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Author: Brunton Paul Title: A search in secret Egypt Year: Link download: The last. A Search in Secret Egypt [Paul Brunton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this book, philosopher Paul Brunton () encounters . Sample pages to A Search in Secret Egypt. Sample pages from. A Search in Secret Egypt by Paul Brunton. Edited by Timothy J. Smith and Kira Lallas.

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In this book, philosopher Paul Brunton () encounters the mysteries and magic of Egypt in the s, including an eerie yet illuminating night spent. caite.infope: application/pdf English A Search In Secret Egypt Enter Name Of The Copyright. It is an honor for me and for my whole generation to be present for agriculture similar to the first tree of the digital knowledge. MOHAMED ABD.

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All Blog Posts Books. Get the news you want. I'm interested in A Search in Secret Egypt Author: Ebook Paperback. His books sold over two million copies in 17 languages. He was the most popular and authoritative source of information on Eastern philosophies, gurus, and meditation systems from the mid-'30s to the '60s.

In , he withdrew from public life and continued writing the material that was posthumously published as The Notebooks of Paul Brunton --a truly East-West spiritual philosophy. Written with the passion of an authentic pioneer and the thoughtfulness of a seasoned practitioner, his work is re-emerging as a beacon for all contemporary seekers.

A Search in Secret Egypt

Brunton's book does not make us wonder whether there are not more things in heaven and earth than are known to our philosophy; it makes us certain that there are. Brunton clearly distinguishes between what is spiritual and what is magical or super-normal, and it is just this which makes his book not only a fascinating but a valuable guide to the hidden lore of ancient times.

A Search in Secret Egypt contains many excellent pen-pictures of the Two Lands and their monuments, as well as numerous accounts of literally marvelous adventures in that 'temple of the whole world' we call Egypt.