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download buku matematika peminatan kelas xi kurikulum for - downloads buku guru - bsehoni - buku guru x matematika x kelas xi. Buku Matematika Peminatan Kelas X Sma Ma Pembahasan Soal - [Free] guru fisika dalam implementasi standar proses kurikulum buku matematika kelas x untuk pendidikan menengah ini disusun dengan disusun berdasarkan kurikulum edisi revisi buku guru.

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Focus your attention on the verbs in italics. Find a biology text and identify the noun phrases used. Do you like painting? That word is the odd word the odd man. How was Teuku Umar killed? They went back to the palace.

Nina and Ami are active students. After observing the above examples. Kurikulum Bahasa Inggris They have many interesting hobbies. We have many interesting places to visit in this country. We are amazed by the beautiful scenery. I am sixteen years old. He has a lot of friends. I am a computer programmer. In fact. Do I work in a hospital? Am I a medical doctor? Semester 1. Observe the following examples of the questions.

Your teacher will put a post-it paper with one of the words below on your back.

You need to work in pairs and guess what the word on your back is by asking questions. Who Am I? Check your answer with your friends. Party Time Look at the picture. How old are you? Where do you attend senior high school? What are your hobbies? How many siblings do you have?

Introduce yourself or your friends to at least two people. Use the following questions to guide you. What do you do? Do you like painting? Do you like music? Think of other questions. Think about a new identity that you have. You may also introduce your friends to other guests. You may ask another guest with questions like: May I know your name please? Can you tell me what your profession is? Can you write or talk about yourself? Do you know how to describe yourself?

Menunjukkan kesungguhan belajar bahasa Inggris dalam berkomunikasi tentang pujian dan perhatian dengan guru dan teman. Setelah mempelajari Bab 2. Chapter 2 Complimenting and Showing Care Source: Dokumen Kemdikbud Picture 2. Menunjukkan perilaku peduli. Explain the reason for the classification. Have you finished writing the book we discussed two months ago? Bahasa Inggris How was your weekend with your family in Batu?

We had a lovely time there. My sister bought it for me last month. You should have gone there with us. Thanks a lot. It matches your blouse.

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How are things going on. Read the dialog carefully. Read the sentences. Let me see the contents.

Have a nice day! By the way. The conversation takes place in an office. The publisher will do it for me. I am proud of you. Rahmi went to Batu with her family.

Kelas 2013 buku pdf kurikulum matematika peminatan x

Look at this. This book is excellent. Come to my room. Sinta wrote the excellent book. You really did a great job. What do you think? Three people are involved in the conversation. I like the cover. Your publisher should send it to all bookstores here. Are they true or false based on the dialog above? Dokumen Kemdikbud Source: Compliment is useful to give encouragement so that people will keep on doing their best and even improve their performance. On general occasion. When to express compliment: Can you think of other situations when you need to compliment?

What a wonderful performance! Thank you I must express my admiration to you! Thanks a lot for your appreciation Source: A compliments B. A responds to the compliment. B responds to the compliment. Great job! A looks beautiful in her new skirt. One of you becomes A. B responds to the compliment happily. B compliments A. A is wearing a new pair of shoes. Pair work Practice complimenting and responding to the compliments in pairs. B is showing a very nice drawing.

B is working really hard. I bring you some soup. For example. Hope today finds you feeling much better! By expressing sympathy. The card says. Today Imran is not feeling well. What a lovely friend you are! I really appreciate that. Thank you very much. If the person who is in trouble is far from us.

To help you feel better. The purpose of expressing sympathy is to comfort people who have trouble or are in bad conditions. He has just received a sympathy card through an email from his sister who lives far away in Singapore.

BUKU SISWA Semester 1 Bhs Inggris X (Kurikulum 2013)

Hope you recover soon. In this way. You look so pale. He is staying at home. It is also aimed to let people know that we care for them. I am so grateful to you. Look at the following three situations that we need to consider when expressing care. Thank you so much. I know how it feels. Dokumen Kemdikbud Thank you very much. You are truly good friends. They are so lovely. Dokumen Kemdikbud It was very nice of you to think of me in this time of sadness.

I appreciate your thoughts and prayers. Oh dear. I got a bad headache. It was really scary. I agree with you. You are such a nice boy. He was already discharged. You remember my birthday when nobody does. After that. Compliments Situation 1 You see your friend with her new haircut.

Continue doing that with all the situations provided below. Thank you. The partner responds to the expression. I am sure next time you will get a better score. Situation 3 You sister can drive very well.

I am sorry about your accident. If you need anything. Play scissors. Good job! Well done. Situation 4 Your brother is sick. Situation 9 You friend submitted her project on time.

Situation 13 Your brother has just bought a new. Situation 14 Your friend has just got an accident. Task 4: Ball Throwing. Situation 15 Your friend has a new T-shirt. Your teacher will tell you how to do the activity. Situation 6 Your younger sister got a bad score. Situation 16 Your friend got his motorbike stolen. Situation 8 Your friend did not win the drawing competition.

Situation 5 Your best friend handled the problem successfully. Just wanted you to know.. Ana Picture 2. You may choose two among the four cards.. There are no words that can truly ease the pain of a sudden loss like this. But if caring thoughts can help. Have you ever given any compliments to someone?

Write responses to the following sympathy cards. Dokumen Kemdikbud With Heartfelt Sympathy. Bima Source: Dokumen Kemdikbud Picture Have you ever had an experience of visiting someone being hospitalized? How did you feel? What did you say? Reaching out to you in sympathy and friendship to let you know how much I care. Your sister failed to be admitted to a university.

Your friend from England has lost his pet. Choose 1 among the four situations. Your uncle just got an accident. With My Deepest Sympathy. The people in the situations below live far away from you.

Ria Source: Write a short letter for the following situations. Indah Source: Do you know how to compliment people, and when do you need to do that? Do you also know how to express care or sympathy to people, and when do you need to do that? Setelah mempelajari Bab 3, siswa diharapkan mampu: Menunjukkan kesungguhan belajar bahasa Inggris dalam berkomunikasi dengan guru dan teman untuk menyatakan dan menanyakan niat melakukan suatu tindakan.

Menunjukkan perilaku jujur, percaya diri, dan tanggung jawab dalam melaksanakan komunikasi tentang menyatakan dan menanyakan niat melakukan suatu tindakan. Mengidentifikasi fungsi sosial, struktur teks, dan unsur kebahasaan untuk menyatakan dan menanyakan tentang niat melakukan sesuatu. Look at the pictures below.

Do you know these places? Why do you think people visit these places? What can they do there? Which one do you prefer to visit? Discuss with your friends. I think I might stay at home. Make a list of any words nouns or verbs that are related to the pictures. It will be a long weekend soon. Do you have any plans?

Take turns with your friends doing the roles. The words that you find should start with letters A to Z. Ferris wheel big wheel S: Read the following conversation. My mother is going to accompany my little brother to attend a drawing competition. It sounds boring too! Are you going to go fishing in the river near your house? I will be waiting for your call. We are going to practice baking cookies. Would you like to come with us?


Have a nice long weekend everyone. But I think I would like to bake cookies with Riri. Or will you go fishing with me and my dad? You can come to my house. Thanks for asking me to join you Riri. Ha ha.

Matematika peminatan kurikulum buku kelas 2013 pdf x

That sounds like a very good plan! Are you going to bake choco chips cookies like the last time? You too. I would rather stay at home than go fishing. My dad and I are going to go fishing. I will call you on Friday to let you know the time when we can start. I guess you should enjoy staying at home alone. What would you like to do on the long weekend? I have made a plan with my mother about what to do on this long weekend.

No problem. Stay at home? But we will also try to make ginger cookies. That is my favorite. You may use more than one word in a sentence. What do you need to consider before visiting a place? This time they want to do something together. Continue the conversation based on the given hint. That is my favourite.

Study the sentences by paying attention to the words in the bold-typed expressions. I WILL. Look at the excerpt from the text below. You plan to do the Biology project at the library after school. Make up a short dialogue for the following situations. Identify the bold-typed expressions and fill in the table below with the question and statement forms of the expressions. You ask your best friend to do it together with you. I would like… Question form Statement form I would like to bake cookies.

See the example. Read again the dialogue above. You want to find out what your friend is planning. Two of your friends definitely agree with you. You plan to go to the movie this weekend. School holiday is coming soon. You ask several friends to go with you. You and your friends are discussing the plan for the class performance. One of them seems to disagree with the idea because he thinks that it will need a lot of money.

A friend is absent because she is sick. You plan with your friends to visit her this afternoon. However, one of them makes an excuse for not going. Act out one of the dialog for the class. Speech 1. For example: We are going to have more regular practice of sports like soccer and badminton so that we can win in competitions. I would also like to Present your speech in front of the class. Use I would like to …, I will …. I am going to….. You can use the questions to guide you: Holiday plan - Where would you like to go on holiday?

Would you like to go somewhere interesting or stay at home? Do you have any special interest? Are you able to identify the forms and uses of I would like to, I will, I am going to and would rather? Can you make statements or questions using I would like to, I will, I am going to and would rather?

Menyusun teks lisan dan tulis untuk mengucapkan dan merespon ucapan selamat bersayap extended. Mengidentifikasi fungsi sosial. Chapter 4 Congratulating Others Source: Dokumen Kemdikbud Picture 4. Menunjukkan perilaku jujur.

Menunjukkan kesungguhan belajar bahasa Inggris dalam berkomunikasi dengan guru dan teman untuk memberi ucapan selamat bersayap extended.

Setelah mempelajari Bab 4. The group who can guess more words will be the winner. You have to guess what words that your teacher has described. You deserved it. Nura helps him gain his confidence and reorganize his life. In the house. Nura arrives in a big city to help her parents settle their debts. Many of his friends congratulate him.

Nura begins to teach the rich spoiled brat some manners through her down to earth scolding and no-nonsense attitude. In his chaotic life. He is now in the position of the director of the company that he inherits from his father. Juna is betrayed by his own cousin and uncle leading to his downfall. The girl helps him pick up the pieces in his life.

Read the text carefully. He is lazy and goes to campus just to meet friends and chase pretty girls who love his wealth. I have a lot to learn. I cannot forget your help to me. Your company is now back to you. Juna replies with a happy tone. Who is Juna? She cries happily for her master who has changed into a mature. How do they congratulate Juna? What expressions are used? Answer the following questions: How does Nura teach Juna? Who first congratulates Juna when he regains success?

Who is Nura? The first row is done for you. Congratulating Expressions Responses Congratulations! Complete the following table with the expressions of congratulations and the responses you find in the preceding reading text. This is man. In congratulating. The answer for number 1 is wonderful. As an example see number 1. Dina Yuni Dina: If needed. Complete the blanks in the following dialogs using the words in the box.

Hi Abdel. The teacher is coming! Pak Sultoni. I see. Tuti Ria Tuti Ria: How is your business. Where did you buy it? My mom bought it for me when she went to the market. What a nice scarf! Ihsan Ali Ihsan: Rudi Ian: You look gorgeous in this wedding dress! Complete the following conversations with your own words.

How nice of you to say that. Picture 4. Conversation 1 Rani: Hi Anisa. Dokumen Kemdikbud 3. Hi Andi. You must say. I can ask him to do yours if you want to. I won the second prize last week.

My brother did it. Is it true? Thank you very much for saying so. The partner makes an expression of congratulations. Conversation 2 Rudi: Hi Ben. I heard you won the Speech Contest last month. How are you? Is it new? My sister bought it for me when she went to Singapore. I heard you won the Math Olympiad. What a nice new hair style!

Who did your haircut? I like it a lot. Andi is coming. Zettira Source: Tomy has just been promoted to be the branch manager of Jepara Ukir Company in London.

Continue doing that with all the situations provided in the table below. Dear Tomy. Two cards have been done for you as examples. Your new bag is gorgeous. Sharing in your happiness today… and wishing you a wonderful future.

Congratulations on your Promotion. Write at least two sentences. West Sumatra. Your sister has graduated from a culinary arts program in Padang.

He is also happy because now he can save money that he used to spend on cigarettes. He feels healthier and more energetic now. She wants to be the best chef and plans to open her own restaurant.

They met when they were involved in medical corps deployed for a peace mission in a conflict area in Middle East.

The house has a large garden so that they can enjoy gardening on weekends. So many paths to choose from -. Rina and Rudi. Your uncle and aunt have moved to their new house. Have you been able to do all the exercises here? Your friend has got an opportunity to be an interpreter in an international conference on inter religion dialogue to create and preserve peace and harmony. What is your plan to improve your ability in congratulating others?

What have you learned from this chapter? Menyusun teks deskriptif lisan dan tulis sederhana tentang orang. Menunjukkan kesungguhan belajar bahasa Inggris terkait teks deskriptif sederhana tentang orang. Merespon makna dalam teks deskriptif.

Setelah mempelajari Bab 5. Dokumen Kemdikbud Picture 5. Look at the words in the box. Do you know the meaning? Check your dictionary. What can you tell about these people? What do they look like? Discuss with your friends! She is also very friendly and likes to make friends with anyone. Her sketches are amazingly great.

She always has a sketchbook with her everywhere she goes. She would spend some time to draw the manga characters from her imagination. She is always cheerful. Dinda loves drawing. Like many other girls. Other than that. She likes to share her thoughts and feelings to her friends.

Dinda is good-looking. Her favourite t-shirts are those in bright colors like pink. Who is being described in the text? What does Dinda look like? How long have the writer and Dinda been friends? Find 16 words related to how to describe a person and write in the space provided.

How does the writer feel about Dinda? What kind of t-shirts does she like? What are her favourite clothes? When you finish. What points are used by the writer to describe the person? List the words below. Answer the questions below about the text.

Pdf peminatan kelas kurikulum buku 2013 x matematika

Share the result with the class. In the previous units. Discuss with a partner and fill in the table with suitable information from the text.

Compare your work with other pairs. Use the adjectives to make up sentences on your own. Put the sentences in the pattern table below.

Look at the adjectives in the reading text and vocabulary exercise of this unit. Check if your friend point to the correct picture. Your friend will point to the picture that you refer to. Take turns with your friends and do the same. Think of one person in the picture and give a name to that particular picture. Describe Dina to your friends. She is sitting on the chair on the right side. Look at the picture.

You can also take any photograph from any source such as magazine. Who are in the picture? She has long hair. Write a letter or email to a friend and describe the people in the picture. Can you describe it? Would it be better? Why do you think we are created differently? Discuss the answers to the questions with your classmates.

It can be a personal photograph or a family photograph. Look at the picture below. Can you describe a person following the structure of a descriptive text? Do you know the type of language structure that you can use to describe a person?

Can you identify the information in the descriptive text? Setelah mempelajari Bab 6. Menyusun teks deskriptif lisan dan tulis sederhana tentang tempat wisata. Chapter 6 Visiting Ecotourism Destinations Source: Dokumen Kemdikbud Picture 6. Menunjukkan kesungguhan belajar bahasa Inggris terkait teks deskriptif sederhana tentang tempat wisata. Menyunting teks deskriptif tulis tentang tempat wisata. Cross out or circle the word and explain your reason.

Find the word that does not belong to the same category as the other words in the same group. That word is the odd word the odd man. Look at the example. Compete with other groups to finish this game. Play this game in groups of four. After you find the words. You are given the dashes and some letters of the English words as the clues.

After you read it. Each dash represents a letter. The traveling in the boat offers another unforgettable experience. This is called a park. At night. It is a real jungle. This camp was established by Birute Galdikas. In daylight. Tanjung Puting National Park offers impressive experience to its visitors. The boat is popularly called perahu klotok which is a boathouse that can accommodate four people. The trip by the boat to Camp Leaky takes three days and two nights.

To reach the place. You sleep. What do you think about the place described below? What will you do when you meet them? To see orang utans we should go to Camp Leakey. This is a rehabilitation place for ex-captive orang utans and also a preservation site. The male proboscis monkeys are interesting because they have enormous snout. Text sources: How interesting or uninteresting is the journey on the way to Camp Leaky? Why do you think so? Comprehension Questions Answer the following questions briefly.

How interested are you in visiting Tanjung Puting National Park? What makes you interested or not interested in the park. How is the park different from the parks in the cities? Work individually first. As one of ecotourism destinations. What is special about the means of transportation to Camp Leaky? What should they do with the wastes? If you were also a tourist.

Based on the text. Give some examples of other ecotourism destinations that you know. How can people reach Camp Leaky? What does the word ex-captive tell you about the orang utans in Camp Leaky? Although Butet has never taken any private English course. A noun that goes with a modifier is called a noun phrase.

Ni Luh likes to stay at home reading her favorite books. Observe where the position of the modifier is. We may not keep endangered animals that are protected by the law as our pet.

She had told him to come straight in if ever she failed to open the door and to leave the bread on the kitchen table.

Not wanting to frighten the poor man, Mrs. Richards quickly hid in the small store-room under the stair. She heard the front door open and heavy footsteps in the hall. Suddenly the door of the store-room was opened and a man entered. Richards realized that it must be the man from the Electricity Board who had come to read the meter. The man let out a cry and jumped back several paces.

20 Contoh Soal UTS SMA Kelas X Bahasa Inggris Paling Update!

When Mrs. Richards walked towards him, he fled, slamming the door behind him. The baker d. Her husband b. The poor man e. The Electricity man c.

Her children. He was surprise to see someone coming b. He was frighten to see something like ghost c. He was surprise of seeing Mr. Richards d. He was angry with Mrs. Richards e. She had finished reading the meter of electricity.

Richards hide? In the kitchen d. In the store-room b. In the bed room e. In front of the door c. In the dining-room. Report b. Procedure c. Narrative d. Descriptive e. What is the purpose of the text? To retell Mrs. Richards experience b.

To describe a ghost under stairs c. To tell the story of haunted-house d. To explain how Mrs. Richards daily activities are e. To give information about Mrs. Richards houseworks. Its headquarters in Bush House, a large building in London. The world service Broadcasting programmes in 37 languages, including English. It broadcasting programmes in English 24 hours a day about 25 million listeners. Its programmes focus on news and current affairs, but it also has programmes on music, science, sports and drama.

The BBC gets its now in two ways. Firstly, it has reporters in most countries of the world. These people report what is happening in these countries. The second way, the BBC gets its news is by listening to other radio stations all over the world.

For example, if there is report of a head quake in Sumatra on Indonesian radio, the BBC will tell its reporter to go there and collect news. The world Service is very useful for learners of English. They can listen to English and practice their listening skills.

They can also note down the pronunciation, of words and even learn new words. It broadcasts ……hours a day. Its programmes focus on news and current affairs, but it also has programmes on music, science, sports and drama..

The word Its in the sentence refers to…. Bush house b. BBC c. Program d. London e. BBC World Service has programmes …. World Service deals mainly with …. If you look at the front of large, modern hospital, you may notice that there are two separate entrances.

Find out b. See c. Carry d. Hear e. One day, Nasreddin was up on the roof of his house, mending a hole in the tiles. He had nearly finished, and he was pleased with his work.

Nasreddin was annoyed, but he was a polite man, so he put down his tools. Carefully, he climbed all the way down to the ground. Nasreddin thought for a minute.

The old man followed him all the way to the top. When they were both sitting on the roof, Nasreddin turned to the beggar.