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The programs and problems were faced by Zakat institutions (OPZ) in carrying makalah disampaikan Sarasehan DPD GOLKAR Tk. I Jawa Timur, Surabaya, . Makalah ini menunjukkan tahap pemahaman dan persepsi sampel di Brunei, Penemuan menunjukkan pemahaman zakat dan awqaf adalah pada tahap yang (>. al-Qardawi. Normatively zakat of asset that must be payed is 5 kinds, namely: cattle, agriculture, trade alms, gold and silver, and rikaz. Request Full-text Paper PDF makalah hasil penelitian, penelitian tentang kesesuaian bentuk.

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5 hari yang lalu Fiqih Tentang Zakat - [Free] Fiqih Tentang Zakat [PDF] [EPUB] MAKALAH TENTANG ZAKAT. Untuk Memenuhi Salah Satu Tugas Pelajaran PAI. fund management strategies at the National Zakat Agency and the. Institute of National Zakat .. Makalah disampaikan pada Seminar dan. Pelatihan Zakat yang. Download as DOC, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for . MAKALAH FIQIH ZAKAT DAN WAKAF Tentang MUSTAHIQ DAN POLA DISTRIBUSI ZAKAT .

Tidak 3. Role of Zakah and Awqaf in Poverty Alleviation. Dari segi persepsi, responden mempunyai pandangan bahawa jenis zakat tradisional dan awqaf berbentuk keagamaan adalah jenis yang dominan dan terkenal di Brunei. Pengelolaan Zakat di Negara Brunei Darussalam. Hukum Zakat, Cet. Membangun Peradaban Zakat Indonesia: Yasmeen, Ghazala.

Volume 1. Kata kunci: Zuhaili interpreted that the 'amiliina' alaiha are the officers and collectorswho were sent by the priest or the government to collect Zakat in accordance with the authority given. Hafidhuddin that interpretation of Imam Qurtubi about surah at-Tauba verse 60 states that 'Amil are the people who commissioned or sent by Imam the government to take, write, calculate, andregistered charity which takes from the Muzakki to then be given to who deserve it.

The research was motivated by the problem many of zakat management organization that appear in Indonesia. Both are formed by the government and established under the initiative of the community.

This matter to increasingly hight competition between OPZ.

Zakat pdf tentang makalah

All OPZ increased performance for his role as collector agency, distribution and utilization of zakat goes well, the OPZ is trustworthy, professional, accountable and transparent and had the full confidence of the community Community of West Sumatra is famous as a society that upholds the culture and adat habit Adat which they hold dear is a reflection of their devotion to religion which has been believed to be down for generations, namely the Islamic religion.

This can be evidenced by the saying "Adat basandi syarak, syarak basandi kitabullah", which means adat based on religion, and religion based on Qur'an al-Quran. Performance Comparison Amil Zakat especially related to good governance and public trust.

Zakat fund management has not been done in an optimal and less professional. Therefore it is necessary methods of performance measurement BAZ and LAZ, whether these two institutions have a mandate to manage the institution and professionals based on Shari'a law and regulations issued by the Government.

Qaradawi Zakat based on terminology of fikih Islamic law that means term the amount of certain assets that are required of God delivered to those who deserve it. Performance Mulyasa performance is a work achievement, implementation of employment, attainment of employment , out put of work and showing of work.

Performance Measurement Siegel and Marconi Performance assessment is the periodic determination of the operational effectiveness of an organization, the organization, and employees based on targets, standards and criteria established previously.

Mahsun performance measurement is an assessment activity in the achievement of certain targets are derived from the organization's strategic goals. Mulyadi main purpose of performance appraisal is support employees to achieve organizational goals and adhere to standards of behavior in a predetermined order to produce the desired actions and outcomes.

Performance of Shariah compliance, 1. Performance of Shariah compliance, legality and institutional legality and institutional 2. Performance of management 2. Performance of management 3. Financial performance 3.

Makalah zakat

Financial performance 4. Performance of Economic 4. Performance of Economic Empowerment Empowerment 5. Performance of Social Legitimacy 5. Performance of Social Legitimacy Performance Comparison Picture 1 Framework Performance of Shariah compliance, legality and institutional Performance of Shariah compliance, legality and institutional OPZ is a fundamental prerequisite for all OPZ to enhance the professionalism of the management amil zakat.

Shariah compliance performance measurement OPZ aims to provide information to the public regarding the extent of compatibility between the activities, products or services OPZ with Shari'a restrictions that govern the management of zakat. Performance Comparison Amil Zakat to which OPZ has complied with various regulations and professionally managed for efficiency, transparency and high performance.

IMZ Financial Performance Assessment component that is used in measuring financial performance is a component of the financial statements, financial efficiency and component organization capacity.

Performance Comparison Amil Zakat Performance of Economic Empowerment Utilization of program performance under the spotlight that is strong enough that it can be seen from the utilization of OPZ success in managing zakat in poverty alleviation efforts. IMZ Performance of Social Legitimacy Performance of social legitimacy is measured by three components, namely the promotion costs, the cost of socialization and education, and advocacy costs. The cost is measured by cost of promotional campaign OPZ on total operating costs including advertising.

The cost of socialization and education is measured by the cost of socialization and education charity to the community to the total operating costs.

While cost is the cost for strengthening advocacy network or the cost of strengthening charity associations, measured by the cost of strengthening the advocacy or charity associations including seminars for employees OPZ costs to total operating costs.

Testing the hypothesis in this study using the Mann Withney U Test or commonly called the U test U test to determine a statistically significant difference.


Mann Whitney U test was used in a significant test for this type of research data are ordinal and the objects under study are few in number. Total score measurement obtained from the sum of scores per indicator.

While the score per indicator is the sum score of every detail of indicators.

The score perdetail indicators made in the form of a percentage and multiplied by the weighting per indicator, which is defined by the following equation: Performance Comparison Amil Zakat The value given in the form of numbers and letters, where the value of OPZ performance per indicators and total value of the performance of OPZ obtained through multiplication scores per indicator and the total score performance with a maximum value 10 Data The type of data used namely primary and secondary data.

While the secondary data obtained by conducting library research by studying books, scientific studies and documents related to the zakat. But when seen from the Mann Withney U Test assessment that is equal to 6: From the Mann Withney U Test assessment 8: Performance Comparison Amil Zakat The eight OPZ majority surveyed have implemented a transparent and accountable financial management to check the financial reports to both internal and external auditors.

LAZ while spending more for the organization's operational costs and the funds collected are more dominant than zakat funds. Based on data obtained from all studied OPZ majority have not been up utilizing zakat for productive economic program.

Productive economic program is a program that is important in the utilization of zakat as one of the solutions in the fight against poverty are the main objectives zakat.

So the vision of OPZ for change mustahik to muzakki can be realized. The difference in performance of social legitimacy BAZDA and LAZ can be seen from the measuring devices used that promotional costs, costs of socialization and education and advocacy cost. While LAZ greater promotional expense.

Pdf zakat makalah tentang

Conclusion After obtained the value of the five components of the measurement of performance against each of zakat management organization, further analysis was performed OPZ excellent performance by summing the value of each component. This is set out in Perda About Zakat Management. Padang regional government passed legislation Perda No.

BAZDA which is managed by the Government, received a special budget for operational activities, the cost of promotion, socialization and educational Zakat to the community. This budget funds sourced from APBD. The existence of legislation in the management Zakat can improve the collection of Zakat funds and financial efficiency for obtaining additional budget from the government. References Ali, M. Sistem ekonomi Islam: Zakat dan wakaf. UI Press. Dharma, Surya. Manajemen kinerja, falsafah teori dan penerapannya.

Pustaka Pelajar. Doa, H. Menggagas pengelolaan zakat oleh negara. Nuansa Madani. Membangun ekonomi umat melalui pengelolan zakat harta. Pengelolaan zakat oleh negara, untuk memerangi kemiskinan. Hafidhuddin, D. Zakat dalam perekonomian modern.

Gema Insani. Membangun peradaban zakat: Sesungguhnya Allah tidak rela dengan ketetapan dari Nabi atau lainnya mengenai zakat hingga Allah memutuskan sendiri dalam masalah ini. Allah lalu memberikan penerima zakat kepada delapan golongan. Jika engkau termasuk dalam salah satu dari delapan golongan itu, tentulah aku akan memberikan bagianmu.! Abu Daud, pada sanadnya terdapat Abdurrahman al-Ifriqi. Ia adalah seorang yang masih menjadi pertikaian pendapat dikalangan ulama.

Ada 8 asnaf golongan: Fakir 2. Miskin 3. Amil petugas zakat 4. Muallaf 5. Riqab 6. Ghorim 7. Fisabilillah 8.

Pemahaman Zakat Harta dan Jenis Awqaf di Brunei Darussalam | Hasnol Salleh -

Ibnu sabil Zakat dapat diberikan oleh muzakki atau orang yang memberikan zakat kepada mustahiq secara langsung atau bisa pula melalui badan amil zakat yang dikelola oleh pemerintah. SARAN Dalam pembuatan makalah ini, pemakalah menyadari masih terdapat kekurangan dan kesalahan yang disebabkan keterbatasan pengetahuan yang pemakalah miliki.

Hukum Zakat, Cet. Rusyd, Ibnu. Bidayatul Mujtahid, jilid I. Pustaka Azzam. Sabiq, Sayyid. Fiqh Sunnah I.

Pdf makalah tentang zakat

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