Samajwadi pension yojana online form pdf

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निराश्रित महिला पेंशन लाभार्थी. Quarter-1(). Category No Of Pensioners (In Lakh) GEN MIN OBC SC ST Lakh Lakh Lakh. View Application Form · 4. User Manual. Copyright © Samaj Kalyan Vibhag, Government of Uttar Pradesh, Raight Reserved Disclaimer: Every effort. 9 सितंबर Uttar Pradesh Samajwadi Pension Yojana, How to Apply Online for list as pdf file, you can check the status of your pension online too.

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In the Samajwadi pension yojana online application form, you need to enter the Visit official website to download pdf file of pensioners. Click on . वृद्धावस्था पेंशन लाभार्थी. Quarter-1(). Category No Of Pensioners (In Lakh) GEN MIN OBC SC ST Lakh Lakh Lakh . Pension List · Operational Manual Data Entry Software For Baseline Survey · Download PDF form for Online Data Entry Software For Age Group

Please Suggest. Or does the pension by default go to spouse only. July 14, at July 14, at 5: What happen at that time?

Now, the time to expect the pension in the bank account has come. If you are among the applicants, there are various online facilities regarding this scheme. You can download the pensioners list as pdf file, you can check the status of your pension online too. In this article, we will help you in finding out all the required details. A official list is provided by the concerned department. Interested people can download the list and check their names in it.

If name exists, your pension will be credit to you soon. The steps to download the pension list are given below —. If you want to check the status by Entering your Name or Register number, follow these steps —.

Clicking on the search button will open up the details. If the application is rejected. Bisalpur post.

Your email address will not be published. Pradhan Mantri Yojana. Home info. Proudful Indian September 9, Share This. Baharul islam 3 years. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Today, got deducted under for my APY account. How can this be possible. My EMI is Please loon into this and resolve this ASAP. Even PPF account holders are eligible for this scheme. So this cannot be the reason to discontinue APY.

You will have to contact bank for any deduction related query. Sir, I am a Government Employee and have pension after retirement. My age is 34 years can I open Atal Pension Yojana. The Bank authorities gave an acknowledgement no. Plz guide me. And if I am eligible, If I have to get pm pension what is the monthly amount I have to pay and till how many years? Can I apply this online and can I do online payment thru my sbi account?

Your monthly premium would be rs per month. You can call the customer care of the bank to get yourself enrolled. Dear Sir, I want to enrol myself in Atal pension yogana now but the last date was in June.

So can I enrol now? It seems, someone already have asked this question. According to me just write a note in the application form that you already have NPS account and get a copy of that with you. Kindly advise. When i am calling bank authorities they are saying request submitted. When i call government tool free number they are saying the process is with Bank?

Yes tHe Bank needs to give you this required information. You can call the customer care of the bank and lock a complaint against this. If the policy holder expires before 60, will lump sum amount will be paid to nominee or spouse get the pension amount immediately or do the spouse need to pay premium for remaining term? If no premium deposited for 24 months, the account gets closed.

What will happen to corpus accumulated? If the spouse and nominee are same, how will it work for providing pension to spouse and lump sum to nominee? Minimum 20 years we have to pay the premium, so if a person starts to pay premium at the age of 30 and expired at the age of 55 paid premium for 20 years and stopped , will his spouse get the pension soon after his death or how it works?

I want to know that, if I changed my bank account from Bank of Baroda to SBI can the same scheme will get transferred to another bank or do I need to opt fresh for the same? Sir i already taken a plan APY but which website my all information because no any single document to give me APY scheme. Dear Sir, I have enrolled in atal pension yojna in the month of June but after filling application for enrollment same day i contacted to my sbi branch for cancel my name from this scheme before deduction of amount from my account as i found this scheme is not beneficial for my.

The branch manager said me there is no option to cancel the enrollment and finally the amount is deducted from my account Rs I give written application for cancel my name from this scheme. You can call the customer care of SBI and lock and an official complaint against it. After 20 days the branch is yet to take any action. The form is in the name of my wife and she is the first holder of the account.

Since She will be 40 next month, the opportunity will be gone after that. How can you help regarding the same? My age is 32 they how can it corrected. Dear sir i am pay income tax. Suppose my wife and I both enroll to atal pension yojana for rs.

Secondly, if both die after 60 years and nominee for us is the same, in such case, will the nominee get corpus amount of Rs 8. But I have a question that after attaining 60 years, the pension which I will get is it taxable for me? Hi Sir, My age is 25 and i am a self employed running a small business and i want to take per month plan.

I have few questions. For how many years i have to pay? If i want to get my money in between then what is the locking period? I am a tax payer so Gov will not contribute anything for me so will there be any extra charges? Please reply me as soon as you can. It is being requested that the age limit from 18 to 40 should be relaxed upto 50 years should that the peoples between 40 to 50 may also have chance to join this yojana. Is the pension amount and premium amount fixed as per the matrix above irrespective of interest rate fluctuations?

Can I have 2 different pension funds from government at a same time. And will I be eligible to get pensions from both the schemes? Can I register online to this scheme? If the government changes in between, will this pension scheme may get impacted. There is already a pension fund for senior citizens in which one has not to pay anything. So at the age of 60 will I be eligible for both the schemes.

But yes you can call the customer care of the bank to get your self registered. I have enrolled for atal pension yojna with State bank of India, Bangalore 2 months ago. The bank has given me acknowledgement also but there is no deduction of monthly pension amount in my account.

Sir,I am unmarried my age is 38 so my question is whom shall i put as nominee and i dont want to put my family members so can i put my friend as nominee and secondly i want to know is ther any chart of corpus amount which will be paid to nominee after death of the subscriber.

Pl reply me with my both answers. Please call the customer care and get the official version of answer on that. You should have a live savings bank account and you are through. It is a great news I just confirmed this with the customer care. You can log in http: You can use the links to check the APY status of other banks also. What if the participating bank closes down? What happens to our money deposited and what happens to our Pension scheme?

But the APY scheme is not yet activated. Please inform how much time does it takes and what will be proof that account is opened other than deduction of money from bank account. I am 32 year old. I have filled the form with nominee details. In future, if I will get married then nominee will get the benefit OR my becoming wife?

The process for paying the corpus amount is yet not clear then how can i enroll for the same. Before enrolling i should read and understand full details of the scheme. Sir, I have opened a APY account on Allahabad Bank Bamangachi Branch, Kolkata, some how from the bank they have done mistake on my Date of Birth which was but they made it so deduction per month making less, kindly guide me how to get rectification on my D.

Sir, i want to know that. If i get government job i next 2 year then what will be the case. Sir if some one has deposit APY for plan for 2 years,,if some one is not able to deposit for next 2 year ,, then what will happen for his deposit money ,, and if again he wants to restart after 1 year then what will be the case. I have opted for APY , i have few doubts here , if at all a person Who opted for APY pays the monthly contribution regularly and dies before attaining 60 yrs.

If any one have clear idea about these, kindly clarify my doubts, It will be really helpfull if you can mail me personally. Is the Husband and wife both can apply for the pension,,,,,please let me know the condition is given case. I asked them to make it correct but they told me that they dont know how to do it. Please help me…. Could you confirm that, would I opt this scheme without go to the my bank branch… via online banking. I have couple of question.

I am a casual daily wage purely temporary employee of a State Aided University. Can I open an account with Atal Pension Yojana? Is it possible to change the premium of the said Yojana in future? Sir, I was not able to pay the last month premium for prime ministers pension scheme due to low balance in my bank account. Whether the policy was expired? Sir,muje atal pension yojana scheme close karani he ,kya me ye scheme close Kar sakta hu mere account se aur mere account se ab tak rs cut hua he WO refund milega kya.

However his Data of Birth has wrongly taken into system. Please advice what is the procedure for Date of Birth correction. I joined the APY two months before.

I just want to know that if every conditions were fulfilled than the pension corpus amount, in my case its 8. Now I am 39 years old and interested to join the pension scheme.

Presently i am working in a pvt. Every month PF got deducted from my salary and coming year on i have to file income tax. I just want to know whether i can join in this scheme. Also i heard from somebody that if PF deducted continuously 10years then we will get a pension from PF account.

I would like to close and quit from this Atal Pension Yojana Scheme. Kindly guide me with the procedure to close and quit from this scheme. I have received the PRAN from bank. Every month my premium debited from my bank account is not same date.

Today i visit my bank,to know what is the reason behind it. My bank says they are not responsible for that. This is govt. If any reason,my account is empty,then what can i do?

When bank not want to take any burden,then what can I do? If subscriber will death before 60th age, he is paying properly from 30th age to 50th age until then his death. My doubt is what happen in this case for spouse and nominee. If subscriber some reason he not pay continually but he was paid from 30th age to 45th age.

My doubt is what happen in this case for him, spouse and nominee. Can receive the pension or paid amount? If i will not continue my contribution after 1 or 2 year , can i get my deposited money If yes how with interest or only deposited amount? If my policy lapse how can i continue the same. Amount is deducting from my account but where it is going,where it will save ,do we have any special account for that? I applied for this scheme at SBI Nagar Road and the contribution has started debiting from my saving account.

Rahis Ansari, DOB: My Aadhar No: Raees Ansari, DOB: Please advice what is the procedure for Name and Date of Birth correction. Thanking you……………. What happen in my case for spouse and nominee is are same.

I have IT file which is not taxable, So am I eligible to get government co-contribution?. Please help me Thanking you……………. I am Working at Bank of Maharashtra. Would like to apply for APY. From Next year i will come under Tax bracket. The monthly deduction from my SB Account is very irregular. Monthly twice its debiting from my account, even though I gave standing instruction to banker for 25th every month.

To whom I need co-ordinate for resolved this problem? I have enrolled through SBI. Am i going to get PRAN card at my residence? But till now I have not received my Policy documents. Please guide me what shall I do??

My 1st query is that I invest yearly approx. I mean I invest in Total Rs. In case of subscriber death in the middle of age, before attending the age of 60yrs, wat is the procedure to claim.

Sir, I want to close my APY scheme, as im not able to continue with this scheme. I submitted request letter to bank regarding closing of my bank account. Sir, I am an account holder of APY. Pls inform me how can i get my pass book. I will be obliged if you help me.

Hi, My name is Neethu Jayesh, i am 24 years old. But this month Sep till the amount should not deduct from my account. What is the Reason? Where did i get the same? My self S. Rajesh from Chennai. What is the document which is received as a proof of policy after the commencement of policy. Kindly explain. I have started the NPS.

Do you issue PRAN card for the same? May we receive the statement of account which amount debited from savings account? My DOB is However, we have not received the card for the same till date. Respected sir, my age is 28 right now i am nither a tax payer nor a govt employee and not any social pension secheme beneficiaries. But in next 6 to 12 month if i got any govt job and becone tax payer So what the procedure nd then how govt contribute or how i inform them.

Sir please help me by clear all above doubt Because right now there are so many doubt reagrding scheme in mind. After online complaints, I received a call stating that the website of Atal pnsion scheme is down. I have complained thrice but still no action. I wish to escalate my complaint to PMO office. Kindly share the procedure. Let me know the last date of submit the Atal pension plan form.

I was visited the SBI branch office Hudkeshwar Nagpur but he denied to collect the form from us because the Branch Manager tell us that the scheme is closed and last date was 30th Sept It is correct or Wrong , Need your kind revert urgently. I am 27 years old if I died before 60 , then EMI have to pay or not if pay then who will pay, and How much moneyor corups will be refund and who will be received. I am working in private sector and had opened pension account with Indian Bank.

However later on i came to know about me not being eligible to open this account, me being income tax payer. Please let me know, how can i now close the pension account. I asked the bank, but they are not aware of the closure process, as they have not received any communication. She is current 29 year old.

I opted for rs. For that monthly installment is If subscriber die by chance after few premiums paid, then Is subscriber wife eligible to claim the corpus amount of 8.

We are unable to contact our SBI home branch due to long distance but i want to take this scheme. My APY continue from sep What do I Do.. I have open APY in UBI bank and they have given only one slip which is tear from the below submitted application only. Will not get the pass book for the same? I want to know how can i stop my APY scheme. I went to bank but they told me there no closure form of this scheme. My age is 22 year…. I also want to know what will have to government contribution if I get government job in future..

After 60 years, whether she will get old age pension from municipal corporation or she will start getting pension from atal pension yojana?? Or she will get both. I have opened an APY account.. I am a student of 21 years. I have some money problem so now i want to close my APY Account..

Is it possible to opt out. I need to know the reason. Kindly clarify me. Bank said still its not received from their end. Money is deducting from account. Kindly reply for the same. I am working in a software company.

Please let me know if I am eligible to apply in the pension scheme. Third is we both get pension on same time with ourself account. If I die on pension periethen my wife will get both APY account benefit or not. Please describe on this all topics so many people may clear him confusion like me and proceed for both individual APY account.

After 60 years, whether she will get old age pension from municipal corporation or she will start get pension from atal pension yojana?? Or she will get both? I have opened APY account for Rs. But suddenly due to severe financial problem I cannot continue to pay the premium further, so I want to close my APY account permanently. I asked bank for this but the bank staff is saying there is no way to close the APY account permanently, instead I have to close my savings account from UCO bank.

Hi Sir , i checked with SBI , they said that they are not giving Quarterly and half yearly payment flexibility option. ALso the amount is deducted. Any website to check the account summary? Can I change my contribution made to APY from monthly to half yealy?

If yes, please mention how to do it? I am state government Employee. I had new pension scheme in my job. Now if I want to open APYaccount. What shold I do? As per my knowledge any individual should have only one PRAN number. Please guide me in this respect. Sir mera iob me atal penson yojons hai lekin 4month balance debit hua udke bad debit nenhi horahahe me kya karu.

Please help me on the same. Regards Abdul Kareem B. Secondly i wanted to ask that can we change the bank in between if yes please let me know how shall i do the same.

Dear Sir, Kindly reply following questions? What is the benift of Govt Contribution? Is there any login id or password to check our amount invested or view statement. I am 26 year old and working on reputed company in gurgaon. I am tax payer and EPF account holder also. I am getting around Rs. I have applied APY and now its deducting every month from my account. When i read the above conversation i got to know that EPF and tax payer do not get Government contribution.

If i want to stop the APY then what to do? How can I check my contribution made in APY? Will there be any document sent by bank or NSDL? I am recently join in APY scheme. How many days it will take to get PRAN card. My atal pension youjna already started. Can i change nominee namanee name which i written in application form. Please let me know….

Pradhan Mantri Atal Pension Yojana (APY) Details : Statement, Calculator

I am 72, retired from HAL. I receive INR as pension. Will I get any pension against this scheme. If I acquired a pension plan of Rs and want to change it into a pension plan of Rs or Rs Would it be possible to change the plan in APY yojana? Kya plan ko basal sakte hair from Rs to or Rs……. My mother is 57 years old.

I want to apply APY for my Mother , she is housewife. My Father has retired from a private company. Thats why he is not having any pension. Kindly tell me the procedure how to apply. And also let me know how much I have to deposit in her account per month so that 1 She will get per month as pension 2 She will get 10, per month as pension after completing her 60 years. Kindly tell me the best option so that my mother will be live life independently.

Kindly revert as soon as possible. If possible kindly provide me any contact number for further query. I am an unmarried person and already registered with APY but question is that 1 after married weather my wife will got the pension or not? Whether i can pay from any post office for payment. During payment Aadhaar card is required by the payer since i have not yet received Aadhaar Card.

Thanks in Advance. What can I do in this matter and whether contact on this issue. Please clear those question. My question in regard to APY Plan. Is there any possibility of changing this scheme in future after changing of government? Hi, Where do we get the receipt of premium paid to pension scheme. I need that to show proof for income tax dept to get 80c exemption. Sir, I am a subscriber of APY and e-nps in both of them e-nps updated online but when i want try to update my account of APY atal pension yojna this is very difficult not possible to update my account and not possible to check my balance in this account.

I am Govt employee. Different from NPS. From the above instruction i came to know that we can give the closing application and close this scheme but where is that closing application available? Can we get it downloaded from online?? Can i change nominee name from wife to son, As per your instruction mail any way wife will default pension after I dead.

Form online pension pdf yojana samajwadi

Dear sir I am not tax payer i am not eligible for government contribution? My wife has not pan card can she apply for APY? Me and My wife have a joint bank account can we both apply APY in same account? If i dead before 60 years can nominee get a corpus amount of rs 8.

What is meaning of corpus amount? Sir now iam a student in future i will get a job in govt or private then this yojana is elgible to me or not. But my wife is not working. Is she eligible for APY and govt contribution. AND if give amount how much amount will gives?? I am 45 years of age. I am not covered under Atal Pension Yojana. I am not a government employee and I have no pension.

Why no pension schemes are not made for people aged between 40 and 60 years of age. I am ready to pay extra premium and get into the pension scheme. There is no secured pension plan in the market. Please reply. Hi, 1. How would, in future, we show to claim of any kind? Is it correct? By when would we get the same? Hi, I am 30 year old. The Bank has wrongly entered my Date Of Birth and make my age as Now my premium got deducted as per the age 35 that is Rs.

I am paying more premium then my actual age. I have also giving written complaint in my Bank. And taking regular follow-up from last 4 months. But my issue not got resolved yet. I opted for the APY on July , since then not even a single installment had been deducted or any information received ever.

Please Suggest. Sir please advice me can a person having apy scheme can purchase other pension plans of insurance companies. I have opted Rs. I cannot get any records in this regard and only record is my monthly statement. My question is can I get any Certificate or records in this regard? Please give reply. Dear Concern, This is to inform you that I am an employee of a reputed non-governmental Ltd. Company, right now I am not a tax payer but soon will be. As I work for a Ltd. Company I have an EPF account.

In this scenario can I become a member of APY and going ahead when I will be a tax payer does it will create any problem? Please lock your complaint against the officials through customer care respectively. Monthly deduction is regularly through my savings bank account. Can you help me getting the same please? Hi I have already enrolled my name in this scheme.

Now the amount deduction from my bank account has been started and I am receiving sms for the same in every month. Now my question is that how to get the statement of APY?

Since the scheme guarantees of proving the fixed pension so it seems there is no need of providing any statements. Dear sir, Started Apy from Indian bank, but decided to cancel, as it did not suit my needs, the same day. If they are not closing it then you will have to raise a complaint against them. I missed this opportunity to open account please I want to b part of this yojnaa will u plz provide me forms…or else let me know the extended date of this yojna..

Can I apply APY for a pension scheme for future. I give closing application to bank they says it is not possible to close this. The process is long but effective. You have to raise an offical complaint about the same in your bank get complaint id with you.

Even after your complaint in the bank does not respond then use this complaint ID and raise a new complaint in RBI. Hi, Can you please confirm, if we get the income tax benefit under Sec. I have passed 40th birthday on 09th December Now I am 40 years and 1 months old.

वृद्धावस्था पेंशन

Can I subscribe to Atal Pension Yojana? Please tell me how I can I show him? What is the procedure to rectify date of birth in this pension scheme, because bank staff entered wrong date of birth in their record, Now they have rectify their record but unable to rectify in the pension scheme.

Dear sir can I access my APY account? How can I check my current account balance or transactions. Is there any chance to extend the date by govt?? I wanted to know the process for increasing the premium amount,initially i had applied for rs pension and now want the same to be increased to ….

My question is How can I check my current account balance or transactions or How can I get my account statement. In future if possible to increase my amount. After 2 years increase my amount, can i possible to pay 2k per month. Is it not possible to enroll anymore? I would like to know that the extra debited amount will be adjust in next coming monyh. Who will provide the password for the same?

Now how to add the nominee details? Please Clarify. So far 2 months deductions have happened i have taken the policy in Dec Now, can i stop the payment from my Corporation Bank and start making the monthly payments from my SBI savings account?

I have taken ABPY for myself and my wife. Monthly deductions have happened. Will it be send to my communication address or should I get it from my bank? Further, in last three years I have not paid any Income Tax had filed the returns.

Form online pension samajwadi pdf yojana

My questions: How can i get the statement of my APY payments. Plese help. I wanted to know how I could change my bank account from which the premium is been deducted. I want to shift it to another account so that I can close the account. Requesting you to kindly clarify few points. My daughter is contributing for Atal Pension Yojana. After marriage whether she will change her nominee.

How can we know accumulated amount on the pension fund. Premium is going on , PRAN is received by mail.

Online form pdf yojana samajwadi pension

But how can I login to check. And not even received the AYP Card , and where to apply for this. Bank not giving any support regarding any query. Who is the accountable department and chair where to go for small small quereies. All the toll free no. Plz help. I have already enrolled in APY and my account also getting deducted for the scheme,but can I enroll my wife in APY- I mean both husband and wife can have individual APY enrollments And one more thing-My wife was priorly working in corporate sector and now she left the job,so she had an EPF account-is govt contribution available for her.

Regarding APY there is NO detail available in our online sbi account sbi people says it won be available , the is NO evident available with me other than acknowledgment slip, It is good if it is available in online. I am a subscriber of APY and the premium amount is deducting every month from my account, but yet I dont have receive any APY certificate.

So how can I get this policy certificate? Please help! I Bank ,Raipur Branch -Shantinagar where it was informed that you will be intimated about the registration as soon the things will get processed. Later on my wife got intimated but still has not got any intimation. But, today they informed me that the registration may have failed for one or the other reason and now nothing can be done since the plan got closed.

Sir ,please response me that what can be done for this negligence approach and what can be done so to get the things done. I have asked the bank for PRAN card. I asked to bank manager, he said I dont know you have to look APY official website. So, I requested to give the wide publicity for said scheme available in all Post offices in India where CBS facility is available.

Thanks and Regards. It is almost a year that, I am contributing in this scheme, but till date I have not received any PRAN card and also for this pension, which dept or organisation we have to get in touch with. I am Satya From Odisha. I did the plan in December and my nominee was my father who expired in Jan 1st Is it possible??

Up to how many years means up to what age this monthly money will deduct from my account? If i will die in between the age 40 — 50 , then what will happen?? Whether all money which are deducted from my account got collapsed or My nominee will get all the money with interest??? I have paid 6 instalments and want to cancel now. Respected Sir, l m a govt. Employ and already have a pran account.

Can l open an APY account in bank? Hello , please confirm the last date of APY? Is this 31st march ?? Can I open one NPS account too? Kindly suggest.. If so.. Thanks and Regards, Abhishek Sahu. And she is also not receive any PRAN card. What will happen if the subscriber dies before 60 years of his age?

What benefits will be provided in this case? Also since at the very beginning Bank persons were not clear about the policy details. I have made my spouse nominee instead of my Son.

Is the corpus amount i. If yes then what is the final amount of corpus that a Rs. In this case what is the use of taking this policy?? So we are getting only rupees. Also I have not received any documents regarding this. Sir could you please help me regarding this. I got my PRAN number. But how can i get my PRAN card?

UP Samajwadi Pension Yojana – Apply, Download Form, Name List, Status Checking

BY Postal or any other process? If yes kindly send me the link. I want clear message. I was closed my atel pension scheme.

Hi Sir- i have applied for this scheme and i am also having PRAN number, my question is how can i know the details of my pension account? But the bank people tell that government contribution is eligible only if you had enrolled only on or before of 31st January I have paid the premium of APY last year but i want to declare it as a tax declaration.

Hello, Planning to open APY account. What is the maximum amount that can be paid every month or a year? Sir, My self and my opened APY in the last month.

Lack of knowledge i kept my wife as a nominee for my account and to her account iam the nominee. Now iam planning to change the nominee in my kids name. How can i change the nominee in APY. Bank officers said that nominee change option is not provided in the data base. It is not possible. What to do now. For whom i want to consult. I have only bank transaction details of my payments towards APY and where i can get PRAN card and income tax declaration what is the process please help me.

Kindly do the needful as I expect faster response from your end. Please mail me if you need any further information. Sir, please give an opportunity to enroll the scheme up to 45 years. We are in between 45 years also get benefit from pension scheme. But still date there is no such deduction for Premium from my account.

Also, there is no such policy documents received. The bank have only give me Registration and Contribution Enquiry page. But, in that Page there is no such details about registration number or Policy number. So, how can I get status of it? What happen at that time? What is corpus? I want to change the option from Rs. SBI branch Manager has shown his inability to change the option.

Kindly help me out how to change the option. Many times I consult the bank but still no any premium deduct from my account. I want to know govt. Hello Sir, I am 24 yr age. At the time of last premium how much amount i have to pay in case of pension plan…??

Sir, I am 45 years old. Me and spouse have crossed the age limit for APY. I have two children. My queries are 1. The repercussion after some day both children will get the job. Can saving account be changed with same policy after children have their own account. So, please reply me 1 whether my daughter can be my nominee.

I have compliant to Branch Manager of Murar but the response was unsatisfactory. It is almost one year but my compliant is not solved by Branch Manger or online compliant.

Kindly revert me how much time you will take to solve my problem. I am a subcriber of APY. I have got my PRAN no. Is it necessary to pay premium from saving account or I can also pay it with my overdaraft account?

After few yes if I get job then also m I able to get the benefits. I and my wife joined APY scheme. I want to know that whether can I show her contribution her contribution paid by me also under my tax deduction 80 CCD. Sir, I m confused for the scheme. Can you please help me for the above confusion. Is tax benefit their or not. Sir, I would like to know who can be the guardian of a minor nominee for APY application form; I or my spouse or someone else?

What is the role of the guardian of a minor nominee for APY? Please let me know as early as possible. Thanking you,. Assuming that i open my apy account now. They have given me a service request number. How do I track my application status? Can you please provide me with any contact number or link? I have not got my PRAN no. Ram Babu his age 60 year old. Actually sir my father want to join with Atal Pension Yojna.

He is govt. I had submitted my application when the scheme was launched in June My date of birth was 10th March, Hence, just completed 40 years and was eligible. SBI returned my application that I was not eligible. Later I submitted a complaint to the Govt Ministry. The bank came back mentioning same reason.

Can I submit a request that why I was rejected? Company Here no PF, no other schemes which are related to savings or security is applied Tell me the procedure and steps to opt this Scheme Please send me a link on my email ID to apply it. If possible. I have opened my Pension account in SBI. Can i link my PRAN to bank to check online status and manage it.

In this situation how I can go for tax benefit for this investment. And will continue apy. Now, I want to change my premium payment option from half yearly to monthly bais. Is these possible to change payment method. Would it be taxable? Corpus amount to nominee i. Plz clear this point. So I want to change the bank. The bank employee says that it is not possible.


So give me guidance how to change the bank? Till the date i did not received any certificate or any document as a proof of APY contributor. Neither i got any account number. Also there is no website which gives account details online. How should I get these details? What is PRAN number?