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STUDIES ON THE SÁMA VEDA. SECTION I. The general line in the development of music. The Greek and Mediaeval European gamuts, 29; the discovery of. English translation of. Holy Vedas - Sama Veda English translation by Ralph T.H. Griffith taken from Whitney's labors on the Atharva-Veda xxiii The same in English verse and in Sanskrit verse Excursus: Was he identical with Sayana of the Rig-Veda? Ixviii.

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The Sama Veda or "The song of Knowledge" is one of four Vedas, a group of ancient texts believed to the divine. Download the free PDF. RIG VEDA – Download the free English PDF ebook of the complete Rig Veda here The others are: Yajur Veda or Yahurveda, Sama Veda and Atharva Veda. Samaveda Murthi is said to be horse-faced, shining like blue lotus and holding. Akshamala Samaveda in the hymns of the Four Naayanmaars. 5. There are commentaries in languages like German and English. 9.

Truly she fo1loweth the path of Order, nor faileth, knowing well, the heavenly quarters. To thee the weary coward prays for luck that he may speed away. Ne'er fail us one like Soma sweet, the spring of our felicity. Upon his glowing flames the wind blows daily, driving them like the keen shaft of an archer. After thee lofty heaven hath measured out its strength: O Agni, guard the spots which cattle love:

He forces out from all a brilliant vesture, yea, from his Mothers draws he forth new raiment. The Sage adorns the depths of air with wisdom. HE in the ancient way by strength engendered, lo! The waters and the bowl have made him friendly.

The Gods possessed the wealth bestowing Agni. The Gods possessed the wealth. Guard of our folk, Father of earth and heaven. Golden between the heaven and earth he shineth. May his light chase our sin away. Sprung hence to life upon this All he looketh. Vaisvanara hath rivalry with Surya. May Agni, may Vaisvanara with vigour, present, preserve us day and night from foemen.

FOR Jatavedas let us press the Soma: May Agni carry us through all our troubles, through grief as in a boat across the river. HYMN C. MAY he who hath his home with strength, the Mighty, the King supreme of earth and spacious heaven,. May Indra, girt by Maruts, be our succour. Praiser mid praisers, honoured most of singers.

Pdf english sama in veda

May Indra, girt by Maruts, be oursuccour. Sole Lord is he of every holy service. He hath found light even in the blinding darkness. Even with the humble he acquireth riches. With manly might he conquereth those who hate him. Rich gifts and treasures evermore attend him. Both Earth and Heaven in vigour he surpasseth.

May Indra, girt by Maruts, he our succour. SING, with oblation, praise to him who maketh glad, who with Rjisvan drove the dusky brood away. Fain for help, him the strong whose right hand wields the bolt, him girt by Maruts we invoke to be our Friend. Thou with the fair cheek, let thy Bay Steeds bring thee: To thee the Mighty One I bring this mighty hymn, for thy desire hath been gratified by my laud.

In Indra, yea in him victorious through his strength, the Gods have joyed at feast and when the Soma flow ed. The Sun and Moon in change alternate run their course, that we, O Indra, may behold and may have faith. Thou, Indra, whom our hearts praise highly in the war, grant shelter, Maghavan, to us who love thee well. Indra, bestow on us joy and felicity break down, O Maghavan, the vigour of our foes. Ascend the car that thou mayest bring spoil to us, for, Indra, thy fixt winneth the victory.

Hence, eager for the spoil the people call on him. Above this whole world, Indra, thou hast waxen great: May Indra fill with spirit this our singer's heart, and make our car impetuous, foremost in attack. We make thee keen, the Mighty One, succour us: This one is on the earth, in heaven the other, and both unite as flag with flag in battle.

Maghavan with his puissance struck down Ahi, rent Rauhipa to death and slaughtered Vyarnsa. Cast thy dart, knowing, Thunderer, at the Dasyu; increase the Arya's might and glory, Indra.

He found the cattle, and he found the horses, he found the plants, the forests and the waters. The Hero, watching like a thief in ambush, goes parting the possessions of the godless. THE altar hath been made for thee to rest on: Loosen thy flying Steeds, set free thy Horses who bear thee swiftly nigh at eve and morning.

May the Gods quell the fury of the Dasa, and may they lead our folk to happy fortune. Both wives of Kuyava in milk have bathed them: Now think thou of us, Maghavan, nor cast us away as doth a profligate his treasure.

Do thou no harm to our yet unborn offspring: In no unready house give us, O Indra invoked of many, food and drink when hungry.

Rend not our unborn brood, strong Lord of Bounty! Drink thereof for rapture. Mark this my woe, ye Earth and Heaven. Close to her husband clings the wife.

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And, in embraces intertwined, both give and take the bliss of love. Mark this my woe, ye Earth and Heave n. Ne'er fail us one like Soma sweet, the spring of our felicity. Mark this my woe ye Earth and Heaven. As envoy he shall tell it forth.

Where is the ancient law divine? Who is its new diffuser now? Where is mine ancient call on you? Mark this my woe, ye Earth an d Heaven. What Varuna's observant eye? How may we pass the wicked on the path of mighty Aryaman? Yet torturing cares consume me as the wolf assails the thirsty deer. Mark this my woe, ye Earth and Heav en. O Satakratu, biting cares devour me, singer of thy praise, as rats devour the weaver's threads.

Mark this m y woe, ye Earth and Heaven. This Trta Aptya knoweth well, and speaketh out for brotherhood. Back from his path they drive the wolf as he would cross the restless floods. The flowing of the floods is Law, Truth is the Sun's extended light.

Here seat thee like a man: To him who finds the path we pray. He in the heart reveals his thought. Let sacred worship rise anew. O mortals, ye behold it not. That call of his Brhaspati heard and released him from distress. He, like a carpenter whose back is aching crouched and slunk away. Mark this my woe, ye Earth and Hea ven. Even as a chariot from a difficult ravine, bountiful Vasus, rescue us from all distress.

Like as a chariot from a difficult ravine, bountiful Vasus, rescue us from all distress. THE sacrifice obtains the Gods' acceptance: Hit herward let your favour be directed, and be our best deliverer from trouble. ON that most wondrous car of yours, O Indra and Agni, which looks round on all things living, Take ye your stand and come to us together, and drink libations of the flowing Soma.

So came ye unto this my true conviction, and drank libations of the flowing Soma. Even from thence, ye mighty Lords, come hither, and drink libations of the flowing Soma. No providence but yours alone is with me so have I wrought for you this hymn for succour. So offering to you this draught of Soma, I make you this new hymn, Indra and Agni, 3 Let us not break the cords: With hands auspicious and fair arms, ye Asvins, haste, sprinkle it with sweetness in the waters. Sit at this sacrifice, ye ever active, on the strewn grass, and with the juice delight you.

Indra and Agni, with your powers protect us. Now of a truth these be the very sunbeams wherewith our fathers were of old united. Indra and Agni, save us in our battles. THE holy work I wrought before is wrought again: Here, O ye Rbhus, is this sea for all the Gods: The Rbhus, children of Sudhanvan, bright as suns, were in a year's course made associate with prayers.

Gods, through your favour may we on the happy day quell the attacks of those who pour no offerings fort h. Sons of Sudhanvan, Heroes, with surpassing skill ye made your aged Parents youthful as before. The Rbhus for their Parents made life young again; and fashioned for the calf a mother by its side.

Grant us prosperity victorious evermore, conquering foes in battle, strangers or akin. Varuna, Mitra, both, yea, and the Asvins Twain: Come hither unto us, O Asvins, with those aids wherewith ye help our thoughts to further holy acts. Come hither unto us, O Asvins, with those aids wherewith ye, Heroes, made the barren cow give milk. In luckless game I call on you for succour. Akin, immortal, following each other, changing their colours both the heavens move onward.

She, stirring up the world, hath shown us riches: Dawn hath awakened every living creature. All living creatures hath the Dawn awakened. All to regard their different vocations, all moving creatures hath the Dawn awakened.

Thou soyran Lady of all earthly treasure, flush on us here, auspicious Dawn, this morning. Dawn, at her rising, urges forth the living him who is dead she wakes not from his slumber. And hast awakened men to offer worship, thou hast performed, for Gods, a noble service. She yearns for former Dawns with eager longing, and goes forth gladly shining with the others. We, we the living, now behold her brightness and they come nigh who shall hereafter see her.

So will she shine on days to come immortal she moves on in her own strength, undecaying. Last of the countless mornings that have vanished, first of bright morns to come hath Dawn arisen.

She for the Sun hath left a path to travel we have arrived where men prolong existence. Whatever health and strength our father Manu won by sacrifice may we, under thy guidance, gain. Come to our families, bringing them bliss: May he repel from us the anger of the Gods: May he, his hand filled full of sovran medicines, grant us protection, shelter, and a home secure. Grant us, Immortal One, the food which mortals eat: Slay not a sire among us, slay no mother here, and to our own dear bodies, Rudra, do not harm.

Bringing oblations evermore we call to thee. O Father of the Maruts, give us happiness, Blessed is thy most favouring benevolence, so, verily, do we desire thy saving help. The soul of all that moveth not or moveth, the Sun hath filled the air and earth and heaven.

Where pious men extend their generations, before the Auspicious One for happy fortune. Bearing our prayers, die sky's ridge have they mounted, and in a moment speed round earth and heaven.

When he hath loosed his Horses from their station, straight over all Night spreadeth out her garment. His Bay Steeds well maintain his power eternal, at one time bright and darksome at another. That stallion ass of yours won, O Nasatyas, that thousand in the race, in Yama's contest. Ye brought him back in animated vessels, traversing air, unwetted by the billows.

Ye poured forth from the hoof of your strong charger a hundred jars of wine as from a strainer. Atri, cast downward in the cavern, Asvins ye brought, with all his people, forth to comfort.

Streams flowed for folk of Gotama who thirsted, like rain to bring forth thousandfold abundance. Ye heard the weakling's wife, as 'twere an order, and gave to her a son Hiranyahasta. Ye, Lords of many treasures, gave the poet his perfect vision as he mourned his trouble.

All Deities within their hearts assented, and ye, Nasatyas, are close linked with glory. With Indra joined ye drove away misfortunes, yea foes of Prthusravas, O ye mighty. Had lain in cruel bonds, immersed and wounded, suffering sore affliction, in the waters.

May I, enjoying lengthened life, still seeing, enter old age as 'twere the house I live in.

English sama veda pdf in

Our gift is on the grass, our song apportioned: When from the hoof of your strong horse ye showered a hundred jars of honey for the people. To Ghosa, living in her father's dwelling, stricken in years, ye gave a husband, Asvins. This deed of yours, ye Strong Ones should be published, that ye gave glory to the son of Nrsad. O Asvins, when the sons of Paira call you, send strength with nourishment to him who knoweth.

When, like a pitcher full of gold, O Asvins, on the tenth day ye lifted up the buried? The Daughter of the Sun with all her glory, O ye Nasatyas, chose your car to bear her. With horses brown of hue that flew with swift wings ye brought back Bhujyu from the sea of billows. With conquering car ye cleft the mountain's ridges: Purandhi also for this cause invoked you, and ye, O mighty, came to her with succours.

Grant me, Nasatyas, riches in abundance, wealth famous and accompanied with children. May we, addressing prayer to you, ye Mighty, speak with brave sons about us to.

Fill full our cows, give mettle to our horses, and make each hero son grow strong, O Asvins. How then have ancient sages said, O Asvins, that ye most swiftly come to stay affliction? Borne on their swift wings let your beauteous horses, your birds of ruddy hue, convey you near us. From out the sea ye saved the son of Tugra, and gave his youth again unto Cyavana. Accepting his fair praises with approval, ye gave his eyes again to blinded Kanva.

The quail from her great misery ye delivered, and a new leg for Vispala provided. Bearing oblations I invoke you, Asvins, at the first break of everlasting morning. With thousand banners, hundred treasures, pouring gifts, promptly obedient, bestowing ample room. I sweeten the oblations; now the helpers come. Urjani hath, O Asvins, mounted on your car. Then she who came for friendship, Maid of noble birth, elected you as Husbands, you to be her Lords.

Ye made the cow of Sayu stream refreshing milk, and Vandana was holpen to extended life. From earth ye brought the sage to life in wondrous mode; be your great deeds done here for him who hon ours you. Rich with the light ofheaven was then the help ye gave, and marvellous your succour when ye stood by hi m. Ausija calleth you in Soma's rapturous joy. Ye drew unto yourselves the spirit of Dadhyac, and then the horse's head uttered his words to you.

Who may be pleasing to you both? How shall the ignorant worship you? Ye wise, declare to us this day accepted prayer. Loving you well your servant lauds you. Save us from what is stronger, fiercer than ourselves. O Asvins, I am he who sang your praise. Hither, ye Lords of Splendour, hither turn your eyes. As such, ye Vasus, guard us well, and keep us safely from the wicked wolf. Prepare ye us for opulence with strengthening food, Prepare us for the food that floweth from our cows 10 1 have obtained the horseless car of Asvins rich in sacrifice, And I am well content therewith.

To men unto the Soma draught. Both vanish quickly and are lost. When to the people of the home he cometh he strideth to the sacrifice, the Holy. May the Swift give us rapture, and like the Sun shine forth from yonder dawning, Indu, even us who drank, whose toils are offerings, poured from the spoon, with praise, upon the altar. Vrtra, the boar who lay amid the waters, to sleep thou sentest with thy mighty thunder. Casting them forth beyond the ninety rivers thou dravest down into the pit the godless.

Vouchsafe us affluence in chariots, founded on horses, for our food and fame and gladness. Maghavan, make us share the foeman's cattle: SAY, bringing sacrifice to bounteous Rudra, This juice for drink to you whose wrath is fleeting! Sharpen our wits, O Parvata and Indra. May all the Gods vouchsafe to us this favour. I will invoke, that Pusan may be bounteous to you, the rich munificence of Agni. Giver of famous gifts, kind hearer, Sindhu who gives fair fields, listen with all his waters 1 7 Praised, Mitra, Varuna!

His who hath many gifts to give the Pajras, a chief who makes me rich in cars and horses. While ye who speed through clouds decree your bounty largely, for fame, to him the chariot rider. May all in whom rest splendour and great riches obtain refreshment in these sacrifices. What can he do whose steeds and reins are choicest? Dawns, hasting to the praises otthe pious, be pleased with us. THE Daksina's broad chariot hath been harnessed: Fain to bring light to homes of men the noble and active Goddess hath emerged from darkness.

Revived and ever young on high she glances. Dawn hath come first unto our morning worship. Eager for conquest, with bright sheen she cometh.

Her portion is the best of goodly treasures. One hides the gloom of the surrounding Parents. Dawn on her shining chariot is resplendent. Blameless, in turn they traverse thirty regions, and dart across the spirit in a moment. The Maiden breaketh not the law of Order, day by day coming to the place appointed. Blessed art thou O Dawn.

Shine yet more widely. No other Dawns have reached what thou attainest. With us be riches and with chiefs who worship. THE Dawn refulgent when the fire is kindled, and the Sun rising, far diffuse their brightness. Savitar, God, hath sentus forth to labour, each quadruped, each biped, to be active. The last of endless morns that have departed, the first of those that come, Dawn brightly shineth.

Truly she fo1loweth the path of Order, nor faileth, knowing well, the heavenly quarters. She cometh like a fly awaking sleepers, of all. Wider and wider still she spreadeth onward, and filleth full the laps of both heir Parents. Proud of her spotless form she, brightly shiming, turneth not from the high nor froom the humble. Dawn, like a loving matron for her husband, smiling and well attired, unmasks her beauty.

She decks her beauty, shining forth with sunbeams, like women trooping to the festal meeting. So, like the past, with days of happy fortune, may the new Dawns shine forth on us with riches. Shine richly, Wealthy One, on those who worship, richly, glad. Dawn while wasting, on the singer. She will beam forth, the light will hasten hither, and Agni will be present in each dwelling. Yea, to the liberal mortal who remaineth at home, O Goddess Dawn, much good thou bringest.

Ye have increased our wealth, ye Dawns who love us. Goddesses, may we win by your good favour wealth to be told by hundreds and by thousands. Thereby increasing still his life and offspring, he comes with brave sons to abundant riches.

Indra bestows on him great vital power, Who stays thee, as thou comest, with his treasure, like game caught in the net, O early comer. Give him to drink juice of the stalk that gladdens; prosper with pleasant hymns the Lord of Heroes. To him who freely gives and fills on all sides full streams of fatness flow and make him famous. The streams, the waters flow for him with fatness: The givers of rich meeds are made immortal; the givers of rich fees prolong their lifetime.

Let every man besides be their protection, and let affliction fall upon the niggard. WITH wisdom I present these lively praises of Bhavya dweller on the bank of Sindhu; For he, unconquered King, desiring glory, hath furnished me a thousand sacrifices.

Of the lord's cows a thousand, I Kaksivan. His deathless glory hath he spread to heaven. Kine numbering sixty thousand followed after. Kaksivan gained them when the days were closing. Reeling in joy Kaksivan's sons and Pajra's have grounded the coursers decked with pearly trappings.

AGNI I hold as herald, the munificent, the gracious, Son of Strength, who knoweth all that live, as holy Singer, knowing all, Lord of fair rites, a God with form erected turning to the Gods, He, when the flame hath sprung forth from the holy oil, the offered fatness, longeth for it with his glow. At whose close touch things solid shake, and what is stable yields like trees. Subduing all, he keeps his ground and flinches not, from the skilled archer flinches not.

Men offer Agni gifts for aid. He deeply piercing many a thing hews it like wood with fervent glow. Even hard and solid food he crunches with his might, yea, hard and solid food with might.

His life gives sure and firm defence as that one giveth to a son. The during fires enjoy things given and things not given, the during fires enjoy as food. For radiant Agni, Lord of all these treasures, is exceeding strong. May he, the wise, accept the grateful coverings, the wise accept the coverings.

Thee we invoke, the guest of men, by whose mouth, even as a sire's, All these Immortals come to gain their food of life, oblations come to Gods as food. Gods, like wealth for service of the Gods. Most mighty is thine ecstasy, most splendid is thy mental power.

Therefore men wait upon thee, undecaying One, like vassals, undecaying One. Before the brands of fire he shouteth singerlike, the herald, kindler of the brands.

Give us O Mightiest, what is great, to see and to enjoy the earth. As one of awful power, stir up heroic might for those who praise thee, Bounteous Lord! By Manu's law was born this Agni, Priest most skilled, born for the holy work of those who yearn therefore, yea, born for his own holy work. All ear to him who seeks his love and wealth to him who strives for fame, Priest ne'er deceived, he sits in Ila's holy place, girt round in Ila's holy place.

Through presentation of our food he grows not old in this his from; The God whom Matarisvan brought from far away, for Manu brought from far away. Observant with a hundred eyes the God is conqueror in the wood: Agni, who hath his seat in broad plains here below, and in the high lands far away.

Disposer, he with mental power shows all things unto him who strives; Whence he was born a guest enriched with holy oil, born as Ordainer and as Priest. He bears oblations to the Gods for whosoever supplicates. Agni bestows a blessing on each pious man, and opens wide the doors for him. His are the oblations of mankind when offered up at Ili's place. He shall preserve us from Varuna's chastisement, yea, from the great God's chastisement.

THE car which Indra, thou, for service of the Gods though it be far away, O swift One, bringest near, which, Blameless One, thou bringest near, Place swiftly nigh us for our help: Blameless and active, hear this speech of orderers, this speech of us like orderers.

He who with heroes wins the light, who with the singers gains the prize, Him the rich seek to gain even as a swift strong steed, even as a courser fleet and strong. Guide us, thou Hero, as of old, so art thou counted blameless still. Thou drivest, as a Priest, all sins of man away, as Priest, in person, seeking us. May he himself with darts of death drive far from us the scorner's hate. Far let him flee away who speaketh wickedness and vanish like a mote of dust.

Him who is wroth we pacify with sacred food and eulogies, Indra the Holy with our calls inspired and true, the Holy One with calls inspired. The weapon which devouring fiends cast at us shall destroy themselves. Be with us when we stray afar, be with us when our home is nigh. Protect us with thy help both near and far away: O strongest saviour, helper thou, Immortal! Good Lord, the Father made thee slayer of the fiends, made thee, good Lord, to slay the fiends.

Come to us, Indra, from afar, conducting us even as a lord of heroes to the gatherings, home, like a Kin g, his heroes' lord. We come with gifts of pleasant food, with juice poured forth, invoking thee, As sons invite a sire, that thou mayst get thee strength thee, bounteousest, to get thee strength. For the sweet draught that gladdens thee, for mightiest freshening of thy strength. Let thy Bay Horses bring thee hither as the Sun, as every day they bring the Sun.

Endued with majesty and strength, O Indra, and with lordly might, Thou crashest down the trees, as when a craftsman fells, crashest them down as with an axe.

For Atithigva he, the Strong, brought Sambara. Plaguing the lawless he gave up to Manu's seed the dusky skin; Blazing, 'twere, he burns each covetous man away, he burns, the tyrannous away. Bright red, he steals away their speech, the Lord of Power, their speech he steals away from them, As thou with eager speed, O Sage, hast come from far away to hel As winning for thine own all happiness of men, winning all happiness each day. Thou, Indra, praised by Divodasa's clansmen, as heaven grows great with days, shalt wax in glory.

All Gods of one accord have set Indra in front preeminent. For Indra all libations must be set apart, all man's libations set apart.

Thou hast chastised, O Indra, Lord of Strength, the man who worships not,. One stream after another have they gained from thee, eager for glory have they gained. Slay thou the man who injures us: Far be malignity, like mischief on the march, afar be all malignity. This day that now is close at hand bless him who pours the Soma juice.

In this our sacrifice may we divide the spoil, showing our strength, the spoil of war.

Veda in english pdf sama

May all thy bounteous gifts be gathered up for us, yea, the good gifts of thee the Good. Speak thou and make it known to us they see within with beams of light. In the same manner for us here fight thou and be victorious: To him who pours the juice give up the lawless man, the lawless who is wroth with us.

To him in time of need they sing for life with offspring and with strength. Their hymns with Indra find a welcome place of rest: Welcome to him concealed afar shall he the lair that he hath found. So may the Render rend our foes on every side, rend them, O Hero, everywhere. WITH sacrifice I purge both earth and heaven: Cast them within the narrow pit.

That deed they count a glorious deed, though small to thee, a glorious deed. Strike every demon to the ground. O Indra, hear thou us. Pouring, he strives, unchecked and strong, to win him riches thousandfold. Indra gives lasting wealth to him who pours forth gifts, yea, wealth he gives that long shall last. May our glad hymn, discerning well, uplifted, gratify thy mind. Associate teams come hitherward to grant our prayers. Wake up intelligence, as when a lover wakes his sleeping love.

Illumine heaven and earth, make thou the Dawns to shine, for glory make the Dawns to shine. The Marut host hast thou engendered from the womb, the Maruts from the womb of heaven. To thee the weary coward prays for luck that he may speed away. Thou by thy law protectest us from every world, yea, from the world of highest Gods. STREWN is the sacred grass; come Vayu, to our feast, with team of thousands, come, Lord of the harnessed team, with hundreds, Lord of harnessed steeds!

The drops divine are lifted up for thee, the God, to drink them first. The juices rich in sweets have raised thern for thy joy, have raised themselves to give thee strength.

For thee the Soma is poured forth, thy portioned share mid. Gods and men. Vayu, to taste the offerings. Brought by attendant priests pure juice is offered up, Vayu, pure juice is offered up. O Vayu, with your splendid bounty come ye both, Indra, with bounty come ye both. The joyous Maiden is beheld, the butter flows. With richly laden team come to our solemn rite, yea, Indra , come ye to the rite. At once the cows yield milk, the barleymeal is dressed.

For thee, O Vayu, never shall the cows grow thin, never for thee shall they be dry. BRING adoration ample and most excellent, hymn, offierings, to the watchful Twain, the bountiful, yo ur sweetest to the bounteous Ones. Sovrans adored with streams of oil and praised at every sacrifice.

Their high imperial might may nowhere be assailed, ne'er may their Godhead be assailed. Thence they give forth great vital strength which merits praise, high power of life that men shall praise. Resplendent might have ye obtained, Adityas, Lords of liberal gifts. Movers of men, mild both, are Mitra, Varuna, mover of men is Aryaman. Therefore do ye, O Kings, accomplish what we ask, ye Righteous Ones, whate'er we ask. Aryaman guards him well who acts uprightly following his law, Who beautifies their service with his lauds, who makes it beautiful with songs of praise.

Praise Indra, praise thou Agni, praise Bhaga and heavenly Aryaman. Long may we live and have attendant progeny, have progeny with Soma's help.

May Agni, Mitra, Varuna give us shelter this may we gain, we and our wealthy princes. WITH stones have we pressed out: Come to us, Kings who reach to heaven, approach us, coming hitherward.

These milky drops are yours, Mitra and Varuna, bright Soma juices blent with milk. May ye come nigh us, may ye turn hither to drink the Soma juice. The men pressed out this juice, Mitra and Varuna, pressed out this Soma for your drink. STRONG Pusan's majesty is lauded evermore, the glory of his lordly might is never faint, his song of praise is never faint.

Seeking felicity I laud him nigh to help, the source, of bliss, Who, Vigorous one, hath drawn to him the hearts of all, drawn them, the Vigorous One, the God.

So, after this most recent course, we come to thee with prayers for wealth. I slight thee not, O Pusan, thou Resplendent One: HEARD be our prayer! In thought I honour Agni first: For when our latest thought is raised and on Vivasvan centred well, Then may our holy songs go forward on their way, our songs as 'twere unto the Gods.

Not with our thoughts or spirit, but with these our eyes, yea, with the eyes that Soma gives. All glories and all nourishment, Lords of all wealth! The fellies of your golden chariot scatter drops, Mighty Ones! The offerings which we bring to you shall never fail, gifts brought by us shall never fail. They shall make glad thy heart to give, to give wealth great and wonderful. Thou who acceptest praise come glorified by hymns, come thou to us benevolent.

Aryaman, joined with them, did the work: What deed of yours, new every age, wondrous, surpassing man, rings forth, Whatever, Maruts! To these, for their high station, 1 bow down with song, to Indra, Agni, bow with song. He, by another's mouth and tongue a noble Bull, with other, as an elephant, consumes the trees. Proving his might, he decks the glory of his form, and shakes his horns like one terrific, bard to stay. A second time they wax and gather Godlike power, and blending both together change their Parents' form.

Releasing them from age with a loud roar he comes, filling them with new spirit, living, unsubdued. Strengthening all that walk, licking up all around, a blackened path, forsooth, he leaves where'er he goes.

Thou casting off thine infant wrappings blazest forth as though thou hadst put on a coat of mail for war. With the pure brilliancy that radiates from thy form, mayest thou grant to us abundant store of wealth. May earth and heaven and freely flowing rivers Yield us long life and food and corn and cattle, and may the red Dawns choose for us their choicest. YEA, verily, the fair effulgence of the God for glory was established, since he sprang from strength. When he inclines thereto successful is the hymn: Thirdly, that they might drain the treasures of the Bull, the maidens brought forth him for whom the ten provide.

As both together join to expedite his birth, most youthful he is born resplendent in his light. As to the first he rose, the vigorous from of old, so now he runs among the younger lowest ones. Thy worshippers become by burning black of hue: Thee, therefore, even as Bhaga, will we set anew, young Child of Strength, most wealthy!

May Agni, ever wise, with best directions to bliss and highest happiness conduct us. Spin out the ancient thread for hi m who sheds, with gifts, the Soma juice. May Agni, God intelligent, speed our oblation to the Gods. Come, O Indra, hear their calling; they invite thee to the sacrifice. To Agni I present a newer mightier hymn, I bring my words and song unto the Son of Strength, Who, Offspring of the Waters, bearing precious things sits on the earth, in season, dear Invoking Priest.

The rays of Agni, him whose active force is light, through the nights glimmer sleepless, ageless, like the floods. Will not the Inspirer speed our prayers to gain their end? Him with the radiant glance 1 laud with this my song.

Inflamed and keen, refulgent in our gatherings, he lifts our hymn on high clad in his radiant hues. With guards that never slumber, never heedless, never beguiled. O Helper, keep our c hildren.

THE Priest goes forth to sacrifice, with wondrous power sending aloft the hymn of glorious brilliancy. He moves to meet the ladles turning to the right, which are the first to kiss the place where he abides. He, when he dwelt extended in the waters' lap, absorbed those Godlike powers for which he is adored. Like Bhaga must he be duly invoked by us, as he who drives the car holds fast the horse's reins. He speeds over the sloping surface of the land: For fair to see art thou turning to every side, pleasant to look on as a dwelling filled with food.

Ask ye of him for he is come, he knoweth it; he, full of wisdom, is implored, is now implored.

With him are admonitions and with him commands: Forgetting not the former nor the later word, he goeth on, not careless, in his mental power. He stirs the wearied man to pleasure and great joy what time the longing gifts approach him as he comes. He hath declared the lore of works to mortals, Agni the Wise, for he knows Law, the Truthful.

He plants his footsteps on the lofty ridges of the broad earth: Longing, they turned their eyes unto the River: How, Agni, have the radiant ones, aspiring, endued thee with the vigour of the living, So that on both sides fostering seed and offspring, the Gods may joy in Holy Law's fulfilment? One hates thee, and another sings thy praises: I thine adorer laud thy form, O Agni. Lord of all riches, he preserved the pious the foes who fain would harm them did no mischief.

All acts of mine shall they accept with pleasure, laudation from the singer who presents it. Upon his glowing flames the wind blows daily, driving them like the keen shaft of an archer. AGNI, thy faithful servant I call upon thee with many a gift, As in the keeping of the great inciting God ; 2 Thou who ne'er movest thee to aid the indolent, the godless man, Him who though wealthy never brings an offering.

Agni, may we be foremost, we thy worshippers. Mitra and Varuna 1. HEAVEN and earth trembled at the might and voice of him, whom, loved and Holy One, helper of all mankind, The wise who longed for spoil in fight for kine brought forth with power, a Friend, mid waters, at the sacrifice. Ye, when ye bring to singer and the rite, enjoy the sacrifice periormed with holy praise and strength. That efficacious power that comes from lofty heaven, ye bind unto the work, as to the pole an ox.

Here in the neighbourhood they cry unto the Sun at morning and at evening, like swift birds of prey. Send down of your free will, prosper our holy songs: To you they bring their hymns with their collected thought, while ye with earnest soul come to us glorious ly.

Not the past days conjoined with nights, not rivers, not the Papis have attained your Godhead and your wealth. THE robes which ye put on abound with fatness: The Babe Unborn supporteth this world's burthen, fuIfilleth Law and overcometh falsehood.

May he, well skilled in rites, be food, and calling Aditi with his lips give us assistance. May our prayer be victorious in battles, may we have rain from heaven to make us prosper. WE worship with our reverence and oblations you, Mitra Varuna, accordant, mighty, So that with us, ye Twain whose backs are sprinkled with oil, the priests with oil and hymns support you. Enjoy, drink of the milk the cow provid eth. Visnu 1. I WILL declare the mighty deeds of Visnu, of him who measured out the earthly regions, Who propped the highest place of congregation, thrice setting down his footstep, widely striding.

He lowe rs, though a son, the Father's highest name; the third is that which is high in the light of heaven. But his third step d oth no one venture to approach, no, nor the feathered birds of air who fly with wings. Developed, vast in form, w ith those who sing forth praise, a youth, no more a child, he cometh to our call. So, Visnu, e'en the wise must swell thy song of praise, and he who hath oblations pay thee solemn rites.

Ye, knowing e'en his name, have told it forth: Visnu hath power supreme and might iliat finds the day, and with his Friend unbars the stable of the kine. Who Maker, throned in three worlds, helps the Aryan man, and gives the worshipper his share of Holy La w. AGNI is wakened: Surya riseth from the earth. Mighty, refulgent Dawn hath shone with all her light.

The Asvins have equipped their chariot for the course. God Savitar hath moved the folk in sundry ways. To our devotion give victorious strength in war: Prolong our days of life, wipe out our trespasses; destroy our foes, be our companions and our Friends.

Ye have sent forth, O Asvins passing mighty, the fire, the sovrans of the wood, the waters, 6 Leeches are ye with medicines to heal us, and charioteers are ye with skill in driving.

Four Vedas English Translation

Ye Strong, give sway to him who brings oblation and with his heart pours out his gift before you. YE Vasus Twain, ye Rudras full of counsel, grant us, Strong Strengtheners, when ye stand beside us, What wealth Aucathya craves of you, great Helpers when ye come forward with no niggard succour. Wake for us understanding full of riches, come with a heart that will fulfil our longing.

When Traitana would cleave my head asunder, the Dasa wounded his own breast and shoulders. He is the Brahman of the waters as they strive to reach their end and aim: Heaven and Earth.

Prolific Parents, they have made the world of life, and for their brood all round wide immortality. To keep the truth of all that stands and all that moves, ye guard the station of your Son who knows no guil e.

They, the refulgent Sages, weave within the sky, yea, in the depths of sea, a web for ever new. Upon what embassy comes he? What have we said? We have not blamed the chalice of illustrious birth. We, Brother Agni, praised the goodness of the wood. If, O Sudhanvan's Children, ye will do this thing ye shall participate in sacrifice with Gods.

When we have done these things, Brother, we turn to you. Then Tvastar, when he viewed the four wrought chalices, concealed himself among the Consorts of the G ods. Ye went as Rbhus, Vibhvan, Vaja to the Gods, and skilled in war, obtained your share in sacrifice. Out of a horse, Sudhanvan's Sons, ye formed a horse: If ye approve not even this, Sudhanvan's Sons, then at the third libation gladden ye yourselves.

Another praised to many a one the lightning cloud. Then did ye shape the cups, speaking the words of trut h. One carries off the refuse at the set of sun. How did the Parents aid their children in their task! Ye laid a curse on him who raised his arm at you: The goat declared the hound to be your wakener.

That day, in a full year, ye first unclosed our eyes. Varuna comes in the sea's gathered waters, O Sons of Strength, desirous of your presence.

In him rejoice the singers and the sages. A good friend have we won for the Gods' banquet. Swift Charger, kin to the Gods, the slayer's hatchet pierces. Cut ye with skill, so that the parts be flawless, and piece by piece declaring them dissect them. Such of his limbs as I divide in order, these, amid the balls, in fire I offer.

Let not a greedy clumsy immolator, missing the joints, mangle thy limbs unduly. Both Bays, both spotted mares are now thy fellows, and to the ass's pole is yoked the Charger.

Freedom from sin may Aditi vouchsafe us: The Horse. WHAT time, first springing into life, thou neighedst, proceeding from the sea or upper waters, Limbs of the deer hadst thou, and eagle pinions. O Steed, thy birth is nigh and must be lauded. His bridle the Gandharva grasped. O Vasus, from out the Sun ye fashioned forth the Courser. Thou art divided thoroughly from Soma. They say thou hast three bonds in heaven that hold thee.

Here have I seen the auspicious reins that guide thee, which those who guard the holy Law keep safely.

I saw thy head still soaring, striving upward by paths unsoiled by dust, pleasant to travel. Whene'er a man brings thee to thine enjoyment, thou swallowest the plants most greedy eater. Full companies have followed for thy friendship: The Gods have come that they may taste the oblation of him who mounted, first of all, the Courser. Thy horns are spread abroad in all directions: The goat who is his kin is led before him the sages and the singers follow after.

This day shall he approach the Gods, most welcome: The third is he whose back with oil is sprinkled. Here I behold the Chief with seven male children. Seven Sisters utter songs of praise together, in whom the names of the seven Cows are treasured. Where is the blood of earth, the life, the spirit? Who may approach the man who knows, to ask it? Forth from his head the Cows draw milk, and, wearing his vesture, with their foot have drunk the water.

She, the coy Dame, was filled with dew prolific: Then the Calf lowed, and looked upon the Mother, the Cow who wears all shapes in three directions.

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Its devotional hymns engulfed with sublime thoughts, attained with emotional touch leave human mind and soul in tranquility. It emphasises for human beings to develop their mental and spiritual powers to their highest order.

Sam Veda is the third Veda and the shortest in terms of the count of the Mantras. It has two shirshaks viz. Virendra Agarwal, Nov 10, , 9: Virendra Agarwal, Oct 25, , Virendra Agarwal, Aug 30, , 9: Sama Veda- An Introduction. Virendra Agarwal, Oct 11, , 2: