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Surprise for all u friends who waited & waited for Guru ji ka treatment or Guruji's Milking. I am inserting a link for downloading the complete story in PDF file. That was my instant reaction hearing the words “in front of Guru-ji” and I By then, I could realize my nipples were growing to their full size and. sat vocabulary for dummies pdf · fhm romania aea autism autism materials autism resource team library pdf File name: anita singh guruji s treatment pdf.

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Guruji Ka Treatment (FULL).pdf - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Guruji Ki treatment - Free ebook download as Text File .txt), PDF File .pdf) or By then, I could realize my nipples were growing to their full size and my heart. download guruji ka treatment full pdf. Download Guruji Ka Treatment Full Pdf. 16 Reads 0 Votes 1 Part Story. safiresto By safiresto Ongoing - Updated Jan

It was not a fun trip a nd I was here for a treatment for bearing the child. I could not stop reacting. The way I was exploited in the name of diksha , in the name of treat ment , and in the name of jagya makes me feel so ashamed even today, after so many y ears. Let me explain though you should have been able to reply this Beti being married for three years and well experienced in sex life. Here… paste it here. It will be uncomfortable for you each time….

Since your legs are fully covered with water, I shall start with your thigh-tags. You take off the tag off your skin, turn towards me and put it on my thigh. One tag at a time. I will guide you to paste it on the right place. I extended my hands down to peel off my thigh-tag and as I did that naturally my gaand protruded out and Gosh! Anyway, have you picked it up Beti? I turned towards Guru-ji with the tag in my hand.

He held my hand and guided me towards his left thigh. Our hands were under the milk and his grip was so firm on my hand. He raised his dhoti almost to his waist and steered my hand on his thigh. I felt his warm hairy thigh. I was waiting for him to say to stick the tag there, but to my utter disbelief he made me feel his thigh with my hand! What was he doing? If this is what I have to do on his thigh, what about my pussy tag! Oh my God! Here… paste it here. I pasted the tag and was relieved.

Same thing happened while sticking my right thigh-tag onto his body. I felt so embarrassed as he made me feel his entire naked right thigh!

Sanjeev start the motor… Now, Beti, the tags on your hips. Milk again started pouring into the bathtub in full flow through the pipeline. I swallowed a breath, as I knew it would be highly discomfiting. While transferring the thigh-tags I had faced Guru-ji and I was still standing like that with my big boobs looking like two searchlights pointing towards this Godman.

Guru-ji now held my shoulders and back and made me turn away from him. My whole body trembled as the milk level had risen almost to my navel now. Take off the tags, one by one. I took my hand to my back. Thank God! The lower part of my body was under the fluid level, which in fact made me much less shy to complete this act. My small skirt had already coiled up near my waist and my whole ass and my pussy were totally exposed under the milk except for my tiny soaked panty.

Guru-ji must have been watching me as I guided my hand on my ass, as he was right behind me. How very shameful! I quickly inserted my fingers inside my panty and took out the tag and turned to face him. Saying that he grabbed my hand and guided it towards his buttocks! I tried to maintain a decent posture, but the ripples created inside the tub due to the milk gushing in and Guru-ji holding my hand made me lopsided and my entire body weight was on his body, not to mention that my round sizable boobs pressed and rubbed on his chest for a few seconds.

Beti, just a second, till I get the right spot. He made my hand go inside his dhoti and traveled on his naked gaand. I closed my eyes as I was chattering the mantra and felt incredibly shy. Now the other one Beti… Milk had now covered me almost till my breasts and I was really finding it difficult to stand properly and what happened in the next couple of minutes turned my face literally red till my ears!

I quickly got out the other tag from my bottoms and as Guru-ji held my hand with his right hand and dragged me gently towards him, I lost my balance and almost slipped. Guru-ji held me in the nick of time and embraced me with his left hand.

I also grabbed his waist for support and in the process I was so close to him that my both boobs got fully pressed on his body. I did not know how I was still babbling on the mantra as I clearly felt that he dragged me more close to his body so that my rubber-tight mammaries kept tightly pressed on his chest. Let me hold your waist, otherwise you might slip… He was making my hand feel every bit of his naked ass cheek and I even felt for a second his ass crack!

His right hand was holding on to my hand while his left hand, which was initially on my back, now slid straight onto my buttocks. My skirt was already up and floating in the milk around my waist and Guru-ji directly touched me on my ass. I could feel his fingers feeling and tracing my wet panty and then placed his full palm on my wide right ass cheek!

His right hand was guiding my hand over his own gaand and his left hand was feeling the tightness of my gaand! I gasped for air as I still continued with the mantra. His body had a very strange aroma, which was making me weaker and as a result my firm and upturned tits were getting pushed more onto his chest. I could feel my nipples growing hard within my soaked blouse. Okay, paste it here. At last he ordered and I was able to somewhat ease out.

Sanjeev, stop the flow. Now I was standing in the tub with milk rippling near bust line. My blouse was completely soaked along with my strapless bra inside. The tow males outside could not see me in this state as milk was comfortably covering me.

Now your breast-tags Beti. I inserted my fingers within my blouse in front of Guru-ji as I prattled the mantra. It was a rather difficult task though I managed to get the tags off my nipples in the sexiest way possible with Guru-ji watching me constantly. I was still unable to stand properly on the tub floor as the ripples were continuously created within it. Guru-ji held me by my waist with one hand while his other hand guided me to stick the tags on his nipples.

Now the last one… the most important one also! He indicated my pussy-tag and instantly my face was red in natural shame. My throat was getting drier, not only for constantly gibbering this mantra, but also in anxiousness.

I took both my hands to my panty and stretching the waistband of my panty with one hand I inserted my other hand inside it and took out the tag. Hmm… Sanjeev start the motor. I was rather shocked to hear this command from Guru-ji because already the milk level was significantly high covering till my bosom and if further fluid gets in I will be submerged!

But there was no way that I could question him due to his prior warning. This time I noticed that the milk was filling the tub in double volume and within the wink of an eye, my shoulders were almost covered.

Guru-ji being a tall man was still comfortably standing. What happened in the next few minutes was no less than what I saw of Sunita Bhabie while bathing in the Waltair sea! Give your hand Anita. As the milk was still rising and the ripples created thus were more forceful I had to take help of Guru-ji to stand properly.

I myself held his body and stood very close to him. He held my right hand, which was holding my pussy-tag, and took it down towards his crotch! With his other hand he embraced me and this time the embrace was so natural and compelling that I could not but accept it. I touched his lund, yes, his naked lund, which was dangling in milk outside his dhoti, and he made me feel the whole length of huge thick cock.

He had embraced me tightly now to his body and my boobs were pressing fully on his flat chest. Automatically my body also bent towards him though I had closed my eyes in shame, excitement, and anxiousness.

Guru-ji was making me feel every inch of his naked lund inside the milk cover and honestly I really enjoyed touching such a well-nourished cock!

I was much astonished to see the stiffness of his cock considering his elderly age.

Ka treatment full pdf guruji

It was very firm and upright and its length would more than impress any married woman. Naturally I was pressing more onto his body and Guru-ji was an experienced man and realizing that I had somewhat succumbed to this action, he quickly changed his posture. Guru-ji stepped back one step and leant onto the bathtub wall and gently pulled me towards him.

Treatment guruji pdf ka full

I was more than eager to get close to him and his right hand steered me again on his thick erect cock, but his left hand was no longer on my back, but he placed it to my right side just below my ribcage! Guru-ji was virtually making me stroke his cock and as soon as I embraced him tightly with my free hand in excitement, I felt his hand, which was just below my ribcage now progressing towards my twin globes.

Though he behaved as if he was trying to provide me support by holding me, but within seconds I felt his palm on my right breast. Guru-ji practically was supporting my bent body by grabbing my mammary! The minute I felt a grab on my breast, automatically my grip on his lund tightened and my pussy was getting wet also.

I was trembling in excitement though I still was whispering the mantra! Guru-ji now pushed my hand down to his balls and I went completely out of my head and started caressing his balls!

My face was buried on his upper chest and I was rubbing my wet lips there. Guru-ji could well realize that I was pretty much excited sexually and he was taking control on me. Anita… Beti… Hey, Anita! Paste that tag on my lund….

I was as if hypnotized and followed his instruction, but still was holding onto his proud masculinity. I saw him raise his hand once above his head and suddenly there was an eerie sound! I looked up in astonishment, but Guru-ji calmed me.

It must not stop at any cost. This is a test for you. If you stop, the vengeance of Chandrama will be on you then and you will not be able to achieve your goal. Hearing that I tried to recompose myself, but I was so very excited inside that I was longing for more.

Interestingly, as Guru-ji spoke his left hand was still feeling my boob flesh and his long stiff dick was almost poking my crotch! I could realize that milk had stopped gushing into the tub now, but surely something was getting in as the milk inside the tub started to turmoil. As I result, I was submerged till my neck and had Guru-ji not been holding me, I surely would have slipped in this fluid undulation. I did not know what was happening, but the milk got very much turbulent inside the tub with that eerie noise and I had a rather tough time to keep my head above the milk.

I started nodding my head violently indicating it was impossible to continue like that with milk entering my nose, mouth, and ears. Then what Guru-ji did was so unexpected and awkward that I was left speechless and astounded. Guru-ji being a tall man was not having any trouble with the milk gushing up and he just effortlessly lifted me up so that I do not feel milk on my face!

You navel tag is still left and then to complete your purification you need to dip six times in his holy milk. It was a bit too much of a compromising situation for me. I was practically sitting on his hands in my lifted posture and my legs were encircling his waist.

I was very much aware that my miniskirt was virtually nonexistent now and Guru-ji was directly feeling my wet panty-covered ass flesh on his muscular arms.

His face was inches away from my toppling breasts and my choli being fully wet had slid down considerably and I was displaying almost down to my nipples shamelessly. Peel off the tag from your navel and paste it on mine. I followed his instruction while being in my lifted position. It felt so awkward to be like that hanging in the lap of an elderly person, myself being a matured married woman. I did stick to my task of whispering the mantra in my mind, but was definitely getting weak by the minute.

Though I knew I should not think in this way, but surely Guru-ji must have been enjoying every bit of it lifting up a plump woman like me that too in complete wet condition. Afterall he was also a human! I looked down at his face to see his reaction, but he was as calm and composed as ever! Anita, now the last part.

The final purification. I was much relieved as Guru-ji dropped me partially off his arms towards the floor, but did not release me fully of his embrace and now just my head and neck were out of the milk. My legs did hang in the air actually in the milk , as he gripped me close to his body, but unfortunately my condition was more miserable, as Guru-ji was in fact hugging me by grabbing my ass with his hands and holding me so that I remain in a somewhat raised condition too!

I was very much aware of his fingers digging into my panty and tight ass flesh. I had to hold his shoulders to keep balance and now my tits were constantly brushing his face. Do continue the mantra Beti… My mind was going very wayward in this erotic posture. Guru-ji dipped my head gently into the milk while I was in that embraced state. I could feel Guru-ji palms gripping my buttocks very firmly and simultaneously he was making me press my boobs more onto his flat chest as I took the first dip.

His face was almost touching my face and I was unable to control myself anymore. My heart was beating like a drum as I was getting a full frontal hug from Guru-ji as I completed the first dip. My whole body from head to toes was now wet with milk. The whole setting was so sensuous and provoking that my mind simply stopped working.

Guru-ji being an experienced campaigner easily realized my sexually charged up condition; instead of coiling up within myself due to such lewd closeness to an unknown adult male, I was actually exhibiting clear predilection to this action! Any other male would surely end up fucking me in that milk tub, but Guru-ji was truly a man made of different steel!

If any other normal man would get a fully developed woman, moreover married, wearing this sort of a tiny skirt and choli, fully submerged in milk, what would he wait for? One delicate snatch would tear off my choli — it was so sopping wet and my skirt had been floating around my waist for a long time now — so there was practically no cover underneath also on my starving choot except for my near nonexistent wet panty!

He could have easily slipped his fingers inside my panty or in fact pull it down as well since I had completely surrendered to him. His big statue, well built body, his arm strength, his broad hairy chest, his firm grips, his body odor, everything seemed s-o-o-o inviting. Moreover, this locale was so inciting and rousing that I was bound to think in that way only! Guru-ji completed the six dips that I needed for my purification and all along I remained glued to his manly body.

He must have enjoyed the weight of my heavy breasts on his chest throughout and honestly during the last two dips I was so stimulated that I was licking and biting his neck and shoulder as I felt his cock pressing on my panty when he was dipping my head in the milk.

Finally Guru-ji broke the silence. I did not notice that the eerie noise had stopped and the milk also had ceased to be turbulent any more. He now descended me to the bathtub floor, but I had to raise my neck so that my mouth remained above the milk. Well done Anita! You have successfully completed the snan. You can stop the mantra now. Jai Chandrama! Jai ho! I was in no position to stand properly as my whole body was too much sexually stimulated.

I could clearly feel drops of honey leaking out of my pussy and it itched vigorously to get inside a manly tool. As I breathed heavy, I tried to reorganize myself, but my body seemed not in my control any more! I already got almost mad by his touches on my intimate body parts and naturally now the urge was clearly from my side to get physical.

Anita… Beti, do you feel better like this? I was naturally overjoyed by this action in my already stimulated state and embraced him shyly. Guru-ji felt my boobs unhindered from the front with his hands and massaged them copiously. Then he pulled me close to his body and hugged me.

He embraced me with one hand and his other hand went inside my skirt straightaway. My face turned red as he touched my panty front directly on my c-h-o-o-t! I realized Guru-ji was inserting his finger inside my pussy through my panty! I did not know how to react but was thrilled so much by the whole action that my whole body was covered with goosebump. Anita, surely this will make you feel better.

My whole body jerked and I embraced Guru-ji very tightly. My big juicy boobs were pressing very tightly on his chest as I embraced him. Uuuuuuuuuu… Ooooooooo…. This went on for a few seconds till I started discharging. I continue to tremble in excitement though Guru-ji looked rock solid.

Anita… Anita… Calm down. Behave yourself! I want to …. Anita, you are on a holy mission. Do not spoil it by your emotions. Okay, if you feel comfortable this way, let me do it a little longer. He fucked my choot with his finger feeling my vaginal walls and simultaneously supporting me with his other hand scanning my whole back and time and again sturdily cupping my butt cheeks over my panty. I was moaning and desperately biting his broad shoulder and scratching his whole naked back with my fingers.

Pacify… Pacify yourself! Guru-ji stopped his finger fucking after a minute and I continued to writhe in his arms. He waited for another minute probably and also gave me some time to enjoy the togetherness.

Uiiiiiii Ummmmm! Okay, I will let you a few more minutes till you complete an orgasm. Saying that he somewhat forcefully detached himself from my body though I was trying my best to cling to him. Surprisingly he behaved in a very calm and composed manner though I could feel he had a fully erect dick under his dhoti getting intimate touches of my matured female body.

Guru-ji positioned himself slightly differently so that I was not directly in front of him, but to his side. I closed my eyes as I was feeling hot juice was coming out of my choot and I was literally shaking in extreme exhilaration. Beti, I know its very difficult for any woman to ignore her sexual feelings at this stage, but you have to do that.

While talking to me Guru-ji with his hands was thoroughly feeling my firm globes, which were now almost fully out of my scanty choli. I could feel his fingers crawling on every inch of my big breasts. Hold me tight, but Anita also try to have control on your mind.

Guruji Ki treatment

I was in fact for the first time trying to control myself now after I have had some adequate discharge. Sanjeev… Sanjeev, we are almost done. When he called Sanjeev even, he was still pressing and cupping my boobs and as my boobs again got directly pressed like that, my eyes automatically got closed in contentment and I began to take heavier breaths while I pushed my mammaries shamelessly more into his palms.

I was shocked to see what Guru-ji was up to! On one hand he was calling his disciple and now had almost inserted his hand inside my blouse. Being a tall man that he was easy, it was quite easy for him to push his hand through into my creamy flesh from a higher angle. Now he was eager feeling my upper breast area and the bulge my boobs were creating due to the presence of my bra.

He traced my cleavage with one hand and also felt my cheeks! I was again staring to lose control at this sudden erotic behavior by Guru-ji. What he was advising me moments ago and what he was doing now were totally contradictory! I again tried to embrace him and was feverishly biting his chest and shoulder area and rubbing my face on his hairy chest.

I could hear Sanjeev knocking at the bathtub door though I was in no position to face him. Wait a minute Sanjeev. He said loudly and then lowered his voice and whispered in my ears.

Now that you are absolutely purified, our duty becomes to thank Chandrama and Linga Maharaj. Guru-ji… I… My condition was pathetic.

I tried my best to reorganize myself. See, this water will take off all the stickiness of milk from our bodies. I opened my eyes and was surprised that there was virtually no milk any more within the tub and clear water had replaced it!

I was so engrossed in my encounter with Guru-ji that I did not realize it at all! Clear water was gushing in through another slit and in no time I was cleaned of milk and the stickiness! You just stay still and do as I direct. Guru-ji went to my backside and then made me fold my arms in front of my bosom while he immediately poked his enormous manhood into my firm round ass. He pressed me from behind in such a way that my full gaand pressed on his crotch and his face was touching my face and shoulder.

He positioned his arms in the form of prayer below my hands and placed his arms skillfully through my armpits. It was an awful posture and of course very much compromising for any woman, but at that moment I was too much euphoric to think about those! Slowly I felt his fingers crawling off my hands, which were held in the form for a prayer and were retracting to rest on my boobs!

As Guru-ji was embracing me from my back and his arms were passing below my armpits, he was of course in a very advantageous position to exploit me more. As he whispered the mantra, I felt he was again cupping my boobs and nudging my taut flesh with both hands.

Till such time I was trying to hide my emotions, but this time I was knocked out. Uiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I had to push my arms a bit, as I felt Guru-ji trying to move up my boobs and I realized he had plans to insert his fingers once again into my choli! I could feel some little humps also from Guru-ji to make things more exciting for me!

He held both my nipples and twisted and pinched them gently, which made me go absolutely wild. I could feel Guru-ji was pushing more of his palms into my choli and I doubted his hand pressure would tore off my choli! My eyes were closed; my nipples rock hard; my pussy was leaking like anything and my whole body was jerking in sexual jubilation. It seemed I was in a dream state being thoroughly groped and felt by Guru-ji in this special bathtub when suddenly there was an interruption!

I heard Sanjeev calling loudly and trying to say something to Guru-ji! Oh no! What a reckless end to this wonderful buildup! Guru-ji quickly got out his hands off my choli and looked outside. I noticed that the tub was now completely empty!

No water! No milk! I did not even notice when the water was driven out of it! My whole body was expectedly sopping wet and naturally my wet clothes were just not enough to salvage my dignity. Guru-ji, I notice clouds are covering up the moon. We will have difficulty then performing the Yoni Puja.

I did not notice that. We must hurry up! Thanks for making me aware. How could he notice? Beti, you are half way through and we must have the moon at the end of the yagya. But if rains come, things will be difficult for you only!

Honestly at that moment I was not at all in any frame of mind to think about the moon or the Maha-yagya, but was only keen to get physical. But to my absolute amazement, Guru-ji was preparing to leave me and was about to get out of the bathtub! How can a normal man do this? I clearly felt his rock-hard lund on my body many times during the snan and the way he cupped and pressed my boobs clearly signified that he was also sexually stimulated!

But… But he just left me so nonchalantly…. My mind was wandering in blind lanes as I saw that six feet tall structure getting out of the tub! Guru-ji… p-l-e-a-s-e… I moaned softly; Guru-ji looked back once at my eyes and gave me a strong stare with crooked eyebrows and got out of the tub.

I looked on as I noticed he said something to Uday and Sanjeev. They nodded. Then Uday handed him over a fresh dhoti and to my complete disbelief Guru-ji simply opened his wet dhoti in front of us all to wear the dry one. I had never seen a man changing his clothes like this!

He was completely naked with his thick lund hanging like a big ripe banana in the air! Guru-ji stroked his naked erect cock with his right hand, looked up at me once, and then wrapped the dhoti quickly at his waist. He could have easily used a towel, but he did the whole thing so casually that it seemed there was no one there!

Madam, come down. I slowly stepped out of the tub. The grass was wet due to the nighttime dewdrops. It felt so good under my bare feet. But suddenly as I noticed the long hungry stares of both the males standing in front of me made me aware that I was heavily exposed in my scanty wet outfit. When I glanced down I saw my strapless bra could be seen out of my choli as Guru-ji had dislodged it while caressing it and I had to shamelessly put it in place facing the two males.

I somehow pushed my firm boobs into the cups of the brassiere from outside and adjusted the choli to look decent to some extent. I soon realized that my wet skirt had coiled up over my buttocks and my panty was totally exposed from behind! I briskly restored that to cover my butts fully. I will make a move Madam, as I need to get things arranged for your Yoni Puja.

Nirmal should be coming any moment to accompany you and Sanjeev. Uday left the place and I stood alone with Sanjeev in the open. I noted that the moon was hidden by thick black clouds. A rain was probably on the cards as a cold breeze was also blowing. Madam, will you change here or go to the room? I mean… Nirmal: Madam, how are you? How was your snan Madam? My boobs were rather taut under my wet bra and blouse with my pussy dripping adequately in my panty.

I was in position to talk, especially to a matured male! I noticed he was ogling at my exposed body and seemed as if would eat me up with his greedy eyes. Snan was o… okay. How are you? Madam, will you change here? Sanjeev repeated his question. Here… in the open?!? We are all disciples of Linga Maharaj now. But… Sanjeev: Did you not see Guru-ji change in front of us? Ye… yes, but…. How can I forget that? His Maha-lund! Awesome meat! Most women after this snan change here only Madam because if you go the room you will have to undergo certain rituals again.

Nirmal is right Madam. No, no. Wise decision Madam. Madam, you should not stay any longer in these wet clothes; you better get out of them quickly. You are not accustomed to the village cold. Madam, take this towel and cover yourself and get rid of your wet clothes. But… but I need to… Sanjeev: You want to go to toilet once… right?

Yes, yes… but how did… Sanjeev: How did I know? Madam, I have attended so many Doodh Sarovar snan sessions… ha ha ha… I know very well what you women need after the snan. He smiled wickedly looking at me and felt so very exposed in front of him. Madam, first change your dress. Nirmal seemed too much eager to see me change my dress in front of him. I looked around timidly for a proper cover, but none was there.

I thought it was useless to waste any more time on that and turned away from them and placed the towel on my chest are and took my hands below it to unhook my blouse. Both males were standing right behind me and they must have been feasting on my completely bare back as I got rid of my brassiere too.

I was wondering where to keep my wet bra and choli and Nirmal was ready to help!

Guruji's Treatment: Episode 3 - In front of Guru ji

Give those to me Madam. As I handed over my wet upper garments to Nirmal he was very much aware that I was standing topless with just a towel cover on my big tight boobs. Just then a mild breeze started to swipe and my nipples got very much hardened getting its feel.

I was feeling so tight on my boobs that I took my hands once again under the towel cover to squeeze my assets once to breathe easy. Then I quickly dried off neck, shoulder, and tits saving my dignity as much as possible. Here is the fresh set Madam. Saying that he handed me my brassiere. I took that without turning my body and quickly got into it and felt much comforted.

Then as I just completed wearing my choli, Nirmal was there with his trademark comment again! Madam, you can turn towards us… It is very odd to stand like this.

Ka treatment full pdf guruji

He he…. I was so irritated as I was still trying hard to pull up the neck of the choli to cover my amply exhibited cleavage. I am not done yet. I said strongly as I pulled off the towel from my tits and wrapped it around my waist. O… okay Madam. As you wish. Madam, what to give first? The skirt or the panty?

The question was so offensive and spoken so reluctantly that my ears got red instantly. I was also confused for the moment as I was not at all habituated wearing skirts. I mean… the skirt of course… no… err give my the pan… I mean… Sanjeev: Ha ha… you seem o be confused Madam.

Do one thing - open both your skirt and panty and then wear one by one. Ha ha ha… My whole face turned red in shame and I felt so irritated and humiliated being a married female standing like that in front of two adult males.

Give the skirt… Sanjeev readily handed me the skirt and I opened the knot of my towel at my waist and unfastened the hook of my skirt and had to wriggle my ass significantly to get it to my feet as it was sopping wet and sticking to my body.

It must be a pretty energetic show to those males as I waggled my big gaand under the towel to drop down the skirt to my feet.

I only knew how difficult it was to wear a panty while two men were breathing at my neck! I sighed a relief when I was fully dressed fully! Nirmal and Sanjeev had come to the other side and now facing me. Now Madam, use this to wipe off your face, you will definitely feel better. He handed me a scented handkerchief and as I mopped my face and hands, it felt very refreshing.

I needed to urinate and had to tell that to these males. Sanjeev, I need to.. You have to do it in the open as I said Madam…. You can go to that corner and do it. He he he…. I did not know what made me smile and I did that very foolishly in front of the two and I hurried away from the spot as I was rather keenly interested to poke and scratch my vagina as it was itching to the limit!

I was sure Sanjeev and Nirmal were looking at my swaying round hips inside the miniskirt, which must be looking rather sexy. I casually dragged the hem of my skirt as I walked, but to no effect as the fabric of the skirt was not stretchable at all.

As I walked down to the corner I was thinking that this was the second time that I had to sit in the open to urinate in the last few days coming to the ashram and on both occasions someone was inspecting me! In general I try to avoid pissing when I am out and if emergently required I still try to avoid the ladies toilets available in the markets or public places because I feel very awkward to piss in front of other girls even.

The scene inside is also rather offending as each one coming and pulling up their saris shamelessly and sitting down emitting all sorts of hissing sounds. I feel very shy and uncomfortable out there in that setting. But this setting also, in the open, was equally offending, as I had to void before male eyes! But there was no way out and my whole body was almost aching now to piss.

Walking to the remotest corner possible, I raised my skirt like a schoolgirl and dragged my panty down to my knees and sat down on the grass. The hissing sound of my pissing was flouting the silence of the night and I was sure Nirmal and Sanjeev was able to hear my peeing - very, very clearly! I was feeling s-o-o-o-o-o-o, s-o-o-o-o-o-o ashamed till the last drop trickled off and I raised my panty up again.

We proceeded now to the ashram building again and reached the Puja-ghar. Guru-ji was sitting right in front of that. His face and upper body glowed in the orange-yellow light of the fire; he was chanting mantras and throwing flowers etc. I noticed that Uday and Rajkamal were already present in the puja-ghar and now Nirmal and Sanjeev also joined with me. Welcome Anita! By the gace of Linga Maharaj and Chandrama you have reached the pinnacle of your yatra in the ashram.

He indicated to take my seat there. All the other four males kept standing facing us. I sat on my knees so that I did not make an unnecessary upskirt show to the men who were standing just opposite to me.

Beti, I require paramount concentration from you in this session and you have to be absolutely inhibition-free while attending it, otherwise the whole effort will go as a waste. And do respond from time to time so that I can understand you can grasp what I say.

I will discuss the aspects of this Yoni Puja and will interact with you as needed so that you can grasp the whole idea and every bit of the dialogue is effective for your future pregnancy. Let me proceed then.

I tried to concentrate hard on Guru-ji and in fact the milieu was such that my entire focus was in fact on the Godman! I have acquired this skill from my Guru. He is no longer alive today. I will pass on this special skill to one of them who in turn will carry on. Guru-ji looked at his disciples.

Sanjeev, Nirmal, Rajkamal, and Uday — all were listening to him with great concentration. Yoni Puja… the basic idea is rather than worshipping the 'Yoni' in the symbolical form, using for example a statue or a painting, we do a "live" worship. This is also called "stri puja" which indicates that worship is directed to a living Yoni of a real woman.

Getting what I mean to say? Yes Guru-ji.

Ka treatment pdf guruji full

And today YOU are the goddess whose Yoni will be worshipped so that your womb is blessed with a child. Moreover, the effect and preparations for this ritual include means of heightening mental and physical responsiveness to erotic stimulation, some of which you have already passed through and of course you would not have been comfortable doing all that in front of your family members or husband.

Guru-ji paused for a while only and then continued again. He paused again but only for seconds. Do you agree that a marital relationship broadly rests on the physical relation between the husband and wife?

Then do you agree that you must know the proper ways to execute love making with your husband? Anita, you might find the questions that I put forward now a bit offending or a bit too personal, but if you do not share you will not be able to know the right keys to your love making success. The first and foremost thing is the venue? You must be having sex in your bedroom Anita? I was a bit taken aback by the question. It was too straight. Especially considering that I was answering in front of four other males!

I nodded. Can you briefly describe your bedroom? You did not get me. I want to know the position of the bed, how many windows and doors are there in the room, fans and lighting arrangements, toilet is attached or not… Me: I see. In my bedroom there are two windows and one door. There… Guru-ji interrupted.

When you meet your husband do you keep the windows open? Ye… err… I mean mostly yes. They are of course curtained. No need to mention that. I smiled shyly. And there was a slight roar of laughter from the audience — Sanjeev, Rajkamal, Nirmal, and Uday.

Anyway, continue. The bed is in the center of the room and the fan is also just above it. Okay so it seems that you have a cozy and convenient environment while meeting your husband on bed. Yes, mostly. And the attached toilet is a positive step towards lovemaking. What about the lighting arrangements? You mean…?

Yes, when you are on bed with your husband how much illumination the room has? Err… the night lamp…. I mean the night lamp is only switched on. Beti, I asked you how much illuminated the room remains? I started feeling nervous as I was unable to figure out what exactly he wanted to know. Err… its… Guru-ji: Are you not getting me? I want to know are you able to see your husband very clearly? No Guru-ji. Of course not with the night lamp. Hmm… Okay.

Guruji Ka Treatment (FULL).pdf

Whatever information I gathered from you it seems other things are pretty okay except for the light. Let me brief you on this. The bed position seems okay, just below the fan, the windows must also remain open while you are engaged in sex. Attached toilet is a plus as I said. Regarding illumination it is important to have proper lighting for passionate and interesting lovemaking.

Of course not Guru-ji, but its getting to that end only. Use something brighter than the night lamp if you want to excite your husband. I was keenly listening now as there has been some ebb in our lovemaking in recent times. But Guru-ji… Guru-ji: I know what you will say. You will feel shy to be naked in more light. I am not asking you to be naked under the tube-lights of your room Anita! Use an amber tint if possible and it would be best if you can put it in a bedside lampshade.

That will help you both to see each other clearer and the light effect will surely heat up the session. And another point to note for you - spread only yellow or cream-colored bed sheets so that the light reflects off your bed giving an exciting effect.

I will remember that. These points might sound simple enough, but it actually helps you to open up to more love. Love demands shamelessness after marriage. If you are bold and creative, your husband automatically will remain glued to you. And when I discuss other techniques, you will yourself know that once your husband feels that love, he will be more open to you sexually and will want to make love more often. I was mesmerized to his explanations. I loved the way he explained and was surely getting keen to know more.

Additionally occasionally if you can keep flowers in the room, it also will add to the effect, but mind you Beti, do not try too many things at a time, it will make the setting artificial and uncomfortable for your husband.

Can you tell why? I fumbled, as I was not prepared for a question. Let me explain though you should have been able to reply this Beti being married for three years and well experienced in sex life. I blushed and lowered my face. Sanjeev can you tell? Suddenly if Madam tries to decorate the room on the days when she meets her husband, he might be apprehensive and uneasy.

If Madam was a newly married lady, she could have tried these alterations. Good Sanjeev. Anita, did you get it? Sure Guru-ji. I nodded as an obedient student of this sexual awareness class! Myself being nearly 30 years of age and married for 3 years was getting education about how to create an exciting atmosphere for my fuck! Next is the second most important thing after the ambiance. What is that Guru-ji? I asked hurriedly in my keenness to know more and simply looked like a fool in front of these males when Guru-ji replied.

Obviously your dress code Anita. What you should wear and what not when you go for sex with your husband. I swallowed a breath and immediately felt my exposed state in my current Maha-yagya dress code.

I was giving a hefty cleavage show and my rotund legs and thighs were also shamelessly exposed. The very next question made me coil like a snail within myself. First let me hear Beti from you what you wear on days when you have sex with your husband? I mean Guru-ji… normal… I mean nighty. Okay, so nothing special on weekends etc.? You always wear nighty while going to bed.

Okay and what about your inner wears? I could feel my palms had started sweating as I was replying to these intimate questions. I licked my lips once so that I could remain composed. Err… nothing… I mean like all women while going to bed … Guru-ji: Okay Beti, I got it. I just nodded. I felt very uneasy to share these facts in front of so many people. If it was Guru-ji alone, I would not have probably felt so odd, but the presence of that clumsy dwarf Nirmal and teenage Rajkamal were making me feel rather shy.

This is another aspect where you need to correct yourself Anita. Since you are only wearing a nighty, you are actually depriving your husband from a longer foreplay. Do you realize that? I did not quite get what Guru-ji meant.

How was I depriving Rajesh if I was wearing nighty on bed without my inner? Err… no Guru-ji. Sanjeev, can you explain why to Anita? I looked up to Sanjeev again, as he seemed to be the most literate among the four disciples of Guru-ji. He paused a little and then started replying to me. Madam see, if you come to bed only wearing a nighty without your undergarments, when your husband starts making love, he very easily can make you naked… as you know just pulling up your nighty will make you naked.

But if you are wearing at least your undergarments below it, you can easily drag this encounter longer making your husband feel more excited. I had to lower my eyes as he explained such thing to me in so very direct language. Guru-ji took the baton now from Sanjeev. Exactly so. Your husband would love to see you naked Anita, but if the process were longer, his fun would be lengthened. Do you get it now? I noted from the corner of my eyes that both Rajkamal and Nirmal were openly scratching their dicks over their dhoti!

O-k-a—y, so you agree that if you wear your inner wears under your nighty you can ensure better lovemaking. I again nodded with an almost dry throat because now I was clearly feeling the heat in my ears listening to such things in so much detail. Similarly I recommend you to avoid wearing a nighty at least on days when you plan to have a fuck.

Post a Comment. Friday, January 29, Episode 3 - In front of Guru ji. Sanjeev looked at me with a smiling face as I came out through the toilet door. There was a step from the toilet towards the room and when I stepped down on it, automatically my free boobs clasped loosely in the blouse gave a bouncing effect and I noted that his eyes did not miss that. It was extremely uncomfortable for me to be like this in front of this male and I tried to wrap up things as quickly as possible.

I handed him the washed undergarments. I was feeling wetness on my smooth buttocks and thighs, as the petticoat that I was wearing was half wet especially in the buttock area and that was making me more uncomfortable.

Okay Madam, take rest. He left and I felt so relieved and quickly closed the room door and got rid of the wet petticoat. This time I did not open my sari and just lifted it to my waist and untied the petticoat knot.

It was sticking to my buttock as it was wet and I had to struggle a bit to finally slide it over my round ass cheeks.

The very sensation of not wearing anything below my sari was giving me a turn on. My petticoat was more or less dry now and I was thinking of wearing it when there was a knock on the door.

I had to say something to the person knocking as I needed to put on the petticoat. Please wait, I am opening in a minute. I swiftly wore the petticoat and flowed the sari over it and opened the door.

There was Nirmal standing on the door. Madam, Sanjeev said to take you to diksha room. Guru-ji is waiting there. He was a short statured guy, only probably 5 feet and his eyes were just in the level of my boobs. I was careful not to show him any unnecessary bouncing of my free boobs. Okay I am ready. But Sanjeev was saying to take a bath before the diksha…. I could not complete as Nirmal interrupted in between. How can I bathe in front of him, I am not a little girl?

No, no Madam, you got me wrong. I wanted to say the herbal waters are specially prepared by Guru-ji and he chants some mantra on that before you take the bath. There is separate toilet in the diksha room.

Listening to him I calmed down, but he probably got entertained by my reaction. Madam, who says you are a little girl? He must be a blind donkey. Nirmal was flirting with me I realized, but to my surprise I was enjoying his words! His comment did not irritate me. I was feeling hardness again in my nipples and my breasts getting firm hearing a male hinting me to show up in my school uniform, seemingly knowing the school uniform skirt would not even properly cover my macro-sized buttocks.

I also replied teasingly. Sanjeev already said your ashram would provide sari for me. I hope you will not come up separately with a school dress. Madam, ashram is like a school only.

So there is no harm in wearing that. He said laughingly. I do not know why I was dragging this and getting fun out of this useless conversation, but somehow this short-height Nirmal amused me.

During this conversation I completely was out of my mind that why I have come to the ashram. It was not a fun trip and I was here for a treatment for bearing the child. But the chronology of events with Sanjeev first and now this amusing Nirmal probably drifted me temporarily. By then, I could realize my nipples were growing to their full size and my heart beating faster. May be my standing in front of a completely unknown male in braless state added to it. You have a point that ashram is like a school only.

What he replied was the most provocative statement I have ever heard from a male concerning me. So you agree that the ashram is like a school. So you should have no objection in wearing a school uniform. Right Madam?

He paused very briefly looking at my eyes, but his eyeballs roaming frequently on my whole body. Suppose I bring a school dress for you Madam, the white top and the pleated skirt, I can bet you cannot wear it as even if you can get your legs into the skirt, it will not go up your hips.

Madam, you are very plump there. And for the top, surely you will not be able to close a single button of the top even if you are braless as you are right now. I was getting amused by the conversation no doubt, but at the same time was taken aback when he said he knew I was not wearing a bra directly. It seems the whole ashram knew that! I can wear the skirt surely; the top may be a problem.

But thank god! You do not have the school uniform as the ashram dress code. I giggled and Nirmal laughed back at me too. Nirmal was gaining in confidence in his words as he saw me responding to his teasing talks. May be he leads a sage life, but the way I started showing signs of shamelessness in my conversation probably provoked him. I was really unsure what I was trying to do, my pussy was already wet and my boobs gaining in firmness. I was also breathing a bit heavily now.

It was difficult for me to stand still, and so pretending to adjust my sari in front of him, I actually was rubbing my ass to the door.

I will bring you a school dress to try out and then you will agree to my words. Nirmal is inviting me for a lewd session I could understand. I was also equally fascinated to tease this 5 feet dwarfish male. Oh really, you have a school uniform in the ashram. How come?