from his own House, he becomes an Outcast. Like Hector, Matt said tentatively. Even saying the name of their brother and cousin set off the Furies curse, angering the Delos clan.

Matt only risked it now for the sake of being clear. He killed your cousin Creon because Creon killed your aunt Pandora, and now you all feel an irresistible urge to kill him, even though you still love him. Im sorry. Im still not seeing how thats even remotely like justice. Helen looked around and saw Ariadne, Jason, and Lucas gritting their teeth. Jason was the first to calm himself. Thats why what Helen is doing is so important, he replied.

Shes in the Underworld to defeat the Furies, and. Matt gave up reluctantly. It was hard for him to accept the Furies, but he could see that no one at the table was any happier about their existence than he was. Claire still seemed like she needed to clarify a few things. Thats an Outcast. But Rogues like Lennie are Scions who have parents from two different Houses, but only one House can claim them, right?

So they still owe a blood debt to the other House, Claire spoke carefully, like she knew what she was saying was difficult for Helen to hear but she had to say it, anyway. You were claimed by your mother, Daphne.

Or by her House, rather. The House of Atreus, Helen said dully, remembering how her long-lost mother had returned to ruin her life nine days ago with some very unwelcome news.

But your real fathernot Jerryeven though, Lennie, I have to say, Jerry will always be your real dad to me, Claire amended passionately before getting back on track. Your biological father, who you never knew and who died before you were born. Was from the House of Thebes. For a moment Helen met Lucass eyes, then quickly looked away. Ajax Delos. Our uncle, Jason said, including Ariadne and Lucas in his glance. Right, Claire said uncomfortably.

She looked between Helen and Lucas who refused to meet her eyes. And since you were both claimed by enemy Houses you two wanted each other dead at first. Until you. She trailed off. Before Helen and I paid our blood debts to each others Houses by nearly dying for each other, Lucas finished in a leaden tone, daring anyone to comment on the bond he and Helen shared.

Helen wanted to dig a hole straight down through the tiled floor of the Delos kitchen and disappear. She could feel the weight of everyones unasked questions. They were all wondering: How far did Helen and Lucas go with each other before they found out they were first cousins? Was it just a little kissing, or did it get scarred for life serious? Do they still want to with each other, even though they know theyre cousins?

I wonder if they still do it sometimes. It wouldnt be hard for them because they can both fly. Maybe they sneak off every night and. We need to get back to work, Cassandra said with bossy edge in her voice.

She stood in the kitchen doorway with a fist planted on her slim, boyish hip. As Helen stood up from the table, Lucas caught her eyes and gave her the tiniest of smiles, encouraging her. Smiling back ever so slightly, Helen followed Cassandra down to the Delos library feeling calmer, more self-assured.

Cassandra shut the door, and the two girls continued their search for some bit of knowledge that might help Helen in her quest. Helen turned the corner and saw that the way was blocked by a rainbow of rust. A skyscraper had been bent across the street as if. Helen wiped the itchy sweat off her brow and tried to find the safest route over the cracked concrete and twisted iron.

It would be hard to climb over, but most of the buildings in this abandoned city were crumbling into dust as the desert around it encroached. There was no point going another way. One obstruction or another blocked all the streets, and besides, Helen didnt know which way she was supposed to go in the first place. The only thing she could do was to keep moving forward. Scrambling over a jagged lattice, surrounded by the tangy smell of decaying metal, Helen heard a deep, mournful groaning.

A bolt shook loose from its joint, and a girder above her broke free in a shower of rust and sand. Instinctively, Helen held her hands up and tried to def lect it, but down here in the Underworld, her arms didnt have Scion strength. She slammed painfully on her back, stretched out over the crisscrossing bars beneath her.

The heavy girder lay across her stomach, pinning her down across her middle. Helen tried to wiggle out from underneath it, but she couldnt move her legs without excruciating pain radiating out from her hips. Something was certainly brokenher hip, her back, maybe both. Helen squinted and tried to shade her eyes with a hand, swallowing around her thirst. She was exposed, trapped, like a turtle turned over onto its back. The blank sky held no cloud to provide even a moment of relief. Just blinding light and relentless heat.

Helen wandered out of Miss Bees social studies class, stifling a yawn. Her head felt stuffed up and hot, like a. Thanksgiving turkey on slow roast. It was nearly the end of the school day, but that was no comfort. Helen looked down at her feet and thought about what awaited her.

Every night she descended into the Underworld and encountered yet another horrendous landscape. She had no idea why shed end up in some places a few times, and other places only once, but she thought it had something to do with her mood.

The worse the mood she was in when she went to sleep, the worse her experience in the Underworld. Still focused on her shuffling feet, Helen felt warm fingers brush against hers in the hustle of the hallway. Glancing up, she saw Lucass jewel-blue eyes seeking hers.

She pulled in a breath, a quick inward sigh of surprise, and locked eyes with him. Lucass gaze was soft and playful, and the corners of his mouth tilted up in a secret smile. Still moving in opposite directions, they turned their heads to maintain eye contact as they walked on, their identical smiles growing with each passing moment.

With a teasing flick of her hair, Helen abruptly faced forward and ended the stare, a grin plastered on her face. One look from Lucas and she felt stronger. Alive again. She could hear him chuckling to himself as he walked on, almost smug, like he knew exactly how much he affected her. She chuckled, too, shaking her head at herself. Then she saw Jason. Walking a few paces behind Lucas with Claire at his side, Jason had watched the whole exchange.

His mouth was a. He shook his head at Helen in disapproval and she looked down, blushing furiously. They were cousins, Helen knew that. Flirting was wrong.

But it made her feel better when nothing else could.

Was she supposed to go through all of this without even the comfort of Lucass smile? Helen went to her last class and sat behind her desk, fighting back tears as she unpacked her notebook. Long splinters enveloped Helen, forcing her to remain completely still or risk impaling herself on one of them.

She was trapped inside the trunk of a tree that sat alone in the middle of a dry, dead scrubland. If she breathed too deeply, the long splinters pricked her. Her arms were twisted behind her and her legs folded up uncomfortably underneath her, tilting her torso forward.

One long splinter was lined up directly with her right eye. If her head moved forward while she struggled to break freeif she even let it sag a little with fatigueher eye would be stabbed out. What do you expect me to do? Helen knew she was completely alone. What am I supposed to do? Screaming didnt help, but getting angry did. It helped steel her enough to accept the inevitable. Shed put herself here, even if it was unintentional, and she knew how to get herself out.

Pain usually triggered her release from the Underworld. As long as she didnt die, Helen was pretty sure she would leave the Underworld. Shed be injured and in pain, but at least shed be out. She stared at the long splinter in front of her eye, knowing what the situation demanded she do, but not sure she was capable of doing it. As the anger fueling her seeped away, desperate tears welled up and spilled down her cheeks.

She heard her own constricted, choked-off sobs pressing close to her in the claustrophobic prison of the tree trunk. Minutes passed, and Helens arms and legs began to cry out, twisted as they were into unnatural shapes. Time would not change the situation.

Tears would not change the situation. She had one choice, and she knew she could either make it now or hours of suffering from now. Helen was a Scion, and as such a target for the Fates. Shed never had any choice but one. With that thought, the anger returned.

In one sure movement, she jerked her head forward. Lucas couldnt take his eyes off Helen. Even from across the kitchen he could see that the translucent skin across her high cheekbones was so pale it was stained blue by the lacy veins running below the surface. He could have sworn that when she first came over to study with Cassandra at the Delos house that morning, her forearms were covered in fading bruises.

She had a spooked, hunted look to her now. She looked more frightened than she had a few weeks ago when they all thought that Tantalus and the fanatical Hundred Cousins were after her.

Cassandra had recently foreseen that the Hundred were focusing nearly all their energy on finding. Hector and Daphne, and that Helen had nothing to fear. But if it wasnt the Hundred frightening Helen, then it had to be something in the Underworld. Lucas wondered if she was being chased, maybe even tortured down there. The thought tore him up inside, like there was a wild animal climbing up the inside of his rib cage, gnawing on his bones as it went.

He had to grit his teeth together to stop the growl that was trying to grind out of him. He was so angry all the time now, and his anger worried him. But worse than the anger was how worried he was about Helen. Watching her jump at the slightest sound, or tense into herself with wide, staring eyes, pushed him almost to the point of panic. Lucas felt a physical need to protect Helen. It was like a whole body tic that made him want to throw himself between her and harm.

But he couldnt help her with this. He couldnt get into the Underworld without dying. Lucas was still working on that problem. There werent many individuals who could physically go down into the Underworld like Helen could and survivejust a handful in the entire history of Greek mythology. But he wasnt going to stop trying. Lucas had always been good at solving problemsgood at solving unsolvable puzzles in particular.

Which was probably why seeing Helen like this hurt him in such a nagging, hateful way. He couldnt solve this for her. She was on her own down there, and there was nothing he could do about it. Why dont you sit next to me? Castor suggested, startling Lucas out of his thoughts. His father motioned to. Thats Cassandras seat, Lucas replied with a sharp shake of his head, but really what Lucas was thinking was that it was Hectors.

Lucas couldnt bear to take a seat that never should have been vacated.

Hm... Are You a Human?

Instead, he took his place on his fathers left at the end of the community bench. Yeah, Dad, Cassandra joked as she took the seat that she had automatically inherited when Hector became an Outcast for killing Tantaluss only son, Creon.

Are you trying to demote me or something? Wouldnt you know it if I was? What kind of an oracle are you, anyway? Castor teased, poking Cassandra in the belly until she shrieked.

Lucas could see that his father was seizing this rare opportunity to play with Cassandra, because those opportunities were nearly over. As the Oracle, Lucass little sister was pulling away from her family, from all of humanity. Soon, she would drift away from all people and become the cold instrument of the Fates, no matter how much she was loved by those closest to her.

Castor usually took any chance he could to joke around with his daughter, but Lucas could tell that this time he was only partly focused on taunting Cassandra. His mind was elsewhere. For some reason Lucas couldnt immediately see, Castor really didnt want Lucas to sit in his usual seat. He understood a moment later when Helen sat down next to him, in the place that had, through time and use,.

As she stepped over the bench and slid down next to him, Lucas watched his fathers brow furrow. Lucas shook off his fathers disapproval and let himself enjoy the feel of Helen next to him.

Even though she was obviously hurt by whatever was happening to her in the Underworld, her presence filled Lucas with strength. The shape of her, the softness of her arm as it brushed against his while they passed plates around the table, the clear, bright tone of her voice as she joined in the conversationeverything about Helen reached inside of him and soothed the wild animal in his rib cage.

He wished he could do the same for her. Throughout dinner, Lucas wondered what was happening to Helen in the Underworld, but he knew he would have to wait until they were alone to ask. She would lie to the family, but she couldnt lie to him. Hey, he called out later, stopping Helen in the dim corridor between the powder room and his fathers study.

She tensed momentarily and then turned toward him, her features softening. Hey, she breathed, moving closer to him. Bad night? She nodded, angling herself even closer until he could smell the almond-scented soap she had just used to wash her hands. Lucas knew she probably wasnt aware of how they always moved toward each other, but he was. Tell me about it. Its just hard, she said shrugging, trying to dodge his questions.

Describe it. There was this boulder. She stopped speaking, rubbed her wrists, and shook her head with a pinched expression. I cant. I dont want to think about it any more than I have to. Im sorry, Lucas. I dont mean to make you angry, she said, responding to his huff of frustration. He stared at her for a moment, wondering how she could be so wrong about how she made him feel. He tried to stay calm while he asked her the next question, but still, it came out rougher than he would have liked. Is someone hurting you down there?

Theres no one down there but me, she replied. By the way she said it, Lucas knew that her solitude was even worse somehow than torture. Youve been injured. He reached out across the few feet separating them and briefly ran a finger across her wrist, tracing the shape of the fading bruises he had seen there. Her face was closed. I dont have my powers in the Underworld. But I heal when I wake up. Talk to me, he coaxed. You know you can tell me anything. I know I can, but if I do, Ill pay for it later, she groaned, but with a touch of humor.

Lucas pressed on, sensing her lightening mood, and wanting so much to see her smile once more. Just tell me! How painful. Her laugher died and she looked up at him, her mouth parting slightly, just enough so Lucas could see the glassy inner rim of her lower lip.

He remembered the feel of it when he kissed her and he tensedstopping himself before he dipped his head down to feel it again. Excruciating, she whispered. How long does it take to use the powder Cassandra cut off abruptly when she saw Lucass back moving away down the hall, and Helen blushing furiously as she darted toward the library.

Helen hurried through the room with the peeling petunia wallpaper, avoiding the rotted f loorboards by the soggy, mold-infested couch. It seemed to glare at her as she ran past. Shed already come this way a dozen times, maybe more. Instead of taking the door on the right or the door on the left, both of which she knew led nowhere, she decided she had nothing to lose and went into the closet. A mossy wool overcoat loomed in the corner.

There was dandruff on the collar and it smelled like a sick old man. It crowded her, like it was trying to shoo her out of its lair. Helen ignored the cantankerous coat and searched until she found another door, hidden in one of the side panels of the closet. The opening was only tall enough to permit a small child to pass through. She knelt down, suddenly creeped out by the wool coat that seemed to watch her bend over, like it was trying to peek down her shirt, and hurried through the child-sized door.

The next room was a dusty boudoir, caked with centuries of heavy perfume, yellow stains, and disappointment. But at least there was a window. Helen hurried to it, hoping to jump out and free herself from this terrible trap.

Trilogia Awakening di Josephine Angelini [Goddess, Il Destino della Dea #3] – Sognando Leggendo

She pushed the lurid peach taffeta curtains aside with something approaching hope. The window was bricked up. She hit the bricks with her fists, just jabs at first, but with increasing anger until her knuckles were raw. Everything was rotted and crumbling in this labyrinth of roomseverything except the exits.

Those were as solid as Fort Knox. Helen had been trapped for what felt to her like days. Shed become so desperate shed even closed her eyes and tried to fall asleep, hoping to wake up in her bed.

It didnt work. Helen still hadnt figured out how to control her entrances and exits from the Underworld without half killing herself. She was frightened that she was actually going to die this time, and didnt want to think about what she would have to do to herself to get out. White spots crowded her vision, and several times now she had almost passed out from thirst and fatigue.

She hadnt had any water in so long that even the sluggish goo that spattered reluctantly out of the taps in this hell-house was starting to look appealing. The strange thing was that Helen was more frightened in this part of the Underworld than she had ever been, even though she wasnt in any imminent danger. She wasnt hanging from a ledge, or trapped in the trunk of a tree, or chained by the wrists to a boulder that was dragging her down a hill and toward a cliff.

She was just in a house, an endless house with no exits. These visits to the parts of the Underworld where she was in no. Thirst, hunger, and the crushing loneliness she sufferedthese were the worst kind of punishment.

Hell didnt need lakes of fire to torment. Time and solitude were enough. Helen sat down under the bricked-up window, thinking about having to spend the rest of her life in a House where she wasnt welcome.

It started pouring rain right in the middle of football practice, and then everything went sideways. All the guys started throwing each other around, sliding in the mud, really tearing up the turf.

Coach Brant finally gave up and sent everyone home. Lucas watched Coach as they all packed it in, and could tell he wasnt really into the practice to begin with. His son, Zach, had quit the team the day before. From what everyone said, Coach hadnt taken it well, and Lucas wondered how bad the fight had gotten.

Zach hadnt been in school that day. Lucas sympathized with Zach. He knew what it was like to have a father who was disappointed in you. Lets go! Im freezing, Jason hollered. He was already stripping off his gear on his way to the locker room, and Lucas ran to catch up. They rushed to get home, both of them hungry and wet, and walked right into the kitchen.

Helen and Claire were in there with Lucass mom. The girls track uniforms were soaked through, and they hovered expectantly by Noel with excited looks on their faces while they dabbed at themselves. At first, all Lucas could see was Helen. Her hair was tangled and her long, bare legs glistened with rain.

Then he heard a whispering in his ear, and a flare of hate flashed through him. His mother was on the phone. The voice on the other end was Hectors. No, Lucas. Dont, Helen said in a quavering voice. Noel, hang up! Lucas and Jason rushed toward the source of the Outcasts voice, compelled by the Furies. Helen stepped in front of Noel. All she did was hold out her hands in a stop gesture, and the cousins ran into her hands like they were running into a solid wall.

They were thrown back onto the floor, gasping for air. Helen didnt budge an inch. Im so sorry! Helen said, crouching over them with an anxious look on her face. But I couldnt let you tackle Noel. Dont apologize, Lucas groaned, rubbing his chest. He had no idea Helen was that strong, but he couldnt have been happier that she was.

His mother had a shocked look on her face, but both she and Claire were fine. That was all that mattered. Uuuhh, Jason added, agreeing with Lucas. Claire crouched down next to him and patted him sympathetically while he rolled around, trying to get his breath back. I wasnt expecting you boys home so soon, Noel stammered. He usually calls when he knows youll be at practice. Its not your fault, Mom, Lucas said, cutting her off. He hauled Jason to his feet. You okay, bro?

No, Jason replied honestly. He took a few more breaths and finally stood all the way up, the blow to his chest no longer the thing hurting him. I hate this. The cousins shared a pained look. They both missed Hector and couldnt stand what the Furies did to them. Jason suddenly turned and walked out the door, out into the rain.

Jason, wait, Claire called, hurrying to follow him. I didnt think youd be home this early, Noel repeated, more to herself than anyone else, like she couldnt let it go. Lucas went to his mother and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

Dont worry. Itll be fine, he told her in a choked voice. He had to get out of there. Still wrestling with the knot in his throat, he went upstairs to change. Halfway down the hall to his room and half out of his clothes, he heard Helens voice behind him. I used to think you were a good liar, she said softly. But not even I bought it when you said itll be fine.

Lucas dropped his sodden shirt on the floor and turned back to Helen, too wrung out to resist. He pulled her to him and let his face rest against her neck. She fitted herself against him, taking his weight as his big shoulders curved over and around her, and held him until he was calm enough to speak. A part of me wants to go find him. Hunt him down, he confided, not able to tell this to anyone but Helen.

Every night I dream about how I tried to kill him with my bare hands on the steps of the library. I can see myself hitting. And I feel relieved. Helen ran her hand across his wet hair, smoothing it down and gripping his neck, his shoulders, the bunched muscles of his backtucking him closer to her. Ill fix it, she vowed. I swear to you, Lucas, Ill find the Furies and stop them. Lucas pulled back so he could look at Helen, shaking his head. No, I didnt mean to put more pressure on you.

It kills me that this is all on you. I know. That was it. No blame, no pity me. Just acceptance. Lucas stared at her, running his fingers over her perfect face. He loved her eyes. They were always changing, and Lucas liked to catalogue all their different colors in his mind. When she laughed, her eyes were pale amber, like honey sitting in a glass jar on a sunny window. When he kissed her, they darkened until they were the rich color of mahogany leather, but with strips of red and gold thread shot through.

Right now they were turning darkinviting him to lower his lips to hers. Helen and Lucas sprang apart and turned to see Castor at the top of the stairs, his face white and his body stiff. Put a shirt on and come to my study. Helen, go home. Dad, she didnt. Castor yelled. Lucas couldnt remember ever. Helen fled. She squeezed past Castor with her head bowed and ran out of the house before Noel could ask what had happened.

It was my fault. She was worried about me, Lucas began, his stance defiant. I dont care, Castor said, his eyes burning into Lucass. I dont care how innocently it started. It ended with you half naked, your arms around her, and the two of you just steps away from your bed.

I wasnt going to Lucas couldnt even finish that lie. He was going to kiss her, and he knew if he kissed her he would have kept going until either Helen or a cataclysm stopped him. The truth was, it didnt really bother Lucas anymore that some uncle he never met was Helens father. He loved her, and that wasnt going to change no matter how wrong everyone said it was. Let me explain something to you.

Were cousins. I know, Lucas interrupted. Dont you think I realize that shes as closely related to me as Ariadne? It doesnt feel like that. Dont lie to yourself, Castor said darkly. Scions have been plagued with incest since Oedipus. And there have been others in this House who have fallen in love with their first cousins, like you and Helen have. What happened to them? Lucas asked cautiously.

He could already tell that he wasnt going to like his fathers answer. The outcome is always the same. Castor stared intensely at Lucas.

Just like Oedipuss daughter, Electra, the children born to related Scions always suffer our greatest curse. Lucas sat down while his mind raced, trying to find a way around this impasse. Wewe dont have to have children. There was no warning, no notice that Lucas had pushed too far. Without a sound, his father rushed him like a bull. Lucas jumped back up to his feet but didnt know what to do next. He was twice as strong as his father, but his hands stayed passively at his sides while Castor grabbed him by the shoulders and pushed him back until he was pinned against the wall.

Castor glared into his sons eyes, and for a moment Lucas believed his father hated him. How can you be so selfish? Castor growled, his voice seething with disgust. There arent enough Scions left for either one of you to just decide you dont want to have kids. Were talking about our species, Lucas! As if to drive home his point, Castor slammed Lucas into the wall so hard it began to crumble behind him.

The Four Houses must survive and stay separate to maintain the Truce and keep the gods imprisoned on Olympus, or every mortal on this planet will suffer! I know that! Lucas yelled. Plaster from the shattered wall rained down on them, filling the air with dust as Lucas. But there are other Scions to do that! What does it matter if Helen and I dont have children? Because Helen and her mother are the last of their line!

Helen must produce an Heir to preserve the House of Atreus and keep the Houses separatenot just for this generationbut for the ones yet to come! Castor was shouting. He seemed blind to the white dust and breaking masonry. It was as if everything his father had ever believed was tumbling down on top of Lucass head, smothering him.

The Truce has lasted for thousands of years, and it must last for thousands more or the Olympians will turn the mortals and the Scions into playthings againstarting wars and raping women and casting horrendous curses as it amuses them, Castor continued relentlessly.

You think a few hundred of us are enough to preserve our race and keep the Truce, but thats not enough to outlast the gods. We must endure, and to do that every single one of us must procreate. What do you want from us? Lucas suddenly shouted back, shoving his father off of him and rising up out of the bowed and breaking wall. Ill do what I have to for my House, and so will she.

Well have kids with other people if thats what it takes well find a way to deal with it! But dont ask me to stay away from Helen because I cant. We can handle anything but that. They glared at each other, both of them panting with.

Its so easy for you to decide what Helen can and cant handle, is it? Have you looked at her lately? Castor asked harshly, releasing his son with a disgusted look on his face. Shes suffering, Lucas. Dont you think Id do anything to help her? Then stay away from her. It was like all the anger had rushed out of Castor in a flash. Instead of yelling, he was now pleading.

Have you considered that what shes trying to do in the Underworld could not only bring peace between the Houses, but also bring Hector back to this family?

Ita angelini pdf dreamless josephine

Weve lost so much. Ajax, Aileen, Pandora. Castors voice broke when he said his little sisters name. Her death was still too fresh for both of them. Helen is facing something none of us can imagine, and she needs every ounce of strength she has to make it through.

For all our sakes. But I can help her, Lucas pleaded back, needing his father on his side. I cant follow her down into the Underworld, but I can listen to her and support her. You think youre helping, but youre killing her, Castor said, shaking his head sadly.

You may have made peace with how you feel for her, but she cant cope with her feelings for you. Youre her cousin, and the guilt is tearing her apart. Why are you the only one who cant see that? There are a thousand reasons you need to stay away, but if none of them matter to you, at the very least stay away from Helen because its the best thing for her. Lucas wanted to argue, but he couldnt.

He remembered how Helen had told him that she would pay for it later if she talked with him about the Underworld. His father was right. The closer the two of them got, the more he hurt Helen. Of all the arguments his father had made, this one cut Lucas the deepest.

He shuffled to the couch and sat down again so his father wouldnt see his legs shake. What should I do? Lucas was completely lost. Its like water running downhill. She just flows toward me. And I cant push her away. Then build a dam. Castor sighed and sat down across from Lucas, rubbing plaster from his face with his hands. He looked smaller. Like he had just lost the fight, even though hed won, taking everything from Lucas. You have to be the one to stop this. No confiding in each other, no flirting at school, and no quiet talks in dark hallways.

You have to make her hate you, son. Helen and Cassandra were working in the library, trying to find somethinganythingthat could help Helen in the Underworld. It was a frustrating afternoon. The more the two girls read, the more they were convinced that half the stuff about Hades was written by medieval scribes on serious drugs.

Ever see any talking-skeletal-death-horses in Hades? Cassandra asked skeptically. No talking skeletons. Horses included, Helen responded, rubbing her eyes.

I think we can put this one on the he was definitely high pile. Cassandra put the scroll down and stared at Helen for a few moments. How are you feeling?

Helen shrugged and shook her head, unwilling to talk about it. Since Castor had caught her and Lucas outside his bedroom, shed been tiptoeing around the Delos house when she had to come over to study, and stuck inside the hell-house each night. Usually in the Underworld, Helen could count on at least one or two nights a week where she was walking down an endless beach that never led to an ocean.

The endless beach was annoying because she knew she wasnt getting anywhere, but compared to being trapped inside the hell-house it was like a holiday.

She didnt know how much longer she could take it, and she couldnt talk about it with anyone.

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How could she possibly explain the perverted wool coat and lurid peach curtains without sounding ridiculous? I think I should go home and eat something, Helen said, trying not to think about the night that awaited her. But its Sunday. Youre eating here, right? I dont think your dad wants me hanging out here anymore.

I dont think Lucas does, either, she thought. He hadnt looked at her since the day Castor had caught them with their arms around each other, even though Helen had tried several times to smile at him in the hallway at school.

Hed just walked by like she wasnt there. Thats nonsense, Cassandra answered firmly. You are a part of this family. And if you dont come to dinner, my. She walked around the table and took Helens hand, leading her out of the study. Helen was so surprised by Cassandras uncharacteristically warm gesture that she followed quietly. It was later than the girls had thought, and dinner was starting.

Cassandra took her customary place next to her father, and the only spot left was on the bench, between Ariadne and Lucas. As Helen stepped over the bench, she accidentally jostled Lucas, running her arm down the length of his as she sat down.

Lucas stiffened and tried to pull away from her. Sorry, Helen stammered, trying to shrug her arm away from his, but there was no room to move over on the crowded bench. She felt him bristle, and she reached under the table and squeezed his hand as if to ask, Whats wrong? He snatched his hand out of hers. The look he gave her was so full of hatred it froze the blood in her veins. The room went silent and the chitchat died.

All eyes turned to Helen and Lucas. Without warning, Lucas threw the bench back, knocking Helen, Ariadne, and Jason onto the floor. Lucas stood over Helen, glaring down on her. His face was contorted with rage. Even when they were possessed by the Furies, and Helen and Lucas had fought bitterly, she had never been afraid of.

But now his eyes looked black and strangelike he wasnt even in there anymore. Helen knew it wasnt just a trick of the light. A shadow had blossomed inside of Lucas and snuffed out the light of his bright blue eyes. We dont hold hands. You dont talk to me. You dont even LOOK at me, do you understand? His voice rose from a grating whisper to a hoarse shout as Helen scrambled away from him in shock.

Lucas, enough! Noels horrified voice was tinged with dismay. She didnt recognize her son any more than Helen did. Were not friends, Lucas growled, ignoring his mother and continuing to move threateningly toward Helen. She pushed her shaking body away from him with her heels, her sneakers making pathetic squeaking noises as she scuffed them against the tile, looking for purchase.

Luke, what the hell? Jason shouted, but Lucas ignored him, too. We dont hang out, or joke around, or share things with each other anymore. Lucas reached down to grab Helen, but his father gripped his upper arms from behindstopping him from hurting her. Then Helen saw Lucas do something shed never once dreamed hed do. He spun around and hit his father. The blow was so heavy it sent Castor flying halfway across the kitchen and into the cabinet of glasses and mugs over the sink.

Noel screamed, covering her face as shards of broken dishes went flying in every direction. She was the only full mortal in a room of fighting Scions, and in serious danger of getting hurt.

Ariadne ran to Noel and used her body to protect her, while Jason and Pallas jumped on Lucas and tried to wrestle him down. Knowing her presence would only enrage Lucas more, Helen scrambled up onto her knees, slipping across a bit of broken crockery as she stumbled to the door, and jumped into the sky. As she flew home, she tried to listen for the sound of her own body in the high, thin air. Bodies are noisy. Take them into soundless spaces like the Underworld or the atmosphere and you can hear all kind of huffs and thumps and gurgles.

But Helens body was as silent as a grave. She couldnt even hear her own heart beating. After what she had just been through, it should have been thundering away, but all she felt was an intolerable pressure, like a giant knee was grinding into her chest. Perhaps it wasnt beating because it had broken clean through and stopped.