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The history of gears is probably as old as civilization itself. And yet today, the importance of Contents. Part 1 About Gears. 1. Types of Gears. Types of Gear. The gear has been classified through a lot of methods. The classification that is most popular is through the different position of the gear axis. Helical Gear. This is a cylindrical shaped gear with helicoid teeth. Helical gears can bear more load than spur gears, and work more quietly. They are widely.

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Here we show an overview of popular gear types, and more detailed information to gear technical information under Gear Knowledge (separate PDF page). Gears are among the most important power transmission elements. A gear is a rotating machine element having cut teeth which mesh with another toothed part. Module 2 - GEARS. Lecture 1 - INTRODUCTION. Contents. History of gears. Definition of gears. Types of gears and their applications. Spur Gear.

Even though the efficiency is low due to the sliding contact, the rotation is smooth and quiet. However, in reality, consideration for the gear mesh, tooth form strength and difficulties of tooth cutting will limit the usage of these kinds of tooth forms to just a few. Worm Gear A screw shape cut on a shaft is the worm, the mating gear is the worm wheel, and together on non-intersecting shafts is called a worm gear. Since power is transmitted by the sliding of the tooth surfaces, it is necessary to pay attention to lubrication when using screw gears. Due to higher tooth contact ratio, they are superior to straight bevel gears in efficiency, strength, vibration and noise. Cycloid tooth shape is mostly used in clocks and trochoid tooth shape is mainly in pumps. Gear racks can be broadly divided into straight tooth racks and helical tooth racks, but both have straight tooth lines.


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