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useful. English. Phrases for everyday use learn English wit FUN(k) English Expression 4. bite off more than one can chew means “take responsibility for. The reason is you don't learn common English phrases and sentence patterns, do you? you learn sentence structures better, and make sentences in English much more easily. .. Please,give me this pdf file I wanna study English language. Here are 30 basic English phrases you can use again and again! How many do Do you want to say more than “Hi” and “How are you?” Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere.

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The goal of this book is to teach you English phrases (not just individual. English words) The phrases selected for this book are typical expressions used by native speakers. .. “I'm in agreement” – the second one is more formal. 10 Phrases. roget's thesaurus of english words and phrases class i words expressing abstract relations section. 1 Most Common Words in English. Do you want to learn common phrases to help you improve your English speaking? In the United States, the most common way to greet someone with words.

I ate already. Is there a nightclub in town? Have a good trip. Have you been to Boston? The accident happened at the intersection. What's the temperature?

As far as… As far as… is am are concerned,… Be careful with… By the way… Compared to… Did you use to… Do you agree…? Do you carry this in…? Do you have… available? Do you mind…? Do you feel like…? Have you ever…? Not…until… He is as… as… He is either…or… He is so… that… He is not only… but also… Help yourself to… How about…?

100 Common English Phrases and Sentence Patterns (With Dialogue)

How come…? How dare you…! How do you like…? How long does it take…? How often…? I bet… I can hardly believe that… I cannot wait to… I dare say… I have no idea… I have got to… …. I really go for… It is… that… It may surprise you, but… I have been… I would rather… than… No matter what… No wonder… Now that I come to think about it,….

Once you… On one hand…on the other hand… See that… Speaking of… Thanks to… Thank you for… The more…the more… There is nothing as…as… There is nothing I like better than… We may as well… What do you mean by…?

Common Phrases and Expressions in English

What do you say…? What… for… What if…? What would you do if…? Where can I…? Where there is… there is… Whether or not… Why not…?

Would you care for …? You are not to… You can never… too… Share 1K. Shares 1K. Download Lessons Package. Click Here to Leave a Comment Below 87 comments. Leave a reply: Cancel Reply. Michelle Tran - January 25, Thank you for your kind words! Angel D jah - May 6, Really useful. Michelle Tran - May 8, Thanks! Soorena - July 5, that was really great. Michelle Tran - January 25, Thanks, Soorena! Jayantha Athukorala - July 20, Really very great.

Michelle Tran - January 25, Thanks a lot, Jayantha! And hard. And Long. Orahan - August 30, This is fantastic! Prem londhe - January 24, This is what I was looking for! Ganga - January 24, I am very tank full to you. Let me know how it works out for you. Katie - February 8, This is awesome? Michelle Tran - January 25, Thank you for your kind words, Katie! Naseer - February 13, This is fantastic,so i am very thank full to you.

Michelle Tran - January 25, Glad to help, Naseer! Michelle Tran - January 25, Sorry, Simon. The pdf form is not available yet. Michelle Tran - January 26, Glad to hear, Reza! Michelle Tran - January 26, Sorry, Soly. Elias Gasparini - June 18, Great work for serious learners! Michelle Tran - January 26, Thanks, Elias! Kevin - June 23, Absolutely useful..

Could you be having a PDF version of these phrases? Michelle Tran - January 26, Sorry, Kevin. Aderli - June 30, Handy lessons! Congrats and many thanks. Ever - July 12, This is by far the best list of commonly used phrases I have come accross. Michelle Tran - January 26, Glad to help, Ever! Hope to hear any improvement from you.

Si Thu - August 29, Thank you so much. All of lessons are really useful. Manish - August 31, This is fantastic trick for learn english.

Michelle Tran - January 26, Thanks, Manish! Michelle Tran - January 26, I appreciate the suggestion. Thank you!

And u have done a good job…. Thanks for the kind feedback! Naheed - November 16, I would say many thanks to you. Michelle Tran - January 26, I am happy to be able to help, Naheed. Recchy - January 1, Please,give me this pdf file I wanna study English language. Michelle Tran - January 26, Sorry, Recchy. I'm ok. Who won? Can I take a message? Can I try it on? Can we sit over there? Did you come with your family? Do you think it's possible? Here's my number. I'd like to go to the store.

He's not in right now. I'll call back later. I'd like to rent a car. What is the area code? What's the name of the company you work for? What's wrong? Is there an English speaking guide? Male or female? My cell phone doesn't have good reception. Smith please. I'll teach you. I have three children. I want to give you a gift. I think I have the wrong number. I'd like to buy something. I'd like some water too. I'd like to send this to America.

I'll be right back. I'll call you on Friday. Please take off your shoes. Everyday I get up at 6AM. At 7 o'clock at night.

What's your address? Where can I find a hospital? Where's the closest restaurant? Where's the pharmacy? Who are you? Who is that? Who would you like to speak to? Will you take me home? Would you like water or milk? Expiration date. How about Saturday? How long are you going to stay in California? How long are you going to stay? How long will it take? Have you been waiting long? He'll be back in 20 minutes.

A long time ago. His family is coming tomorrow. At what time did it happen? Can I help you? Do you have a swimming pool? Do you have this in size 11? Do you think you'll be back by Every week. All day. At 7 o'clock in the morning. Are they coming this evening? Are you comfortable?

Are your children with you? As soon as possible. At 5th street. At 3 o'clock in the afternoon. I'm worried too. The whole day. It's a quarter to 7. I'm getting ready to go out. We're late. It'll be cold this evening. I'm just looking.

There's plenty of time. It's 6AM. It rained very hard today. It's going to snow today. Sometimes I go to sleep at 11PM. It's 17 dollars. How much altogether? How much will it cost? I don't have enough money. I've already seen it. It's 8: Now or later? October 22nd. My birthday is August 27th. John is going on vacation tomorrow. It's here. She wants to know when you're coming. It's there. What day are they coming over? What day of the week is it? What is today's date? What time are they arriving?

What time did you get up? What time did you go to sleep? What time did you wake up? What time do you think you'll arrive? What time does it start? What time is it? What's your religion? When are they coming? When are you coming back? When are you going to pick up your friend? When are you leaving? When are you moving? When I went to the store. I'd like a non-smoking room. Is there a nightclub in town?

Is there a restaurant in the hotel? Is there a store near here? I'd like a map of the city. When is the next bus to Philidalphia?

When is your birthday? When was the last time you talked to your mother? When will he be back? When will it be ready? Where are you going to go? Accommodations Are you busy? Can we have some more bread please? Do you have any money? For how many nights? How long will you be staying?

I need a doctor. Take me to the Marriott Hotel. What time is check out? What's the charge per night? Hotel Where is the airport? Where's the mail box? Dinning Are you here alone? Can I bring my friend? Can I have a receipt please?

Can it be cheaper? I'd like a room with two beds please. I'd like a room. I'd like to call the United States. We'll have two glasses of water please. There's a restaurant near here. I only have 5 dollars. We can eat Italian or Chinese food. I'm from America. How does it taste? How many people? I agree. What are you going to have? What do you recommend? The food was delicious. I'm here on business.

There's a restaurant over there. Can you hold this for me? Do you have any children? Do you know how much it costs? Have you eaten at that restaurant? Have you eaten yet? Have you ever had Potato soup? He likes juice but he doesn't like milk Here is your salad. I'm going to bed. I'll give you a call. June 3rd. Can we have a menu please.

I haven't been there. It's August 25th. There are some apples in the refrigerator. Here's your order. I'd like a table near the window. I like it. I haven't finished eating. I'm sorry. I'll have a cup of tea please. I'll have a glass of water please. I understand. I think I need to see a doctor. Did it snow yesterday?

Did you get my email? Did you take your medicine? Do you feel better? Do you go to Florida often? Do you have another one? Do you know where there's a store that sells towels? Do you like it here? Do you like the book? Do you need anything? Do you play any sports? Do you sell medicine? What would you like to drink? What would you like to eat? What's your email address? Where is an ATM? Where is there a doctor who speaks English? Which one? Would you ask him to come here? Would you like a glass of water?

Would you like coffee or tea?

Would you like some water? Would you like some wine? Would you like something to drink? Would you like to go for a walk? Would you like to watch TV?

Making Friends Are you American? Are you coming this evening? Are you free tonight? Are you going to take a plane or train? Are you hungry? Are you sure? Are you working Tomorrow? Business is good. Has your brother been to California? Have they met her yet? Have you done this before? How long have you been here? How long have you been in America? How long have you lived here? How many children do you have?

How many languages do you speak? How many people do you have in your family? How much would you like? How old are you?

I bought a shirt yesterday. I speak a little English. I'm allergic to seafood. I have to wash my clothes. Is your house like this one? Is your husband also from Boston? It's not very expensive. I'm American. I have pain in my arm. I don't feel well. I'm sick. I've been there. I'm fine. I'll tell him you called.

I have two sisters. My father has been there. Let's share. Do you study English? Do you want to come with me? Do you want to go with me? Excuse me. My father is a lawyer.

I'm I'm a size 8. My daughter is here. I remember. Give me a call. I'm 6'2". I'm not afraid. My name is John Smith. That car is similar to my car. This is Mrs. Your children are very well behaved. Our children are in America. My grandmother passed away last year. She's older than me. Your daughter. My son studies computers. This is my mother. You're smarter than him.

1000 Most Common English Phrases

This is the first time I've been here. We have two boys and one girl. She's an expert. My son. Entertainment Are there any concerts?

What are you going to do tonight? What are your hobbies? What do you study? What do you want to do? What school did you go to? What's your favorite movie? What's your last name? What's your name? Where are the t-shirts? Where did you go? Where did you learn English? Where did you work before you worked here? Where do you live? Where were you? Who sent this letter? Would you like to buy this? You speak English very well. I speak two languages. I'd like to go home. I'm full. I usually drink coffee at breakfast.

He needs some new clothes. I thought he said something else. If you like it I can buy more. I'm a beginner. I'd like to go shopping. How much is that? How much is this? I believe you. Do you want to go to the movies?

30 Basic English Phrases You'll Use Over and Over | FluentU English

Have you seen this movie? He said you like to watch movies. I'd like to buy a phone card please. I'd like the number for the Hilton Hotel please. How tall are you? Is the bank far? Is there a movie theater nearby? What do people usually do in the summer in Los Angeles? What kind of music do you like? What time does the movie start? What's your favorite food? Who was your teacher? Would you like to have dinner with me? Would you like to rent a movie?

Common pdf phrases most english

Shopping Can I have a glass of water please? Can I use your phone? Do you have any vacancies? Do you have the number for a taxi? Do you know her? Do you know where she is? Do you play basketball? Fill it up. I don't mind. Try it on. I don't speak English very well.

How do you pronounce that? How do you say it in English? How do you spell it? How do you spell the word Seattle? I can swim. I can't hear you clearly. What do you want to buy? What size? What time does the store open? When does the plane arrive? Where are you? Would you like something to eat? Communication Difficulties Am I pronouncing it correctly? Can you do me a favor? Can you help me? Can you please say that again? Can you show me? Can you throw that away for me? Do you believe that? Do you have a pencil?

Do you smoke? Do you speak English? Does anyone here speak English? Don't do that. I'm just kidding. Forget it. It's not too far.

I'm single. The books are expensive. Please sit down. I still haven't decided. I don't think so. I have one in my car. I have a cold. I give up.

I understand now. Try to say it. Please speak more slowly. I got in an accident. That's wrong. Is there air conditioning in the room? Let's meet in front of the hotel.

I made this cake. I trust you. That means friend. I still have a lot to do. Please speak English. I didn't hear clearly. What does this mean? What does this say? What does this word mean? What's the exchange rate? Whose book is that? Why are you laughing? Why aren't you going? Why did you do that? Are you ready? Call me. I think you have too many clothes. I don't understand what your saying. Did you send me flowers?

Do you sell batteries? I don't care. My throat is sore. The accident happened at the intersection. I'm self-employed.

Phrases pdf common english most

I'm a teacher. Do you have a girlfriend? It's very cold today. Where can I exchange U. My watch has been stolen. Can I borrow some money? Can I have the bill please? Can you call back later? Can you call me back later? Can you carry this for me? Can you fix this? Can you give me an example? Can you speak louder please? Can you swim? Do you accept U. My stomach hurts. There has been a car accident. My luggage is missing. Take this medicine. Where do you work? Where's the nearest hospital?

Where's the post office? General Questions And you?

Anything else? Are they the same? Are you afraid? Are you going to attend their wedding? Are you married? Are you okay? Are you sick? Behind the bank. It depends on the weather. Were there any problems? Were you at the library last night? What are you doing? What are you thinking about? What are you two talking about? What did you do last night? What did you do yesterday? What did you think? What do they study? What do you have?

Do you have a problem? Do you have an appointment? Do you hear that? Do you know how to get to the Marriott Hotel? Do you know what this means? Do you know where I can get a taxi?