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Unix Power Tools, Third Edition Switchmode Power Supply Handbook, Third Edition Korn Shell: Unix and Linux Programming Manual, Third Edition. ISBN Third edition, published October (See the catalog page for this book.) Search the text of Unix Power Tools, 3rd Edition. With the growing popularity of Linux and the advent of Darwin, Unix has metamorphosed into something new and exciting. No longer perceived as a difficult.

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UNIX Power Tools, 3rd Edition. By Shelley Edition now offers more coverage of bash, zsh, and other new Printing Languages — PostScript, PCL, DVI, PDF. 学习与工作中收集的一些资料. Contribute to wuzhouhui/misc development by creating an account on GitHub. UNIX Power Tools, 3rd Edition Jerry Peek Shelley Powers Tim O'Reilly Mike Loukides Beijing • Cambridge • Farnham • Köln • Sebastopol • Tokyo - Selection .

Conclusion How Much Disk Space? Printing with Samba Sorting Part V: Which File Has That Word?

3rd pdf edition power unix tools

Print the Name of the Newest File oldlinks: Which File Has That Word? Pros and Cons Deletion with Prejudice: Compressing a Directory Tree: Why So Much Material? The Other Editor Emacs Features: Editors Fail on Big Files patch: Real Timesavers!

System Overloaded? Checking System Load: Match Any Character with. Dot Regular Expressions: The sed Stream Editor Chapter Shell Programming for the Uninitiated Chapter Shell Programming for the Initiated Chapter Shell Script Debugging and Gotchas.

Unix Power Tools, Third Edition book download

Part VII: Extending and Managing Your Environment Chapter Backing Up Files Chapter Creating and Reading Archives Chapter Software Installation Chapter Perl Chapter Part VIII: Communication and Connectivity Chapter Redirecting Input and Output Chapter Devices Chapter Printing Chapter Connectivity Chapter Connecting to MS Windows.

Part IX: Security Chapter Security Basics Chapter Root, Group, and User Management Chapter Nice Aliases for pushd Quick cds with Aliases Finding Anyone's Home Directory, Quickly Marking Your Place with a Shell Variable Regular Expressions Pattern Matching That's an Expression Don't Confuse Regular Expressions with Wildcards Understanding Expressions Using Metacharacters in Regular Expressions Regular Expressions: Matching a Character with a Character Set Match Any Character with.

Dot Specifying a Range of Characters with [ Exceptions in a Character Set Potential Problems Extended Regular Expressions Getting Regular Expressions Right Limiting the Extent of a Match Valid Metacharacters for Different Unix Programs Pattern Matching Quick Reference with Examples Examples of Searching Examples of Searching and Replacing Wildcards File-Naming Wildcards Filename Wildcards in a Nutshell Who Handles Wildcards?

What if a Wildcard Doesn't Match? Getting a List of Matching Files with grep -l Getting a List of Nonmatching Files Using grep -c The vgrep Script The sed Stream Editor Invoking sed Testing and Using a sed Script: Order of Commands in a Script One Thing at a Time Delimiting a Regular Expression Newlines in a sed Replacement Referencing the Search String in a Replacement Referencing Portions of a Search String Search and Replacement: One Match Among Many Transformations on Text Hold Space: The Set-Aside Buffer Transforming Part of a Line Making Edits Across Line Boundaries The Deliberate Scrivener Searching for Patterns Split Across Lines Multiline Delete Making Edits Everywhere Except The sed Test Command Uses of the sed Quit Command Dangers of the sed Quit Command Shell Programming for the Uninitiated Writing a Simple Shell Program Parent-Child Relationships Predefined Environment Variables PATH and path Shell Variables Test String Values with Bourne-Shell case Pattern Matching in case Statements Exit Status of Unix Processes Test Exit Status with the if Statement Testing Your Success Loops That Test Exit Status Looping Until a Command Succeeds Looping Until a Command Fails Set Exit Status of a Shell Script Trapping Exits Caused by Interrupts Reading from the Keyboard Shell Script "Wrappers" for awk, sed, etc.

With a Loop Handling Command-Line Arguments with a for Loop Handling Arguments with while and shift Standard Command-Line Parsing The Bourne Shell set Command Setting Options Setting and Parsing Parameters Watch Your Quoting Testing Files and Strings Picking a Name for a New Command Reading Files with the. Using Shell Functions in Shell Scripts Shell Programming for the Initiated Beyond the Basics The Story of: Don't Need a Shell for Your Script? Don't Use One Search the PATH The exec Command The Unappreciated Bourne Shell ": Parameter Substitution Save Disk Space and Programming: Multiple Names for a Program Finding the Last Command-Line Argument Standard Input to a for Loop Making a for Loop with Multiple Variables Using basename and dirname Introduction to basename and dirname Use with Loops Open Files and File Descriptors Swap Standard Output and Standard Error Quoted hereis Document Terminators: Turn Off echo for "Secret" Answers Syntax Examples Testing Characters in a String with expr Grabbing Parts of a String Matching with expr Using echo with awk or cut Using set and IFS Using sed Nested Command Substitution Testing Two Strings with One case Statement Outputting Text to an X Window Shell Lockfile Shell Script Debugging and Gotchas Tips for Debugging Shell Scripts Use -xv Unmatched Operators Exit Early Missing or Extra esac, ;;, fi, etc.

Unix Power Tools, Third Edition book download

Stop Syntax Errors in Numeric Tests Stop Syntax Errors in String Tests Quoting and Command-Line Parameters How Unix Keeps Time Copy What You Do with script Cleaning script Files Extending and Managing Your Environment Backing Up Files What Is This "Backup" Thing?

Make Your Own Backups More Ways to Back Up How to Make Backups to a Local Device What to Back Up Backing Up to Tape Backing Up to Floppies or Zip Disks To gzip, or Not to gzip?

3rd edition unix pdf tools power

Restoring Files from Tape with tar Restoring a Few Files Remote Restoring Using tar to a Remote Tape Drive On-Demand Incremental Backups of a Project Using Wildcards with tar Without GNU tar With GNU tar Wildcard Gotchas in GNU tar Avoid Absolute Paths with tar Getting tar's Arguments in the Right Order The cpio Tape Archiver Industrial Strength Backups Creating and Reading Archives Packing Up and Moving Using tar to Create and Unpack Archives GNU tar Sampler RCS Basics CVS Basics More CVS Software Installation The Challenges of Software Installation on Unix Which make?

Simplifying the make Process Using Debian's dselect Choosing the Access Method Updating Information on Available Packages Choosing Packages for Installation or Removal Exiting the Select Function Installing Packages Configuring Packages Removing Packages Exiting dselect Installing Software with Debian's Apt-Get Configuring the sources.

Using apt-get Updating information on available packages Installing a package Upgrading installed packages Interruptable gets with wget Perl High-Octane Shell Scripting Checking your Perl Installation Compiling Perl from Scratch Perl Boot Camp, Part 1: Typical Script Anatomy Perl Boot Camp, Part 2: Variables and Data Types Scalars Arrays Hashes References Perl Boot Camp, Part 3: Branching and Looping Perl Boot Camp, Part 4: Pattern Matching Perl Boot Camp, Part 5: Perl Knows Unix Perl Boot Camp, Part 6: Modules Perl Boot Camp, Part 7: CPAN Installing Modules the Easy Way Installing Modules the Hard Way Make Custom grep Commands etc.

Perl and the Internet Sending Mail with Mail:: Sendmail CGI Teaser Python What Is Python?

Unix Power Tools, 3rd Edition by Mike Loukides, Tim O'Reilly, Shelley Powers, Jerry Peek

Installation and Distutils Python Basics Indentation Functions Everything's an Object Modules and Packages Python and the Web What About Perl? Communication and Connectivity Redirecting Input and Output Using Standard Input and Output One Argument with a cat Isn't Enough Problems Piping to a Pager Redirection in C Shell: Capture Errors, Too?

Pdf unix edition tools power 3rd

The Subshell Operators Combining Several Commands Temporary Change of Directory and Environment Send Output Two or More Places How to tee Several Commands into One Place Named Pipes: FIFOs Devices Quick Introduction to Hardware Reading Kernel Boot Output Basic Kernel Configuration Disk Partitioning Mounting and Unmounting Removable Filesystems Loopback Mounts Network Devices ifconfig Win Is a Modem Not a Modem?

USB Configuration Decapitating Your Machine Serial Consoles Printing Introduction to Printing Introduction to Printing on Unix Printer Control with lpc Using Different Printers Using Symbolic Links for Spooling Formatting Plain Text: Printing Over a Network Printing Over Samba Printing to Unix Printers from Windows Printing to Windows Printers from Unix Introduction to Typesetting A Bit of Unix Typesetting History Typesetting Manpages: Converting Text Files into a Printing Language Converting Typeset Files into a Printing Language The Portable Bitmap Package Connectivity Internet Protocol IP Layer 4 Protocols: Status and Troubleshooting The Director of Operations: Secure Shell SSH Gateways and NAT Firewalls Connecting to MS Windows Building Bridges Installing and Configuring Samba Securing Samba Printing with Samba Sharing Desktops with VNC Connecting to a Windows VNC server Setting up VNC on Unix Of Emulators and APIs VMWare Wine Making Windows Multiuser Citrix Metaframe Hob IX.

Tools pdf 3rd edition power unix

Security Security Basics Understanding Points of Vulnerability Keeping Up with Security Alerts What We Mean by Buffer Overflow What We Mean by DoS Beware of Sluggish Performance Check Processes Checking Swap Space Check Network Connections Other Checks Intruder Detection Importance of MOTD The Linux proc Filesystem Disabling inetd Disallow rlogin and rsh TCP Wrappers Root, Group, and User Management When Does a User Become a User Forgetting the root Password Setting an Exact umask Group Permissions in a Directory with the setgid Bit Groups and Group Ownership