Hovercraft seminar pdf

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Components: • Read rate gyro and distance information from the corresponding sensors. • Read the state of a connected switch. • Display the sensor states. Seminar report. On. Hovercraft. Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of degree. Of Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical. SUBMITTED. ExAMINES A HoVERCRAFT'S GATE ACTI- .. to design, build and fly a hovercraft consumes their every waking .. and Innovation, a one-credit seminar.

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Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. In an emergency situation on most surfaces turning the engine off will stop the Hovercraft. The scales measured the amount of thrust the air from the one can produced down onto the scales. In the mid s Christopher Cockrell, a brilliant British radio engineer and French engineer John Bertin, worked along with similar line of research, although they used different approaches to the problem of maintaining the air cushion. C Triprayar Page 13

Hovercraft seminar report

Fig 5. The advantages of the fan are two fold. This is a fan in which two discs are fitted together and looks rather like a doughnut with angled slat at their edges. Propellers again are not efficient in applications when an air backpressure will be applied to the propeller blades as they rotate. Both the compressor and turbine look like fans with large number of blades.

This type of engine is smaller and lighter for a given horsepower and has been used extensively in turbo prop aircraft. When the engine is started the compressor compresses air from the engine intakes and pushes into the combustion chambers mounted around the engine. Fuel is squirted into the combustion chamber and is ignited. The engine also drives the propeller on the craft. As the gas pressure raises the turbine speeds up. A starter motor is connected to one end and the other end is connected to the lift fan.

The engine speed increases until it reaches engines normal operating speed. The SRN 1 and other early craft used piston type engines. The compressed air then rapidly expands as it is heated and forces its way out through the turbine to the exhaust.

This is because the amount of lift air requires dictates the engine speed to drive the lift fan. The current AP crafts that runs on the old SRN6 routes has nowmoved back towards the piston engines and uses marine diesel engines that are much quieter and fuel efficient. Its speed of rotation must remain fixed to that the engine and the lift fan. Hovercraft having more than one lift fan and propeller generally has a separate engine for each fan and propeller unit. This system is termed integrated lift.

In the SRN6 this meant that it was possible to hear the craft traveling across the Solent between the Portsmouth and the isle of Wight in the UK several miles away. In turn the amount of propulsion which the propellers provide must be obtained by varying the propeller pitch and not its rate of rotation.

To stop the Hovercraft-Reducing engine RPM will reduce the air cushion height and increased drag between the skirt and the surface will slow and stop the Hovercraft.

The hovercrafts are designed to float like a boat with the engine turned off. In an emergency situation on most surfaces turning the engine off will stop the Hovercraft. These are four bladed and nineteen feet in diameter. The main difference would be. Here rails provide smooth surface for high pressure air and guidance from the track overcomes the problem of steering. New method of propulsion is required. Then moved towards Hover train.

hovercraft seminar report

It is difficult to lift. One is the hover concept by replacing the cushion of low pressure air as inform the modern Hovercraft by high pressure pad it was thought that the pads of high pressure could replace the wheels of the car.

The Hovercraft as a vehicle is still in common use but not in large volumes.

Hovercrafts are an integral part of numerous commercial operations including driving. Hovercrafts are in use worldwide with search research groups. As engine and materials technology progress the Hovercraft may yet make a comeback but for now it is a special vehicle for special applications. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Hovercraft 2. Documents Similar To hovercraft seminar report.

Mahmoud Reda. Barhm Mohamad.

Seminar pdf hovercraft

Jose Luis Rattia. Sudhanshu Gupta. Angel Rh. Mohammed Rehan. Saqib Akhtar. Sriramulu Jaichandar. Ariel Gamboa. Joe Kadzban. Connor Sailor. Pankaj Kamble. Caio Paim. Venkatachalam Annamalai.

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Arshad Karanath MH. Popular in Technology. Guideline for Installing ROV systems on vessels or platforms. Muhammad Zuhair Khan. Matt Richter. Rodolfo Fernandez-Gomez. Nadeem Jafar.

Subitsha Parameswaran. Ayan Chakraborty.

JMAC Supply. Abhishek Pubbisetty. Kislay Choudhary. They are powered by gas turbine or diesel engine. The air is pushed to the under side of the craft. On the way apportion of air from the lift fan is used to inflate the skirt and rest is ducted down under the craft to fill area enclosed by the skirt.

At the point when the pressure equals the weight of the craft, the craft lifts up and air is escaped around the edges of the skirt. So a constant feed of air is needed to lift the craft and compensate for the losses. Thus craft is lifted up. After the propulsion is provided by the propellers mounted on the Hovercraft.

The airs from the propellers are passed over rudders, which are used to steer the craft similar to an aircraft. Hovercraft is thus propelled and controlled and its powerful engine makes it to fly. Lower hull- It is the basic structure on which the Hovercraft floats when the engine is stopped while moving over water. It supports the whole weight of the craft. Skirts- They are air bags inflated by air are fitted around the perimeter of the craft hold air under the craft and thus upon a cushion of air.

It enables to obtain greater Hover height.

Pdf hovercraft seminar

The material used is rib stop nylon or Terylene. Lift fan- It is fitted to the primary structure of the Hovercraft. The air is pumped under the craft between the skirt space to produce a cushion of air. Propeller -It is used to obtain the forward motion of the craft. It is fitted to the top of the craft and is powered by a powerful gas turbine or diesel engine. Rudders- They are similar to that used in an aircraft.

Rudders are moved by hydraulic systems. By moving the rudders we can change the direction of the craft. To solve these problems, plenum chamber with a momentum curtain was developed by Sir Christopher Cockrell. His first experiments were conducted with the aid of two cans and a vacuum cleaner with blower end. The cans were drilled and bolted so that one can was inside the other with open ends facing down to some weighing scales, the top of the larger can was open and had a tube connected to it so that air could be forced in to the top can and around the smaller can inside.

The air traveled around between the inside of the bigger can and outside of the smaller can and was then let out towards the scales in a narrow ring of air, the cans were mad4e so that it was? The experiment was conducted in two steps. First the smaller can was removed and blower switched on. The scales measured the amount of thrust the air from the one can produced down onto the scales. The smaller can was now replaced inside the larger can so that the ring of air was produced.

Again the blower was switched on and the scales measured amount of thrust the ring of air produced down onto the scales. Here is the key discovery because Cockrell observed that the two cans nested inside each other produced more thrust onto the scales than the simple open can or plenum chamber did, he had discovered the momentum curtain effect and this was the key ingredient that he patented.

Pdf hovercraft seminar

In the full size craft the plenum chamber was also filled in so that a slot round the bottom edge of plenum chamber wall was former where the air fed in at the top.