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A visual way to easily access the strategies and tactics inBook Yourself Solid Learning new concepts is easier when you can see thesolution. Book Yourself. Book Yourself Solid Illustrated by Michael Port. I know, I know, it' my own book but there's a reason that this marketing and business-building guide has been. Book Yourself Solid Illustrated is now available. CLICK Ebook readers entitled to a free 49 page PDF workbook that includes all the'll find the.

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the blank space to write down the names of clients, or people you've worked with, whom you love to be around. 16 BOOK YOURSELF SOLID ILLUSTRATED. Book Yourself Solid Illustrated: The Fastest, Easiest, and Most Reliable System for Getting More Clients Than You Can Handle Even if You Hate Marketing and. Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. "Michael and Jocelyn have performed magic! The first illustrated how-to marketing book where the visuals REALLY.

Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. It's that practical. Hi Ed. Awesome post. This is a perfect example of why just a little supportive text along with illustrations is so effective.

It comes it at 92, words. Rather, I care about how many are used to produce more clients for the reader.

After You Read this Article You’ll Forget It (at least the first half)

Enter Jocelyn Wallace, a master in visual strategy. When I saw how she could take ideas and make them easily understood, I knew what I had to do. Allow me to introduce: Book Yourself Solid Illustrated. She forced me to cut about two thirds of the text and, as a result, we were able, through her illustrations, to convey more strategies, tactics, and tools to get booked solid than in either of the first two editions of the written book.

For example, in the original, it took me 20 pages to teach you how to create an information product. Using words it takes numerous pages to describe the process.

Now, I can show you this picture with just a bit of supporting text and you get it. But you will remember these images. Book Yourself Solid is a complete creative makeover to the original world-wide bestseller. I never take your time or attention for granted.

Find more on how Michael can be helpful at MichaelPort. I know how effective visual forms of data or content, can be. And, visual codings are so easy to understand and are attractive enough. The first half, you really put up a lot of complex information in it.

Hi Koundeenya, Thanks for the comment.

Illustrated solid book pdf yourself

Thanks so much. The original version of Book Yourself Solid has 90, words. Michael you have explained for me why I never buy a book full of bland undifferentiated text.

I have no interest at all in reading 30 page chapters in page books. What I look for in a book is evidence that the author can break something down and make it readable kama enjoyable, and visually interesting. Hi Bill, No worries about the typos. My signature line in my email says: FIX ME! Have a look at the amazon page for the book as they have more than a hundred pages showing in the Look Inside feature. Again, thanks for considering the book.

No matter how many books I write and no matter how many copies are sold, I never take your attention for granted. Bill — Michael speaks the truth. I had the privilege of meeting him in person at a coaching conference in Miami in We had some amazing speakers at that conference — Stedman Graham, Dr Ivan Misner were two… but the most engaging and memorable speaker was Michael Port.

Life is too bloody short. If someone gets worked up over a miss-spelled word… what ever! Fantastic book Michael. I look forward to receiving your illustrated version as well. Keep up the terrific work. I do the same thing. For years I would feel kinda insecure because I was supposed to be a writer, right? So why were there mistakes? Now I hire a copy editor to read through my work that has to be mistake-free. I feel like a butterfly in the spring! She does what she does well and I do what I do well.

I love people who can spot those details but when they are my clients, I would get frustrated because they were so focused on the typo, I thought they were missing the point of the writing. Now that I hire a detail spotter as my ally, my detail oriented clients can relax and see the big picture. Thanks for this! You make some really great points.

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A good copy writer should use every tool available to make sure the reader keeps reading. Sometimes we forget those tools may not have anything to do with words. In my research for a recent ghostwriting project I came across the following statistic that underscores the importance of incorporating visual elements into our writing. BTW, for someone who has never read Book Yourself Solid, do you now recommend the illustrated version over the original?

Michael, I know you did a lot of research to produce your first edition, and now this new edition of Book Yourself Solid Illustrated. There must be an increasing number of visual learners now, is that correct?

Yourself pdf book solid illustrated

Personally, I like words better. Thanks for your enthusiastic sharing, as always. My creative partner on the project, Jocelyn Wallace http: The good news is now we have text based learning styles the original book , audio learning styles audio book and visual learning styles the new Book Yourself Solid Illustrated covered.

I try to do my best to reach all those who can benefit from Book Yourself Solid and I hope that these three options will do the trick. Using pictures to paint images in mind — literally — takes much of the legwork out of the visualizing equation. We read words and then build pictures or images based on these words.

Using images takes out the middleman, as you can picture images immediately. This is why your strategy is super smart. Love the idea. I redesigned my blogs and squeeze page a few months ago, posting images of myself traveling all over the world. This is a different form of using images, consisting in selling a dream. I also post a video of myself chatting within each blog post and on my squeeze page.

A bit different from your approach but the appeal is similar in that people see pictures, process images quickly and experience the quick benefit of seeing their dream manifest or receiving instruction through a more appealing medium.

I used your boring old un-illustrated book last year when I decided to leave my job and become a full-time freelance copywriter.

So everyone out there who reads comments — the system works if you do the work. I just pulled out the book and my workbook this weekend to work through it again because I want to narrow my niche and find higher paying clients. So do you think I should get your new version? Great to hear about your success.

Book Yourself Solid Illustrated (eBook, PDF)

On the other hand, the new version will help you access the content for review even faster. In your case narrow your target market and find higher paying clients. Though I am a visually oriented person, I love to read. I love to create the images of the descriptions in my head. I am personalizing the illustrations. The visuals are so important and important for us to understand quickly, how ever to remember it for longer than a few hours, we need a deeper understanding.

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A television personality, Michael can be seen regularly on cable and network TV. He receives the highest overall speaker ratings at conferences around the world and offers inspiring, collaborative, and results-oriented mentoring programs for small business success.

At the end of the day, his most significant accomplishment and responsibility is probably just like yours--the job of being a devoted parent, son, friend, and citizen. Please try again later. Paperback Verified Purchase.

That's really the only question that you're asking and the reason you're reading the reviews. You're trying to eliminate risk. I get it.


I read reviews and trust them more than anything when making a buying decision. The difference between that question with most books I buy and this one is that this book is about 3X what I usually spend on a book. Really good. The content has to be good an the book itself has to be materially solid. I read Michael Port's original version of Book Yourself Solid several years ago when it first came out and it was a difficult book to read.

It was difficult becasue it wasn't a "quick read" or "an inspiring message".

Book Yourself Solid Illustrated (eBook, PDF) von Michael Port - Portofrei bei

BYS was about how to get more business so it had strategy, logic and lists of things I could do to book myself solid. It was more textbook than feel good story so while I did enjoy it immensely it frankly was a lot of work to go through. It's a lot of work to actually do what Michael Port teaches. It also works. Port's books are hard to read for one reason alone.

They will remind you of the truth that you aren't living. They will remind you that there are things you should be doing but probably aren't.

He will teach you practical four step processes to follow when you sell that if followed will work. They'll work by either aligning you with who you should work with or separating you from the people you shouldn't work with.

Port actually coined the phrase "red velvet rope policy" that teaches us to make clients feel like they're getting something special when they work with us. Because he coined the phrase naturally his book does a spectacular job of teaching you how to actually implement such a policy. That alone has changed my business and of course I included a picture of the book on top of my Macbook Pro inch laptop so you can see how big it is.

It's not easy to carry around and it can actually be hard to read because of its size. The binding on books this size can't handle that many pages so inevitably the binding will decide to crack at a specific place making it difficult to turn some pages. My hope is that they'll release a hard copy version of the book with different binding that isn't dependent on glue alone so that it doesn't crack. What if at the end of lunch he gave you a book that helped you double your income in the next 12 months while helping you work with clients you want to work with?

Damn right it would. Who's that? She's the reason this book exists. As Port explains in an interview with Jonathan Fields during one of Fields' Good Life Project interviews, Port met Wallace at an event and they decided they needed to work with each other.

It's very likely that I'll buy another copy of this book, remove several of the pages and frame them in my office. Wallace's work isn't abstract or strange. Her work is most certainly art but it's also incredibily effective at communicating the messages Port is trying to teach us. If a picture is worth 1, words then this is a ridiculously long book. There are a TON of pictures in this book.

Entire pages are full of the four steps Port talks about on the prior page.

I find myself studying the pictures much as I do the words Port wrote. Even now as I type this I'm thinking of images in the book. They're a beautiful study guide built right into the book. The main problem I have with this book, other than the binding is that it really isn't fun to read yet. It reminds me of the things I need to do in my business to get my crap together and work with the people I want to work with without apologizing for it.

It's not a "fun" read but it is an exciting read. I read about 10 pages a sitting and then I go back into my business and make changes. It's that practical. Practical isn't fun but it's exciting to know that I'm changing the foundation of how I build my business. I'm glad I did. FYI - I did not get a free copy of his book. I paid for it.

Yourself pdf book solid illustrated

I know many Amazon reviews are written by people who get free books and frankly I just don't trust reviews as much when you haven't handed over your hard earned dollars for it. Thx for a great book Michael and Jocelyn. I purchased and am reading not only this book, with all the words, but the other one with the pictures also. The picture book is easier to read but words help add depth and meaning to the pictures. I recommend both. My only issue with this book is that as I was starting my business I was in a big hurry to bowl people over with my awesomeness and take orders for my highest revenue services.

This book was, and is, a bit of a wake up slap upside the head that my bull in a china shop approach isn't the best approach for me or my customers. There have been times when I felt like, and still do, that I just need to throw this book away and go knock on doors, however, there's little question the exercises I'm going through are worthwhile.