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Chasing Nikki - Lacey Weatherford [ang] (pdf) - plik 'C > Alfabetycznie literatura różna- romanse,,powieści, krymi'. Inne dokumenty: C, Alfabetycznie. Read "Chasing Nikki" by Lacey Weatherford available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. Chase Walker used to be a good. From Rags - Suzanne KB. Lacey Weatherford - Chasing Nikki. epub. KB. Lacey Weatherford - [Chasing Nikki 02] - Finding

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DOWNLOAD EPUB Arthur, Keri - Nikki & Michael 03 - Chasing the Shadow · Read more · Chasing the Shadows (The Nikki and Michael Series, Book 3). Chasing Nikki. Download: epub mobi (Kindle) pdf more Online Reader Tags: love death best seller ebook grief book sports popular top. Chasing Nikki - Lacey Weatherford - dokument [*.pdf] “Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” ~ Dr. Seuss “Life is not measured by the number.

I know why he could but others wouldn't. Then comes the epilogue! I wouldn't. I glanced down at the container of beer I had tucked between my legs and started laughing. Videos Chasing Nikki Trailer. Doesn't bounce back!!

How can Chase be a die-hard alcoholic, completely not exercise at all and still have rock solid abs well that's what Nikki says. I refuse to believe that a person with the Y chromosome can have such fantastic metabolism.

I mean, shouldn't Chase be the proud owner of a beer belly or something? I'm not sure how long it takes to get one, but I'm pretty sure 7 months of drinking is enough.

Nikki pdf chasing

Life in books sure aren't fair. I know I know the year just started, but it was so sweet. Maybe because I have been reading so many angsty books lately that this one was a breath of something different, that I took to it.

No, thats not it, I enjoyed this book on a different level. Since the very beginning I was saddened at the life Chase had. For only being 17, he had already experienced to much pain and sorrow. After the death of his father, Chase turns to drugs and partying to deal with his pain. When it finally catches up with him and is forced to face a judge, his mom decides they need a change of scenery.

She moves them back to the place she grew up, a farm. I laughed so hard at this, I grew up in a pear orchard, in the middle of nowhere. I know how boring life in these types of places can be. I also know looking back it was probably the best memories of my life. Life is just a different pace of living there. Well the move is just what Chase needed. He had been so mad at the world he forgot how it was to just enjoy life.

At his new school he meets the sweetest, most beautiful girl , Chase has ever met. Nikki tries to avoid him but Chase wears her down.

They form a relationship and soon Nikki, Chase realizes, has helped him to learn to live again. Of course, I would be delighted that this would have been the end, but its not. For fear of giving too much and not using enough spoiler tags, I will keep it short.

LIfe has a way of knocking the air out of you , almost kind of a way of testing you. Well life kicks Chase and Nikki hard that their love and faith is tested. Ok, better now. That is what life is about I guess, can we continue to believe, went stopping seems the only way? Is life worth fighting for when it seems theres nothing to fight for? Can we get up when we been knocked down so much? I will leave you with that. Just a warning, as I was warned, have tissues ready.

View all 48 comments. Suddenly, i didn't know if i was ready to care this much about someone again. The author approached this book with no fear that's for sure.

In Chasing Nikki Chase an all star athelete lands in some deep trouble with his mother, so she decides it would be best to move to his grandparents home in a small town by the name of River Creek. On the first day of school Chase spots a girl named Nikki and decides he wants her all to himself the problem is Nikki does not date athlete's she's been hurt before. But Chase will not give up that easy. Chase had some really good friends and we all know good friends are hard to find.

I can not say to much because it would give away the plot but what i can say is i loved it and i think it was very,very well written and i enjoyed the epilogue. I am excited that there will be a 2nd book!!! View all 16 comments. I woke up this morning with one book on my mind and it was Chasing Nikki!

I wanted to read it for ages and I just had to do it first thing after I crawled out of my bed. I spent my whole free morning reading it. If I read any review of it, I honestly forgot it, so it was like diving into unknown for me. And you know what?!?! I am pissed as hell! I love books that view spoiler [don't have HEA hide spoiler ] , but this was just plain and simply cruel for my fragile heart This book was written I woke up this morning with one book on my mind and it was Chasing Nikki!

This book was written in 2 parts, so my review will be written in two parts too, but second will be in one huge spoiler because I will literally say what happens in that part and very much rant about it. It just wasn't anything special to me. But I made myself read it and wasn't dissapointed. Chase was amazing with Nikki! Seriously, like some perfect boyfriend. It was completely angst free and I ended up totally enjoying it.

She made him feel again, and wanting to feel again, and not only wanting to numb the pain. How it started, I thought he would be one of those guys that smoke weed and drink and are players, and event hough they meet the girl that makes them feel different, they stay inside their character. But not here. Here was like that evaporated the moment they moved to another place after greef that was tearing him and his mom, and he became like a normal character, a perfectly normal guy.

The first part was pretty sweet and I already knew who would I recommend it to read it yes Blacky I am thinking of you , but then came the second part! The book was pretty much clean all the time, had kissing in it and some gropping but nothing too steamy. He was patient with her, because she was almost raped by her ex boyfriend.

The night they decide, that is, she decides she is ready, she has an accident. I think my heart broke at that part. It was so sad to read it, especially because he might loose another person he loves, like he lost his dad. But they get her to hospital and she kinda survives and you get that hope that everything will be OK.

And it was OK. He was amazing even at that part. He was simply amazing through the whole book actually. So you have this happy feeling inside yourself, how they will have their HEA, but then comes the BOMB, when you actually think they are off the hook! She dies while going to CT! He witnesses the CPR with her mom, and everything just happens to fall apart!

And then when you are down it kicks you again, the doc comes out and says "we did anything we could". At that part I was actually crying like some raving lunatic because I could not believe this is actually happening!!!!!

I mean, first the accident shock, then you calm yourself, and then it just rips your heart again. Just terrible. But no It didn't stop on that! After the funeral, when he crawls in her bed and looks at their pictures on top of her ceeling, and remembers everything, you cry again. And no Then her mom gives him her journal and he sees a "letter to Chase" that she decided to write and show him when they were older.

And then your heart is ripped out again! And you just want to die at that part, how adorable that letter was and you just want to cry again, because they didn't deserve this! They deserved HEA!!!! Then he goes to the graveyard and there he talks to her and it's just sad again, whole second part is just breaking your heart into tiny pieces!!

Then comes the epilogue! Who the fu k writes in epilogue with whom he will end up in second book?!? Basically tells you who his wife will be?!?!? And you know that the book will be about how she will try to heal him!

And then ripps Your heart again, when the reporter after the football game asks him: Because he wanted to follow her, but her letter stopped him and made him not to give up. And then the name of the series has perfect sense, why is it called "Chasing Nikki", even though she is dead, because he is chasing her in that letter, and being everything for her.

View all 10 comments. Nem tudom, folytatom-e a sorozatot… Dec 12, Claire - The Coffeeholic Bookworm rated it really liked it. Had me sighing with bated breath and rolling on the bed, clutching my pillow while I read how Chase's life had changed.

Nikki was an interesting character, I thought she was charming and I especially liked how she didn't want to date jocks or football players. At first, I thought maybe she just wanted to be different, but later on I realized there was something else deeper that brought all this down on her.

Chase also had issues, 4. Chase also had issues, he was full of angst and anger and turned to drugs and alcohol and girls to forget. But his coping mechanism got the worst of him and soon I saw just how broken he was.

The book actually brought me back to my early college years - when I viewed the world as romantic and cruel at the same time. Because being in love was like that. The first part of the book had me sighing and grinning but when I got to the other half, damn, I couldn't handle the erratic beating of my heart. I thought I was gonna implode and choke.

You really won't know what's coming and you are left wondering why why why did it happen that way.. I could no longer stop the tears running down my cheeks, every single page, I cried, I sniffed, I sobbed uncontrollably. I was mad. This is my first Lacey WEatherford book and I loved it, even though she made me cry a lot. Gotta read her next books! Maybe after I've dried my tears.. I so did not see that coming. Because Chase did not have the reaction he was supposed to have!

And that really pissed me off. I'm pretty sure I cried m at the beginning of the book I was like: I'm pretty sure I cried more than him, for gods sake! HA, and I bet in the next book he's just going to get together with another girl, probably Brittany if I'd have to guess.

And that's exactly why I will NOT read the second book. I want to feel like their love was real, and if Chase gets with another girl, I won't be able to do that. It would ruin the book for me, so I'm not going to do it. I'm not going to. I am so not going to. View all 4 comments. Drugs, sex and worse? Getting arrested. When things got a turn for the worst, his mom packed them up to move to his grandfather's old ranch. Since he never liked spending time there so he figured this was his personal hell, he was bent to just deal with it the same way he dealt with things back to where he came from.

He never saw this an opportunity that will change his life until Lovable Nikki Wagner comes into the story. A warm soul tainted with old heartbreak.

Of course, he was attracted to her but she sworn off of "guys like him". Chase saw Nikki as a challenge and if anything, Chase Walker never backed down from a challenge so then there comes operation Chasing Nikki Although, the "chase" was pretty cute, I'm glad it didn't last too long and that Nikki wasn't playing the hard-to-get role to keep things interesting.

She was just her, and when she isn't ready for anything more than what she can give, she doesn't. That made me love her character! I must say, the pacing was perfect.

Chasing Nikki

If I didn't know better I might have mistaken this novel was written by Nicholas Sparks. Lacey Weatherford really did a number with this!

It's a fluffy read but none to be taken lightly at all! The book does have a shocking factor. I honestly don't know how I feel about the epilogue though, maybe it was too sudden for me. I kind of didn't like it but I'm glad things worked about our Chase Walker. I loved Nikki's character.

She's certainly a reminder of people that surrounds us and the simple little things in life that we take for granted. Especially when you've envisioned them as forever. My heart was hurting for Chase the whole way through his experience. I literally sobbed with him on that one. This novel is simple enough but it's pretty potent if you ask me. Somehow, I feel enlightened after I read this.

I can't wait to read how he got to where he is on the epilogue on the sequel, Finding Chase! Other characters: View all 3 comments. It was tough trying to decide on how I should rate this one I really liked that it was told in Chases' POV all throughout.

And I never felt like I missed out on Nikki's perspective; it was overall very well written, easy to follow and read. I also liked the underlying message of the story: And as much as I want to absolutely rave about Chasing Nikki and proudly declare my love for this story, I just can't. Don't get me wrong, I'm not completely delusional to expect a happy ending in every single book I read, especially ones where romances are involved.

Say it ain't so!! I'm not about to find out though, because I don't think I can stomach the truth. Also, I'm just not interested in Chases' life after this kind of Well, it could just be that I'm just being a bitter-bug, but whatever. I loved Chase. And I loved Nikki. And I loved both of them together. Unfortunately, I hated the circumstances Chase found himself in.

Basically, Chase is a good guy -- just broken. He's messed up because he lost his dad in a freak plane crash, and all he wants to do is numb the pain, the loss; so he drowns himself in alcohol, weed and meaningless physical relationships with girls.

Unfortunately, the bad stuff catches up with him, and he finds himself relocated in a small town, where his grandparents live. That's when he meets Nikki. Somehow, through his relationship with her, Chase becomes the man he always was- hidden behind the guilt, pain, sorrow, and loss.

He becomes the man he should have been all along. Then another tragedy strikes, resulting in Chase and Nikki's relationship to hang in the balance. At the end of it all, I realized that this is not a love story. If that's what you're looking for, look elsewhere.

It's a story of personal growth, moving on, surviving, dealing with loss, and so forth. It's really Chases' story. And how through his relationship with Nikki, he learns to deal with the bad stuff: But I don't know.

It's all subjective, I guess. Either way, I was looking for and expecting a love story. I didn't get it. Therefore, although I did enjoy every other aspect of the story, I just couldn't rate it higher because of my disappointment in the romance department. Just don't expect fluffy romance. I am a blabbering mess!! I am hurting and am in deep pain, and I cannot seem to stop crying. In fact I am bawling my eyes out while I'm trying to write this review.

I swear to you I haven't stopped crying since reading the last pages of this book. I am devastated to the point of exhaustion. I am completely shocked and utterly stunned. I am completely heartbroken and I cannot understand why it's affected me this way. I mean we have all lost people that we have loved but to hear it told from a I am a blabbering mess!!

I mean we have all lost people that we have loved but to hear it told from a male's POV is gut wrenching, brutally honest and beautiful all at the same time. Chase Walker was a bad boy destined to screw his life up. After the tragic death of his father, which left him numb and devastated, he found solace in drugs, alcohol and girls.

He was on the fast track to nowhere but jail, and that's where he ended up after a drug and drunken fuelled night. This was the last straw that broke the camel's back for his mother. So she packed up their belongings and they moved in with her parents on the farm she grew up in.

Chase was none too pleased about this but this all soon changed when Nikki stumbled into his life. She too had lost her father and knew of pain and suffering and this is one of the reason's why Chase was drawn to her. However, he's charming ways and bad boy image did not fool her, and he made it his mission to get her. He called it operation Chasing Nikki!

I absolutely loved how he fought his way to be with Nikki and in the end she gave in to his ways. But this was not the only reason. Chase needed Nikki like nothing else in the world. He finally began to find peace within himself and straightened himself out. She was his rock and was always there for him no matter what. He drew strength from her when he thought he'd find himself succumbing to the dark. She never wavered in her devotion to him and neither did he. I loved Chase and Nikki together.

They played off of each other beautifully and their banter was somewhat funny and entertaining. I loved the ease of how their relationship progressed and how they were there for each through the good and the bad. Nikki made Chase believe in himself again and it was beautiful to read.

And then tragedy struck their lives once again. And this is where I lost it completely. I really am not going to say anything more because I am numb from the pain that I'm feeling and my eyes and head hurt from all the crying. But, I will say this. Amongst all this pain and hurt and sadness is hope.

Hope for a life well lived and hope for a future that you know that is meant to be. I am a true believer of love and have faith that in it no matter what! Contains Spoilers I don't normally post reviews right after finishing a book, but I feel really passionately about these characters. Everyone was likable and I instantly felt like these were people I could actually meet in real life even if they were a bit shallow instead of outlandish happenings you sometimes find in romance novels like this.

I am perfectly fine with t Contains Spoilers I don't normally post reviews right after finishing a book, but I feel really passionately about these characters. I am perfectly fine with tragic endings if there are enough good things in a story to outweigh the bad, but there weren't in this book.

You were either learning about something in the past that hurt someone, or living through the next tragedy with them. I feel like these characters deserved some semblance of happiness, and didn't get that; at least not much of it. PS - What the heck was the Brittney thing about? Was that supposed to make us feel better about what happened to Nikki? Cause it made me dislike the ending that much more. If you don't handle sad endings well, stop reading with a few chapters left and make up your own ending.

That's what I wish I did! Okay, I am going to just straight up say it. I didn't think I was going to be able to finish this book. I was hooked from page one Okay, I can live with that. My breath may have hitched just a little. But no tears because we can recover from that, right?

My heart broke. The tears flowed. And what did I do? I went back, way back to my high school days and thought Okay, I am going to just straight up say it.

I went back, way back to my high school days and thought what my life would have been like if I had known such a love. Then I dried my eyes, blew my nose and pulled up my big girl panties. I pushed straight thru to the end. I took a deep breath, wiped my eyes again and downloaded Finding Chase! Because really, I had to know how he made it through and how this amazing love for Nikki shaped him. Well done, Lacey Weatherford! Well done. You are an amazing author and I can't wait to read more of your work!

Thank you so much for sharing with me! I really enjoyed this story up until the end. The ending ruined it for me. I hated it in fact Sorry, to the author for marking it with "I didn't like it" for rating review. She did write it well, just the ending what crap. So MAD!!!!

I can't even find words. The characters were so fun and fleshed out, and the chemistry between everyone had me grinning like an idiot. I swear I couldn't stop giggling like a school-girl for the first eighty percent of this book and I was constantly stunned by how real, how fun, how natural and amazing and adorable and cute and sweet and super-sexy that Lacey Weatherford made this! His wit, his snark, his attitude, and his cockiness, coupled with all his dorky-cute traits that he used to woo Nikki, made him one of my favourite book boy characters ever!

I know I'm a sucker for bad boys, and maybe Chase was misunderstood by his family and his classmates to be one at first, but the banter and wit was so natural, and his quirky, swoon-worthy grins practically leaped off the page.

I didn't blame Nikki for succumbing to his charms. Despite first impressions, he was never a jerk. He was just Not in a book one where the characters are both so messed up but find love anyways despite going through so much shit together.

No, Nikki and Chase together are the most perfect combination of sweet and swoon-worthy, and I swear I died a little every time they grinned at each other because I was fangirling so hard. YES, if you know anything about this book, you know that tragedy strikes.

You know that people cry. I sure as hell did! It's quirky-perfect like Anna and the French Kiss. It's mad-adorable like the Gallagher Girls series. It's hilarious-snarky like Pivot Point 's genius. So many messages, so many great characters, so many quirky lines and hilarious date ideas that I'm sure people will be trying to replicate them in real life all over the place. Exactly what I needed. I'm back in love with the teen years. And so I'm bawling my eyes out at two in the morning, and I don't regret a damn thing.

View all 6 comments. Okay so this is me by the end of reading this tragically beautiful book: This book brought too much tears to me and squeezed my heart by it's second half.. The first part was romantically beautiful and easy and fun, and was well balanced by how tragic, yet beautiful the second part is.. Believe me, I didn't think this one would bring tears to my eyes.. You see, the author made the first part so bright and fun that it sends butterflies to your stomach.

There's this beautiful connection betw Okay so this is me by the end of reading this tragically beautiful book: There's this beautiful connection between the characters, and it's wonderful how their relationship developed and how they were in love with each other it made them change.

Pdf chasing nikki

But then, the author also wonderfully made those butterflies in my stomach go right through my eyes in from of tears, because I did not expect THAT to happen! Not when I was so in love with them and is so much rooting for them! So worth remembering I get the feeling I may still feel hurt because of this story for weeks! This is definitely one of the best, most unpredictable, beautiful and tragic stories I have ever read!

OMG OMG this book was such a gorgeous love story and so damm emotional and heartbreaking i had a box of tissues next to me while reading the last few chapters.. Chase used to be a good guy and then his father passed away and he turned to drugs and alcohol and then he gets caught by the police and his mum tells him they are moving to his grandparents house..

So they move and he starts a new school and on the first day he meets Nikki who basically wants nothing to do with him, as she has had a very OMG OMG this book was such a gorgeous love story and so damm emotional and heartbreaking i had a box of tissues next to me while reading the last few chapters.. So they move and he starts a new school and on the first day he meets Nikki who basically wants nothing to do with him, as she has had a very bad experience with her ex and has not wanted to date anyone since.

And they become a couple and they become inseparble. And then tragedy strucks, and OMG it was heart breaking and to hear that the author Lacey Weatherford experienced this first hand is heartbreaking as well.

I loved the epilogue loved the whole book But to anyone that reads it make sure you have a tissue box handy becuase trust me you will need it.. View all 5 comments.

I'd tried to like it. I really did. The reviews! This thing was so hyped; I couldn't wait to tear in to it. There were just too many things wrong with it. I just couldn't get emotionally invested in the characters.

Everyone felt so bland to me, with the exception of Chase who had his witty moments. I had to push, really push, to get to the end because I was curious as to why everyone said, "break out the tissues! I don't know. I'm confused and disappointed and sad. I feel so let down because I wanted to love this as much as everyone else. OMG who ever recommended this book to me is going to get hit over the head with a frying pan, they said it was a happy love story with No get this sad parts..

Yeah right!! Damn this book tugged on my emotional strings: And the worst thing about reading an ebook is that you can't throw it like a book!! Doesn't bounce back!! But getting over the sad bits in this book, I was hooked from page one, loved it even if my eyes are red.. And if book 2 is sad man oh man I OMG who ever recommended this book to me is going to get hit over the head with a frying pan, they said it was a happy love story with No get this sad parts.. And if book 2 is sad man oh man I'm gonna hunt down the author with my frying pan..

Pero entonces La escritora me destrozo.. Apr 17, Sofia T. Chasing Nikki was an incredible book. I looooooved Chase and how strong he was despite all the tragedies life brought on him.

He managed to recoved throught all the pain and make himself the person Nikki new he could be. Not only did he survived but he also managed to thrive in the end. It's so hard to write this review,because I can't stop crying. LIfe is so unfair for some people and Chase certainly one of them. I understand the message of the book "Life is short and unpredictable so live it Wow..!!

I understand the message of the book "Life is short and unpredictable so live it to the fullest" and I totally agree but I can't accept the fact that someone can really continue after all those things. I know why he could but others wouldn't. I wouldn't. Chase,is a teenager whose father recently died and decides to deal with his pain by taking drugs and consuming alcohol. After his mother bails him out of jail she decides it will be better if they move. And so they do. New environment is really what Chase needed.

He meets new people,makes new friens and encounters Nikki. Nikki and Chase are much alike,so it's not difficult to become more than friends. Although,when they first meet she misjudges him later she understands her mistake. And so it begins. They go out a lot,spent time together but he never pushes for more. Time passes but they still survive,they dream their future together they make plans and life for once is beautiful. Until tragedy strucks. I won't say more than that I would never expected the end.

I have no idea how Lacey Weatherford managed to write the book,I had to stop every two seconds to grab another tissue and clear my eyes before being able to read again and repeat the process more than a dozen of times. The book cannot be read without having at least two boxes of tissues. Nonetheless,it's the third book I read from only the boy's Pov yeah..

The book is a very emotional one,it broke my heart seeing Chase so hurt ,destroyed and devastated by his own feelings. The Scene that gets 5 stars though,is the letter scene. I swear I spent a whole box of tissues only for that scene. To be able to look inside her heart was what he required to continue living,to see how proud she was of him,she was the only reason he pulled through the nightmare because that's what his life was. The only thing I really hated was the Epiloque.

It was insulting not only for him but for me too. Recommended it to every boy out there as well as to every romantic heart. First posted on: I just finished crying my eyes out!!!! This book, damn, I loved it from the beginning! Chase, gosh he was so freaking funny. I laughed so much at all the cute and silly things he said. I loved Nikki too!!!! What's not to love about her?!! Then that crappy thing had to happen!!! My god I was at that point going to turn around and hate this book instead!!!

She clasped it easily, lifting it to slip between her plump lips. I watched her inhale deeply before I looked away, turning back to concentrate on the fire dancing in the dirt ring before me. If I were being totally honest, my days were starting to run into one another. My life was definitely not what it had been before I reached for the bottle of beer sitting on the ground and lifted it, taking a heavy swig. I caught myself before I fell to the side.

I did feel sort of sorry. Iglanced over to where my friend, Connor, was making out with his girlfriend.

Chasing Nikki Series

It was funny, but I could remember his name just fine. I gave another chuckle and leaned against the large rock behind me, closing my eyes. I must not be blitzed enough yet. Someone shook me, and I woke with a start, not realizing I had fallen asleep. For a moment, I was unsure. He turned toward me, narrowing his eyes a bit before letting out a laugh. My friend offered me an arm, and I leaned heavily against him for support as we made our way to the vehicle.

I briefly handed my drink to one of the girls in the truck so I could reach into my pocket to drag out the keys and hand them to Connor.

Wonder where you got that idea? Watch me. The engine revved loudly, and the truck shot off down the road, causing the scenery to flash by in the blur of the headlights. I closed my eyes, fighting the nausea the motion caused. All of a sudden I felt sick. Clenching my teeth, I. I wrestled with the overwhelming sensation, trying to control it for several minutes before finally giving up.

Pull over! That was when Inoticed the red and blue lights flashing behind the truck, and the sound of a short clicking siren filled the air. I glanced down at the container of beer I had tucked between my legs and started laughing.

Yep, Ithought, dragging a shaky hand through my short dark hair as the truck came to a complete stop. Tonight is about to get fun.

Iopened my door and puked. The door to the holding cell clanked open loudly against the wall, and I groaned as I held my head in between my hands. Were all jails this loud, or was I being specially punished? Your mom has posted bail. Walker, we can do this the hard way or the easy way.

I growled under my breath and turned aggressively toward the man, intent on showing him a thing or two, jail. That bit of guilt returned to prick at my conscience. I clenched my jaw so hard it felt like my teeth might break, but Ibacked down. A few minutes later I watched as my mom signed her name—Tori Lynn Walker—with a flourish, and I was allowed to leave the police station in her custody.

She sighed heavily as she glanced at me over the roof of the car. Connor is being charged with the DUI. I did the same, intent on arguing with her, and instantly regretted the movement, my head throbbing. For how long? Do you really want to make my life a complete living hell?

I could see the anger written plainly on her face, but when she spoke her voice was soft again. I made the plans final as soon as I found out you were arrested last night. Grandma and Grandpa are waiting for us. Even Dad hated it. Grandpa is totally insane and Neither of us spoke again for the rest of the ride home, but I was biting the inside of my mouth in an attempt to keep my comments from spewing out.

I was only trying to forget it all. The memories resurfaced in my mind for the millionth time, despite my desperate attempts to ignore them. I even got it in your favorite color. I still think the cherry red one was better though. He clapped me into a big bear hug, patting me hard.

Chasing Nikki - Lacey Weatherford [ang].pdf

Hope your meeting goes well. He stood in the driveway, waving at me as I drove away and headed to school. That night I came home from practice to find my mom sobbing on the couch, nothing ready for my party. His plane crashed on the way to Denver. I took a deep gasp now, bringing myself back to reality as I realized I was holding my breath once again. My hands were clenched into fists, and I flexed them, forcing myself to relax as Iturned to stare out the window.

That was the day my life had turned for the worse. Everything, it seemed, started falling apart in that moment. We lost our ritzy Canyon Heights home and moved from Scottsdale to a cheaper neighborhood in Mesa, Arizona. I had to change schools, which caused me to lose my spot as quarterback on the football team, and the friends I had seemed to disappear into the woodwork.

No one cared Iwas an all-star athlete at my last school. I went from being popular, to just the new face in a sea of four thousand others. A few kids from the partying crowd befriended me early on, and I quickly joined in with them, eager to escape the things banging around in my head. They invited me to hang out that weekend, and when they passed the blunt to me, it suddenly seemed to be just the thing I needed. A little something Icould get lost in to help take the edge off.

All it took was one time, and I was hooked. I tried to hide my new lifestyle from my mom in the beginning, and was fairly successful. Over time though, I started growing more careless as I sunk deeper into things, and she started growing suspicious. I knew she was catching on when she started grilling me about being late and who Iwas with. She started grounding me for breaking the rules, or she would take away my phone and truck for the weekend. My dealer was a hot girl from school, and I started dating her.

Sometimes she would come over to party with me all day at the house. Now my mom was dragging me to live on a ranch in the middle of Podunk-freaking-nowhere with my psychotic grandpa who believed ranching was the be-all, end-all, to learning life lessons. Even before my dad died, I hated going there to visit because all I ever did was work.

I quickly learned to invent reasons not to go there by joining all the sport teams at school. Even my dad volunteered to stay home with me, sending Mom away to see her parents by herself. The car pulled into the driveway, and I hurriedly exited the vehicle.

I rushed into the house ahead of my mom and locked myself in my room. I walked over and sank down on the bed, stretching out to bury my face into the pillow. Her declaration had shocked me. Yes, I could admit I was on a massive downward spiral, failing classes, not playing sports—not caring about anything in general. I submersed myself in partying and trying to cover the hurt inside. I thought it was all talk though, and never did Ithink she would resort to moving again.

Silver Creek, Arizona. I would never survive there. And the only weed a teenager could score was probably the ones growing on the sides of the road. I slammed my fist into the headboard and felt my knuckles split open. I looked to see the blood running down my fingers before Iflopped back to my pillow.

Chasing Nikki (Chasing Nikki, #1) by Lacey Weatherford

Let it bleed, Ithought. My phone buzzed in my pocket. I dug it out, seeing the battery was nearly dead after not being charged during the night. Dad yelled for an hour.

The phone buzzed once loudly as it died. I tossed it onto the nightstand and buried my face back into the pillow. Everything was so messed up. Just stay here. I think the change in environment will be good for both of us. The guy was a hard nose about everything. Ireally am.