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Streamline English: Connections: Workbook A Units by Bernard Hartley; Peter Viney. Print book. English. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Streamline English: Connections, Student Book Read Download PDF/Audiobook . File Name: Streamline English: Connections, Student Book Total Downloads. [Series] Streamline English, ALL levels (pdf+Audio) [Series] Streamline Connections Streamline English – 4 Directions –

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Oxford - Streamline English - 2 - Student's Book - CONNECTIONS - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Oxford - Streamline English - 2. Streamline English Connections provides opportunities to revise and practise previously taught elements of the language in new and interesting contexts. Streamline English Connections is a course for pre-intermediate students of English. It is designed either to follow on from Streamline English Departures, or as.

Successfully reported this slideshow. Mrs Taylor No, he can't now, Thomas. B How much is there? I've got a cold. Who does Fiona want? K Thank you. Miss Wilkins Good.

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Is there any butter in the fridge? No, there isn't. A There are some hamburgers in the freezer. B Howmany are there? A There are a lot. Are there any eggs in the fridge? There aren't any eggs. Yes, there are. The fridge is empty! No, there aren't. Write conversations with: I'd like the menu, please. Waiter Here you are, sir. Customer Thanks I'd like some soup Waiter Tomato soup? Customer Yes, please. Waiter Rare, medium, or well-done? Customer Medium, please.

Waiter Which vegetables would you like? Customer I'd like some potatoes, some peas, and a salad, please. Waiter Certainly, sir. Customer Oh, and I'd like some wine. Waiter Which wine would you like, sir? Customer A bottle of red wine, please. Elton's rich. Elton's car's Americ n. Elton 's house Is tar and expo nsiv , He'd li ke a Rolis-Royc. Oh, yes, my husband's wonderful! Sally Really? Is he? Jane Yes, he's big, strong and handsome!

Sally Well, my husband isn't very big. Jane Intelligent? Sally Yes, he can speak six languages. Jane Can he? Which languages can he speak? Jane Oh!

My husband's very athletic. Sally Athletic? Jane Yes, he can swim, ski, play football, cricket and rugby. Sally Can he cook? Jane Pardon? Sally Can your husband cook? My husband can't play sports Jane Is he? Sally Yes, and he can sew, and iron. Jane Really? Is he English? Questions 1 Is Jane's husband big?

Exercise Example: I candrive. I can't swim. Write ten sentences. J Thank you. I Please, Would you like a cup of tea? J Yes, please. I How about a biscuit? J No, thanks. I'm on a diet. L Yes, Can I help you? K Yes, I'd like some information about trains please. L Whereto? L When? K Tomorrow. L Morning or afternoon? K In the evening. About six o'clock.

L There's one at 6. K Thank you. N What colour would you like?

Pdf connections streamline english

M Brown. N And what size are you? M Five. Can I try them on? N Of course. P I'd love to. P How about the square? What time? P Is seven o'clock OK? III' uas. Rolis-Royc , lot of mo n y.

Write four sentences ; 1 watch 3 blcvcl 2 sister 4 umbr II 1 a ho use - car. S ny chlldren. Qucst'o 1 What' s his name? Look at 1I isl Y lI' V got three bottles of wh isky, four hundred cigarett es nil 1,, 1 t f perfume! George How about some more wine? Charles Please. George Which glass is yours? Charles That one's mine. George Which one? Charles The empty one!

Streamline English 2. Connections. Tests [PDF] - Все для студента

George Well, good night Charles Good night George Now, which coats are yours? Charles Oh, those coats are ours. George Which ones? Charles The black one and the grey one. George Ah, yes I've got them.

Charles Good. The grey one's mine, and the black one's hers. I'd like the classical one. Exercise 2 Which ones would you like? I'd like the expensive ones. Exercise 3 Exerci. It's my pen. They're our books. The big one's theirs. Which house is his? The small one's his.: It's mine. They're ours. P Certainly, sir How much is it? That's very expensive. P Hmm, I see. P It's a Kodak Can you show it to me, please? R Yes, sir? Q Could you bring us some more tea, please? R Of course, sir.

I'm in a hurry. T Where to, madam? S Can you take me to the airport, please? T Certainly, madam' Have you got any luggage? S Yes. Can you get it for me? It's over there. T All right.

It's very heavy. S Yes, it is I'm very sorry. V Goodnight, Colin. U Have a good holiday! V Thanks. U Don't forget. Oh, I haven't got your address. U That's O. You can send it to me at the office. V All right U 'Bye. Ther R1 7. Thomas is a student. He's staying with the Taylors, an English family. Thomas Hello, Mrs Taylor.

Can you help me? I'm doing my homework and I can't understand this word. Mrs Taylor Which one? I can't help you now I'm watching something. Thomas Oh? What are you watching? Mrs Taylor I'm watching a cowboy film. Thomas Can Mr Taylor help me?

Mrs Taylor No, he can't now, Thomas. He's reading. Thomas What's he reading? Mrs Taylor He's. Thomas What about Kate? Mrs Taylor Oh, she can't help you now Mrs Taylor She's phoning her boyfriend Thomas AmI? Well, I'm' practising my English!

What are Jill and John doing? They're playing tennis. His friends are busy today. B Well, I'd like to. A On Saturday evening. B What a pity! I'm busy on Saturday. A What are you doing? B I'm doing my homework. A Really! Another time perhaps? B Yes, thanks anyway. C Excuse me, is this seat free? DYes, itis. C Er, DYes, it is.

C May I borrow it for a minute, please? D Yes, certainly. E Good morning. F Good morning. Can I help you? E Yes, I'm looking for a book. F What's the title? E Instant English.

Streamline English 2. Connections. Tests

Have you got it? F Yes, we have. E How much is it? E May. I see it? F Of course, here you are. John Hello, darling I'm home! Anne Hello, John. Are you tired, dear? John Yes, lam. Anne It's six o'clock. John Oh VVhat's on television tonight? Anne There's a good programme at quarter past eight John Yes.

Anne Ooh. John Oh, I can't watch that! There's a football match on IlV at half past six. Anne But, John, it's my favourite programme! John Well, go and watch it at your mother's! MexicoGty London Exercise 1 12 9 1 10 2 8 7 What time is it? It's three o'clock. Tomorrow we're going to leave this place! Fred Yes. What are you going to do first? Tom Hmm We're going to have steak and drink champagne. What about you, Fred?

Fred My wife's going to meet me outside the prison. Then we're going to have tea with her mother. Tom With her mother! You're joking! Fred No, I'm not. I'm going to work for my wife's mother. Tom Really? You're not going to work for your mother-in-law! She's got a little cafe in London. Tom What are you going to do there?

Fred I'm going to wash up. Tom What! Wash up! I'm not going to work! I'm going to have a good time! Fred You're lucky I'm going to rob a bank next week. Tom Why?

[Series] Streamline English, ALL levels ( pdf+Audio)

Fred Because I'm happy in prison! Exercise 1 prison He's going to leave prison. They're going to havesteak They aren'tgoing to drink champagne. Wher r they go ing to drIve? What r th ey goin g to cut? What ar th y go ing to d rln?

Connections streamline pdf english

First N me 5: OCCU lion' Writ 5 questions. Writll I n sentences. J Dal Si D. I want you, I need you, I love you. Fiona I'm sorry Charles, but I can't. Charles Oh, Fiona. Why not? Fiona Well, Charles. Hike you I like you a lot Charles But Fiona, love isn't everything. Fiona Oh, Charles, you don't understand. Charles Do you love another man Fiona? Fiona Yes Charles, I do Charles Not James Milton!

Fiona Yes, James Milton. Charles But he doesn't want you. He's engaged. Fiona I know. Charles But Fiona, James isn't a rich man. I can give you everything. What do you want? A big house? Fiona No, Charles. I don't want those things.

I only wantJames. Does he love her? Does Fiona like Charles? Does she like him a lot? Does she love him? Does Fiona love another man? What's his name? Does James want Fiona? Is he rich?

Is Charles rich? What can he give Fiona? Does she want clothes? Does she want money? What does she want? Charles wantsFiona. Who loves Fiona? Who needs Fiona? Who wants James? Who loves James? Who does Charles love? Who does Fiona love? Who does Fiona want? Who does Charles need? H I'm going away. G Oh, where are you going? H I'm going to London. G How long for?

02 streamline english connections

H Just for two days. I Have you got a car? J Yes, I have. I What kind is it? J It's a V. I Do you like it? J Yes, Ido.

I Why? J Because it's very economical. K Excuse me L Yes? K Have you got any change? L What do you need? K I need some tens. L Oh, how many do you want? K Well, can you change a pound note? L Yes, I think so. Ford Datsun Fiat Jaguar economical big comfortable modern fast Coins: N Good afternoon.

M Could you repair these shoes, please?

N Yes, certainly. When do you want them? M As soon as possible. N Is Thursday afternoon O. M Yes, that's fine. Robin 'And t ft 'r lunch?

I never see you in church nowadays. Benson Oh! No, Vicar Vicar I know Benson Well, I sometimes come, Vicar. I come on Christmas Day and at Easter.

Vicar Hmm But what about Sundays, Mr Benson? Benson I usually wash my car on Sunday morning. Vicar I see. Why don't you wash your car on Saturday next week, MrBenson? Gary D Chapman. The 5 Love Languages: The Secret Peechwork Tapescript Online has made it easier than ever before for teens to navigate through Thank you for downloading this Touchstone eBook. Streamline English Connections. Stephen's son has written a version of the book for Peechwork Tapescript pdf.

Pdf connections streamline english