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PDF | On Jan 1, , Ari Hirvonen and others published Enterprise architecture Enterprise Architecture Planning in Practice: the Perspectives of Information .. similar cases (Spewak , Hirvonen and Pulkkinen ). proposal of an extension to Enterprise Architecture Planning (EAP) methodology based on the idea that of Steven Spewak (Spewak, S. and Hill, S., ), to. Enterprise architecture management (EAM) has become an Architecture planning is one of the core EA pro- cesses as architecture planning, EA frameworks stay vague on [44] Spewak, S. and Tiemann, M. “Updating the Enterprise.

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Steven H. Spewak, Steven C. Hill (With), John A. Zachman (Foreword by) Enterprise Architecture Planning is more advanced than traditional system planning. Steven Spewak and Michael Tiemann. ABSTRACT. The Enterprise Architecture Planning (EAPTM) methodology and model are a seminal part of the common. Building an enterprise architecture starts with the particular architectural on individual systems may affect architecture implementation planning. b; Bernard, ;Spewak & Hill, ), TOGAF describes EA practice.

As the architecture development progresses, the collected architecture information can be extracted and reported in the required documents. Second Edition.. Please note that the views will be generated from the underlying integrated model and any model manipulation. Issues in Information Systems. Agency EAs are organized by segments — core mission areas e. To align with ISO Standards. It is a formal and structured way of communicating the logical and physical relationships and dependencies between IT assets and resources Ownership.

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Pourya Nikfard. A significant question when facing the starting of EA implementation is deciding which framework for evaluating the Enterprise Architecture methodology to utilize.

In order to answer this question, a framework Implementation Methodology. Section analysis of existing EA implementation methodologies. The results of the comparison indicate that those methodologies have not reached a sufficient maturity as whole due to in Sections IV, V, and VI respectively.

Enterprise Architecture Planning: Developing a Blueprint for Data, Applications, and Technology

The framework has II. In Steve Spewak introduced Implementation Methodology. Spewak presented for evaluation. In other words, EA methodology complement EA framework. EA contains three I.

EA implementation set of definitions which illustrate the current state of the methodology can describe any structured approach in order to enterprise's mission, business processes and technology's solve some or all of the problems related to EA infrastructure. The key role of this stage is vision of enterprise implementation. Moreover, it can comprise some distinct [9], [10]. EA In To-Be architecture also known as desired, future, target implementation process is a defined series of activities architecture EA will be represented the desired architecture directed to the target of producing EA description [9], [14], including future of business and IT based on vision of [17].

This type of architecture is the result of enterprise's For the first time EA was introduced by John Zachman in long-term strategies and plans. The key role of this stage is to The purpose of the founder of EA was to use identify appropriate ISs [9], [10]. In EA migration plan also architecture like civil inside of enterprises to reduce known as transition plan is the essential strategy that will be complexity of developing IS.

The framework to create skeleton for his purpose. Zachman's key role of this stage is using the proper implementation Framework contains abstractions and perspectives [25]-[27].

In EA project, enterprise architect must select a framework The Enterprise Architecture Methodology supports advanced development techniques and technologies. It covers all aspects of the EA lifecycle- planning for enterprise Babak Darvish Rouhani is with the Advanced Informatic School, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia corresponding understanding projects, the analysis of business requirements, author phone: The methodology are with the Advanced Informatic School, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, is both complete and concise, serving as a coherent guide for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia e-mail: It allows paths and pieces of content Fatemeh Nikpay is with the Department of computer science and to be selected and extracted for application on specific projects information technology, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia e- [9], [21].

These IS must A.

Architecture planning pdf enterprise spewak

Enterprise Architecture Planning address existing enterprise's challenges and update business Enterprise Architecture Planning EAP was introduced by structure of enterprise by ISs integrity [14]. EA implementing Spewak in EAP contains activities and processes in method can be independent or dependent to a framework. It is also known as the Wedding Cake. Infrastructure for enterprise [4], [10].

EAP specifies a plan for subsequent design and implementation EA. It comprises a set of criteria that addresses both on the development of matrixes for comparison and analysis generic EA attributes and features that are uniquely found in data, IS, and infrastructure. It covers three major aspects of each EAIM: Concepts, implementation plan [21]. EA concepts are importance for enterprises and the plan for implementing architectures.

It comprises the generally and for EAIMs particularly.

Enterprise Architecture

According to literature following phases [20], [21]: Consequently, by using an appropriate modeling the into the prior model. The intent of this change was to refresh EAIM could reduce the complexities of current and desired one part of the EAP approach and update the model. One of architecture, and transition plan effectively [5], [9], [19], [24].

The reason for adding Process: As mentioned above, the modeling is considered as governance into the new edition of EAP model was: However, EAIM emphasizes effective governance possible to become a real portfolio of the set of process and parts performed as part of the EA life approved transition plan projects.

The revised EAP Wedding cycle. These activities and steps form the process, which guide Cake model is an important part of the refreshment of the EAP enterprise architect and business analyzer in EA approach. This refreshment helps to strengthen and reconnect implementation. A useful EAIM should cover the following EAP to the continually evolving stream of EA methodologies stages, enterprise modeling, current architecture analysis, that are in use globally.

In EAP update, it has presented desired architecture analysis, managing and providing detailed several significant changes that reflect updates in how and design of projects, describing controlled transition plan, and when to do EA that it felt was needed to advance and refresh implementation. This will help make EAP more development by considering EA concepts is a consistent and current and hopefully still very useful in understanding how to complete methodology [5], [9], [19], [24].

It order to utilize the proposed framework for comparing with comprises instituting an architectural framework, other EAIM: Enterprise architect must be determined some method is Model-driven, that is specific templates of data that features of TOGAF methodology such as: When these models are complete they does not provide prescription on those.

Architecture planning spewak pdf enterprise

It consists of the following phases: Technology Architecture DODAF, by using given perspectives focuses on the is employed to build up the basis implementation.

Description About the Author Permissions Table of contents. Selected type: Added to Your Shopping Cart. Praise for Enterprise Architecture Planning " Zachman Zachman , Information Systems Enterprise Architecture Planning is more advanced than traditional system planning approaches because you: About the Author Steven H.

Spewak , Ph. Hill Industry veteran Steven H. They can be reached on CompuServe at , and ,, respectively. Permissions Request permission to reuse content from this site. Table of contents Successful EAP.

Pdf enterprise spewak architecture planning

Planning Initiation. Preliminary Business Model. Enterprise Survey. Current Systems and Technology Architecture. Data Architecture. Applications Architecture. Technology Architecture.