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Isaac and Stacy Montgomery have been married for ten years. They have a beautiful new baby girl, Isaac's construction business is thriving, and Stacy enjoys. Rock with Me book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Front Man Leo Nash from the world-famous rock band, Nash, is the la. Play with Me book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Will Montgomery is a successful professional football player and se.

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Pobierz plik *.pdf. Opublikowany PLAY WITH ME Book Three in the With Me In Seattle Series By Kristen Proby PLAY WITH ME Book. Kristen Proby - Fight With Me - dokument [*.pdf] Fight With Me Book Two in the With Me In Seattle Series By Kristen Proby Dedication: For Tanya. Your support. Read Play with Me read free novels online from your Mobile, Pc. Play with Me is a Romance novel by Kristen Proby.

I LUV reading a kristen Proby book after a high angst or intense book: I want something different. Leo is back in Seattle taking a break from touring with his band. But I'm going to kiss the fuck out of you. Leo is a troubled man… but is also extra-protective, sweet and obviously, extremely sexy.

There are no messages or texts. Chapter One Late Spring I love my job. I love my job. God, sometimes, I hate my job. I read the terse email from my boss, Nathan McKenna once again and swallow hard. Friday, April 26, Nathan McKenna To: Julianne Montgomery Subject: Working Late Julianne, I need you to work late with me tonight, possibly into the weekend.

Please gather all the files on the Radcliffe account and meet me in my office at 6: Nate Damn it! Large, beastly butterflies have taken up residence in my stomach. It almost killed me. Sex-on- legs. Then, he just stopped. All personal communication halted, and when we are together during business hours, he is the epitome of cool professionalism. There are days that it pisses me the hell off. I sit back in my chair and look at the time.

Five thirty. I pull my glasses off and toss them on my desk and hang my head in my hands. So much for spending the weekend with a pint of ice cream and a good book. I can do this. Pull it together, Montgomery. I have four older brothers who tease me incessantly, and taught me how to kick ass. I think. I pull myself together, check that all my calls and emails are set to forward to my iPhone, and go to the bathroom to prepare myself for this evening. My long light blonde hair is still holding the loose curls I rolled into it this morning.

My makeup is subtle and professional, setting off my blue eyes.

Me pdf with proby play kristen

I smooth on a fresh coat of nude lip gloss, straighten my simple cranberry-colored dress and skim my eyes over my slender figure. I was blessed with excellent genetics. Three times. I work out hard to maintain my shape. Content with my reflection, I walk briskly in my black Louboutins to my office, gather the files Nate requested along with my phone and walk down the corridor to his office.

His personal assistant, Mrs. Glover, is sitting at her desk. Her smile is deceiving. Montgomery, you can go on in. Thanks for staying. The chairs sitting in front of his desk are plush, black leather. There are shelves from the floor to ceiling with hundreds of books and files, meticulously in order, no doubt by the efficient Mrs.

Behind his desk are large windows with a view of the Space Needle and the Sound. God, those gray eyes are distracting. Almost as distracting as his hands, and the delicious way he… Enough.

Why are we having a personal conversation? His hair is pulled back off his face, as usual. He never takes his jacket off to roll up the sleeves, and I briefly wonder why, then remind myself to get back to the conversation at hand. Who is this man, and what has he done with my boss? Glover knocks on the door. I got you your usual. He seems very happy with himself this evening, much more approachable and friendly than he has been since last summer.

I load a plate with rice, sweet and sour chicken and egg rolls and we dig in, eating in silence for a few minutes. I stop chewing, my eyes wide, and I just stare at his perfectly sincere face.

Play with Me

He frowns again. I enjoy your company. Did I just say that? I like my stick right where it is.

He is the front man for the band Nash. He has come a long way. Besides Meg and his band, he has no real family. She is just fiercely loyal and protective of her family. They are a famous bunch, and she knows all too well of the users out there. Her loyalty has lost her her job. Sam is stubborn and tough on the outside, but she is a very kind and good person.

Leo and Sam become friends. Since Sam has lost her job, and Leo is on a break from touring, they pick up running together every morning He and Sam hook up.

Rock with Me

Leo sees so much more in Sam. He wants her. He gets under her skin, and it scares her to death. Sam and Leo are cut from the same cloth. They are both stubborn and have trouble letting anyone it. The more time they spend together, the more they both start falling for one another.

Leo knows how Sam is, and he respects that.

Rock with Me (With Me in Seattle, #4)

All he wants to do is love her, protect her, take care of her. I take care of what is mine. It was great getting to look into his past. He was intense, but sweet, understanding and HOT as hell!!! Once I understood why she was the way she was, I respected her for it. She and Leo were great together.

So excited! I also loved getting to meet the rest of the band members of Nash- they were awesome! This is a fun, sexy, and terrific series! View all 55 comments. Mar 19, Britney rated it it was amazing Shelves: Full review to come. View all 32 comments. Apr 03, Sandra rated it it was amazing Shelves: Rock With Me by Kristen Proby is the 4th book in 'With Me in Seattle' series, and i think it might have been a tiny bit better than book 3.

I don't ever want you to run until your legs give out on you like this again. The only time your legs will shake like this is if i'm inside you. Leo is a famous rock star around t 4. Leo is a famous rock star around the world.

He's used to having woman crave his attention. When he meets Sam he thinks she's no different. But, when Sam opens her mouth, he quickly changes his mind. He's intrigued by this sarcastic, gorgeous and bitchy woman. Raised from foster to foster house, Leo has trust issues.

Because of her brother's fame and the fan accident that followed, so does Sam. Together, they must overcome their past so they can have a future they both crave, and deserve. I wasn't so sure about this book, because let's just put it out there i did not like neither Sam or Leo. When i first met Sam in book 1, i was like 'bitch' And i didn't like Leo in book 3 because i thought he ditched Meg and stole her song. But now, Sam and Leo She is like twisted version of myself, so obviously i could easily connect with her.

She was sarcastic - "I run. Leo was awesome! I loved reading how he rocked on stage with his cool band. I loved how understanding they both were, and how many things they had in common. I hated what they both went through in the past,but i loved how that bought them together.

They were both scarred, but they fixed one another. At the end they were strong, loving individuals, who trusted. This book made me feel all warm inside. It was so hot, but sweet at the same time.

Did i mention that i love Sam? Do you know how much product is in my hair, girlfriend? It's definitely not edible. Thanks to Lisa , Christy , Katy , Gertiebee , Katya and everyone else who did the buddy read with me!

Love you all, ladies! You're awesome! Previous review on Play With Me book 3 - http: View all 33 comments. Apr 19, BookHeroin rated it liked it Shelves: Each book centers around a different couple, but we will continue to see the characters that we love from the first books, all the way through to the end.

If you know me you'll know that i am IN. So this series were extra especial to me. So far i loved this series. There is not one character in this series that i didn't love.

Which is saying much, i'm very hard to please when it comes to my characters. The titles in this series are just so fitting!!! LOVED how they seems to express everything in the book through them. Rock With Me: I love her attitude in this book. I understand her now, her actions, what she said and what she did to protect her brother, it was justified.

I feel sorry for her, i'm very glad i get to read from her point of view, i really liked her, she is a great character. I loved all the members and their families. I want them to: Their relashionship in general was great ,sweet and steamy O it was one of the greatest scenes of the book.

I'm gonna die single View all 23 comments. What is it about a character that's a rock star with tattoos and stormy grey eyes that has us all so hooked? Despite my stingy three and a half star rating there are serious Bonus points for this fourth book of the series -starting point I LOVE seattle, Washington, so this ticks my homesick for stateside box. I always enjoy a Male alpha especially a rock star one. A well written story line. Leo and Samantha's story was nothing short of lovely jubbly and boy could Leo talk all kinds of book dirty.

I've said this before in a previous review of this series but I love how the author makes family and friends a focus of the story everything centres around love, laughter and soul smiling connections, it's a real added bonus for me. Now down to the reason of my rating, well in all honesty it's my own fault, it's the same issue I've had with all of the books in the series.

I can't remove myself from the fact that this disappoints me. Aside from that this story has a killer combination of funny, sexy and sweet The author knows how to write sweet and sexy! In addition this author loves her HEA, which of course makes me one happy camper.

View all 31 comments. Mar 15, Melissa Brown rated it it was amazing Shelves: I just finished an ARC of this I needed a minute before reviewing Kristen has had me under her spell since "Come Away with Me"swoon worthy men, each different and unique in his own waybut, what I truly adore about Kristen's leading men is how their world changes when they meet these women and Kristen writes a hell of a leading lady They are change I just finished an ARC of this They are changed by her and instead of running away from that, they embrace it and rearrange things in their lives in order to profess their love.

I didn't think anyone could out-do Will Montgomery in my head He seriously did. His devotion, his intensity and his take-no-bullshit attitude Almost everything this man said made me smile. Every time he called her Samantha, I got chills Sam kicks all form of ass.

She's a total smartass and many times made me laugh out loud while giving Leo a hard time. She stole my heart away very early in the story and I became more and more attached to her as the story continued. Grab this one as soon as it's available. You won't be able to put it down!!! View all 3 comments. It pains me to say this I loved the last two books and was so excited for Leo Nash. Unfortunately, I wasn't a big fan of Sam. And if I am being completely honest, I just didn't feel the emotional connection to either MC that I have in the other books in the series.

There wasn't much story going on either The book was mostly sex. Now, no 3. Now, normally I am not one to complain about that And believe me, Kristen Proby can write sex. I also found it a bit of the same thing over and over again I love your eyes.

I love your eyes too. I love your ass.

I love your ass too. I love your naval piercing. I want to lick your stars.

Proby pdf play with kristen me

I love your lips. I love your lips too. Dare I say, some of the dialogue was even a bit cheesy. I really can't even tell you what the book is about. It wasn't about much. Leo and Sam meet at the end of Play With Me. Leo is back in Seattle taking a break from touring with his band. Sam has just lost her job.

They basically hang out all day Again, I am a fan of the series as a whole Brynna and Caleb's story is next May 11, Kelena rated it it was amazing Shelves: He's was on a break from a tour when his world collided in actual means with Sam. Sam has lost her job and on morning runs they somewhat become friends. She doesn't like it when some tries to help her She's an Independent women. And just like Leo she also don't do relationships either, just fuck buddies. But when it comes to Leo it appears like he's not as hard headed as Sam.

And when he was determined to break through that Ice Sam has pulled up around her, he didn't give a second thought to her bitchy attitude. By doing that Leo sneak not only in Sam's life but also in her heart. But when her secret comes out, she totally lost it. She gets mad at Leo because she has trust issues, people had used in past to get to her brother and in Leo's case she imagined the same reason behind him getting to know her.

This caused a hurtful comments they threw at eachother, but Sam didn't knew that Leo won't give up until he wins her back which say's enough that Leo's life is nothing with Sam in it. The attraction between them is like a firecracker and steamy as hell!

Leo was used to fuck groupies, no kissing, caressing, Spooning and cuddling. It wasn't his thing, but when it comes down to Sam, she rocked his world that it doesn't matter how many times he have her it wasn't still enough. He desires this condition he receives after he is with Sam. He likes having person towards dub his and they possess so much fun together, shredding into one another and teasing.

It was great towards see them both lent person within and hear towards believe again. And Sam realized it too that having someone in her life as an anchor doesn't makes you look unsubstantial but it gives you the idea of being belonged, marked, protected, cherished and loved.

The Swooning Erotic Romance and Heart-felt Overwhelming moments with the right amount of spicy effects is just sizzling. View all 11 comments. May 06, Catarina rated it it was amazing Shelves: I've got a huge soft spot for musicians, but I feel the need to say this anyway: Leo Nash stole my heart. I was swooning over Leo during the most of the book. But hey, Will still stand pretty close! This fourth book is the story of Leo and Samantha. After I started reading this book and understand her actions… well, she probably is one of my favorites now.

She had strong reasons to act the way she did. Don't fool yourselves: She is still a bitch.

Rock with Me (With Me in Seattle, #4) by Kristen Proby - PDF Drive

But now she is a great and extremely funny bad-ass bitch. For being sister of a famous actor she already had too many people trying to take advantage of her and she also made some judgment errors in the past that doesn't help. So, apart for not trusting people, she also has this rule of never dating anyone famous.

Well, they eventually get together… or else there would be no book, and their relationship is so great. Leo is a troubled man… but is also extra-protective, sweet and obviously, extremely sexy.

The perfect alpha-male. I loved them. And I never thought I would say this about Sam, but she is so damn great. The rest is pretty much the same of the others books: After reading this series, one of the bests I read in a while, I now want a huge and great family like theirs.

They make the books so much better and so much realistic. Go read it, now! View all 13 comments. Jan 01, Amy Foxy Blogs rated it it was amazing Shelves: I love this book! I want to belong to this family. I think there are 3 guys left Matt, Caleb and Mark wonder if they need a significant other sign me up. Family Tree: Natalie Significant other: Steven and Gail Children: Neil and Lucy Children: Luke, Samantha , Mark Significant other: Sylvia dead beat parent Child: Continuing story where secondary characters from the first book become the main focus in subsequent books.

View all 20 comments. May 29, Kami rated it did not like it Shelves: This has to be one of the lamest books I've read recently. One question, just one: Where is the conflict or the issues that make a story interesting? Painfully absent! Because there are no conflicts and no real issues that need to be resolved, this book is boring as fuck!

There are so many scenes that are repeated over and over that I had to skim through as I tried to maintain some shred of optimism that something might actually happen The dialogue is terrible. There's a lot of parroting, This has to be one of the lamest books I've read recently.

There's a lot of parroting, for instance: Leo tells Sam she's beautiful or hot and Sam says the same thing right back to him in the next line. Ummm, could it be any more unoriginal or unimaginative? It's like the characters can't think for themselves or something so they just repeat what the other said. There are no real obstacle for the relationship at all! Everything is so quickly glossed over, hell there are things that are never explained like Sam's coldness.

At one point, she explains part of her issue about the media to Leo but also states there's more she's not ready to tell him. She never tells him or the reader. There is a mention of a seemingly urgent "mandatory family meeting" in the final paragraph but then the author goes straight to the epilogue set two months later. There are attempts to make the story intriguing like leaked media photos, ex-boyfriends showing up etc. It's pathetic. There's no plot.

The only thing I did like was the close family dynamic and how comfortable they all were with one another. But, other than that, this book is completely lame. View 1 comment. Jan 06, Marulett rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Contemp romance lovers or just everyone: Extra scene, you can find it here View all 9 comments.

May 05, Jamie rated it it was amazing Shelves: I just ate this one one it was so f'king good I really struggled with the first two books in the series but then 3 turned out to be so good and then this one was just crazy good. Loved Leo That man had one seriously talented mouth! Loved Sam too.. Can't wait for the next book in this series!!

View all 7 comments. Rock with me, baby" A possessive tattooed rock star hero with a penchant for ripping off underwear? I made an attempt to read the first book in this series, Come Away With Me , but after an overdose of "you are beautiful", had to put it down to maybe go back to later. This book was my first attempt back in this series.

Boy am I glad I did, as it got so much better. I will be going back now to read the other two books and eagerly anticipating the future "You. I will be going back now to read the other two books and eagerly anticipating the future ones.

Samantha is the sister of Luke, the hero of "Come Away with Me". She is weary of relationships in general, but even more so of famous men. The last thing she needs is to get involved with a sexy as sin rock star.

To say that they get off on the wrong foot is an understatement. Her icy attitude and hands-off demeanor intrigues him. Sam really doesn't stand a chance. When Sam and Leo finally give in to the inevitable attraction, I thought my kindle would catch on fire. My god, but Leo had some of the hottest lines in the book Well I'd suggest keeping some ice for your ovaries as you're reading this.

You'll get it soft too. I'm going to fuck the shit out of you. Did I also mention Leo's sexy possessive ways? You're going to fuck me here? I hiss at him, shocked. I lean up on my elbows as he grips my hips and pulls me onto him, ramming himself inside my wetness. He was alpha all the way, possessive, sexy, but he also had an amazingly sweet side "You make me forget how to breathe," he whispers. She comes off as very closed-off and cold in the very beginning.

At times she was a flat-out bitch to Leo. I was fine with all this, since I figured that she had a reason for this behavior. What threw me off about her behavior is when view spoiler [she flinched from Simon's touch a few times.

Though I can get why she would be skittish of fame or being with someone famous, or even getting close or relying on someone, it just didn't feel like enough to me.

We never really get an answer for this It was super steamy with a solid plot, great characterization, and a swoon worthy hero. Jan 22, Kaila rated it it was ok Shelves: Rockstar romance books are a serious guilty pleasure of mine and it always breaks my heart when I don't enjoy them. Sam — who we were introduced to in Luke and Nat's story — is known by many as a bitch.

She's been hurt before and to protect herself she puts up very high walls which have proved to be unbreachable Until Le 2. Until Leo Nash. Sam has an undeniable attraction to the world famous rocker Leo, although she tries to deny it because she's been hurt by a celebrity before. Sam throws all her attitude at Leo but he doesn't stop trying to break down her walls and start a relationship with her. I don't have too much to say about this book, I certainly didn't hate it I just found it to be extremely underwhelming.

I knew it was a lighthearted, easy read when I started but instead of being enjoyably simple, I found it awfully boring. Nothing exciting happened! There was no major plot points, no excitement and no great character development or growth. I wasn't looking for an epic read, but I was looking for something enjoyable and entertaining, this wasn't it.

On top of it being very boring, the characters and the relationship didn't really develop throughout the book. Leo and Sam got together very early in the novel and their beginning relationship was the same as their finial relationship. They were unbelievably close and familiar at the start which meant that they couldn't develop much as a couple from that point.

The love scenes were pretty much the same from start to finish which added to my loss of interest in the story. I just wanted something exciting or swoon worthy to happen. I also didn't like Sam as a character. She had been labeled a bitch earlier in this series which was due to her past experiences. This is all fine, but I didn't really believe her as a character. If would have been fine if she was attitudinal at the start and slowly opened up to Leo, but that didn't happen.

Instead, she was a bitch and then she was nice and then she was a bitch again, she was a very inconsistent character. I felt as if the author forgot to make her bitchy at some points and so she randomly made mer mean and nasty throughout the story. She also had a lot of negative characteristics which made her seem like she just got all the bad traits from the first three heroines in this series.

She was jealous, vindictive, unforgiving and very hateful towards Leo's career the last one is kind of understandable due to her past experiences. There were two things that I loved about this book: Leo Nash!!