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Abstract: Kirkeby's English–Swahili Dictionary is a bilingual dictionary of more than lan () will be used in discussing Kirkeby's English–Swahili Dictionary . Swahili English Dictionary Online Translation, Language, Grammar, Literature. Dictionnaire swahili-français [PDF] Swahili-French dictionary, by Charles. AND INTLRMEDIATE OR ADVANCED SWAHILI LANGUAGE STUDENTS AS. WELL AS FOR . L. Krapf, A Dictionary of the Swahili Language, London, TrUbner.

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The Swahili language (Kisuiahili) is a Bantu language spoken by perhaps as many upon the Standard Swahili-English and English-Swahili Dictionary in two . PDF | On Jan 1, , Malin Petzell and others published Expanding the Swahili vocabulary. of a dictionary, and it deals with a dialect which in r espect of a large number of wor ds is distinguished by the Swahilis themselves from the Swahili dialect of the .

English as a world language is not always used the same way throughout the English world. The dictionary has drawn heavily on the following works for which special acknowledgement is made: Free bytes. Pronunciation an important aspect in language learning especially the spoken language, has been omitted in this edition for technical reasons. Newsletter Submit.

English To Swahili Dictionary for Android - Download

First things first. After a few moments of tinkering with the interface, it dawned on me that in fact this is a totally different kind of app. The title bar reads "English Translator".

Dictionary pdf swahili

Well, that's funny because English Swahili Dictionary doesn't even translate. Here we have a quiz application.


Yes, the only thing this app does is display simple language quizzes. To do that, set the second combo box to level 1 or 2 and click on New.

The bottom text bar will display a word in either Swahili or English, depending on the setting, and three or five answers in the larger area, depending on the level. Clicking on the right one will give you 10 points, while a wrong one will consume a life. You have 10 life points, so make the most of it.

There is nothing else going on with English Swahili Dictionary. I must confess that I found some of the answers to be quite amusing. I would have liked an online feature where you could compare your score to others. But I guess that this being a simple Java application, you could just play and compare scores with your roommates.

English To Swahili Dictionary

It has words which have been borrowed from other languages in recent years. This dictionary provides adequate information about some of these aspects so as to alert the user on when and where a word can or cannot be used and the connotation it may have to the audience.

This dictionary is both a decoding and an encoding dictionary. Efforts have been made to give every English word an equivalent word in Swahili and where no one word equivalent is found a phrase is provided.

A headword which acquires meaning only when it is in a context, is put in a context first and then defined. For example: As an encoding dictionary, it provides some hints on word formation and syntax. Derivatives and compounds of a headword have been explicitly shown in the entry so that the user can see how words which share a common root are formed and how the morphological changes take place during the derivation process.

Words which cooccur with the headword have been illustrated in an example phrase or sentence, or by showing the obligatory and optional elements which the headword takes, e.

Dictionary pdf swahili

Pronunciation an important aspect in language learning especially the spoken language, has been omitted in this edition for technical reasons. We hope the readers will bear with us and tolerate the unavoidable omission.