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Sunday, June 30, 2019 admin Comments(0), >, esoteric/ new age/ spiritual/ aliens, >, documents, >, new age info, >, Barbara Hand Clow - The Pleiadian The Pleiadian Agenda: A New Cosmology for the Age of Light ( ): Barbara Hand Clow, Brian Swimme: Books. The Pleiadian Mission to Earth A Mission to Earth from the Pleiades—The contact with the Pleiadians—The closest planet with human life—When will.

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Pleiadian Cosmology is transmitted mainly by Satya of Alcyone, Pleiadians know that their agenda can not be satisfied if they do not take. 1 Topographic Surface Anatomy. STUDY AIMS. At the end of your study, you should be able to: Identify the key landmarks. The Sirians are assisting the Pleiadians to help you find ways . The Pleiadian Agenda because we know you are ready for the whole story now. Our agenda at .

If so, there may be some use in reading through it. Awesome book. The authors she paraphrase do a much better job of presenting their ideas without insulting your intelligence while doing so. Apr 18, Dave rated it liked it. Return to Book Page. However, I can't help but feel that the message is mixed in with certain opinions that are of a personal nature and not for the source that is giving the information.

That was why the books about him were removed from Scripture. There are accounts from King Lizard and Dr. Yes, it gets curiouser and curiouser.

King Lizard instructs us about kundalini. Lizard, who is a collective entity, wonders why we spend so much time worshipping God when our planet is going to hell. They wonder why we think God is superior to ourselves. This is impossible, they say, since nothing is superior to us. We also hear from the Moon and Lucifer. It is all fascinating.

All this should have given you an idea of the content of this amazing book. I strongly recommend that you read it. View all 4 comments. Dec 01, David rated it did not like it Recommends it for: This book exhausted me.

The Pleiadian Agenda

Throughout the read I felt as one does who listens to a delusional psych patient or an elderly grandparent suffering from dementia, however I kept reading and did the best I could to give this enthusiastic author my undivided attention and give her the benefit of the doubt when she made odd claims.

I would summarize this work as manic paraphrase of a half dozen or so books from the new age or fringe science genre, but unlike the works being paraphrased this author has no This book exhausted me.

I would summarize this work as manic paraphrase of a half dozen or so books from the new age or fringe science genre, but unlike the works being paraphrased this author has no ability to present an idea with respect for any form of the rational scientific method. History is full of artists, intellectuals, seers, and seekers on the fringes of accepted social thought whose adventurous risk-taking ideas helped human civilization to progress, but there are also those who found only mental illness out on those unstable frontiers.

I believe this author falls into the latter category. If you have a wild idea that you wish to present, you owe the rest of us the respect of developing your hypothesis with care and some form of logic evidence is always a nice garnish too, by the way.

This can be a frustrating process that can make the incubator of such an idea impatient and taking unnecessary shortcuts.

It's like they get tired of meandering through the speedbumps of collective doubt that guard the in-roads of common accepted thought, and so in impatience hit the accelerator and try to speed through any obstructions.

The most common attitude that you see from the lazy intellectual is forcefully presenting their hypothesis with undertones of the classic "it's so obvious! And this book is filled to the brim with it. It seems to me the tendency in new age circles is to look at the rational scientific method as an oppressive force on one's intuitive intelligence.

The Pleiadian Agenda: A New Cosmology for the Age of Light

Because of this view it almost becomes a mark of the faithful to make and accept statements that the intellect will reject. After all, without intellectual restraint the author can write to their readers with the same freedom afforded to an author of a work of fiction.

While I personally feel many spiritual concepts are just as difficult to reach full development or mastery when pushed through the lens of the intellect as an expressive dance, a sport, or an art form, to suspend this critical faculty requires the teacher, author or presenter to provide a demonstration of the power of the non-intellectual knowledge they've internalized. This author has provided nothing of the sort for us to warrant putting a stranglehold on our intellect for the duration of her book.

I believe she owes her readers the courtesy of either a presenting her ideas in the form of a story, myth, dream, or some other raw unconscious pattern, or b following the rational scientific method if she truly believes the concepts she discusses belong on the left side of our brains. Rational thinking is not in itself a bad thing and it's there both to help you develop and for your protection from being used to make a stupid idea more powerful. And as Terrence McKenna has pointed out, there's a even a beauty and humility to the scientific method in that it is the only system where you get points for proving yourself wrong.

You're supposed to take the initial hypothesis you come up with and then try to defeat it. If the idea survives all of your prudent, logical, and strategic attacks, then you've done your due part and it is ready to be presented to the world. While we do seem to have an creative, intuitive aspect of our intelligence, we feed this side of ourselves with an entirely different food. Myths and stories are candy for this side of our thinking and it's language is much more visual and symbolic.

If this author presented her work under this guise, I'd have no problem reading through it whatsoever. I am a huge fan of myth and of authors like Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung in particular. Those authors point to the functional power myth and symbolism, making them indispensable tools for development of the psyche. In the Jungian model the source of myth and much of our personal creativity as well as instinct comes from the unconscious, so there is certainly a place for artists, seers, and others who have less of a rigid barrier in place between conscious and unconscious thought.

But that model also points out that neurotic and schizophrenic people also are swarmed with unconscious imagery, usually to their own detriment. So, the question concerning this work might then be is there any useful underlying functional pattern this author has wrapped up in colorful stories of aliens and ancient cultures. If so, there may be some use in reading through it. Despite becoming frustrated with the way she writes and presents her ideas especially her supposed channeling , I still felt that there are things of interest to glean from the unconscious contents she spews forth.

Carl Jung pointed to a case where a schizophrenic patient of low education informed him of the presence of a tube protruding from the Sun which is responsible for the wind, which so happens to be part of an incredibly obscure Mithraen myth.

The point was made to illustrate his concept of a collective unconscious being a source even the most neurotic, mentally ill person can draw from and pull forth interesting fragments of thought.

My overall impressions of this book are that the author read books by Jose Arguelles , Zechariah Sitchin , Bob Frissell and Michael Baigent , let it digest and mix together, and then started creatively weaving them together into a very spotty and scattered paraphrase. If you've never read those authors, perhaps you'd find food for thought in this work, but you're really only getting a mama bird's regurgitated meal.

If fringe science and speculative archaeology are of interest to you they are to me , go to the sources directly. The authors she paraphrase do a much better job of presenting their ideas without insulting your intelligence while doing so.

Even general literary mechanics are severely lacking in this work.

Pdf the pleiadian agenda

The chapters are very long not a big deal and are titled after a topic that has to do with only the first couple of pages of each chapter. She seems to break her paragraphs when she gets tired, not when it makes sense to break them. As evidence of that she overuses italics, exclamation points, capitalization, and tends to do so half-way or three-quarters through a paragraph. Typically, authors see that as a natural place to break their paragraph, since it marks the start of a new thought or a drastically different level of emphasis and the paragraph break is a natural visual indicator of such.

The author channels dozens of entities, from the Sun, Moon, and the Devil himself to the deities of other planets and even King Lizard makes an appearance. Like an episode of scrubs, each character has the exact humor, mannerisms, and nuances as the next, and all are cut with a Charles M. Schultz Peanuts sense of humor. Her channeled characters often give shout-outs to her they refer to her as "their vehicle" and the authors she's read, naming their specific books.

Not surprisingly one of those authors was nice enough to reciprocate Isaiah the Prophet's flattering endorsement of his work with a few sentences of recommendation on the back cover of the book. The channeled characters make some pretty laughable claims: If you're looking for fringe scientific ideas that are well-presented and well-formed, you wont find them in this work. If you're looking for mythological motifs or stories layered with functional meaning, you also wont find them here.

This book is just a jumbled mess of someone's free-association writing and she is in desperate need of an editor. View 1 comment.

Apr 30, k8beeZ rated it it was amazing. Some of in the info in this book is just so astonishing. I have not yet on my travels heard someone reveal some of this stuff in such a way before. Very interesting. This book is for someone who's into channeled info, who's into star peops and would like to make a deeper adventure to what's really going on around here.

BHC is a very strong writer I do highly recommend this book.

Agenda the pdf pleiadian

Sep 03, Tarnii rated it it was ok. I found some interesting points of view in this book, but on the whole was written pretty poorly. Which I felt was a shame coz I wanted it to ne a good book!

Feb 20, Angela Coulter rated it really liked it Shelves: Expansive thinking, great presentation, easy to read and follow. Feb 26, Astralbear13 rated it it was amazing.

Though was sometimes exhausting to get through parts, was well made up by incredible channeled messages from various sources and priceless information which is rarely found in the modern age. Has pieces channeled by surprisingly Anubis, Lucifer and Reptilian beings explaining the importance of many things from non-bias perspective. Egyptian technology is touched upon as well as our purpose and connection to our ET family as a whole.

Pleadians are beautiful beings considered our sister species. Learn how the galaxy is orchestrated in this book and our connections within it. It is time This book so lovingly shared with the world really helps in gaining a greater understanding of the truth That we are love, light, and so much more than just physical beings. That we are indeed limitless. We must open our hearts and work together to realize that we have the power the potential to make Earth, Mother Gaia better, restoring her to her full beauty once more.

Mar 05, Sara rated it really liked it. Awesome book. Hidden history. Apr 28, Jaime Enrique rated it liked it. I think there are gems of knowledge I this book. However, I can't help but feel that the message is mixed in with certain opinions that are of a personal nature and not for the source that is giving the information.

Like for example, when she talks about not using microwaves, and the internet, etc. It talks a lot about the Pleiadians and the message they want to share about the photon band and earth entering a new evolutionary cycle.

I reference it a lot. Native American. Sacred Geometry. Esoteric Traditions. Lost Knowledge. Egyptian Mysteries. The Americas. Ancient Aliens. Traditional Chinese Medicine. Bach Flower Therapy.

Natural Therapies. Men's Health. Women's Health.

Barbara Hand Clow THE PLEIADIAN AGENDA.pdf

Martial Arts. In stock. Astrologer and spiritual teacher Barbara Hand Clow reveals the timing of the critical leap in evolution at the end of the Mayan Calendar.

John Major Jenkins , author of Tzolkin: Visionary Perspectives and Calendar Studies. My Account Shopping Cart 0 items. Books on Sale Browse Our Catalogs. The Pleiadian Agenda.

The Pleiadian Agenda: A New Cosmology for the Age of Light by Barbara Hand Clow

Enlarge Cover. Other books by this author. Buy Now. October 01, Format: Paperback Book. Satya describes the huge cosmic drama taking place simultaneously in nine dimensions, with Earth as the chosen theater.