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Feb 8, Illusions Of Love Sally Wentworth PDF, Epub Ebook. Passionate Revenge book. Read 12 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. More than anything she wanted to hurt him back. At eighteen, Zar. Twin Torment book. Read 4 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. 'I will not watch her marry the man I love. I'll do everything I can to.

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Sally Wentworth was the pseudonym of Doris Hornsblow. Doreen was born in Watford, Hertfordshire, England, UK. She married Donald Alfred. Sally Wentworth Book Lists - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf ), Text File .txt) or read online. Sally Wentworth Book Lists. Ghost of the Past by Sally Wentworth - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

Ginny, too, was sure. Dec 16, Joan rated it did not like it. Why not? Ginny doesn't deserve Venetia as her sister. She now has the power to make him pay and so she dumps him in the Bahamas and hot foots it home to England and her company.

Safe 2. Jan 04, Grace rated it liked it Shelves: It says this book was first published in , but it feels even earlier, 70s, maybe. It's one of Sally Wentworth's earlier books and a huge departure from the intense hatred and revenge plots of her other books. It is funny, cute, a rom-com, actually. It really should have been a Harlequin Romance rather than HP.

We have four intelligent girls -- roommates at college -- who start off the book debating the use of computers in matching people up. The theory espoused by Angie, the most fervent pro It says this book was first published in , but it feels even earlier, 70s, maybe.

The theory espoused by Angie, the most fervent proponent, is that by using computers she doesn't explain that formulas need to be input into the computers , one could get a random bachelor to propose at the end of three months by doing everything that the computers tell you to, in essence, become his dream woman. This debate is believably argued at length until these girls, funded by Lisa, the rich one of the group, decide to pick a guy at random and put their experiment to the test.

Ghost of the Past by Sally Wentworth

Gemma, our heroine, who's the least gung-ho about the experiment for moral reasons, is picked to be the guinea pig. The book is a hugely comedic farce because Gemma has to get a fake tan, wear colored contacts, and a blond wig in order to fit into Paul's criteria. Angie's experiment comprised of three conversation-less sightings before the actual meeting. The book didn't emphasize but should have how each of these meetings go badly awry. A second sighting on the ski lifts end with Gemma accidentally spilling coffee all over Paul's fancy blend of wool-cashmere sweater made by sheep that have since "died out.

These episodes are all interspersed with humorous debates between the four friends on how to engineer the next sighting. They suggest a poolside meeting with Gemma in a bikini , an avalanche how they were supposed to create an avalanche, I have no idea , and various funny ideas. The ski lift meeting was a particularly funny episode, because all four friends had to split up and wave to each other across the span of a snow-covered mountain with bright scarves in order to communicate the exact timing.

Gemma had to then ride up and down the ski lift to then "accidentally" meet him. At one time, she thought they must look ridiculous to other people, riding down the lift when most people skied down. A chance meeting in the town square where Gemma had been peering at an old manuscript through the window of a bookstore had to cover up her "intelligence" by pretending to look at something else Paul, the chosen man, came off initially like an unlikable, cynical French man who discarded women with regularity.

There were several telling episodes, even from the third person limited perspective, where one understood how cynical he was about gold-diggers, and what it was about Gemma that stood out, even despite the carefully calculated formulaic approaches. This was a satisfying reread, but I do think that the book would have been improved by a longer discussion of why Gemma left because she made him fall for someone who didn't exist and how his preferences really didn't matter, and how their actual meetings didn't match up with the computer theorems given that they argued in all three sightings before the proposed meeting.

But all in all, Sally Wentworth delivers even without a backdrop of revenge, and provides an action-packed, fun adventure through the Swiss Alps, with many ski references and beautiful descriptions of the snow-covered scenery. Ah, to be young again. Only college students could have the freedom and energy to carry out an experiment like this! View 2 comments. Mar 02, CLM rated it really liked it Shelves: My sister and I enjoyed this romance about university friends in England who believe that a romance can be orchestrated if the subject is properly researched, and draw lots to see which of them will go to Switzerland to vamp the playboy they've decided to experiment on..

Of course, it works but the heroine falls in love herself, despite her guilty conscience! Oct 29, sbf rated it really liked it. Super cute and fun story. Older, so kind of tame on the sex details, but still a good read. Feb 17, EeeJay rated it really liked it Shelves: Sep 05, SallyB rated it really liked it.

I liked this story.

It was pretty entertaining. Not heavy on the sex either. One of the better older Harlequin novels that I have read. This novel has an interesting plot line considering the time that it was wrote at. They pick out a man and put all pertinent info on the gentleman into the computer.

The computer then tells them exactly what kind of woman that this man wil One of the better older Harlequin novels that I have read. The computer then tells them exactly what kind of woman that this man will fall for. The concept seems a little advanced for that time period as computers were just becoming popular and the internet hadn't been invented yet so I don't think dating sites existed by this point.

I wasn't overly fond of the breakup scene you know every Harlequin has one and the ending was a little iffy at first but I got over it and finished the book. Nov 05, Hernan rated it it was amazing.

Pdf sally wentworth

A very interesting mix of historical fiction with personal touches of the life of the main characters. When reading history one tends to just go to the facts, but hardly ever think about the people left behind. The story presented here showed a bit of both and and it was very well written, it moved well and was exciting to read. May 23, Diamond added it Shelves: Jul 27, Tonya Warner added it. Gemma falls in to a scheme thought up by her roommates to make a man propose to her, basing her actions on a computer program.

She ends up falling for Paul and feels guilty for pretending to be some one she is not. She believes he loves the pretend person, not her. A nice story overall. Dec 22, April Brookshire rated it liked it Shelves: This was a fun read. The plot was unusual and it was humorous.

What the heroine and her friends did to the hero was mean, but I think he needed it. Feb 11, Sunethra Bandara rated it it was amazing Shelves: Aug 31, Ljscwo rated it it was amazing. My favorite Harlequin Romance of all time: May 12, Lyuda rated it liked it Shelves: Fun little story of early days of on line dating.

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Neenu rated it it was ok Sep 09, Nora rated it it was amazing Oct 17, RD rated it really liked it Aug 12, Anne rated it really liked it Feb 18, Shivangi Ramsay rated it it was amazing Aug 08, Penelope rated it really liked it Jan 27, Hnou rated it it was amazing Sep 11, Tia rated it liked it Feb 25, Jan Schroeder rated it liked it Apr 21, Hari rated it it was ok Jun 09, Jolly rated it it was amazing Jun 25, Diya rated it it was amazing Mar 17, Dami rated it it was amazing Jan 13, Gai rated it liked it Jul 02, Prior to Paris they'd always worked together so this is a big step for Ginny to take.

She wants to think about it so heads off to the cabaret. The act they do. There's a big empty frame on the stage, one sister in front and one behind. They mirror each other's movements and dress and dance together. At the end the sister on the far side of the frame jumps through and shocks the audience who believed it was all one girl just dressing and dancing in front of a big mirror.

Cabaret's must be hard up for acts, I think. Ginny is still pissed at her sister for her deception and Alex picks up on it as she's jealous and she needs to get over it. She tries to tell him the truth but he's angry that she's dissing her sister and won't listen to what she has to say. Venetia is tremendously happy that her sister botched the truth because Alex will never believe anything Ginny says now, because he thinks it all stems from jealousy.

Ginny decides to go ahead with her solo career as a model and when Venetia finds out she's more than a bit cheesed off by it but can't really say anything because she's screwed her sister over on Alex. Ginny does offer Venetia the opportunity to go as Ginny on an overnight shoot. Venetia is quite excited and takes her up on it since she's been lax lately in modelling because of her relationship with Alex and has missed doing it. Ginny calls Alex pretending she's Venetia, tells him about the overnight that "Ginny" is on and invites him over the flat.

For guess what? That's right. She's going to sleep with him. It will be his and "Venetia's" first time together in bed. Ginny promises to herself to tell him the truth but only after they've done the deed. They go to dinner, she pumps him for information and then he pumps her all night long. She never tells him the truth. Venetia comes back from her shoot and because of some psychic link knows that Ginny has slept with a man. She thinks it was the Paris photographer after she finds out that he's doing Ginny a solo portfolio.

To Have and to Hold by Sally Wentworth

Venetia wants to continue working as a model under Ginny's solo portfolio but Ginny thinks it's dishonest and won't do it. Yes, she thinks THIS is dishonest. Alex calls and tells Venetia what a wonderful time he had the night before screwing her brains out, except it wasn't her.

She gets off the phone with him and she and Ginny fight. Really fight. Words are tossed as well as a few fists and there's a bit of hair pulling. It ends with Ginny telling Venetia she can have Alex. She won't tell him the truth because it was such a wonderful night and he's too good for either of them. Deceived by both and loved by both.

Pdf sally wentworth

She's going to model in the United States and leave them alone. Alex walks in on the aftermath of the fight and tears Ginny a new one.

Berating her for her jealous, spiteful ways and promising her that when he and Venetia are married he will make it his mission that they no longer have contact. Ginny doesn't deserve Venetia as her sister.

Alex asks Venetia to marry him. Still not knowing the truth. He's takes Venetia away for Easter and low and behold the twins aren't identical. Venetia has an appendix scar and he realizes that he slept with Ginny. He is really angry and doesn't know which twin is which and he leaves. Venetia calls Ginny to come and straighten things out.

She finds him but he's tremendously angry and wants nothing to do with either sister at this point. Ginny tells him the truth about being the one he met on the plane and how Venetia only knew of it because of the phone calls. She tells him of the jealousy and the bad blood between the sisters for the switching.

He's angry and confused because now he doesn't know who he loved. The sisters realize he loves them both. Winner and loser. Now, how do they decide this? They flip a coin. Coin flip. This is how they make all their hard decisions. But it gets better. That's how the book ends on the flip. We don't know the outcome. Ugh, that ending is like no other romance I've ever come across. Feb 06, Diya rated it really liked it Shelves: Crazy twin sisters fight for one man.

To Have and to Hold

I enjoyed it and this was different. Looking forward to part two.. View 2 comments. Jun 06, Fiona Marsden rated it did not like it Recommends it for: NO one. This one really pressed all the wrong buttons for me. First one twin spots him and they fall in love but miss the follow up meeting. He goes looking and finds the other twin and they fall in love. First twin makes it with him first with him thinking its the 2nd one he's with and there is a blinding moment of connection.

When he goes to sleep with No. The stupid guy simply cannot figure out that he really does love No. The flip a coin and No. So he marries her. Go to part two Jul 10, Yoland Millbourn rated it it was amazing.

I thought that it was true to life and was very expected. Astral rated it did not like it Mar 20, Shwetha rated it really liked it Feb 11, Paulin rated it did not like it Jul 15, Doreen rated it really liked it Aug 07, Lucimar rated it it was ok Dec 01, Beeg Panda rated it did not like it Jul 20, Joanna Sz rated it it was ok Nov 10, Ann rated it did not like it Sep 12, Rmot rated it did not like it Jan 24, Ixtli rated it did not like it May 20, Sophia rated it liked it Apr 16, Ellya rated it liked it Jul 16, Tarry rated it did not like it Feb 04, FeliciaKaren rated it liked it Sep 12,