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In this review, we highlight state-of-the-art ultrasound diagnostic algorithm in the pediatric population. PDF. Pediatrics Jan , (1) e; DOI: of EMLA cream for venipuncture procedure in infants PDF. Pediatrics Apr , (4) e; DOI: /peds of MLS and satisfaction with outcomes after MLS. PDF.

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Joseph S. Tadros, Yang Yu, Anne W. Lucky. Pediatrics in Review Apr , 40 (4 ) ee17; DOI: /pir PDF. October , VOLUME 39 / ISSUE Table of Contents. Pediatrics Dec , (6) e; DOI: with providing gender-affirming care to TGNC youth. PDF.

Clear Cart. I've been reading Pediatrics in Review regularly since residency. Calendar journal products are annual subscriptions sold by year with term dates that begin January 1 and end December Create an Account Log In. Who should read Pediatrics in Review? Online Only.

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