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There are advantages in having a wife smarter than you. I could 'Oh that Chetan Bhagat,' he said, like he knew a milli Keto Comfort Foods: Family Favorite. Index of /public/Books/SciFi_Fantasy/Science Fiction/Simmons, Dan/ Black Hills (v5).epub Jan 2M Simmons, Dan - Carrion Comfort (v5. Death of the Jan 71K Simmons, Dan - Drood (v5). epub. DAN SIMMONS. Carrion. Comfort. THOMAS DUNNE BOOKS. ST. MARTIN'S .. And then I got to work writing Carrion Comfort, the epic novel.

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Dan Simmons - Carrion Comfort. Home · Dan Simmons - Carrion Comfort Simmons, Dan - Carrion Comfort · Read more. Simmons, Dan - Carrion Comfort. Read more · Dan Simmons - Carrion Comfort · Read more Dan Simmons - Carrion Comfort (2). Read more. Together in one volume for the first time, the first two novels of the Hyperion caite.infoONlt is the 29th century and the universe of the Human Hegemony is.

And that sucks. In other projects Wikiquote. Trivia About Carrion Comfort. Overall, the books is compulsively readable, but rarely leaves anything unseen, and throughout its enormous lenght the reader will be exposed to as much action as he or she can take. Natalie and Saul are so fleshed out, they feel like real people and you are genuinely invest This book! Recommended to Maciek by: I fucking loved the ending though, was not expecting that!

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I'm not talking about that. I simply do not like the sound of the word "Negress". I feel about this word the same way some people feel about "cunt" or "twat". The word just sounds ugly, and I don't want to listen to it. Doesn't matter what it means or if it was ever acceptable.

If the word was a person, it would have a punchable face. Unfortunately, I switched to the audiobook at around the halfway mark so I literally had to listen to this woman say the word dozens of times. And no, that is no exaggeration either. Yes, this book is dated, but even if I went back in time to when this book was released in , I still can't imagine the necessity for such word repetition. Seems like lazy writing to me. I mean, at one point, the word is used as much as "she" and "her".

Another huge letdown was the lack of horror. There were horror tropes, sure, but there was very little that was horrifying. Carrion Comfort is the same kind of horror experience you'd receive if you watched a marathon of the Underworld films.

This is action-horror, and I don't like action-horror. Yeah, there are monsters, but they aren't scary. They are rapey and over-the-top, but they aren't frightening.

The one truly terrifying monster in the book is figuratively castrated by the fact that the author thought it would be a sound idea to call him the "Honky Monster". Sweet baby Tom Cruise, I wish to fuck I was kidding. This scythe-wielding baddie is turned into a joke shortly after his introduction, and he never reclaims his rightful spot as scary. Every time he was named, I laughed. Out loud. I literally barked laughter. Such a well-designed monster should not garner guffaws based on his moniker alone.

I don't know what I would have called him, but it sure as shit wouldn't have been "Honky Monster". This is the equivalent of naming Dracula the "Neck Sucker! Oh, and I'm not a chess player.

I feel that I missed a great deal of subtext because I do not play the game.

Pdf carrion comfort dan simmons

And that sucks. This book did, however, make me pick up a book about chess, and I'm enjoying learning how to play, but I know I have many miles to go and I wasn't about to put off finishing this book while I boned up on my middle game. A final note on the writing. Dan Simmons doesn't write like a modern author. His prose is elegant and Dickensian.

I was not expecting that. While it shouldn't have been so jarring, it most certainly was. I can dig good writing no matter the style, but I don't think it fit this subject matter. It was horribly awkward in places. That would be weird, right?

Dan Simmons - Carrion Comfort - PDF Free Download

Now imagine Charles Dickens wrote a horror-thriller in the vein of early Dean Koontz. I think you see my issue. In summation: I'm not giving up on Simmons. I want to see what he does with some historical fiction.

I have Drood and The Terror queued up in the next few months. Both novels are equally long , so if I don't like them I'll probably quit Simmons after that. I love the concept of Drood and probably should have started there. Final Judgment: Needs Jazzercize! May 21, Horace Derwent rated it it was amazing. View all 5 comments. Nov 20, Adam Light rated it it was amazing Shelves: I like long books, and Carrion Comfort is very long.

Clocking in at pages, it isn't the longest I have read, either. The tiny typeface may have shortened the page count, though. I would love to find out the word count of this book.

I say all this not to criticize the book as you can see, I rated it 5 stars but to explain why it took forever to read it. I almost dropped a star because there is some extraneous material here that could have been excised and the mind-blowing story would not hav I like long books, and Carrion Comfort is very long.

I almost dropped a star because there is some extraneous material here that could have been excised and the mind-blowing story would not have suffered, but I savored every one of the words, so I feel that would be wrong. This was my first Dan Simmons book and I had no real idea what to expect. I did know from friends warning me, to ignore the cover blurb comparing this to King's The Stand, so I was not disappointed to find the two are worlds apart, but both are epic in scope and flawlessly executed.

I don't remember who first recommended this book to me, but thanks a lot whoever you are. I was lost in this story as soon as I opened it. The horror is not in your face here, but takes a backseat to more action and suspense than I expected. You get monsters, but they are not what you expect at all, at least that is how I feel. The antagonists, and there are too many to count, are some of the most sadistic, vile and racist bunch I have encountered.

I can' t help but compare the True Knot from Doctor Sleep to this group, only severely watered down and nowhere near as creepy. Maybe it is due to having read King's newest while I read this one. Not sure, but there are similarities. I could go on forever but I finished this at 3 am and I have to stop. I don't want to spoil anything but I will say that Saul was my favorite character.

He was so well written, I never doubted his authenticity one bit. Rob Gentry and Natalie Preston were equally good. As I mentioned, the bad guys are EVIL, and we even get a first person account from one of them, while the rest is told in third. That was interesting, and Melanie's scenes damn near steal the book. This one gets a big well deseved 5 from me. I will be reading more Simmons for sure. Jan 24, Bill rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: One glance of the wear on the spine of my copy of Carrion Comfort would be enough to tell this is a must read.

In fact, I would upload a picture of it but yet another of my friends is currently reading it. One of my friends read it three times and another wants it back again. It's a toss-up between this novel and Silence of the Lambs as my favorite novel of all time.

Comfort dan pdf carrion simmons

It's huge, over pages, and dates back from Nazi Germany to present day. In a nutshell, it's about a small group of people with t One glance of the wear on the spine of my copy of Carrion Comfort would be enough to tell this is a must read.

In a nutshell, it's about a small group of people with the ability to completely control the actions of people using telekinesis. For those who have read the novel, this little tidbit will interest you: I saw an interview with Dan Simmons Amazing how this story grew from that. I can't recommend this highly enough. Read it!! Horror Fans. Behind the calm voice and the human puppet was a man who had directly murdered scores - perhaps thousands - of human beings.

The paranormal malevolence of Stephen King. Oh my friends, this was something special. An absolute Must Read for the Horror Fan. I will remember it always And I am very, very hungry. View all 6 comments. Jun 17, Kathryn rated it really liked it Shelves: Carrion Comfort is a mess of a book. Not only are there evil, mind-controlling vampires, the things they do are just so ripe with evil. It's almost like they give evil a new name.

Carrion Comfort 's story is complex, and involves several parties. Not only are these parties involved in a bigger picture, but they also have their own stories and action. There really isn't a main character, but several main characters, and several minor characters. As far as main characters go, Saul was my definite f Carrion Comfort is a mess of a book.

As far as main characters go, Saul was my definite favorite. His story from the past to the present was so intriguing, and his time in WWII in the concentration camps was probably my favorite part of the entire novel. His cat and mouse relationship with the one and only Oberst was interesting, and I found myself cheering for him to succeed and avenge what and who the Oberst had done and is.

The other characters: Natalie, Rob, Melanie, and Harod were also some of my favorite characters. Even though some of those characters were part of the evil side, I found I still enjoyed reading about them. When it comes Melanie, I have to say I'm sorry if that offends you, but if you read this novel, you would know why I say that. To Use, and I capitalize "U" for a reason, people the way she did, ugh That is all I will say.

She was entertaining, and I felt like I could hear her voice in my head when her story was being read. I'm not kidding.

The airplane and the hot tub scenes, along with what he did to Natalie Everyone's character was perfect for Carrion Comfort. The story is very well done, but there were a few problems I had with it. First, I think some of this book could have been cut out. There was a point where I felt like I was going to gouge my eyes out at one point because I kept feeling like the story just kept going, and going, and going But whatever Second, I didn't find this book scary at all.

Disturbing, yes I was expecting something scary, I guess. It didn't disappoint, but I guess it was just the expectation which kind of made it a little bit of a problem for me. Third, there were a few instances where I was wondering, "How did we get there from where we were? That's kind of a minor thing. I'm a very visual reader, and this book is very visual. Finally, there was a very, VERY memorable scene for me.

Something I don't think I'll ever forget The impact the scene has on the entire novel, and how it lets you know how much evil people can be fraught with, was just astounding. For most of the book, I'd say two-thirds of the way, it was a five star book. But, I've gotten to be a bit more critical lately, a little bit more honest, and the few minor things I had knocked it down to a four star. I haven't decided whether I'm going to keep this book or not.

I usually keep the books which are my favorites and can't part with. I think the hidden scene I mentioned before is enough for me to keep it, and along with Saul's background story. Very intriguing, and for me the best parts of the book. Carrion Comfort is definitely worth the read. View all 33 comments. Mar 14, Stephen rated it really liked it Shelves: Dan Simmons can write a great book no matter what genre he is writing in.

His Hyperion Cantos is on my list of "All Time Favorite" science fiction series and now he has written one of the best Vampire novels ever. Original, scary and brilliant World Fantasy Award for Best Novel View all 3 comments. Aug 17, Apatt rated it it was amazing Shelves: Hyperion gets a lot of love but I seldom see any mention of this amazing book. It is very different from Hyperion but that is not unusual for Simmons as he is a very versatile writer.

This book is about people with mind control abilities of different strengths. A lot of riveting plot is generated from this simple premise. I won't go onto any details, I'll just rec Hyperion gets a lot of love but I seldom see any mention of this amazing book. I won't go onto any details, I'll just recommend that you do not miss this book even if you don't normally read horror.

It is proposed that this Ability has been present for years, with reference to the Holocaust as well as random murders of individuals. A small group come together w "If everyone could understand the working of a psychopath's mind, we undoubtedly would be closer to insanity ourselves. A small group come together with the intention of stopping a small group responsible for these awful actions.

First of all, this book is absolutely mammoth. My edition was nearly pages with a teeny tiny font I'm no stranger to big books, I am a King fan after all, but this one felt particularly long. Possibly because the story was so heavy and depressing at times, with no comedic relief or light moments! Nevertheless, it was a great book, intricately planned with awesome characters. Saul, Natalie and Rob Gentry were all solid protagonists, and likeable! Compare these to the "mind vampires" in the novel and there is no competition.

The mind vampires are disgusting, vile, horrible, evil people. I've never encountered such hateful characters in all my reading days.

Index of /public/Books/SciFi_Fantasy/Science Fiction/Simmons, Dan/

Nothing redeemable about any of them! The book itself was terrifying in parts. Some creepy, tense moments and horrifying characters. The premise that these individuals could control your mind and actions from a distance away is just That you could be used to commit someone else's horrible deeds is scary indeed. One compliment is also that this book is very unpredictable I never saw anything coming, it keep surprising me over and over.

A complaint would be that the book did feel too long This doesn't take away from the enjoyment of the book, but it could have done with some serious editing. I especially don't really enjoy "action" scenes where people are just running around for ages and hiding in different locations - this kind of thing is great for the big screen, but can be hard to follow when reading.

It's a complicated book to rate because some parts were 5 stars and some parts felt more like 3 stars Highly recommend, but don't read if easily offended or if you're not a fan of gore and violence. View 1 comment. Oct 29, Alondra rated it it was amazing Shelves: I must say; after reading this book, I am completely disheveled in appearance and spent.

This book wore me out to say the least. This was a thrill ride of the highest order, and creeped me out the entire time. I don't want to give away anything and provide spoilers; for fear that 'someone' may find this out and complete a mind-game on me.

This book is about mind-control; vampirism that not only takes your life essence, but your very soul. It is about having complete power 5 Stars So, if this intrigues you to take the plunge; to USE this book for entertainment; don't say I didn't warn you I can't seem to remember I was seriously disappointed by it but at the same time, I did really enjoy some parts. The story was interesting though and I enjoyed how everything was so intertwined, Simmons really spun a tangled web and it kept me intrigued enough to see it through to the end.

Dan Simmons

I did think the ending was great, and gave me tingles, I wish the whole book would have felt that way! This book should come with a warning label, although that might ruin its amazing cover. Dan Simmons has managed to bring together literally every single horrible thing you could think of - the holocaust, sexual abuse, racism, corruption, torture - and smush it all together in one giant volume that you keep reading in spite of yourself.

It clocks in at just under pages and I read it in 4 days. I'm now on my way to church to cleanse myself. Carrion Comfort boasts some of the most despicable c This book should come with a warning label, although that might ruin its amazing cover. Carrion Comfort boasts some of the most despicable characters I've ever had the displeasure of coming across.

Carrion Comfort

Oh and they all have the power of mind control. Mind vampires, as Simmons terms them. To balance the legit most awful bad guys ever, Simmons gives us Natalie Preston, Saul Laski, and Rob Gentry although sometimes my edition kept putting 'Ron Gentry, how annoying. Having seen and experienced their evil firsthand, our trio bands together to fight it.

I loved this book, as sick as it is. It's heart-breaking, raw, powerful, stomach-turning, violent, gory, just absolutely mad. I fucking loved the ending though, was not expecting that! Horror lovers, read it, but I reiterate, not for the fainthearted!

Oh also, some knowledge of chess might enhance your reading experience! Aug 29, Tressa rated it it was amazing Shelves: The print of this large paperback is so small, I imagine that if it were in hardback, I wouldn't be able to pick it up and read it.

I think this book, while a good read with some fantastic, scary parts in it, could have used a tad more editing. I must say that some of the characters are truly monstrous.

Tony, the producer, is a vile human being. The arrogant movers and shakers in the secret society couldn't have less empathy for their fellow human beings. But no one, not even Willi IMO, comes cl The print of this large paperback is so small, I imagine that if it were in hardback, I wouldn't be able to pick it up and read it. The ease at which she ruins lives and Uses people is unsettling.

Even when she could leave it alone, she will still go back and exact revenge on anyone who dares stop her detailed plans to get what she wants when she wants it. The most chilling scenes for me were of Willi's younger years as a Nazi, and his dabbles into the lives of concentration camp prisoners. That human chess game was horrifying. This is a book I had heard about many times and I'm glad I finally read it.

Apr 26, Scott Sigler added it Shelves: The first pages really captivated me, then I lost focus in the next This is a wonderful book that may have been a victim of my ADD. After a year without picking it up again, I'm getting this one off my "currently reading" list.

Jan 22, Jennifer rated it liked it. I am so glad to be done with this one. It was a relief turning that last page. This is the third novel by Dan Simmons I have read , it is my least favorite.

I read a bit of the forward of this one, it seems it was a struggle to get it published and he did not appreciate the editing or attempted editing.

For me, it could have lost about pages. But that's me. While reading I was engaged in the story, I am not sure if I ever really came to care for any of the characters The story itself was interesting, I liked the flash backs from Saul and even that horrific woman Melanie. I like those windows to the past. At points the reading was a chore Our monsters are truly some of the most vile I have encountered. There are some depraved scenes in the book, very violent and I am not sure to what purpose it was for.

I get to show how inhuman our monsters were.. Personally I would recommend The Terror if you are considering checking out Mr. I can't say that I would really recommend this one. All I know is that I won't get the pages back and I am kinda bitter about it. May 20, Jonathan rated it really liked it. Carrion Comfort is a run-away helicopter bolted precariously to a run-away train heading for a narrow cliff that stands above a valley of molten lava.

This thing is fast-paced. I enjoyed the mix of, and choice of, perspectives. They were meaningful. My opinion of at least one character shifted rather dramatically at some point and it was only a function of the chosen perspective, which is nice. I'm a sucker for evil in that indifference-to-human-life kind of way so I was already hooked pretty ear Carrion Comfort is a run-away helicopter bolted precariously to a run-away train heading for a narrow cliff that stands above a valley of molten lava.

I'm a sucker for evil in that indifference-to-human-life kind of way so I was already hooked pretty early. The descriptions of the Use of the people's minds are fun and how different mind vampires decide or are able to Use and condition people and their cat's-paws takes the idea further than I anticipated.

The violence is creative. The action is relentless.