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Legendary investor Jim Rogers gives us his view of the world on a twenty-two- month, fifty-two-country motorcycle odyssey in his bestselling business/adventure . Jim Rogers. Founder of the Rogers International. Commodity Index (RICI). Year Investment Biker: Around the world with Jim Rogers (). A pioneer in. ” Jim Rogers became a Wall Street legend when he co-founded the Quantum Fund. Investment Biker is the fascinating story of Rogers’s.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. Jim Rogers became a Wall Street legend when he and George Soros founded the Quantum Fund. This is the. Author of four books: Investment Biker (); Adventure Capitalist (); Hot. Commodities (); and A Bull in China (). • Regularly. Download PDF Investment Biker: Around the World with Jim Rogers, PDF Download Investment Biker: Around the World with Jim Rogers.

He simply makes occasional comments and superficial analyses of investment possibilities and potential in the various countries he visits. Why not share! Jun 29, Heidi Siefkas rated it really liked it. Showing We are experiencing technical difficulties.

Good, but not great book. Jim's story is a fascinating one but I think it could have been written better and highlighted more of the excitement. Like and respect Mr Rogers, but this one was a bit of a slog.

Since this is an older book, it's fun to see which of Jim's predictions came true. View 1 comment. Oct 28, Walter Weston rated it really liked it. Good book-interesting insights. I enjoying reading thi. Jan 16, Eugenio Gomez-acebo rated it liked it.

Jim Rogers, famous investor, expartner of George Soros, retired at 37 and decided to travel the world with his BWM and girlfriend. This book is a travel diary and is full of comments on the countries that he visits. Those comments are not sophisticated and follow the same framework of thinking. Rogers explains that revolutions emerge no because of oppressed people, but from people with unrealized expectations.

Provides a good analysis of communism failure: Black markets as an indicator of failed monetary policies and predictors of collapse and hyperinflation. The desease of statism and government intervention on supply or prices to lead countries into poverty. The portrait of Africa is quite depressing. His views on Argentina were obviously wrong: Peronism went back and the country is still in dire straits.

Some tips to be rich: Feb 01, Frank Ullrich rated it really liked it Shelves: His investor's view on history is refreshing; it is free of ideology, free of guilt, and free of politics. He wants to make money; thus, he cannot afford to get caught by beliefs and narratives. He gauges the reality and makes predictions based on it.

Investment Biker

His logics and thinking are unpolitical to the extent that he becomes politically incorrect. The bo 4 Stars - The book "Investment Biker" is a treasure chest for every reasonable investor and more so for everyone interested in contemporary history. The book becomes most interesting when he makes predictions using his sharp logic. I am in awe by the precision of his forecasts.

It is incredible to see what a clear mind can achieve in this noisy world. For me, Jim Rogers manifested himself as an authority in international investment with this book.

Jim investment pdf biker rogers

It is ironic however that his predictions were so off on the topic he is supposed to know most about: Here, I assume, his clarity was clouded by his feelings.

Apr 10, Diane rated it it was ok. Disappointing read. I read it a while ago and was very much looking forward to it based on Jim Rogers legendary status in the markets.

However, this book, for me, really couldn't decide what its purpose was. Was it a personal account of Jim's travels? Was it investement focused? Suffice to say, because of its lack of commitment to both, it succeeded as neither. I was disappointed because I expected more from Jim Rogers' brilliance. It was a slow, long read. Nov 14, Russell rated it really liked it. Billionaire business partner of George Soros travels the world on a motorcycle and reports his observations.

Very insightful into how economics is viewed by captains of industry. They really have no interest in a place where everything seems to be running smoothly. Those places have no where to go but down. He was much more interested in places where a reliable infrastructure was the rule of law, he felt that development was inevitable. Dec 23, Scott rated it did not like it.

This book was positively agonizing. Rogers, a Rhodes Scholar and well-known, outspoken investment guru, writes with the gusto and inspiration of a 4th grader, and his emotionless rendering of his relationship with the love interest of the story is as dynamic and vivid as a stale English muffin.

I got two chapters into this dreadful tome, which came highly recommended from several friends, and left it aside, unable to proceed. Sep 28, Jay rated it really liked it Shelves: In the early 90s investor Jim Rogers and his girlfriend motorcycled across the world. This book is part travelogue, part history lesson, part economics lesson, and part basic investment strategy. I knew Rogers was of a libertarian bent, but I didn't realize to what degree.

As he travels from country to country and comments on the past and predicted future of each region, while musing about the failing and tragedy of statism, bureaucracy, war, and even the war on drugs.

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Jan 01, Lauren rated it really liked it Shelves: Partly global history, partly economics, partly investment tutorial and partly adventure travelogue. It is more comprehensive than deep, but certainly wove a lot of threads together.

Again, a book I wish I had read in high school or freshman year in college. May 26, Annie rated it really liked it Shelves: One of the most entertaining finance books of all time.

Jim Rogers is a former fund manager who just wants to fulfill his dream of traveling around the world -- coast to coast on each continent. His travel method of choice? His companion is Tabitha Estabrook, who -- reading between the lines -- becomes the real hero of the journey.

She's the mechanic, translator, leader, and cool head of the two. In the end, we're all TeamTabi. They begin their travels in , a couple years out fr One of the most entertaining finance books of all time. They begin their travels in , a couple years out from the collapse of the Soviet Union. They drive through Soviet territory early on though, noting all the signs of revolution around them.

They also travel through a China in flux. Back then, the country was just beginning the capitalist shift that we associate with it now.

Rogers pdf investment biker jim

Eventually, they make it back through Europe, too, going literally ocean to ocean. Then they plow south, traversing all of Africa, from end to end. Finishing out their tour, Rogers and Estabrook travel the breadth of Australia, the length of South America, and straight up through war-torn Central America.

All the while, Rogers offers running commentary on the economics of the regions they travel through. As an investor, he's also on the lookout for new financial opportunities.

And he buys into several markets they visit. They end the narrative in New York, their home.

After almost two years, both travelers are we think fundamentally changed. And we, the readers, have been gleefully along for the ride. Really enjoyed the trip through Siberia. The many challenges. Handy to have a map to keep track of where Jim Rogers and Tabatha are travelling.

This is an exceptionally long trip. After travelling to Japan, via China across mi with only 1 timezone , and then through Siberia to Poland. Then embarks on a successive trip through Africa to New Zealand, and back through S. America have not reached that part yet, assumed that is where they go. Investment ideas integrated with text that some may Really enjoyed the trip through Siberia.

Investment ideas integrated with text that some may find boring.

Rogers pdf investment biker jim

Mar 24, Erika Grey rated it did not like it. I dont know how this made the best seller's list unless the ranking was bought, the book is so bad, is a wasted read, gives little to no information in the area of investment, more about the details of his trip with a gal half his age, sounded more of an ego stroke than anything else.

In addition, it is geopolitically dated. Feb 04, Alex Pal. A very nice book about the world and investing. When a very successful macro trader traveling the world with a motorcycle, the result is some very interesting stories!

Jan 08, Esther Pierce rated it really liked it. I read this years ago and enjoyed it. A bit dated now but his observations on other countries are perceptive and informative. He eventually settled in Singapore to live. Says a lot. Superb book! Jim is great writer- hard to put this book down. He writes about his investing method what is very interesting, simple and smart.

Plus great story! Apr 30, Jozef rated it did not like it. I expected something totally different. Instead of a book full of investment advice this is rather a journal of the journey around the world on bikes.

Investment biker around the world with jim rogers [epub] download

Feb 13, Sharudin Jamal rated it it was amazing. I like Jim's attitude. Rich but carefree. May 09, Pranav Hundekari rated it it was amazing Shelves: He started his career as an Investment Banker along with the equally legendary George Soros, with whom he later founded the Quantum Fund.

Download Investment Biker: Around the World with Jim Rogers pdf

Investment Biker, his first book, is an account of his World Record holding , mile Motorcycle ride along with his friend Tabitha Estabrook through Six continents, in a span of 22 months. The Whole Journey comprises of 4 Legs. The Riders Jim and Tabitha each have their own Motorcycles to cover this long journey.

It is Tabitha's maiden journey riding the motorcycle by herself. You have to imagine that when this journey took place to , World was not that Travel Friendly. China was socialist, USSR was communist and there were no roads in these countries, except for in few cities.

Africa was predominantly ruled by Dictators and Religious Extremists. There was, of course, no Mobile phone or internet or even GPS. Apart from this, the journey was a race against time and climate. They had to avoid winter in Siberia, summer in Sahara, rains in the Congo, winter in Argentina etc. In the travelogue part of the book, Jim Rogers gives us a detailed account of three aspects of each country, namely, Its Economy, Its people and The Infrastructure.

As he is an active investor in these countries, we get a first hand account of the trails and tribulations of setting up trading accounts in these countries. He also talks about the Governments actions affecting the nation's economy and currency, may it be through corruption or sheer lack of understanding of running a country. He further talks about the enterprising nature of people from various countries. Finally he gives us the sights that he sees during the journey which include the roads and buildings etc.

This book is important from an investor's perspective because now a days, even when you are investing in a single stock market, companies themselves are going global. Especially in today's times, the emerging markets are playing a much larger role in both production and consumption. Having a clear idea about various economies is an imperative.

With this book, Jim Rogers cautions us with providing the finer things which the numbers don't show that go into Researching a country for investment.

This book should be read in the same spirit one would read, Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham. This book does serve as an eye opener to International Markets. Aug 12, Carlos Ortega rated it really liked it Shelves: A book about everything: At times it seems too long and that it mentions lots of not so relevant details about a country. Would've liked it more if Jim offered a review about Mexico, not just a simple -passing-by-country comment.

He generally guessed right about every country's future, and I can't believe he didn't mention anything about the huge potential relationship between Mexico and United States, one of A book about everything: He generally guessed right about every country's future, and I can't believe he didn't mention anything about the huge potential relationship between Mexico and United States, one of the biggest comercial relationship nowadays.

Sep 05, Greg rated it really liked it Shelves: Jim Rogers cofounded the Quantum Fund before he turned 30 and retired at age He is the… More about Jim Rogers. Stick with nations where hard-nosed bureaucrats push fiscal reforms, maintain sound currencies, advocate free trade, and stay out of areas best left to the private sector. And Rogers also dishes up ample adventure.

Join Reader Rewards and earn your way to a free book! Join Reader Rewards and earn points when you purchase this book from your favorite retailer. Read An Excerpt. Business Travel Writing Category: Business Travel Writing. Paperback —. Buy the Ebook: Add to Cart. Also by Jim Rogers. Product Details. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Related Links Visit the website of Jim Rogers for more information.