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Theta Fleet Engineering has many technical manuals and guides that are available to read or download. Star Trek The Next Generation Technical Manual. The Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual is an in-depth description of the technology and equipment used aboard the USS Enterprise-D in Star. Jaynz - Ships of Star Fleet - 01, Neale Davidson, pdf, 36, " x 11" Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual, Rick Sternbach and Michael.

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Footnotes such as this will be separate from the main body of the Technical .. Star Trek: The Next Generation uses an enormous number of special visual. Editorial Reviews. From the Publisher. The Star Trek: The Next Generation® Technical Manual, written by Rick Sternbach and Michael Okuda, the technical. The Star Trek Writers' Technical Manual was developed to provide a handy reference for the detailed technical background that our writers sometimes need, .

Ships of the Star Fleet, Vol Five: Weapons and Field Equipment Technical Manual. John Barnard. Andres Castineiras. The Worlds of the Federation. No publisher listed. Klingon Ship recognition manual 2.

Ships of Starfleet 5.

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Mr Scotts Guide to the Enterprise. Starfleet Compendium. Klingon Ship recognition manual.

Klingon Ship recognition manual 2. Starfleet Intelligence Manual on the Klingons. Romulan Ship recognition manual.

The technical generation star manual pdf trek next

Gorn Ship recognition manual. Ships of Starfleet Volume 1 - Cruisers. Ships of Starfleet Volume 2 - Patrol Combatants.

Ships of Starfleet Volume 3 Scouts and Escorts. The best of Dockyard Review. Federation Ship Recognition Manual Klingon Military Power - Volume 1 - Ships.

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Romulan Ship Recognition Manual Star Trek Voyager Technical Manual. Starfleet Prototype Vessels for the Future. Voyager , Star Trek: Enterprise and Star Trek: Insurrection and Star Trek: Star Charts published by Pocket Books.

Shane Johnson went on to publish the official publication Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise and Worlds of the Federation , both produced by Pocket Books after creating his fan-produced blueprints.

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Contents [ show ]. Retrieved from " https: Cancel Save. Some ideas developed for the technical manual, or its predecessor, the internal Writers Technical Manual , were later incorporated into the storylines of the TV series and movies.

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Most notably, a concept drawing from the manual describing an emergency landing of the saucer section was seen by TNG writers Ronald D.

Moore , Jeri Taylor , and Brannon Braga who wanted to use a saucer crash as a sixth-season cliffhanger episode for the TV series. This idea was shelved due to budget limitations and resistance from producer Michael Piller.

The book contains explanations of Warp drive including a chart showing warp factor against speed, and an explanation that non-fractional warp factors are more efficient than fractional ones , the transporter which is said to transport matter from place to place keeping it in the form of a "matter stream", and works using analog technology to defeat pattern storage requirements , the replicator which is said to work on the basis of the transporter, but with a less precise digital resolution , holodecks , phasers and photon torpedoes , impulse drive , the warp core including a chemical formula for dilithium , subspace radio , saucer separation and landing, the computer, and the various auxiliary craft of the Enterprise.

It also contains a section regarding the history of the development of the Galaxy -class ships. In addition to the more serious material, the manual also contains a number of inside jokes.

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These include:. The print version was later complemented by a similar electronic version, the Star Trek: A follow-up title, the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual , was published in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dewey Decimal.