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The purpose-driven life: what on earth am I here for? / Rick Warren. p. cm . Driven Life journal, a companion book designed for this purpose. Writing down your. Download The Purpose Driven Life By Rick Warren-Pdf Book apk for Android. Salah satu buku yang paling laris di dunia yang. The Purpose Driven Life () (dalam bahasa Indonesia: Hidup yang Digerakkan oleh Tujuan) adalah buku rohani kristen yang ditulis oleh Rick Warren.

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The purpose-driven life: what on earth am I here for? / Rick Warren. p. cm. Includes The Purpose Purpose Driven or Scripture Driven? - Way of Life Literature. Download Ebook Purpose Driven Life Bahasa Indonesian - A,,study,,based,,on,,the,,book,,"The,,Purpose,,Driven®,,Life",,written,,by,,Rick,,Warren,,,,, If you like Download Ebook Purpose Driven Life Bahasa Indonesian, you may also like. Dalam bab ini, membahas bahwa untuk mengetahui tujuan hidup kita yang sebenarnya adalah bertanya kepada sang Pencipta. Sang penulis.

Paperback 06 November Buku ini dibagi atas 40 bab singkat yang dimaksudkan untuk dibaca sebagai inspirasi sehari-hari dengan masing-masing satu bab per hari. The Purpose Driven Life Since I had no sponsor, it could be anywhere. By intentionally limiting the tenure of pastors in a local congregation, they create lame duck ministers. As I sat there and read the article on Donald McGavran, I had no idea that it would dramatically impact the direction of my ministry as much as my encounter with Criswell had. As I listened to this great man of God preach, God spoke personally to me and made it very clear that he was calling me to be a pastor.

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Life pdf driven purpose indonesia

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Driven pdf indonesia purpose life

I was claiming the promise of Proverbs At night I poured over local maps and brochures, spreading them out on the living-room floor of Dr. Fred Fisher, a retired Golden Gate Seminary professor who had invited me to stay in his home in the north part of Orange County.

The Purpose Driven Church: Growth Without Compromising Your Message and Mission

As I studied the materials I collected, I memorized the names of all the major streets in the Saddleback Valley. After a week I flew Kay out to see the area for the first time. If Kay had felt any reluctance toward moving, I would have taken that as a warning light from God. As Paul said in Romans 8: We climbed up on the highest hill we could find, and, looking over the Saddleback Valley filled with thousands of homes, committed to investing our lives in building the Saddleback Valley Community Church.

I graduated from seminary that December. In the final days of , Kay and I packed what little we owned in a U-Haul truck and moved from Texas to southern California. Our furniture had been handed down from one newlywed couple to another. We were the fifth couple to have it.

It was pretty pathetic looking stuff, but it was all we had.

As we packed, it seemed implausible that this poor young couple was moving to one of the wealthiest communities in America. We arrived in southern California full of hope. But we also arrived with no money, no church building, no members, and no home.

We did not know a single person living in the Saddleback Valley. It was the greatest step of faith we had ever taken up to that time. We made it to Orange County on a Friday afternoon, just in time to catch an infamous southern California traffic jam.

Since I had grown up in a rural town of less than five hundred residents, I was completely unprepared for traffic like this. As I gazed out over miles and miles of cars at a complete standstill in freeway traffic I thought, What in the world have I gotten myself into? God, you chose the wrong guy for this assignment! Finally, at 5 p. I pulled off the freeway and stopped at the first real estate office I could find.

I walked in and introduced myself to the first realtor I met. His name was Don Dale. I said with a big smile, My name is Rick Warren. Don grinned and laughed out loud. I laughed too. I had no idea what would happen next.

Pdf purpose driven life indonesia

God does provide. While driving to the condo, I asked Don if he attended church anywhere. I replied, Great! And that is exactly what happened. Two weeks later we held our first Bible study in our condo with seven people present. After we moved on faith, it was exciting to see the financial support we needed begin to materialize.

Pastor John Jackson led the Crescent Baptist Church in Anaheim, California, to become our official sponsoring church and provide six hundred dollars a month in financial support.

Another time, with a nearly empty checking account, Kay and I went scouting garage sales to buy nursery equipment for the first service. We found what we needed and wrote out a check, knowing we were spending our last food money.

When we got home, I opened the mailbox and found a check from a woman in Texas who had heard me speak one time and somehow traced us to California. Instead, we moved on faith.

My sense of calling was so strong I was eager to get started. I love the Living Bible paraphrase of Ecclesiastes If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done.

God always uses imperfect people in imperfect situations to accomplish his will. As we saw God confirm our decision to begin the church in many, many ways in those early days, we learned an important lesson: Wherever God guides, he provides. If you are a church planter, underline that previous sentence. It will be a great source of comfort and strength in your difficult days. Whatever he calls us to do, he will enable and equip us to do. God is faithful!

He keeps his promises. I had not been in southern California very long before I realized it was an area that already had many strong, Bible-believing churches. Some of the best-known pastors in America ministered within driving distance of our new church. If you timed your arrival right, you could hear two or three of these guys on the same Sunday morning.

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And most of them could be heard on the radio or TV in southern California. In addition, there were at least two dozen solid Bible-teaching churches in the Saddleback Valley when I arrived. I quickly concluded that all of the Christians in the area were already happily involved in a good church or at least had plenty of options.

I decided that we would make no effort at all to attract Christians from other churches to Saddleback. We would not even borrow workers from other area churches to start Saddleback.

Since I felt called to reach unbelievers, I determined to begin with unbelievers, rather than with a core of committed Christians. This was not the way all the books on church starting said to do it, but I felt certain that it was what God was calling us to do. Our focus would be limited to reaching the unchurched for Christ, people who for one reason or another did not attend any existing church.

In every membership class we say, If you are coming to Saddleback from another church, you need to understand up front that this church was not designed for you. It is geared toward reaching the unchurched who do not attend anywhere. If you are transferring from another church you are welcome here only if you are willing to serve and minister.

The Purpose Driven Life

There are plenty of good Bible-teaching churches in this area that we can recommend to you. This position may sound harsh, but I believe we are following the example of Jesus.

He defined his ministry target by saying, It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners Mark 2: At Saddleback we continually remind ourselves of this statement. It has helped us stay true to the original focus of our church: This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join.

The Purpose Driven

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