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Annie's Song [Catherine Anderson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Only her gift of love can heal Annie Trimble lives in a solitary . annie's song (pdf) by catherine anderson (ebook). Only her gift of love can heal.. . Annie Trimble lives in a solitary world that no one enters or understands. Annie's Song book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Annie Trimble lives in a solitary world that no one enters or underst.

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Annie's Song. Home · Annie's Song Author: Catherine Anderson Crochet Bag Boutique Annies Attic TX Read more. song by catherine anderson read online or where to annies song by catherine anderson download if want read offline. Download or Read Online where to. Download or Read Online annies song by catherine anderson ebook book in our library is free for you. We provide copy of annies song by catherine anderson.

Catherine Anderson also manages to intertwine humor from her characters and Annie's Song is no different - an egg, a sassy housekeeper and a perplexed man still evokes a smile when I think on it. This was an amazing story that warmed my heart. This was one of the best love story i had read in a I read a few historicals a few years ago and thought at the time that it was just not my cuppa. Alex Montgomrey is beyond furious when he learns that his younger brother her raped poor slow Annie Trimble, determined to make up for his brother he marries Annie when they realize she is pregnant. Catherine Anderson. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Alex Montgomery , Annie Trimble. Hooperville, Oregon , United States. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Annie's Song , please sign up. Does the main character fall in love with her rapist?

Druma Shukla This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [No, she marries and falls for the elder brother.. This book doesn't come in e-format? BJ Yes it does now - just bought it in June See all 4 questions about Annie's Song….

Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Fortunately, albeit years later, it fit right in with one of my monthly reading challenges, so I picked it up, dusted it off, and dug right in. And then kicked myself silly for having waited so long to read this! I shed both tears of sorrow and tears of happiness. There were moments that made me laugh out loud and those that made me so, so angry.

The way the story is told is real, the reactions of the characters are believable because they were honest and in keeping with accepted medical beliefs and practices of the times. So while I definitely found myself frustrated at some of their narrow-mindedness, I also understood where they were coming from.

The bottom line? This story is incredibly romantic, deeply passionate - both emotionally and physically, and has a happily ever after that I can believe in, because Alex and Annie truly deserved it. View all 58 comments. This was my first book by Catherine Anderson and I was blown away. I loved this book so hard. It was sweet as can be and gave me all the feels. I felt bad for Annie. She had such a hard life.

Being deaf back in the day everyone thought she was retarded. Mistreated by all, beat and hided away by her parents and rape by the hero's asshole brother Annie endured more than most with a quite dignity. Trapped in a world all by herself, she can't hear or talk. She was truly alone, until she married Alex This was my first book by Catherine Anderson and I was blown away. She was truly alone, until she married Alex. Alex was an amazing hero. He realized his wife wasn't slow but deaf.

He opened up her whole world and really loved her. He treated her with such kindness and respect. It was a beautiful slow burn romance and I can't wait to read more books by Catherine Anderson. View all 10 comments. View all 8 comments. Jul 23, Sarah rated it it was ok Shelves: I was expecting this book to be bad, but it surprised me. I was, in fact, expecting to be horrified by it, as … let me just type up the back cover.

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But cruelty cannot destroy the love that Annie holds in her heart. Alex Montgomery is horrified to learn his wild younger brother forced himself on I was expecting this book to be bad, but it surprised me. But he never dreams he will grow to cherish his lovely, mute, misjudged Annie — her childlike innocence, her womanly charms and the wondrous way she views her world. And he becomes determined to break through the wall of silence surrounding her — to heal.

Um, gag me with a spoon, right? It totally sounds like this guy is going to end up married and falling in love with someone who is more than mildly retarded, which sets off a whole lot of alarm bells for me. I work with kids in special ed, and some of them are high school age, and I worry a lot about the girls being taken advantage of by older men.

These girls are not without resources and abilities, but a baby would put brakes on so much of that. Therefore, I came into this book with a lot of real world concerns. Thank God!

She had an ear infection with a high fever when she was six and this is set in , so there were no antibiotics , which resulted in partial hearing loss, which resulted in her parents thinking she was retarded, which resulted in her being basically unsocialized for 15 years so she is mute.

OH JOY. He is just that crazy. The discovery leads to Alex kicking his no-good little brother out of the house without a penny. Seriously, you guys, there is so much tragedy of good will in this book it is heartbreaking. Once there, we discover that he has engaged a nurse to care for her, but she is a bad nurse. Because she thinks the reason her parents sent her away was because she was too fat to live with them anymore.

The author does a pretty good job of painting a compassionate picture of deafness.

Annie's Song

He learns to lipread and speak using sign language, so he can teach her, so they can communicate. You know, Big Misunderstandings that could be solved with two lines of dialogue.

There were parts that squeeved me out, like Alex finding Annie attractive when he still believed her to be mentally impaired. It really set off my forbidden trigger to read about him thinking about how feminine and soft her breasts were while he was trying to restrain her. But it was uncomfortable reading. I was really all over the place reading this book. Imagine that! There were other parts that gave me some serious pause, such as the fact that Annie has been poorly socialized and so her ability to reason as an adult is compromised.

But parts of it were so good! And believable! And then other parts of it were weird. Because the author kept saying her heroine was childlike, and the hero was drawn to her childlike innocence.

I just … GUH! Because God forbid a romance hero be sterile. View all 5 comments. Yet the way they looked at her made her feel as though she had. She took a shuddering breath and held it trapped at the base of her throat to prevent herself from sobbing. Maybe it was the gentleness with which he touched her or the remorse she read in his eyes, or perhaps she was just tired of feeling afraid.

At this point, she was too weak from hunger and too heartsore from being abandoned by her parents to analyse her reasons. She only knew that warmth of his strong fingers on her skin made her feel safe. Wonderfully safe. Crazy, so crazy…But it was how she felt. This was his dance. His wife. He felt like a man who had accidently stumbled upon a rainbow. No, not a rainbow, he thought nonsensically. More like a beautiful butterfly emerging almost magically, from its chrysalis.

In that moment, that was how he saw Annie. He had unveiled something precious, immeasurably lovely, and completely unexpected. Annie lowered the flute to her lap and reverently stroked the keys. Alex had given her a wedding gift, after all, she thought.

Catherine anderson song pdf annies

Something no one else had ever even thought to give her. Music…Beautiful music, wrapped in magic. View all 11 comments. Jul 02, Rane rated it it was amazing Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Annie Trimble life has never been easy, at young age she lost her hearing to the rages of a fever, thinking she is nothing but a moron not knowing she was just deaf her family treats her lower then a dog.

After an assault leaves her pregnant the brother of her assaulter comes to her family with a deal. Some of my pages in this book have tear marks as I cried as I learned about Annie and the hardships she went through. She was so innocent and kind and the injustice she went through made me sick. But while some would have buckled under and became a shell, Annie lives in her own world but when Alex shows her more to the world around her, she starts to see how she blossoms from a young child to a woman.

I adore and love Alex to pieces, he was so gentle and smart. He even teaches himself to lip-read to understand Annie more. Many of us take for granted these our gifts of speech and hearing and sight and when Annie asks for the first time in her life for a glass of water and is understood I became grateful for my gifts. I almost wished Alex took a bullwhip for Annie father. Showing you at last how much both have grown by knowing each other and falling in love.

All I can say that it is: View all 20 comments. Oct 07, Mo rated it it was amazing. I must say I have loved every Catherine Anderson book I have read and was very disappointed to see that some of her earlier works are not on Kindle. Once I got my kindle I gave up on paperbacks. There were some titles not availble on kindle that I sort of thought to myself "I really want to read that - will I order the paperback? Most of the books I have just left and never ordered in paperback.

I onl I must say I have loved every Catherine Anderson book I have read and was very disappointed to see that some of her earlier works are not on Kindle. I only bought one other book in paperback because it was not available on Kindle - Jennifer Cruise - Bet Me.

It is now available on Kindle and I also have that version too Annie's Song was one of those books that I decided to buy on paperback - it arrived yesterday morning and I have devoured it since. Just finished it with a big sappy grin on my face - about 20 minutes ago I couldn't finish reading it because I was crying.

It is a wonderful, romantic, special story. Cannot understand how it can get less than 5 stars View all 24 comments. View 2 comments. Sep 10, Jennifer rated it really liked it. Even though I rated this 3. This book was different. The beginning was heart-breaking. The way that people, even her own family, treat Annie is horrible.

There were a lot of unknowns. By the time we got to the middle, I just wanted to reach inside this book and pinch its 3. By the time we got to the middle, I just wanted to reach inside this book and pinch its cheeks!

It was so sweet how Alex starting showing her how he loved her, in a language she could understand. Annie is… child-like. I dare you not to love her! My Annie: This is exactly how I picture Annie: My Alex: Why did I give 3.

You might love it though. The beginning was a little slow. It was like she needed more words to meet a requirement so she added something extra at the end, but it was unnecessary. Thanks for the buddy read, Susanne!!!! View all 27 comments. Feb 09, Julianna rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Reviewed for www. In the case of Catherine Anderson, the answer is, quite simply, incredibly well. Annie is probably the sweetest, most guileless heroine I have ever read.

She is full of childlike innocence and takes joy in the simple things in life. Anderson gives readers a lovely picture of how Annie views everything Reviewed for www.

Anderson gives readers a lovely picture of how Annie views everything around her through her thoughts and expressions until she eventually learns to communicate. I loved watching Annie grow from a languishing, childlike state to absolutely blossoming into a mature lovely young woman under Alex's tender care.

She brings so much joy and life to Alex's previously lonely existence. Alex is a wonderful beta-type hero who is strong and protective of Annie and the baby, but at the same time is gentle, sensitive, loving and compassionate. He is incredibly intuitive of Annie's needs and always tries to see things from her point of view and think of her first.

I also loved the fact that Alex exercises a great deal of self-control over his lustful inclinations toward her, and when the love scenes finally do happen they are very tender yet thoroughly sensual. Alex isn't perfect though. He does make some mistakes every now and then, but the important thing is that he always learns something from them.

Alex also harbors conflicting emotions toward his brother in spite of the heinous things he's done. I thought these qualities made Alex all the more real and brought out his humanity in a way that I loved. I've always been a fan of imperfect heroes, and Alex is one, but in a different sort of way than most other imperfect heroes I've read. I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that these two characters are completely honest with each other.

There are no lies or secrets between them, and when misunderstandings and conflicts arise they actually communicate in spite of the fact that one character is deaf and mute. What a novel idea! The story is unique and so exquisitely rendered as to be at once both heart wrenching and heartwarming. Nine books later, she did her first single-title contemporary.

Catherine married Sidney D. Anderson, an electrical engineer, and they had two sons, Sidney D. She lives with her husband, Sid, and her rottweilers, Sam and Sassy, who seem convinced they are teacup poodles and that obedience training is for people. The Andersons' mountaintop chalet is the perfect setting for a writer, for the view is a continuing source of inspiration.

In her leisure, Catherine spends time with her friends, her sons and daughters-in-law, and travels to adventures all over the world. New Feature: You can now embed Open Library books on your website! Then begins this enthralling story of how Alex falls in love with Annie and learns that she is deaf. Fortunately, Alex is wealthy and can spend the money and time to help Annie come into her own as a person.

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First class entertainment. This is one of the most beautiful books I have ever read and I have read it now many times over. Being rooted during a particular time, it is a shame how those with a mental disability were treated as if they were not real people with feelings.

The stigmas of the times were truly harsh and it takes those with true compassion to see beyond one's outside. Alex coming into Annie's life was brought on by disgusting and cruel circumstances but it came to be a blessing in the end. I love Annie's innocence and her strength and cleverness that she develop despite her family and the people who make fun of her. She is certainly one of my favorite characters ever. Maddy is also fantastic and kept me laughing.

And now back to Alex and Annie I love love and these two definitely personify it. Catherine Anderson, indeed, has a talent for writing deep love stories that seem designed as if by fate.

Anderson catherine pdf song annies

This is the book that made me fall in love with Catherine Anderson and though she has penned out many books since then, none have dethroned Annie's Song as her best work in my opinion.

From time to time, you come across a truly special story that stays with you through the years, and this one certainly does just that! Annie's story is an amazing tale that exemplifies both the best of humanity and the absolute worst, in a time where certain impairments or disabilities were not well understood and it's heartbreaking to know what these people endured under the guise of "doing what's best" for them.

Annie was a survivor of such travesty and a horrific event that actually set into motion, what would become a future that she never knew was possible and a love that would conquer all obstacles. Catherine Anderson also manages to intertwine humor from her characters and Annie's Song is no different - an egg, a sassy housekeeper and a perplexed man still evokes a smile when I think on it.

If you enjoy a story that touches on all of your emotions and one that will stick with you for years to come, Annie's Song is a must-read. Before reading Annie's Song I have never read a book by Catherine Anderson but have heard many positive things about her books.

I went ahead and bought the book but by the time it came home I didn't feel like reading something that sounds sad so I put it in the corner and years passed.

One day I decided I'll read it and what a hidden gem this book is. It is not a simple love story but so much more. Annie is a young woman who has been misunderstood by everyone just because she is deaf.

Everyone treats her like she is slow and not until circumstances lead Alex to marry her did we get to see more to her. With Alex and his household care she slowly emerges from her shell and the whole book did a great job of showing her progress and falling in love with Alex. This book was very inspirational and it shows not to judge anybody by the outside, give them a chance because they might surprise you. Annie's Song is a beautiful story and I recommend it to anyone new to Catherine Anderson to start with this book.

I love Catherine Anderson's books. And this was a little different. It still kept you turning the pages to see what happened next. I didn't want to put it down for fear that I would miss something.

Heartwarming and emotional. I laughed and cried all through the story. I very good read. This is one that you should NOT miss. Paperback Verified Purchase. This was an amazing story that warmed my heart. The beginning was rough in an emotional way. There was rape and abuse but the wonderful way that Annie blossomed with Alex was miraculous to behold.

I love stories where someone overcomes adversity to become who they were meant to be through the love and caring of another. This story had me riveted and I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. Beautifully written and completely engaging I will definitely be reading more from Catherine Anderson!

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