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BPSC Main Exam Question Papers, th BPSC (Main) Exam General Hindi, Question Paper pdf free download, th BPSC (Main) Exam Candidates who are in search of BPSC Question Paper in Hindi Pdf can find here . We have uploaded the BPSC Question Papers for all. Home bpsc bpsc bpsc 64th prelims bpsc question paper download pdf Question-paper BPSC 64th PRELIMS QUESTIONS PAPER.

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Bihar PCS Prelims or PSC Prelims Exam will be conducted on 16 Decemeber at A.M. So for this number, the merit and expected cut off for the Bihar PCS Prelims Exam will remain at lower level in comparison to the previous years. The BPSC Prelims Exam started on. Bihar Public Service Commission has announced the final date of 64th BPSC Preliminary examination which is to be scheduled on 16 December The 64th BPSC Pre Exam is to be conducted only in one shift. BPSC Previous Year Question Papers help students to understand the correct. Click Here to Download 64th BPSC Cut Off Chart (PDF) · Click Here to Download 64th BPSC Question Paper (PDF) · Click Here to Watch 64th.

Which Sultan was reputed to be 'Akbar of Kashmir'? By how many districts of Bihar was Patna district bounded till July ? Which district achieved the first position as per 'Swachh Survekshan Grameen, ? General Engineering Science. Civil Engineering — 1. What is the unit of pressure?

Before beginning the preparation for the Written test, once check the syllabus and exam pattern. The Syllabus is crucial for any type of written test. Therefore, you can also download the Syllabus from below enclosed link. Eligible applicants will under AE Selection by Written examination. Furthermore, Bihar Govt Jobs of Asst Engineer exam details like Notification, vacancies, eligibility, applications and latest updates on the hiring process can be available through below link.

With the provided Exam Pattern and Syllabus, candidates can begin their exam preparation. By this aspirants can get the complete view of the Structure of the exam and topics. Click on the below link to get the topics for Bihar Asst Engineer exam. Practice these Model Papers as much as possible to get a grip on the subject and also help to know the difficulty level of exam. Sir plz upload the bpsc civil AE qustions , the question which are uploaded that are no where realted to bpsc civil AE.

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April 18, Kumar Abhijeet. April 15, 9: April 7, 5: April 6, March 27, March 20, 4: March 12, March 7, 6: I m final year ,student.. March 7, March 6, 7: Which one among the following States of India is called "Sugar Bowl"? In which one of the following minerals, India leads in production in the world?

Which one of the following parts of Bihar is geologically older in age relatively? By how many districts of Bihar was Patna district bounded till July ? What is the rank of Bihar in terms of production of jute among the States of India?

Which type of industries has potentials and prospects in Bihar? Who was the first Chairman of the Backward Classes Commission? Sharma D B. In which Article of the Constitution of India was the provision for reservation of scheduled castes in the Lok Sabha made? Which one of the following Articles directs the State Governments to organize the Panchayats?

In which year did the State Jharkhand come into existence? In which one of the following years was Sarkaria Commission, which was empowered to recommend changes in Centre-State relations, submitted its report? Under which one of the following Articles is the formation of Finance Commission laid down? During Twelfth Five-Year Plan, which one of the following average annual growth rate targets was envisaged for agriculture and allied sector?

Which one of the following is not an initiative for industrial development? As per Census , the female literacy rate in India was A Who among the following has given the idea of Self-Help Groups as an effective tool for poverty alleviation?

A Amartya Sen B Md.

Yunus C S. At present, who is the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India?

64th BPSC Pre 16/12/18 Question Paper & Cut Off PDF Download

Which one of the following is the pathway to increase productivity in agriculture? Which one of the following was not included in the intended objectives of the Union Budget, ? Which one of the following most appropriately describes the nature of Green Revolution of late sixties of 20th century? A Amitabh Kant B S. Which one of the following States has the highest density of population according to the Census of India, ? What is the sex ratio in Bihar State as per the Census of India, ?

What is the percentage of population in Bihar State employed in agriculture sector in ? What was the economic growth rate of the State of Bihar during the year ? A percent B 7. Which of the following was not a reason for making the sepoys of the East India Company rebellious?

Who among the following did not rebel against the British East India Company's control over them? Rajani Palme Dutt said, "They both fought and collaborated with imperialism. Which of the following was not a 'nationalist' newspaper? From the options given below, find the correct combination of the names of Editors of the nationalist newspapers The Hindu, Kesari, Bengalee, Hindustani, Sudharak: A Surendra Nath Banerjea, G.

How old was Bhagat Singh when he threw a bomb in the assembly in protest against the government?


Where did Kunwar Singh join the Rebellion of against the British? In which territory did tribals rebel against the British? Which of the following was the first Satyagraha of Mahatma Gandhi in India? Gandhiji's Non-Cooperation Movement urged people to avoid alcohol.

Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) Exam Papers

This resulted in a serious loss of revenue for the government. The government of a province circulated a list of prominent individuals who drank alcohol as a device to persuade people to start drinking again.

Paper pdf question bpsc

Name the province. During Salt Satyagraha, in Bihar, in addition to making salt, the people chose to oppose the government by opposing which tax? The elected Government of Bihar resigned in February for which reason? Who was connected with the Bihar Kisan Sabha? The length of the longest pole that can be placed in a room 12 meters long, 9 meters wide and 8 meters high is A meters B 10 meters C 17 meters D 43 meters E None of the above. How many prime numbers are there between 1 and 50?

In an examination, every candidate took Hindi or History or both.

Pdf paper bpsc question

The total number of candidates was How many candidates took both Hindi and History? The average age of 4 sisters is 7 years. If we add the age of mother, then the average increases by 6 years. Find the age of the mother. Please specify.

Pdf paper bpsc question

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