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Old Man Logan 18 Arte Em Quadrinhos, Desenhos, Velho Logan, Wolverine Da . Old Man Logan 25 Velho Logan Hq, Quadrinhos E Desenhos Animados. Old Man Logan is an alternative version of the Marvel Comics character Wolverine. Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version . Genevieve Jack - Logan 05 - dokument [*.pdf] Table of Contents Title Page “Oh no.” Logan struggled, shaking his head, as Silas forced him toward the cake table . .. 05 - Wolverine - O Velho Logan 30 wyświetleń,24 stron.

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Even leaned forward, narrowing her eyes in scrutiny. Logan then sets out to hunt down Kang down and rescue the baby. Logan then enters the cell of Asmodeus , a servant of Satannish and makes him an offer. After being directed to Touku Kenmochi, he learns that he has died and meets with his widow Asami where she stated that Touku was coerced into bringing the Regenix samples to the Crazy Thunder Gang. He had her. Ultimate Wolverine Old Man Logan. I better get my human ass back to the restaurant.

She fidgeted with the side of her plate.

Velho pdf o logan

She knew he was staring. Polina never let him forget he was a mere human. She probably thought he worshiped her. He turned to Silas to break the tension. For one, Logan understood something Silas did not: Polina hated humans, and Logan was more than slightly wary of witches.

08 - Wolverine - O Velho Logan.pdf

Oddly nervous, he reached for a piece of cake, trying not to notice how close his arm came to her hip. A circle of heat formed on the inside of his elbow where it brushed past her. What was wrong with him? You just met him.

Along with the hint of wet dog he leaves in his wake. The chocolate was a wretched orangish brown and it crumbled like sand under the pressure of the tines. Along with the oil separating from the frosting, Logan deemed the dessert an inedible disaster. You said my kind was inferior. We spent time together once. Good times. After a moment, his spine straightened with offense.

I saved your life, after all. A water witch almost turned him into fish food. Why was he letting her do this to him? The longer he talked to her, the more he felt inferior. It was always the same with witches. He seriously needed to start hanging out with his own kind.

Her perfectly manicured fingers landed on his upper arm. His mind pictured another witch, another pastry, and he sure as hell was not going to allow her to tell him what to do. Acting on a deep instinct, he stepped into her so that his chest was almost touching hers.

In this position, her petite stature made it impossible for her to look him in the eye without tipping her head back uncomfortably. He shrugged off her grip and wrapped his hands around her upper arms.

That pretty little head of yours is so big under that beauty queen hairdo that you know without a doubt you could never stoop to associate with a guy like me.

With only a small space between them, he expected her to back away. A human woman would storm off after a tirade like that. Not Polina. She stared at him like a bug under a microscope. Even leaned forward, narrowing her eyes in scrutiny.

The least you can do is show your gratitude. Chocolate cake should be moist. It should be sweet perfection nestled in whipped heaven. This is a travesty. The consistency is loose but almost fudgy. It comes apart on your tongue and permeates every corner of your mouth. It was the curse of their species and left them persistently obsessed with epicurean delights. Savory to balance the sweet.

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It leaves you longing for the next bite. All at once, she seemed to realize how close they were and she took a step back. He had her. She was practically drooling.

A smirk turned up the corner of his mouth, and he sauntered backward, away from her. Smugly, Logan turned on his heel and headed for the door. Like I would eat his chocolate cake. She could have used magic instead of elbow grease to do the job, but the latter was more therapeutic. Therapy was exactly what she needed.

Old Man Logan

Only an unbalanced mind would still be thinking about the human. The man approaches me in a crowded reception hall, obviously attracted to me. I know when a male is attracted to me, especially a human male. He was the spitting image of Pepe Le Pew with his tongue hanging out. I could see the outline of his heart throbbing through the wall of his chest. All right. He was attracted to you. What happened next? Do you know there is a thing called the Chicken Dance? Heavy drinking and flailing of arms.

Very disconcerting. Without using his claws, he kills Red Skull's men and engages Red Skull himself, eventually decapitating him with Captain America's shield. He grabs a briefcase of money their intended reward for the delivery and uses pieces of Iron Man's armor to fly back home.

Upon arriving, Logan discovers that, in his absence, the Hulk Gang murdered his family and left the bodies unburied. His neighbor, Abraham Donovan, states that Logan's family was killed when the Hulk Gang got tired of waiting for their payment.

This results in Logan finally unleashing his claws. It is implied that the gamma poisoning in his body had begun to deteriorate his sanity in his old age. Banner reveals that while the murder of Logan's family was intended as a message to others, he really just wanted to get Logan angry enough to fight him because he had gotten bored with being a "super-villain landlord", like the others.

In his Hulk form, Banner is enormous, bigger than the Hulk has ever been shown before, [ original research? Logan recuperates within Banner's stomach and bursts out, killing the Hulk.

Pdf o velho logan

Afterward, he discovers a baby Hulk named Bruce Banner, Jr. A month later, Logan and his neighbors hold a small memorial for Logan's family. With nothing left of his old home, Logan then says he plans to defeat all the new world villains and bring peace to the land—with himself and Bruce Banner, Jr.

When the Multiverse was destroyed and Battleworld was created, a different version from another universe of "Old Man Logan" is reborn on the Battleworld domain called the Wastelands, a re-creation of his native reality with his memories still intact, although he does not know how he arrived in Battleworld.

After having declared to set his world right, Logan disrupts a poker game between the Gladiator and his Flying Devils, and he ends their human trafficking ring by killing them, freeing those imprisoned. While on the way back to meet with Danielle Cage , Logan witnesses the head of an Ultron Sentinel fall from above.

Logan o pdf velho

Wishing to investigate further, he brings it along with him back home, where Bruce Jr. After explaining this new development, he investigates the head's origins.

He visits Hammer Falls and meets with the dying Emma Frost, and he learns that the head is from beyond the Wastelands, so he begins traveling beyond his domain. When Logan trespasses upon its borders, he is approached by an unidentified Thor of the Thor Corps. She attacks Logan with a lightning bolt for breaking Doctor Doom 's laws, falling into the Domain of Apocalypse in the process. Already healed from the burns caused by the Thor's attack, Logan is attacked by Creed who is one of the Horsemen of Apocalypse and his soldiers, but Logan is rescued by the X-Men and taken to their hideout, where they are attacked by Apocalypse and his other Horsemen.

The battle that ensues is intervened by the Thor who attacked Logan earlier and as she argues with Apocalypse, Logan flees and hides.

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The Thor then demands to know to where he had run, but no one answers. Angry, she attacks both the X-Men and the Horsemen with a lightning bolt and then looks for Logan through the domain. When she is near the domain's walls, Logan climbs it and attacks her from behind. Enraged, the Thor attacks him with another lightning bolt and lets him fall into the neighboring domain of Technopolis, as she is attacked by Apocalypse's Infinite Soldiers.

After healing from his injuries, Logan awakens only to find himself in a totally different domain from the one where he was. He ends up fighting Rhodes, but is defeated and sent to the Deadlands as punishment for breaking Doom's laws. Due to his healing factor, Logan succeeds in fighting through hordes of zombies in the Deadlands. He takes shelter inside a cave where he finds an uninfected She-Hulk who has been there for a long time. He tries to convince her to throw him out of the Deadlands when the zombies find them.

In a desperate attempt to save Logan's life, She-Hulk grabs him and jumps as high as she can to throw him out of the Deadlands as he had suggested, ultimately sacrificing her own life to do so. Afterwards, Logan finds himself in the Battleworld domain called the Kingdom of Manhattan. While wandering the city he has not seen in years, Logan meets this domain's Jean Grey and Emma Frost.

They take him to meet the rest of the X-Men, as well as "his" son Jimmy Hudson. Logan later leads the superhero population of the Kingdom of Manhattan in a rebellion against God Emperor Doom. Subsequently, Logan finds himself in a new world. Logan awakens on Earth in New York City. He is not sure how he has been relocated, but he knows he is in the past. He decides to prevent his post-apocalyptic future. His first target is a minor villain named Black Butcher who, in his future, stole Scotty Logan's baseball cap.

Logan easily kills him. Logan uses Black Butcher's workshop to prepare. He hears on the radio that the Hulk is in Manhattan. Logan confronts Hulk and after a brief fight, learns that the Hulk in question is actually Amadeus Cho and not Bruce Banner. After evading the police, Logan goes to Hawkeye's apartment in Brooklyn to ask for his help, but he finds Kate Bishop.

He explains his situation and drops exhausted on Hawkeye's couch, awakening 33 hours later. Knowing that Logan is seeking Mysterio , Kate accesses the villain's last known whereabouts on S. She demands to join Logan on his search.

01 - Wolverine - O Velho Logan.pdf

When they arrive, they find a man named Eddie and his unnamed partner there. Logan immediately attacks them, cutting off one man's hand despite them denying that they knew who Mysterio is. A horrified Kate tries to stop him, but Logan quickly neutralizes her as the two men escape. Logan chases them, but he is stopped by the arrival of Commander Steve Rogers.

After gaining Logan's trust and bringing him to Alberta , Canada , Rogers reassures Logan that this is not his past by showing him the adamantium -coated corpse of his younger self.

The sight reminds Logan to enjoy life, rather than brood over his own past ghosts. Although he tells Rogers what he had experienced in his timeline, Logan declines Rogers' offer of help. Logan later appears in Extraordinary X-Men where he decides to remain under the radar, believing his destiny was to kill the X-Men and determined to try anything to avoid it.

He also vows to take out those who would orchestrate the villain uprising. The X-Men believe Logan to be their late Wolverine.

After taking a momentary leave, Logan decides to head to the old Weapon X facility where he initially met Maureen. He finds her, but she is still a child. As the Reavers massacre the town, Logan singlehandedly kills them all and confronts Lady Deathstrike before saving Maureen.

He is wounded multiple times, but Logan defeats Deathstrike. As she leaves, limping, Logan falls unconscious. Realizing that he failed to protect Maureen from the chaos, Logan decides to hunt down Lady Deathstrike. Logan returns to X-Haven where he has a nightmare about the villain uprising which quickly alerts Jean.

While Punisher managed to kill Electro, he was stabbed by Kraven the Hunter. It is here where Crossbones , and the rest of the villains with him, killed Wonder Man before Crossbones was stepped on by Giant-Man who also crushes Vulture with his hand. When Wasp was killed after shooting down Hobgoblin , Giant-Man was devoured by the Moloids that emerged from the ground when Avalanche shook the area around Giant-Man.

Logan realizes that if and when the villain uprising comes, he will not need to face it alone. Logan goes to a bar in Tokyo as Patch, where he meets Eito, a minor crimelord.

Logan attempts to bribe him for information on Lady Deathstrike's whereabouts, but the meeting turns out to be a ruse. He is gunned down by Eito's henchmen, but he heals and then slaughters them all. Before he kills Eito, Logan interrogates him and learns that Lady Deathstrike is in a remote village.

Logan travels there, noting that it is where he and Maureen had attempted to find refuge in his past. The village is seemingly abandoned, but he finds Yuriko chained to a wall, begging for his help. He is then ambushed by a ninja clan, the Silent Order. Four days later, he awakens in a well and attempts to climb out, but he is shot down by Sohei, the Order's leader. Once Logan succeeds in climbing out of the well, he sees he is in a temple and Lady Deathstrike is in a cage.

He is attacked by Sohei and the rest of the Silent Order. Logan is overwhelmed by the horde of ninjas, so he has no choice but to free Lady Deathstrike. After Logan and Yuriko manage to kill all of the ninjas, she attempts to kill Sohei, but is cut down by him, causing her to stumble back into the well. Just as Logan attempts to confront Sohei, he is telekinetically assaulted by his unwitting enforcer, a mutant child called the Silent Monk, whose older self Logan had killed in his timeline.

The Monk has had a vision of his death and tries to kill Logan by throwing him into the well over and over again. Lady Deathstrike throws an arrow into the Silent Monk's thigh, causing him to fall in. Logan then threatens to kill the young mutant unless Sohei releases he and Yuriko. Sohei calls Logan's bluff, but knows that Yuriko is more than willing to murder a helpless child. Sohei agrees to their demands, just as the Silent Monk regains consciousness and lashes out.

The Monk transforms into a giant creature as his powers run wild. Logan convinces the young boy to read his mind , assuring the Monk that Logan's future will never likely come true. The young boy then realizes that Sohei has been manipulating him and subdues Sohei and the remaining Silent Order ninjas.

Logan offers to take the Silent Monk to X-Haven, to which he accepts. Logan begins his search by going to Jubilee's apartment, only to find her infant son, Shogo, by himself.

Logan leaves the baby in Cerebra's care before telling her to teleport him to wherever Jubilee was last located, which is Romania. Soon after arriving, Logan encounters the Howling Commandos who mistake him for a vampire and attack him.

After the misunderstanding is cleared, their leader Warwolf informs Logan of their war with Dracula. Dracula has been psychically calling all vampires to his castle which, Logan deduces, must include Jubilee.

The Commandos attack Dracula's castle while Logan sneaks in, but are subdued by his army, led by Vampire by Night , who is under Dracula's control. Logan finds Jubilee who, also under Dracula's control, begs him to save her.

Just as he lets his guard down, Dracula attacks Logan from behind, biting him. Logan fights Dracula as his healing factor fights off the vampirism. The Vampire King easily beats the weakened Logan, who then passes out. Logan wakes up in the dungeon, along with the Howling Commandos. As Dracula taunts them, Jubilee begins resisting his control. Logan encourages her to fight back just before Man-Thing and Orrgo break in to free everyone.

Dracula threatens to kill Jubilee as Logan approaches him. Now free from his control, Jubilee throws Dracula towards Logan, who then impales him. After a brief scuffle, Orrgo grabs Dracula and exposes him to the sun. Logan then proceeds to decapitate Dracula, freeing his thralls. Logan instructs Cerebra to throw Dracula's head into the sun in order to prevent or at the very least, delay his resurrection.

Later, Logan spends time with Jubilee and Shogo over dinner. Logan awakens in a desert, his memory hazy. Logan realizes that he is somehow back in the Wastelands, as he is attacked by the Venom T-rex.

After killing the beast, Logan retraces his steps and remembers receiving a distress call from Puck, who he and the rest of Alpha Flight were trapped in an abandoned space station formerly owned by Reed Richards. After going into space and entering said space station via X-Shuttle, Logan found it infested with the Brood. He managed to kill the Brood drones that attacked him and proceeded to look for Alpha Flight, only to find most of them encased in cocoons.

Logan was then attacked by Sasquatch and Abigail Brand , who had been converted into Brood drones. He was saved by Puck at the last minute and the two escaped through an air vent. After finding a safe place to regroup, the hull was ripped open, causing Logan to be pulled into space.

Pdf logan o velho

Logan regained consciousness aboard the Alpha Flight Squadron Jet, piloted by Puck, who had saved him.

The two then snuck back onto the station. Logan and Puck were discovered by the Brood, forcing them to fight. The Brood then inexplicably disappeared.