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LKS TIK Semester Ganjil Kelas IX by pakmufti. Download as DOCX, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate content. Download. Save. erlangga. summary for jct contracts - soal cpns dan kunci - paket matematika smp kelas 9 smp download kunci jawaban buku paket. setiap bab. kata kunci peta konsep merupakan alur ber- buku rpul sd pdf download erlangga mandiri matematika smp kelas 9 - kunci jawaban buku erlangga.

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EBOOK TIK KELAS 9 SMPT EPUB (Just Like) Buku TIK BSE KELAS 7. Learn about add-ins to save to other 9 formats such as PDF or XPS. Vii download buku bse tik smp kelas 7 free buku pkn kelas 7 bse smp kelas 8. buku erlangga mandiri matematika smp kelas 9 - kunci jawaban buku erlangga 2 pdf - pdf materi pembelajaran tik smp download, proposal ptk tik smp. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd Satelit Tik SMP Mts 9 1 . English in Focus for Grade IX Junior High School (SMP /MTs) Writers Editors Layouters Illustrator Cover Designer Buku teks pelajaran ini telah dinilai oleh Badan Standar Nasional Pendidikan dan telah ditetapkan.

Hold the bottle by the loop of string. Because my parents asked me to go with them. Well, unfortunately, it ended sadly. What are the things you have made by following some procedures? You need three batteries to make a monster with bright eyes. Jelaskan apa yang dimaksud dengan newsgroup dan sebutkan manfaatnya! What is the difference between modern dances and traditional dances?

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Kelas buku smp pdf 9 tik

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In your opinion. The new clerk resented tell what to do. Learn English is much easier than learn French. Collecting stamps is my hobby. She has completed pack her bags. My youngest brother dislikes bathe in cold water. Practice 14 Supply the gerund form of the verb in the brackets. In Practice 2 Read the text carefully. Taken from The Book of Knowledge.

Rock became a very big business. Then came Bill Haley and The Comets. Where is rock music played and listened to? Who was Elvis Presley?


What happened after he appeared on nation-wide television? Who emerged after Elvis? Do you agree with the statement that says rock is become mainly the music of the youngsters? Give your reason. Rock mainly became the music of the young.

It is played and listened in almost every countries in the world. Alan Freed. Rock Music Rock music is part of popular music today. Elvis Presley.

English in Focus SMP Kelas IX-Artono

They understood its beat and sound. After he appeared on nation-wide television. Choose either a. Which statement is not true based on the text? Bill Haley and The Comets sang rock and roll in their times 2. Rock is popular among young people. Rock and Roll was the name given by Alan Freed. Below are some of his actions. What is the main idea of paragraph one? Rock music. Popular music. Practice 4 1. Elvis Presley 6. The supporting idea of paragraph two is.

What is the best title for the text? Rock became a very big business at that time. He was a young singer from Tennessee. Read the text again and put the actions in a correct order. He was heard across the US. Alan Freed was the one who used the term rock and roll.

Rock music is part of popular music today. Kinds of Music. Music from Time to Time. His performing style was rock and roll. Rock Music. After Elvis appeared on nationwide television c. He appeared on nation-wide television. The main idea of paragraph two is.

Rock music is played and listened in most countries. All countries. Rock mainly became the big business. Rock and Roll. Bill Haley and The Comets d. Almost means. A spring or a set of wheels turns the cylinder. Discuss it with a friend. The following are examples of a report text and a descriptive text. What Is a Report Text?

People also use music to show their feelings and ideas. The music-making parts of a music box are a cylinder and a row of metal teeth of different lengths. People use music for a part of ceremonies. Practice 7 Match the italicized words in the following sentences with their meanings or synonyms in the box. Almost all of the young know Elvis Presley. Practice 6 Read the following explanation carefully.

Appeared means. Report text more general Music Music is sound put into pleasing or interesting patterns. Look at the pictures and answer the questions orally. Mainly means Rock became a very big business. Many Chinese culture form of artistic expression were adapted and assimilated into indigenous form. In Gianyar Bali.

It is identical to the original models found in mainland China. China designs were copied by local ceramics and paintings. The architectural elements in some temples for example. Adapted from Indonesian Heritage: Visual Art. Can you describe the pictures? Where do the dances come from? Can you mention the names of the dances you know already? Practice 9 Read the text carefully. Identify the characteristic of the text.

Indonesian Heritage: In Cirebon. Use your dictionary if necessary. Identical means.. Practice 11 Match each word in column A with its Indonesian equivalent in column B.. Assimilated means.

9 pdf tik smp kelas buku

Adapted means. Played means. B bukti dibangun kembali dibatasi asli budaya keraton alat-alat rumah tangga pengaruh pribumi dataran utama Practice 12 Fill in the blanks with the phrases in the box. Not as strong as means Many Chinese culture form artistic expression were adapted and assimilated into indigenous form. Evidenced means 4. A paragraph is developed by three parts.

Examples are taken from Practice 9. Supporting idea Many Chinese culture form of artistic expression were adapted and assimilated into indigenous form. Practice 13 Read the following explanation carefully. Concluding idea China designs were copied by local ceramics and paintings. Main idea. Woodcraft The developing of wood in Indonesia from earliest times. Introduction of Islam in the 21th century made some of the designs were lost.

Climatic condition problem have eliminated some remain of wooden artefacts from a very early date. Practice 14 Now. Many motifs found in prehistoric artefact used bronze in woodcarving. Practice 1 Read and study the following text. Then identify main idea. Indonesian Art The earliest Indonesian art marked by cave paintings and the arts of the pre-Hindu period.

Copy the table into your exercise book. Text structure: Note What Is a Report Text? The subject includes natural things. The purpose of a text: To report something. Fokus Euro Silet Sergap Idol: Casper Sinetron: Adapted from The World Book Encyclopedia.

The violin. The musician presses the keys to make sounds. Wind instruments are played by blowing into or through a tube. Electric guitars.

Pdf buku 9 smp tik kelas

The piano. They are stringed instruments. Percussion instruments have keys connected with a part that makes tones.

English in Focus SMP Kelas IX-Artono-2008

Stringed instruments make tones when the player makes one or more string vibrate. Electronic instruments use electricity to make sounds or to make the sounds louder. Follow-up Activity Make a report about something unique that happens around you. Find a report text and complete it with its characteristic.

Present the report in front of the class. Kamus Visual. Which report is the most unique? Practice 5 Work in groups. Description of the subject Genre of text: I'm a hundred percent certain. Gerunds Examples. The subject includes natural things I could say. What do you say to state hesitation? What do you say to response hesitation? Can you mention the steps for reporting something?

If you find some difficulties while answering the questions. You can be sure about. Have you ever made something by yourself?

Have you ever followed a procedure to make something? What are the things you have made by following some procedures? Have you ever been asked by your friend about the way to do or to make something? Practice 2 While listening to the tape. Dial the service number. Do you know how to order a ticket by phone? Of course I do. Thanks for the explanation. And then. Practice 1 Before you listen to the tape.

I never ordered a ticket by phone. Practice 3 Listen to the tape carefully. I made it from a square piece of paper by cutting inwards from each corner halfway to the centre point.

Practice 4 Answer the following questions. I pushed the drawing pin through the centre and into the rubber on the end of the pencil. I folded over each point with a dot on it and tape it to the centre.

What are you doing? What is Gun doing? Does Dona surprise? What does she say to express her admiration? Practice 5 Listen to the procedure from the tape carefully.

Now you can blow on the pin wheel and watch it spin. Does it? What do you say to show that you are paying attention to someone? What do you say to show that you admire something? Could you give examples for both expressions? Discuss it with your friends. Can you mention two materials you will need to make them? Can you mention one of the steps?

Practice 6 Listen to a dialogue about how to make sweet buns. I see. Informal If you want to say it to older people or a stranger you can add could you please tell me more. Practice 10 Now listen to your teacher reading the following monologue. I call this fruit kebab. How do you make them?

Do you know how to make an Amazon hut? With the help of three or four people. Does Angga want to taste fruit kebab? Riana has made a. Practice 8 Listen to the following monologue read by your teacher. Be Creative! Not really. She wants Angga to taste them. Care to taste this? It looks so delicious. Now the house is ready. Riana has made some fruit kebabs. Put palm leaves on top for the roof. Practice 12 Listen to the complete poster from the tape. What does the poster tell you about? What is the meaning of costume party?

What is the meaning of the character or weapon must be unique? Your or weapon must be unique. Practice 11 Listen to some questions from the tape. Then complete the missing phrases. You must have a name. CD Image Conditions: You must have a. Tell me how to make them. I made them by myself. Put a slice of butter on each slice. Fantastic taste. Do you want some? She hands a sandwich to Nely Nely: Thank you. Then cut some cheese into slices. Who brought sandwiches? Does Nely take the sandwich?

Did Vita make them by herself or did she buy them? What do you call the italicised phrases in the dialogue? What are the ingredients for a sandwich? Practice 3 Answer the following questions based on the dialogue in Practice 2. I brought some sandwiches. Have you ever seen or read a procedure? Did you follow the procedure step by step? Practice 2 Role Play Act out the following dialogue.

Smp pdf tik buku kelas 9

Class Project Your teacher will read the procedure of how to make Flick Book. Preparation of how to make Flick Book. Take a white paper and draw a background picture on it. Trace this picture on atleast 12 papers of some size. On each drawing leave a margin down one side. Draw it a bit lower on the second page. Wish me luck.


I hope b. I doubt c. I'm curious d. Read the following dialogue carefully. Mita Sarah Mita Sarah: Hi, Sarah. What are the ingredients to make it?

Oh, I see. Tell me how to make it. First, put four tablespoons of ice-cream into a jug and pour on the milk. Pour into glasses. Can I get some? Yes please. Very delicious! Reading In this section, you will learn how to: After learning the lesson in this section, you are expected to be able to: Observe the following pictures carefully.

Then, match each picture with the instructions. Fill the bowl with sand to make a desert island. Cut the paper. New Horizon To make a treasure chest cut the cardboard in a shape of box. Adverbials to show when or how. Bury the treasure firmly near the surface in the sand. Find the treasure from the sand with the help of magnet.

Later it published new stories. Use action verbs. Now make a tree using a drinking straw and paste some green paper leaves with sticky tape and plant it on your island. Now put an iron or steel bolt in it. Taken from: Encyclopedia of Science Experiments. Connector to show chronology. Germinating Petunia Seeds Source: Practice 2 Match each word in column A with its meaning in column B. Where should we put the cardboard?

Practice 4 Read the following text carefully. B piece of iron or steel that attracts other metal object outer form or outline. What is a drinking straw for?

Why must we put an iron inside the cardboard? What is the clean. Imperatives Meanwhile. The term used is usually the same as the base form.

Fill seed tray with soil. Keep a positive attitude about your school and home life. Then seeds will germinate in approximately Maintain your proper body weight to avoid straining your back muscles. Incorporate fertiliser into soil. Place seed tray in warm. Imperatives should be used carefully in English. Use the correct lifting and moving techniques. Cover seeds with a 3 mm layer of soil.

Spray water to moisten the seed bed. Scatter seeds on the surface of the soil. Steps 1. It is one of the three moods of an English verb. Imperatives are verbs used to give orders.

Keep soil moist by watering gently while seeds are germinating. You have slept. Paint brush. We have slept. G r a m m a r Stage Pattern: They have slept. Make an Underwater Volcano You will need: Red food colouring. Practice 6 Put the verbs in the brackets into present perfect tense.

Practice 1 Read the following procedure carefully. We were looking for you everywhere. Small bottle. I read this newspaper for an hour. Look at this magazine. We not subscribe Tempo for years. Hot and cold water. Add food colouring to turn the water bright red. Fill the bottle with hot water. Tie the other end of the piece of string around the neck of the bottle to make a loop.

Cut a long piece of string. Pour cold water into the large glass jar until it is about threequarters full. Hold the bottle by the loop of string. What is the conclusion of the experiment? How many imperatives are there? Mention it. Lower it gently into the jar of cold water. Can you mention the purpose of the experiment? What materials do we need to do the experiment?

Please explain. The hot red water rises from the bottle like smoke from an erupting volcano. Practice 4 Arrange the jumbled instruction below into the correct order by adding some connectives. A procedural text has a format: Cover them with berbecue sauce and cook them in the oven for thirty minutes. Chop up the tomatoes. Put the meat and vegetable pieces on a skewer. Practice 3 Read the following information carefully. Cut the meat into small cubes. Practice 5 Rearrange the following pictures into the correct order based on the instruction in Practice 4.

The form of the procedural text. Those include imperative sentence. Practice 6 Log On Do you like doing an experiment? For ideas. Some clues below will help you. Steps of your procedure. Use your dictionary. Coming Soon! Watch it in Cute Cinema Get free tickets. Just include it out with bright colours and big photos of your stuff. Practice 8 Study the following poster then answer the questions. Where will the movie be played? What will you get from watching the movie?

View the commands listed under the pull-down menu. With the menu open, drag the mouse pointer to a command and click on it to select the command. As you drag your mouse pointer over the commands, each command is highlighted in blue. Point and click to make a selection from the cascading menu.

Untuk itu perhatikan tahapan di bawah ini dan diskusikan serta cari jawabannya. Melakukan pengamatan Produk apa sajakah yang bisa dibuat dari pelepah pisang?

Free Software, aplikasi gratis yang bisa didapat dari mengkopi. Membuka cakrawala TIK Kelas 8. Iwan Sofana dan BSE. Salah satu wujud ebook tik kelas 9 smpt untuk mensukseskan program BSE adalah melakukan.