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"Head First Object Oriented Analysis and Design is a refreshing look at subject of OOAD. What sets this book apart is its focus on learning. The authors have. - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Head First Object-Oriented Analysis and - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online.

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Java is reworked in C#. - MarkPThomas/HeadFirst-OOAD. HeadFirst-OOAD/ Head First Object-Oriented Analysis and Find file Copy path. and depression to functional syndromes like irritable bowel, fibromyalgia Dummies, is a member of the Association for Head First Object-Oriented. Finally, you'll understand why OOAD is a four-letter word that your mother actually wants you to know about. How am I supposed to know where to start?.

Originality is Overrated Design principle roundup Principle 1: Head First Statistics. A button out. Getting non-existent property values Solution 1: This provides an interface to the hardware that actually controls the door. Map id:

One dog, two dog, three dog, four When you run into problems making changes to your application, it probably means that your software needs to be more flexible and resilient.

Sound interesting? Are you ready? Get ready You know how to break your application up into lots of small problems, but all that means is that you have LOTS of small problems. String properties: Map setType String getType: Only a few things can go really wrong. Feeling a little overwhelmed?

Ask the customer Reducing risk helps you write great software Bullet Points As close to a sure thing as software gets! Nagging bosses?

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Worried clients? Unit type: Map id: String weapons: Object getId: String addWeapon Weapon getWeapons: Sam figured that id would get set in the Unit constructor, so no need for a setId method. Each of the new properties gets its own set of methods. Your toolbox is filling up You write great software iteratively Iterating deeper: These ided. Use case formats 3. Anti-patterns 4.

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CRC cards 5. Metrics 6. Sequence diagrams 7. State diagrams 8. Unit testing 9. Coding standards and readable code Refactoring Class: DogDoor Description: Represents the physical dog door.


This provides an interface to the hardware that actually controls the door. Name Be sure you write down things that this class does on its own, as well as things it collaborates with other classes on. These are th methods of the class. Each e a name, and onthe has any parameter en method take s the then a returns, and after the colo type n. Airplane speed: Read more. Head First Web Design.

Ooad pdf first head

Head First Design Patterns. Head First Data Analysis.

Head First Object-Oriented Analysis and Design

Head Rush Ajax Head First. Head First 2D Geometry. Head First Networking. Who can tell? Use cases have to make sense to you Start to finish: Your software has a context Identify the problem Plan a solution Update your use case A tale of two coders Randy: Randy AND Sam: It works! Maria won the MacBook Pro! So what did Maria do differently?

One of these things is not like the other From good analysis to good classes So what are we supposed to do now? Our software is easy to change Solving Really Big Problems: We need a lot more information What is the system like?

Head First Object-Oriented Analysis and Design - PDF Free Download

What is the system not like? Customer Conversation Figure out the features But what is a feature, anyway? Features covered So what exactly have we done? What most people give the customer And how do I use one?

Feeling a little bit lost? Bringing Order to Chaos Feeling a little overwhelmed? We need an architecture Architecture takes a big chaotic mess The three Qs of architecture 1. Is it part of the essence of the system? What the fuck does it mean?

Which feature should we work on next? Game-specific units Commonality revisited Solution 1: Solution 2: Commonality analysis: What does it mean? Now do some commonality analysis So now what would you do? Is there anything common here?

Design Principles: Originality is Overrated Design principle roundup Principle 1: The OCP, step-by-step Principle 2: Now remove the code from other locations Aggregation versus composition Inheritance is just one option 9.

Iterating and Testing: Iterating deeper: The framework supports multiple types of troops or units that are game-specific Fleshing out the Unit class Showing off the Unit class Writing test scenarios Scenario 2: Changing property values Scenario 3: Getting non-existent property values Solution 1: Emphasizing Commonality Design decisions are always a tradeoff Solution 2: Emphasizing Encapsulation Tradeoffs with this decision, too Break your apps up into smaller chunks of functionality But you can still break things up further Your decisions can iterate down, too And a connection between two stations?

Then a line is just a series of connections What our equals implementation does Back to the requirements phase

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