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Nov 2, Use of computer on regular basis in our life is very important. Technically in daily life computer is used to convert raw facts and data into. uses of computer,Education,Health and Medicine,Science,Business,Recreation and Entertainment,Government. category: Introduction to Computing Table of Contents of Computer at Home Home Budget Computer Games Working from Home -.

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Categorize the various uses of computers. About computer usage in different fields and products. 9. Uses of computer. Tejas and Jyoti have collected information. Parts of a computer. ➢ If you use a desktop computer, you might already know that there isn't any single part called the "computer." A computer is really a system . Computers are used in so many fields in our daily life. From Engineers to Doctors , Students, Teachers, Government Organization they all use computers to.

They can watch movies, listen to songs, and watch videos download different stuff. Scientists have long been users of it. Such as Microsoft Office package, email, video conferencing tools etc. Importance of computer in our daily life You can understand and analyze the importance of computer by seeing a revolution in offline and online business, online education, online business, online communication and internet banking. Computer plays the key role in this kind of learning.

You can train a large number of people easily. Some benefits of CBT are as follows: Computer aided learning is the process of using information technology to help teaching and enhance the learning process. The use of computer can reduce the time that is spent on preparing teaching material. It can also reduce the administrative load of teaching and research. The use of multimedia projector and PowerPoint presentations has improved the quality of teaching.

It has also helped the learning process. Distance learning is a new learning methodology. Computer plays the key role in this kind of learning. Many institutes are providing distance learning programs. The student does not need to come to the institute. The institute provides the reading material and the student attends virtual classroom.

In virtual classroom, the teacher delivers lecture at his own workplace. The student can attend the lecture at home by connecting to a network. The student can also ask questions to the teacher.

Uses of Computers in various fields - Byte-Notes

The trend of online examination is becoming popular. The questions are marked by computer. It minimizes the chance of mistakes. It also enables to announce the result in time. The use of computer technology in business provides many facilities.

Businessmen are using computers to interact with their customers anywhere in the world. Many business tasks are performed more quickly and efficiently. Computers also help them to reduce the overall cost of their business. Computer can be used in business in the following ways. An organization can use computers for marketing their products. Marketing applications provide information about the products to customers. Computer is also used to manage distribution system, advertising and selling activities.

It can also be used in deciding pricing strategies. Companies can know more about their customers and their needs and requirements etc.

Stock Exchange is the most important place for businessmen. Many stock exchanges use computers to conduct bids.

Top 10 Uses of Computer in Our Daily Life

The stockbrokers perform all trading activities electronically. They connect with the computer where brokers match the buyers with sellers.

You can communicate with people around the world by the use of the computer. You can use a computer at home for learning new skills and hobbies. You can use a computer to calculate and manage monthly expenses by using MS excel.

You can create gift cards, birthday messages by using Microsoft word. You can edit, restore and manipulate family photographs by the use of Adobe Photoshop etc.

Else you can use the computer with the internet to do online shopping and you can start an online business too. The use of a computer in home daily life is saving our time.

The computer also saves money in our daily home life. All kind of small works that we do each day cost us money.

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But using computer application at home save our money, time and also provide entertainment and various ways to pass time. Use of computer with the internet is creating new ways to do the product and services marketing online. Digital marketing services, products, websites, and businesses are growing. Businesses can use a computer to type marketing content, to publish content marketing article on websites and social media. They can sell and market their product on portals or such as Amazon.

Companies can chat, email, outsource, apply and can do various works that included in Internet Marketing such as website designing, Search engine optimization, PPC, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing etc. Our life is fully impacted by computers.

Pdf computer uses of

Today the use of the computer with internet connection in daily life changed our habits. Such as listening music on the computer, earning money online, doing internet banking, communicating online with friends and family, running an online business, taking online classes etc. The computer can impact our life negatively too if above-paragraphed habits turn into bad habits.

More use of a computer for daily life activities means less physical works and more mental work. In this case, the accessibility of brain is increased by so many features of computer and Internet. But the physical capacity is decreasing or not growing because of too much sitting all day in front of the computer. Such balanced use of the computer in daily life will be great.

A digital computer, analog computer and now the use of hybrid computers are growing in our daily life.

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The problem is that computer is doing our work faster and accurately and save our time. But then why people do not have any time today for their family. You can say the computer is changed our lives yes, computer changed our lives because today we want to use air purifier inside the home rather than planting new trees outside.

Computer pdf of uses

Very Funny! So, my friends, you need to understand and analyze what you want to do today and what is important for to you accomplish today by using a computer. Once you will find out it then start using the computer each day and it will make life easier, faster and more importantly satisfy at the end of the day. Receive notifications of new technology, business and career posts by email.

The goal of writing here is to help students in their career, technical and leadership skills development. Your email address will not be published. Please enter an answer in digits: Importance of computer in our daily life You can understand and analyze the importance of computer by seeing a revolution in offline and online business, online education, online business, online communication and internet banking. Vijay Kumar. This offers a variety of internet and video-based online courses.

Health and Medicine: Computer technology is radically changing the tools of medicine. All medical information can now be digitized. Software is now able to computer the risk of a disease. Mental health researchers are using computers to screen troubled teenagers in need of psychotherapy.

A patient paralyzed by a stroke has received an implant that allows communication between his brain and a computer; as a result, he can move a cursor across a screen by brainpower and convey simple messages. Scientists have long been users of it.

Business clearly see the interest as a way to enhance productivity and competitiveness. Some areas of business that are undergoing rapid changes are sales and marketing, retailing, banking, stock trading, etc.

The internet has become a popular marketing tool. The world of cybercash has come to banking — not only smart cards but internet banking, electronic deposit, bill paying, online stock and bond trading, etc. Recreation and Entertainment: Our entertainment and pleasure-time have also been affected by computerization. For example: Various departments of the Government use computer for their planning, control and law enforcement activities.

Uses of Computers in various fields

There are many uses computers in Defence such as: The show future weapon gives an entire hour to the predator. In today's technologically growing society, computers are being used in nearly every activity. Recording Information Official statistics keepers and some scouts use computers to record statistics, take notes and chat online while attending and working at a sports event.

Computers can slow recorded video and allow people to study their specific movements to try to improve their tendencies and repair poor habits.