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Read “Better Than Steroids”, by Warren Willey online on Bookmate – Better Than Steroids is a summary of what you need to know to be a successful. Get Free Read & Download Files Better Than Steroids PDF. BETTER THAN STEROIDS. Download: Better Than Steroids. BETTER THAN STEROIDS - In this . I will review why and how anabolic steroids work, which will lead us into why food programs, eating plans and tricks like the pre and post.

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Better than Steroids is a summary of what you need to know to be a successful . One of his books, Better Than Steroids!, is sold internationally as it is the most. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Dr. Warren Willey is the Medical Director of The Fitness Better Than Steroids - Kindle edition by Dr. Warren Willey. Discover ideas about Muscle Building Diet. Interview with Dr. Warren Willey: Better Than Steroids - Muscle and Brawn. Google Is Feeding Romance Novels To Its Artificial Intelligence Engine To Make Its Products More Conversational.

I even sent a nasty letter to the publisher Ironman magazine,… imagine that -lol. By contest preparation, I mean the attainment of your absolute best in a given time frame whether or not you ever get on stage. As anyone who has leaned up knows, the leaner you get, the bigger you look when done right. This trait, however, is one you must hold or learn. It seems pretty good. Here is the amazon link: Home Books Nutrition.

An undisciplined person is removed from any aspect of health simply because of poor planning, follow through or persistence. If you have kids, what would you rather have: You want them to do what you say, when you say it.

It is freedom, with boundaries. How many of your kids came into the world and asked for a toothbrush? None, I am quite sure! You had to teach them, guide them, direct them, and set an example for them.

Food intake is the same process. Let me teach you, guide you and direct you. A disciplined person is conscious of his time and schedules.

His life is not regimented but under control. Any successful physique artist is disciplined. They live not so much by rules and regulations, as by a system of principles, that brings the best out in them. Do you brush your teeth everyday? Of course you do. That demonstrates the ability for some discipline in your life. We all have the ability to lead disciplined lives, obtain our goals, and maintain health. I sound like a broken record to my clients and friends, but part of a disciplined lifestyle is accountability.

Find a cohort, and work together to meet your goals. Success is much more likely if you have discipline AND accountability. Research shows it takes 90 days for us to break or establish good habits, hence the time frame of the curriculum. Some may need 16 weeks to hit their desired look, others 8 weeks.

That is not the point. It is a guideline for you to use and develop your OWN algorithms and plans. In future writings, I will delve into contest preparation, detailing the food, exercise, supplements, water, posing, and everything else.

By contest preparation, I mean the attainment of your absolute best in a given time frame whether or not you ever get on stage. Before we start with the actual book, I want to tell you a story.

It is about a guy at the gym who professes to be a nutritional and exercise expert. His job even entails selling nutritional supplements and doing some sideline personal training. We will call him BFA.

BFA has to be in the worst shape a person could be. This is not the case. As anyone who has leaned up knows, the leaner you get, the bigger you look when done right. Now BFA loves anabolic steroids. It is a well-known fact that he takes them, as he is not ashamed of it.

Than pdf better steroids

He thinks everyone else should take them as well. He has even told some of my clients once that diet and exercise stuff does not work for you, come see me , obviously acknowledging in his feeble mind, that steroids are the only and final answer. Well, BFA, and everyone else of similar mind frame do not even look like they go to the gym, much less use drugs.

The ones who do look halfway decent, will lose it unless they understand the supremacy of proper eating and exercise See chapter on How Steroids Work. I do not care if you use anabolic steroids; I am not condoning or condemning the use of them. I am merely stating that the true physique transformation power is in the information provided in this book, steroids or not. If you adhere to the information provided in this book you will continue to look good, improve, and better yourselves long after the steroid user gets off his cycle.

Anabolic steroids have the potential to cover up bad eating. Let me give you the ability to maximize your physique through foods, food timing, and the other tricks mentioned herein. Do not be tempted by a quick fix. In the vast majority of cases, it is not a quick fix; it is a sure failure. This book is for the disciplined: Physique enhancement goals, when in reason, are obtainable.

The information you need is right here. Applying these principles and this knowledge will work. Experiment with different protocols, make up your own. You WILL get there, just stay in control and do it! I am available for questions, seminars, and consults if you need or want more information. I can be reached via email at docjww yahoo. He uses a unique approach to patient care by offering preventative medical intervention by helping people to obtain optimal health and fitness through elite nutritional programs, diet strategies, and exercise programs.

Willey is highly sought after, dynamic speaker and does healthy living and weight loss presentations around the country. Your guide To Optimum Health , released in This book has helped thousands of people lose weight and obtain and then maintain optimal health. One of his books, Better Than Steroids! He most recently released The Z Diet , the secret to long term dietary adherence! He also writes for a. This action might not be possible to undo.

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Better Than Steroids

Its all bullshit, its all brightly colored lies. The only supplements that do work in my honest to God opinion are a: But basically, he states that steroids allow people to train harder by allowing for faster recovery and better uptake of nutrients into the muscles.

He advocates a nutrition program that simulates this using foods such as insulin mimickers cinnamon, vinegar and the proper vitamins. He also gives some advice on weightlifting program design e.

I might as well censor myself. He outlines some good principles but hes so gay about it. But he goes into almost no details and you are left hanging on a lot of stuff. I guess my question was if anyone had incorporated these ideas and what were their results?

He busts out stuff like the insulin mimickers and whatnot without telling you really how to use them.

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You understand the premise but you really would have no idea what to do. BIggest waste of money ever. I even sent a nasty letter to the publisher Ironman magazine,… imagine that -lol.

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Anyone Read 'Better Than Steroids'? McG78 Has anyone read this book? Any reviews?