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eBOOK @PDF The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia Audiobook Click button below to download or read this book. Description Look for the. The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia [Patrick Thorpe, Michael Gombos, ); Language: English; ISBN ; ISBN Sign in. Main menu.

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THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: HYRULE HISTORIA. The Legend of First English edition: January into English and updated for this version of the book. First English edition: January ISBN 1 3 5 7 9 10 8 6 4 2 . Printed in China. HYRULE HISTORIA. Translated by. Michael Gombos. The Legend of Zelda - Hyrule Historia FREE Comics Download on CBR CBZ Format. Language: English | Year: | Size: MB.

This year, the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Knight Academy, the Sailcloth is given to the champion atop the Statue of the Goddess. Super Smash Bros. Prophecy in a Dream From the farthest reaches of the desert came a man who shrouded the kingdom of Hyrule beneath dark clouds. Game Catalog. It was created by the hands of the gods. Link becomes the size of a Minish and enters their realm. Since the demise of the demon kings.

Hyrule Historia is a book released to celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda series. It is the first book in the Goddess Collection trilogy. It was limited to 4, copies. It needs to be updated to be accurate with information available at the present time. The encyclopedia is divided into three main sections, along with separate messages from Shigeru Miyamoto and Eiji Aonuma and 32 pages of the Skyward Sword manga by Akira Himekawa.

The encyclopedia only details games considered to be canon to the history of Hyrule. Spin-off games such as Link's Crossbow Training and the Tingle series are not included in the book.

The first couple of pages are a message from Shigeru Miyamoto giving a brief history of the series, as well as thanking those who have played, and continue to play the games. This message is accompanied with a list of his involvement with each game in the series.

The contents provide a behind-the-scene look at concept art and designs, along with designer notes of various people, creatures, towns, lands and dungeons. Though most appear in the game, included are unused people and locations that appear to have been planned, or talked about during the production of the game. Located on the bottom of some pages are various notes giving brief information regarding the history or similarities of the creature or item detailed on the specific page.

Opening this section is a suggested complete take on the Zelda Timeline. With the time line set, the section continues on; starting with the creation of the land of Hyrule leading up through the events of Ocarina of Time , then goes through each split and sub-split of the time line while categorizing the games into eras.

As it goes through the time line, each game's story is detailed out historically while some include information regarding the Hylian Language of that era.

Much like the section "The Legend Begins", "Creative Footprints" is filled with artwork spanning the 25 years of the franchise. Lacking the volume of material seen in "The Legend Begins" section per individual game, this section provides detailed sketches of character, land and dungeon development; along with changes in Link , Princess Zelda and Ganon throughout the course of the series. This section is closed out with a list of the game catalog leading up to Ocarina of Time 3D ; including "elusive and rare" Zelda titles.

This message is accompanied with a list of his involvement with the games of the series, since becoming involved with Ocarina of Time. As an added bonus, a page manga written on Skyward Sword was added at the end of the book. The Legend of Zelda Printed Media.

Sign In. From Zelda Wiki, the Zelda encyclopedia. When she spins. The purple area. The trim of the cape is like this. Like pleats? Like curtains? She is barefoot but has no toes. The color can change. Its jewel is made from metal. She is the spirit that lives in his sword.

Fi takes Link as her master. While her voice seems robotic and lacks any intonation. Fi Obeying the goddess without question. Her face is about as cute as Hena. Coiling Do the hairstyle like this. Arranged like this Rough Like a hood! In the game the head will not be a Mii. There were so many designs. Body Only body spins Tights Leg warmer look Her body sparkles so much that it casts light on her surroundings Since the spirit of the Goddess Sword would eventually become the Master Sword.

When his transformation into the sword begins. Lord Ghirahim. To use her spirit to resurrect his master. His showy cape hides his weapons. Cape with hood When using some weapons. Please make the canine teeth pointy. His third form had textured diamonds all over his body that would reflect light. Because this body is so exposed. It radiates light when fighting.

The entire body is covered in diamond patterns they look like cut crystals. The teeth and tongue are made of same material as hair. Please leave this area slightly rounded Hair angle Please have his hair at this angle.

His mouth opens a bit when he laughs. When his eyes glow. There are four tear-shaped diamonds on the chest. He is large in muscular regions and slim in places without muscle.

Offense he becomes a sword Second half Eyebrows added Lots of weapons Metamorphoses Ghirahim design The bags under his eyes never go away. Not clothing.

Inner right leg Inner left leg He shows emotion without using his eyes. Inside of mouth This area Inside of mouth is pitch black. He loves jewelry. Her pendulum braid measures time. Elderly Young Masked Impa past final version Small.

Historia english hyrule pdf

She has been waiting for Zelda for a long time. We also gave her an androgynous look. Impa Young Impa Whether in the past or the present. With each strike. There are three layers. By striking the top of the Sealing Spike with a sword. When damaged they explode and then regenerate from the limb as a single unit.

Is it possible to animate their red pointed tips? The scales cover the whole body. Teeth are lined up in three rows. Wielding enough power to bring the world to ruin. The scales have a pattern of three circles. The Sealing Spike appears to be marble. They move individually using scale animation. They are limp and do not appear to have bones like regular fingers. Trying to show the impressive presence and the overwhelming power of Demise. The Imprisoned and Demise The root of all evil.

Its design looks more like a kaiju than a monster. To give him some resemblance to Ganondorf. When it opens its mouth very wide. The feet bend like a person standing on their toes.

The joints appear to be soft. The protrusions from its hands and feet look like internal organs. They pulsate like blood vessels. The planners also wanted to let the player jump from a high place and skydive into each area. We challenged ourselves to allow the player quick and easy access between each area. Humans in the Heavens and the Tribes Below In the sky.

This time around. There was a time when we considered placing a lake near the center of the land. There are worlds of light and dark. Link is oftentimes responsible for connecting two very different worlds. Skyloft and the Islands in the Sky All human beings live on floating islands in the sky. In the design on the far left. Their isolation allows the humans to worship their goddess and live in peace. Loftwings are the only birds that exist there.

The islands are so high in the air that the only birds that can reach them are Loftwings. Gaepora is the wisest and most knowledgeable person in Skyloft. Knight Academy When we were thinking about making a tutorial for the game which later became the Wing Ceremony section. They eventually became the gang of three bullies.

Henya final version Dormitory housemother Apron strings tie behind her neck. She prefers to go barefoot. She started cleaning the dorms when she found that the soles of her feet were dirty. She is truly a strong woman. It has been said that if you listen closely at the door of the Knight Academy at night. Island resident 4 Little old lady who is kind to the dormitory students. She wants to ban wearing shoes inside the dormitory and gets upset when people track in dirt.

He also acts like the leader of the kids in the dormitory. His most attractive feature is the nape of his neck. Groose has a lot of training equipment in his room. The Gossip Stones that dot the surface world hold rare information just like in Ocarina of Time. Karane final version Gutsy type Hair is tied up.

He is easy to dismiss. Bazaar Fortuneteller Since there is no overhead. Things like the width of the road and the elevation are varied to keep the Bazaar fun and interesting. Arch-shaped gates like this might help connect the shops and tent supports together. A convenient entrance to the hall for information gathering.

Market Zoning The plan is to combine convenience with mentally stimulating visual effects. Did you notice the different music in each shop? There might be a place for some kind of embellishment. Is cozy with the Gear Shop owner. Market Plan Could be a hidden shop or one hanging over the edge of a cliff.

Straw sandals A place where a shop is not usually located in a town. A hat. I was especially attracted to the weapons shop. A gourmet. She lives an active lifestyle and her dream is to save money from her waitress job to travel around the islands. Wishes he was born a woman Mother potion seller Classic beauty Brother potion mixer Sister potion seller Originally we were going to have one shopkeeper in each shop.

Tall younger brother Potion seller. Drool dribbles out. Potion shop 1 Sloth son potion mixer He rarely takes a bath. He has a cold. Like two members of a boy band. Potion shopkeeper idea A stopper that can be plugged or unplugged from the inside The grime under his fingernails is a special gift to customers.

As we discussed them. There were so many times I thought. His drool might be in there. When having a conversation. He gets along well with others.

It would be nice if the cats could have some effect on helping the player heal and recover. Item Check 5 He works on his bonsai trees as he talks to the customers. Before long. Is that right? He is very busy signing autographs for his fans as he works. She asks customers to hold their breath if they get close. The rear face bird face seems strict. Maybe this is because over the years. He looks more and more like a child. He has a strong voice that needs no amplification. An old man whose hobby is tending bonsai plants.

Fruit basket The microphone is a prop.

Historia pdf english hyrule

Make sure to adjust the color and size of the dots during modeling so they look elegant. During modeling. Caring for the cats comes before customer service. He can make idle chitchat but generally ignores the customers to be with his cats. There is a rumor that he hides a stereo system in his hair.

Sometimes she gently sits down. The cats have also taken a liking to Link. Slightly intoxicated He is well connected and likes trading tall tales. Residents of Skyloft Worldly young lady Glasses rest on the bridge of the nose Braided with three ribbons She carries a large load of laundry on her back. Vegetables she will wash along with the scraps. We showed these normal? An interior and an exterior look at a design of a home in Skyloft.

Details about the furniture inside are carefully decided based on the people who live there and their family dynamics. Small horns Devil mark devil version He wears cloth over his wings in order to hide them.

Batreaux as a human. He wants to become human and dresses himself in the style of clothes they wear. A tile necklace. He sweats quite a bit. If his ducktail runs into his collar. This is how he normally looks.

Batreaux final version Remlit final version Gully final version Boy And when he puts it on. Go younger? Father and child worked together laying the tiles inside the house. He made some that fit her. His wings are gone. About 7. Decoration Lighting equipment A female? About Rescue Knights Less individualistic version. He also has accessories made of tile. Eyelashes are polygons. His robe is torn in the back so his wings can fit through.

Make just one strand both father and child. She is constantly studying poses in photographs so she can look good in every shot.

He is a good uncle who sometimes works at the dormitory. We wanted a clean image. Constantly shaking his hips. People of Skyloft unused Large. Round trash can B: Square trash can C: Square trash can with round hole Each set of tongs has its own separate garbage compartment.

The Legend of Zelda - Hyrule Historia - Shigeru | The Legend Of Zelda | Nintendo

A middle-aged island vagabond who travels as he pleases and sometimes sells things on street corners. Human relationships: Without makeup Tone: They have different hairstyles. Basic personality: She is two faced. The tongs are ready to separate the garbage. He carries himself with a posture that suggests a lack of energy or enthusiasm. He is also a former Knight. Walking his rabbits Masked version. He looks a bit like Bertie from the Potion Shop. If something is dirty.

He is very frail and he often gets sick. She is calculating and hates to lose. He is lanky. He is always nervously and compulsively trying to find out who is littering. She is a strong-willed person who makes it her responsibility to keep herself looking cute. The famous Tingle may have been born from one of these unused backup characters. Tongs large hanging off can b: Tongs large inside of can c: Tongs large and small. Boy who loves rabbits Basic personality: A cheerful boy who loves people and animals.

He is deeply attached to his two rabbits. Occasionally they tell lies. If he comes across garbage unexpectedly. It is tightened up.

For a youthful look. Holding men in the palm of her hand. Human relations: Often seen hanging around with male friends. The way things worked out. His pinkie should not bend. Because she is two faced. Seeing her without makeup might leave some decidedly disappointed. They leave an impression.

Some like to keep their hair up. A group of people who run around town gossiping. We thought the cleaner was really cool and impressive and wanted to use him in a subevent. He uses different kinds of tongs to pick up different kinds of garbage. He does construction work around town. New pop idol When he finds trash on the ground. Even birds run away. He tries not to make more garbage and he picks up the trash with a delicate and decidedly artistic touch.

The idea is to give him feminine hands without emphasizing the extended-pinkie stereotype. The interior. It is a landmark that can be seen from anywhere in the city. The Statue of the Goddess transcends mere religious symbol and has become a special attraction and point of interest.

He is a former knight and the grandson of the dormitory housemother. She is married but has decided to dedicate her life to bamboo splitting. This is a hood He is always glaring. Despite his gruff appearance. He is kind to all living things. In order to lose weight. He was an excellent student at the Knight Academy who had strength. Sasa He loves gentle things. Concept image. Being a knight was a pain. He has a high-quality blade. The same mark that appears on the dormitory aprons is on the s de of h s pants Because he has no energy to do anything.

H s bird fr end. Hints can be found here and there. After the Knight Academy. Bamboo Cutter 5 The hat and chain mail are from h s days as a knight He is used to being a knight. The islands are reminiscent of mountains. Click Diet Ho! Diet Ha!! Because of his weight gain. Photos of wife and daughter in locket Since retiring as an idol. When he doesn t feel like doing bamboo-splitting work. His martial arts studies allow him to expertly handle his spear. She is friends with the dormitory housemother.

At the top. Leaf shaped He is always in the kitchen wearing oven gloves. Ears and tail are attached to the outside. He has taken a liking to the Lumpy Pumpkin and shows up at least once a day.

He loves to chat. He likes soup. He is intrusive. He sings as he speaks. To keep her from being harassed by undesirables. After his daughter and pumpkins. Lumpy Pumpkin Customer 1 Older Regular Customer 4 He has a cheerful personality and is a wanderer popping in here and there around the islands. Rusta final version Ringers are tiny animals that gather around Link if he skydives from a high altitude above Pumpkin Landing.

His hair has become a nest for small birds. Lumpy Pumpkin Owner 3 He likes cooking and pumpkins. He is usually getting food. A budding artist. In reality he is allergic to pumpkins. His dream is to have his own one-man art gallery show. He uses his modest earnings from his part-time job to eat at the Lumpy Pumpkin. The weasel is always with him. He is a shy poet and calligrapher. Milk bar people This is where he does his writing.

This is the person who delivers that famous milk. The poems are on a variety of topics and include absurd stories and mundane ones based on the pumpkins he orders. Since then. Because of that. He is a young man who values family.

He is thrifty and good at digging up funds. We decided not to have ground animals like cows appear. He is not wealthy. Since then he has become a regular customer. If you talk to him from the back. He comes by in his off time to have soup. In order to build up his body of work. Smooth skin Cowbell The owner orders only the choicest milk.

In the beginning the delivery boy thought that delivering milk was a hassle. Bottles He loves his pet weasel.


He is very focused on studying for his exams. She has some very surprising fans. Mama female owner The weasel stays in his hood. He is the youngest brother of Student A. It was a gift from his deceased mother. Customer 2 He works hard on his artwork. Milk bottle symbol If you talk to him from the front. Since the theme of this game is the sky. One day he rewarded himself for a high score on a test by stopping into Pumpkin Landing for a bowl of soup.

Pumpkins are a staple of the diet of the people who live in the sky and they all love it. He chanced upon Pumpkin Landing one day and fell in love with Kina when he first laid eyes on her. He cares very much for his baby brother. He is a nice guy who never forgets to bring a bouquet of flowers. Could they be giant barnacles? Jabun from Wind Waker Spirits with large bodies Throughout the titles. D Sperm whale type Tentacles seem to come from calcified circular growths or holes on the skin.

Looks like Lao Tzu Only the shell edge attached Alternate shell configuration Ocular Parasite Bilocyte final version Drooping eyebrows Goat eyes B Dugong type Tentacles come out of gelatinous lumps on the surface of the body.

Many creatures. Link would get off his bird and do the dirty work with his sword. Because there is higher humidity here. An evil being slumbers here. It is also where the goddess slept for thousands of years under the protection of the Sheikah. It is rich in vegetation and wildlife. Warm beams of sunlight bathe the area. We kept several key elements of the game in mind when designing the Sealed Grounds—namely. A part of the Sealed Temple that is still on the Surface. The Sealed Grounds This is the first place the player lands on the Surface.

There is a log that can be used to make a shortcut right outside of the exit. Unlike the arch side. The ceiling is a brighter blue than the roof. Exit from the temple to a shortcut that leads into Faron Woods. This design is the same as the temple side facing Faron Woods. The Sealed Grounds probably have no direct connection to other titles. Bomb shelf. The mark of the three goddesses goes here and appears on each side. The place where the bombs appear should be easy to spot.

These crests are also associated with the sages and different races. Evidence of human presence can be seen throughout. There are torches at each corner. Full view. As we were thinking about how we wanted the game play to work with the Imprisoned. Layers are also differentiated by different fossils found in them. The wall color changes at each level.

Magic square. We placed grass and stonework around the path to make it easy to see how the land is shaped and where the player is located. The image at right shows what is between the torches. I want a dark shadow to rise from the magic square and bubbles to float out. When glowing. They are modeled on crests that appeared in earlier games. Generally has shallow carvings. Black stains appear on the ground. They are destroyed by the big boss. Will match the color of the sword when charged.

It will grow one size larger and longer. It aligns with the bottom of the Isle of the Goddess. Their shape comes from torii gates. Image drawn on the wall at the lowest level. Confinement gates.

Pdf hyrule english historia

As we were planning. Cross section view. Faron Woods official visual Faron Woods was designed using a painterly style. Faron Woods The Great Tree stands in the center of a vast forest. To keep people from getting bored. Since the forest is the first area the player will visit. The forest is home to the Kikwi. Great Tree The floor and walls are covered with white mold and spores.

Skyview Temple Skyview Temple official visual She flooded the forest to cleanse it of the demons. Faron has a gruff personality. We wanted an area where the player could have fun swimming around for hours and decided on an underwater forest. After struggling with the concept. While he appears to be an incredible marvel of ancient art. Tellin shell fossil Turban shell fossil Gorilla-like 46 There is an insect inside.

Elder Child Amber is attached. Their curiosity has led them to explore the surface world. We originally planned to go with a more primitive design. Since he is constantly erupting. Forest people foursome They are gentle and have easygoing personalities. Is an herbivore. Regular tribe member Looks like a lion mixed with a human. Green Light Has a long neck. He is small. A harem that surrounds the elder. Elder This is the source of sounds of grass rustling and stepping on fallen leaves and sticks.

Fi will reveal a variety of information about each individual. When the opportunity arises. Eyeballs are not thick. Elder Everyone else has long necks. The leaves become his mustache. Dried out Elder He is the oldest member of the village. Side view Crawling forest person There is a little thickness to the mask.

Specifically mentions eating leaves. Looks like a giraffe mixed with a mythological kirin. Palm tree nut They are all female. When one looks for the source of the sound. When asked.

The Phantom Zora We originally planned to have a race that closely resembled the Zora. The leader of the Parella who guides Link has a larger coral on her head. Image of a seashell combined with an octopus. Head area radiates light. The Parella The sketches started with images of small fish laughing.

We decided on the design of the standard Parella with what looks like small pieces of coral on its head. Looks like an ancient fish. A drawing of a jellyfish. The Mogma. Eldin Volcano We wanted to allow the player to have fun with differences in elevation. He lives a secluded and hermetic life at the top of the volcano. The dungeon design was based off Southeast Asian architecture and coloring. In the primitive volcanic belt lie ruins that have slowly lost the battle with time and have the reputation of being infested with Bokoblin monsters.

Fire Sanctuary 50 Fire Sanctuary official visual. Despite being tenacious treasure hunters. He believes it is a great treasure. Guld final version Mogma elder Walks with confidence Porcelain pots Bronzi final version Chest carried on back overflows with treasure.

They actually have a very developed culture. In the initial designs. In the Lanayru Sand Sea area. Long ago it was lush with greenery. Lanayru Desert official visual We were thinking about creating an area that drastically transformed from one landscape to another and thought. Before it was a desert. Lanayru Desert A widespread. We also wanted it to be mobile. Stone statue designs When the ore is dim. Could they be made of the same material? The ocarina is the same color as the Timeshift Stones.

Past Popular now. No pattern. Timeshift Stone designs With the activation of the Timeshift Stones. Popular now. Pattern appears when cut.

Make 4 m or less so it can be climbed. It is said that when an Aracha lives for a thousand years. Lanayru Mining Facility official visual Either make it crumbled so it is 4 m or shorter. Top-down view Protrusions designed for climbing. Either make it crumbled so it is 4 m or shorter. Shipyard Please make the gate the same as in the shipyard. Tentalus is a giant octopus monster.

After we had the general direction. Ancient Robot We wanted to create a robot but did not want it to come across as cold and lifeless. Should the eyes sparkle? Ordinarily has no nails Only those that dig would have these nails.

The Legend of Zelda – Hyrule Historia

Thunder Dragon Lanayru One of the three dragons. Almost the entire face is hidden. Without beard. Scales are not clear. He looks forward to someone finding him and accepting his challenge.

The Legend of Zelda - Hyrule Historia - Shigeru Miyamoto.pdf

Beard and cloud areas are polygons. Shiny cloth Black areas are grooves. While we wanted them to be scary. Silent Realm The Silent Realm is a spiritual realm. Link must brave hitherto-unknown challenges in a mysterious world that remains closed to outsiders.

Watcher final version Size comparison Individual parts Stem grows in a loose spiral 15 buds Spirit Vessel final version The Guardians were designed to be the guardians of the goddess. Only those who have been chosen by the goddess are allowed to enter. In order to complete the Master Sword. Some are the subordinates of the demon kings from ancient wars.

Whip hooks onto the tail feather here. Guay final version Back The dark colors make it look like a crow. Since the demise of the demon kings. Once we had the design for the first Bokoblin. They are important players in many different places.

Pattern on pants is the same. Maybe even too tight. Temporary reference model The back of the scarf is shaped like a triangle. The Lizalfos carries his shield on his arm. Wind Waker Bokoblin For variety. About the helmet A perfect fit. Moblin from the back Moblin final version Front view About the shield Rear view Screw Cloth The handle is an iron rod attached with screws. Their appearance and the weapons they carry have evolved.

Miyamoto liked it. When designing monsters. In Skyward Sword the versatile Octoroks imitate plants. This adaptability might answer the question of how they have been around for so long. I think it is best to keep it simple and functional. In order to show the Spume getting ready to spit magma. Make the scalelike areas with polygons.

Pyrup final version Pyrup Design Spots spread out from the center lines of each limb. If it goes into its shell. Make them line up with the outside area. Like a mudskipper When it is out of the water. The Ampilus is a unique example—the design came from the idea of a shell that could easily traverse the desert quicksand.

There is an alternate version of Scervo named Dreadfuse. Scervo is an ancient pirate robot. B Hair. Perhaps they wield the preferred weapon of their time. Their equipment changes with each title. Beamos design plan 3 Beamos design plan 4 Beamos design plan 5 Model 1 L nk s about his a l? L nk is about this tall? Link s about th s ta l?

Static type and mobile type are basically the same. A special illustration created for the twenty-fifth anniversary. From the beginning to Skyward Sword. This is an introduction to the history of Hyrule. It is likely that the name was handed down through the generations.

A Chronology of Hyrule. The Links of certain eras may also have been named after the legendary hero. How to Read the Chronicles When a chapter is not named. Weaving History This chronicle merely collects information that is believed to be true at this time. Changes that seem inconsequential. These Links might have been the same person. Before you delve any further into this chapter. As the stories and storytellers of Hyrule change. Is it a legend? Is it an accurate history of a cycle of rebirth?

The heroes of these chronicles all share the name Link. Up to this point. Hylian princesses bearing the name Zelda have also appeared throughout the history of Hyrule. This is a telling of tales. A Chronology of the History of Hyrule The chronology begins with the creation of heaven and earth, immediately followed by the events of Skyward Sword.

The section of the timeline where Link triumphs is further divided into two separate realities: This world was created by the three goddesses. They did not intend to unite the regions of this world but instead let the inhabitants have free rein of the land.

In this world, the three goddesses left behind the omnipotent Triforce.