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Ramayana is a Hindu book about Rama incarnation of Vishnu. It tells the story I want the PDF of Ramayana that. to Telugu to english. sachin. This Ramayana download is in 4 pdf books - the complete Valmikis Please send PDF version of ramayanam full in Telugu to my gmail. Telugu Script PDF - Telugu Adhyatma Ramayana - Ramayana stories in Telugu, the links to go to a specific part and open the links to read the entire book.

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Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. + Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by. provides services of Valmiki Ramayan in Telugu in pdf, Read Valmiki in Telugu E-Book, Free Download Valmiki Ramayan in Telugu Book. Valmiki Ramayanam telugu content ************************************************ *************************************** >>>Telugu content >>>42 days parts.

He was walking through the courtyards on his way out when he saw a light!! Last of all came Ram's dead father Dasharat in a flying chariot. Ram promised to defend the holy men and the three continued their journey into the forest until they met a wise man named Sutikshin. Vishvakarma, the gods' architect, had originally suspended it in mid-air, but it now lay in the middle of the Indian Ocean where it had been flung by Vayu, ihe wind god, in a moment of fury. The king had been so grateful he had promised to grant Kaikeyi two wishes. There Marich transformed himself into a golden deer and began to graze peacefully in the clearing by Ram's home.

The latest version is 4. See below the changes in each version:. Continue to Ramayanam Telugu. Add a review Tell us your experience with Ramayanam Telugu 4. He is a central character in the Indian epic Ramayana and its various versions Continue to app Rating: If you are a spiritual person and believe in Ramayan then this app will help you in many ways..

The selected doha lines or verses are used for your success, He is a central character in the Hindu epic Ramayana and its various versions.

Hanuman Dandakam In Telugu Lyrics with Click stars to rate this APP! Tapped Out. Newsletter Submit. When he comes of age, he marries Sita, the princess of a nearby kingdom. However, Bharata's mother is Kaikeyi, who resents Rama being the crown prince. She calls up a debt that Dasharatha owes her and asks for Rama to be exiled for fourteen years and her son Bharata be made crown prince instead.

The devastated Dasharatha has no choice and Rama prepares to leave for exile. Sita and Lakshmana will not leave his side however and follow him into the forest. While in the forest, Surphanaka, a female rakshasi demoness becomes enamored of Rama and is wounded by Lakshmana while trying to kill Sita. She flees to her brother Khara and asks him to avenge her. However, Khara and his army are defeated by Rama and Lakshmana, and only one member of their entire army survives. This lone soldier flees to the island kingdom of Lanka and begs Surphanaka's brother, the mighty king Ravana to avenge them.

Ravana has heard of Sita's beauty and he decides to abduct her. Using trickery and magic, he manages to lure Rama and Lakshmana away from Sita and kidnaps her, taking her away to Lanka.

RAMAYANA, download the book Ramyana here as PDF

Rama and Lakshmana travel far and wide searching for Sita but to no avail. Finally, they come upon a band of vanaras or monkey-men who pledge to help him. One of the might warriors of the vanaras, Hanuman, becomes Rama's staunch devotee. The vanaras seek out traces of Sita and find she has been taken to Lanka.

Hanuman flies to Lanka and confirms she is imprisoned there. He contacts Sita and informs her of Rama's whereabouts, promising that they will be back to rescue her. Before returning to the mainland, Hanuman sets fire to the whole city of Lanka.

Rama, Lakshmana and the vanar army build a causeway from the tip of India to Lanka. They travel to Lanka, where an epic battle follows between the armies. Ravana is finally killed by Rama, and Sita is freed.

They return to Ayodhya, where Bharata returns the crown to Rama. The beautiful city of Ayodhya was the capital of the kingdom of Kosala, and was ruled by Dasharat who was known far and wide for his bravery in battle. He had even occasionally helped the gods in their fights against demons-a privilege that was granted to few mortals.

Dasharat's people loved him just as the gods did, because he was kind and fair, but Dasharat had a deep sadness in him for in spite of marrying three times he had no heir.

His wives, princesses from important kingdoms, all remained childless. One day, Vasishta the court sage advised Dasharat to perform a sacrifice in order to obtain a son.

A sacrificial fire was lit and Vasishta began performing the ceremonial rituals. As he prayed, the flames leaped high into the air and a human form emerged from the fire. Nobody realized that it was Vishnu the Restorer. Not long afterwards Kaushaliya, his first queen, gave birth to a son who was named Rama-Chandra.

The second queen, Kaikeyi, gave birth to Bharat; and Sumitra, the youngest queen, gave birth to the twins Lakshman and Shatrughan. As the boys grew, Rama-chandra proved himself highly skilled in the ways of kings and was equally adept in the skills of the warrior. He resembled the supreme spirit Vishnu, for Vishnu had indeed been partly reborn in him for a special purpose on Earth.

However, even Ram did not realize that part of him was a god.

Story ramayanam in pdf full telugu

Ram was as dark as a rain cloud. His eyes were shaped like the lotus-flower and glistened as blackly as his curly hair. Although his frame was slight and slim, he had the powerful waist and chest of a lion.

Ramayana in Telugu in pdf – Download Telugu Ramayan

His arms were remarkably long and very powerful and his hands, though strong, had delicate fingers tipped with nails which glittered like mother-of-pearl. And his face glowed like the clear autumn moon, with the beauty of truth and love.

Everyone loved him and it was obvious he would be a most suitable king. Dasharat, however, had promised his second wife's father when he sought her hand that her son would be the crown prince of Ayodhya. This wife, Kaikeyi, was Dasharat's favourite wife and he could not bear to upset her. Fortunately, Kaikeyi agreed wholeheartedly that Ram should be king. From the beginning, Lakshman was especially deeply attached to his brother Ram as was his twin brother Shatrughan to Bharat, but all four princes loved each other deeply and grew up happily together learning arts, scie nces, scriptures and statecraft from Yasishta.

One day while they were still young boys, the great sage Vishvamitra arrived in Dasharat's court.

Pdf story telugu full ramayanam in

Unwillingly Dasharat gave in to the pressure put upon him and Ram and his brorher Lakshman went back with Vishvamitra to his hermitage. When they arrived there, Vishvamitra gave Ram magical weapons and after a bitter fight Ram vanquished the demoness. Sita was the daughter of the Earth. While she was a baby, she had appeared to King Janak from a furrow in a ploughed field, and had been brought up as his daughter.

Sita was in fact another incarnation of Lakshmi, the eternal wife of Vishnu in all his incarnations ; this time she had been reborn to marry Ram. She always left a train of light in her wake as a mark of her divine origin. She was as delicate and graceful as a swan: Her forehead was like a half-moon, golden and glittering with the jewelled ornaments she wore.

Her eyebrows were arched perfectly like a bow and below them glowed fawn-like eyes shaded with glistening lashes. Her lips glowed soft as corals, her neck was slender and dimpled. Everyone who saw Sita loved her instantly. All Sita's suitors had to enter a contest known as a swayamnra to decide the one who should marry her.

A bow of Shiv had been placed the centre of the court and the one who was able to lift it would be her husband. Hundreds tried and failed. Then, ro Sita's great joy, Ram nor only lifted the bow, but was strong enough to break it as well. News of Ram's forthcoming wedding was sent to Ayodhya.

King Dasharat was overjoyed at the news and arrived for the celebrations. After the festivities were over, Ram, Sita and Dasharat returned home where all Ayodhya waited to greet them and more feasting and merriment took place to welcome Sita.

Finally, a brother of Queen Kaikeyi spoke to Dasharat. The years went by and Ram proved to be a kind husband. Sita was a devoted wife and the two were deeply in love. Dasharat missed Bharat and longed to see him, yet one matter worried him constantly: Ram must be declared king before Bharat's return, because Dasharat wanted to avoid any arguments about which brother should become the new king.

The elderly king called a council of ministers, sages and allied kings and announced his decision to crown Ram, King of Ayodhya. The council discussed the matter and unanimously approved his choice. Ram was called before the assembly and Dasharat officially acknowledged him heir-apparent. Still anxious, the king summoned Ram to his personal chambers that night and told Ram he would crown him the very next day. Ram was stunned that his father was considering holding the coronation before Bharat could return for it.

The king ordered his ministers to make all the necessary arrangements for the coronation, and went to Kaikeyi's rooms to give her the news. The Chamber of Protest was reserved for any queen with a complaint and had never been used during Dasharat's reign. He made his way there anxiously. Kaikeyi lay sprawled on the floor of her chamber, her hair disshevelled, her jewels scattered across the floor, and she was weeping and lamenting. Dash a rat fell to his knees and stroked her hair gently, asking, 'Who has upset you, my beloved queen''.

If you choose not to grant them, I shall kill myself. Dasharat remained silent a moment as that battle flashed through his mind. The god Indra had asked Dasharat to fight the demon Shambar who was plaguing the gods. Dasharat had defeated the demon armies but was left lying severely wounded on the battlefield with little chance of living. Kaikeyi, who had insisted on accompanying him to battle, had him carried to her tent and nursed him night and day until he recovered.

The king had been so grateful he had promised to grant Kaikeyi two wishes. Let me save my wishes and ask for them when I need them. Dasharat was broken-hearted. He could not believe that Kaikeyi, who had always said she loved Ram more than her own son and had often suggested he should be king, had now changed her mind completely. He argued with Kaikeyi throughout the night, but Kaikeyi's mind was made up and Dasharat knew he must keep his promise to Kaikeyi and her father.

When morning came, the king was utterly worn down. He was distressed by the idea of losing his beloved son in his own old age, and could not bring himself to speak to Ram when the young prince came to get his blessing before the coronation. Ram was concerned, 'Have I upset my father'' he wondered, then looking at Kaikeyi's harsh expression, he asked. I will leave immediately. Bharat will make an able king.

Ram sadly said farewell to his heartbroken father and then went to Queen Kaushaliya, his real mother, to say goodbye to her. He explained how the decision had come about and begged her to be kind to Dasharat who was deeply unhappy at Ram's exile. Although grief-stricken, Kaushaliya agreed with Ram, praying for his happiness in exile. Then Ram went to say goodbye to Sita and to comfort her but Sita refused to be separated from her husband.

Story telugu in pdf ramayanam full

How can I be happy living in luxury without you'' His brother Lakshman also refused to stay behind and that very day they left the kingdom. Ram led the way, dressed like a holy man, with tangled hair and a leopard skin to cover his body. The only sign that he was a warrior was the quiver of arrows which hung from his shoulder and his precious bow. The three left the city of Ayodhya and made their way across the River Ganges and up into the mountains and forests of the Himalayas where they lived a holy life, filled with fasting and prayer.

The months passed and one day Ram was meditating when he sensed a disturbance in the forest. The birds were flying from the trees and animals were scurrying away to hide in the undergrowth. Lakshman climbed to the top of a tall tree to see what was causing the turmoil. Ram shook his head wisely. He probably wants us to come back to Ayodhya. Ram's words calmed his quick-tempered brother. When Bharat arrived he greeted his brothers with affection. Then he said, 'You should be in Ayodhya, Ram.

Our father has died of grief and our country needs its true king. You should be on the throne, ruling the kingdom. Let me remain here to serve out your exile fo r you while you return to Ayodhya.

Story pdf telugu full in ramayanam

It is our duty to ensure his word is kept. Reali zing this, Bharat held out a pair of golden slippers he had brought with him. But if you do not return in fourteen years, I will burn myself on a funeral pyre. After Bharat had left, Ram decided to move o n.

The three travelled deeper into the forest and soon met some hermits. We know you are Ram the mighty warrior. We want you to give us your word that you will protect us from these fearsome monsters.

Ram promised to defend the holy men and the three continued their journey into the forest until they met a wise man named Sutikshin. But beware of a gazelle who plays in a forest glade for n IS a sign of ill fortune. Ram decided to build a home with Sita and Lakshman on the shores of the beautiful lake. For ten years they lived there and Ram continued to keep his promise to protect the holy men from the monsters and demons of the forest. He did it so well that eventually there were no more monsters.

Ram and his companions decided to set out on their travels. On their way, they met an enormous vu lture who introduced himself as J atayu, the king of birds. Ram thanked Jatayu and the three continued on their way until they arrived at a place called Panchavati where they decided to stay.

But they were not destined to remain there long. A demoness named Shurpanakha saw Ram one day and fell in love with him. She transformed herself into a beautiful young woman and went to Ram.

Slighted, Shurpanakha tried to kill Sita, but Lakshman cut off her ears and nose and chased her into the forest. Shurpanakha went to Janastan, the land of demons, ruled by her brother Khar. I thirst for the blood of Sita and Lakshman. He assembled an army of 14, demons and set out for Panchavati.

The noise of the approaching army was so loud that the gods in their heavens heard it and looked down to see what was happening. When Ram saw the army, he hid Sita and Lakshman in a cave and as the demons came nearer, he shot a stream of arrows from his mighty bow.

Soon only Khar was left alive. With a strength born from despair, Khar pulled the bow out of Ram's grasp and shattered Ram's shield with his club. Then he uprooted a huge tree and hurled it at Ram, who leaped out of its path just in time. Ram swiftly picked up the bow and again showered Khar with a volley of arrows.

Finally Khar, the last of the demon army, was also killed and the realm of the demons was utterly desolated. In Heaven the gods heaved a sigh of relief.

The mission for which Ram had been put on Earth was soon to be accomplished. The kingdom of Lanka had been created for Kuvera, the god of wealth, and even its humblest buildings were made from solid gold: Vishvakarma, the gods' architect, had originally suspended it in mid-air, but it now lay in the middle of the Indian Ocean where it had been flung by Vayu, ihe wind god, in a moment of fury.

It is still there today and is known as the island of Sri Lanka. The capital of Lanka was protected by seven broad moats and seven enormous walls of stone and metal, but Kuvera no longer ruled there because many years before, the demon Ravan had defeated him and taken the kingdom of Lanka from him. Ravan was the brother of the demons Shurpanakha and Khar and was the creature most hated by the gods.

His mother was a demoness but his father was a Brahmin who had shown him how to pray and fast. He had prayed and fasted so devotedly that the god Brahm a was compelled to grant him a special wish in payment.

Ravan had wished to be made invulnerable to attack by any god or demon. Ravan was terrifying to look at, for he had twenty arms and ten heads. His teeth shone pale gold like the light of a crescent moon. His mountainous body was covered with the ugly scars of a million battles with gods and demons.

Ravan could split open mountains, stir up the seas and tear the sun and moon from the sky. Since no god could hurt him, Ravan humiliated the gods by forcing them to do menial tasks in his palace. Vayu the wind god swept the floors for him; Kuvera the god of wealth supplied him with gold ; Varuna the sea god brought him water and Agni the fire god was his cook.

Ravan was rapidly becoming the most powerful of all creatures until Vishnu found a solution. When Ravan had forced Brahma to grant him his wish, he had asked only for protection against the gods and demons ; he had been too arrogant to feel threatened by mere men and animals.

This gave Vishnu an id ea. He himself would be reborn to King Dasharat in his seventh incarnation as his eldest son, Rama-chandra, and as a man he would bring about the downfall of this all-powerful demon. He would not, however, be able to remember his previous existence as a god and would have to rely upon his human ability and courage alone.

So, while Ram acted out his destiny, the gods bided their time, secure in the knowledge that one day they would be free of Ravan. Meanwhile, Ravan lived in luxury in the beautiful kingdom of Lanka.

One day, Ravan was sitting in his court with his many wives when he heard the sounds of hysterical bellows and Shurpanakha burst into the room. Ram's beauty attracted me and l turned myself into a beautiful woman to tempt him. She is more virtuous and lovely than any woman ever known.

Ravan immediately desired Sita for himself and decided to seize her at once. He summoned his magic chariot and flew across the ocean to the place where a demon named Marich lived.

You cannot defeat him. It is your place to obey. H e gave Marich careful instructions and took him to Panchavati where Ram and his wife and brother were living.

There Marich transformed himself into a golden deer and began to graze peacefully in the clearing by Ram's home. Sita caught sight of the deer as she walked among the flowers. It looked at her with melting, sad eyes and she became enchanted by it.

Catch it and bring it to me so that I will always be able to look at it. Lakshman also tried to reason with her, explaining that the gazelle might be one of the few demons left, but Sita did not believe there was any danger and finally Ram agreed to catch the deer for her. However, he told Lakshman not to leave Sita's side and drew a circle around her.