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See the Glog! Download Pillars of Eternity Prima Official Game Guide by Prima Games ebook pdf epub: text, images, music, video | Glogster EDU - Interactive. PDF Strategy Guide - posted in Pillars of Eternity: General Discussion (NO SPOILERS): I bought the extra digital strategy guide online and cant. The Pillars of Eternity Collector's Edition Strategy Guide includes: “Thank You” of the game, you already have this in a pdf file that comes with the game.

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Item - Pillars of Eternity Official Game - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or Main Quest provides complete walkthrough. Does anyone know where I can purchase a strategy guide, either in book . https :// Was thinking of picking up the digital strategy guide. So far the game has been pretty easy in terms of completing quests and finding items.

Your friends. Dominion of the Sleepers for 20 sec The character becomes more fleet and nimble. For better or worse. As with Accuracy. I wouldn't reccomend the physical copy unless your name is in it.

Damage Reduction. Health loss occurs at the same time as Minimum Damage: No matter how high the DR. Interrupt duration is defined by Interrupt Strength. Many armor types. Each spell is interrupted. Base have relatively low base Interrupt and high damage. Every Attack can have a base Interrupt value but the attacker must at least character cannot maintain Concentration.

If an action is interrupted. Magical weapons can have a special property that bumps their base Interrupt rating up by one category. It is typically inflicted only by poison. Whenever damage is applied. Damage Reduction DR: This is the amount of damage that armor directly subtracts from each attacks taken after Damage Type calculations. All damage dealt has a certain Damage type.

Concentration Interrupt Concentration prevents characters from playing Interrupt chance is based primarily on the attack result and the Perception of the attacker vs. Damage is typically associated with one of seven damage types: Reflexes Defense Penalty and uses everything at its disposal to fight its former teammates.

Of guide pdf strategy eternity digital pillars

Confused Stunned. These can be seen above each character portrait—hover over them for more information. Overrides Paralyzed. Reflexes and Deflection are are reduced by Reflexes and Twisted Ankle Target is subservient to the will of the enemy Deflection are reduced by Sickened Sprained Wrist Dazed All attributes are reduced by 1.

A newer one will dispel any older one Paralyzed. Resolve and Dexterity are reduced by 2. Reflexes and time. Bruised Ribs Every 6 seconds. Accuracy is reduced by 20 for all sources.

Movement is by 3. Overrides Charmed. Movement is reduced Strength and Constitution are reduced by 2. Dexterity is reduced by 2.

Resolve and Dexterity are reduced by 4. Movement is reduced by 2. Overrides Stuck and Prone. Accuracy Dominated is reduced by 5 for all sources. As they still have a significant impact to the at a time.

Accuracy is reduced by 10 for all sources. Perception is reduced by 4. Will are reduced by Reflexes and Deflection are reduced by Blinded Hobbled Weakened Accuracy is reduced by 25 for all sources. A newer one will dispel any older one present. Dexterity is set to 0. Deflection are reduced by Fortitude and Will reduced by 2. Frightened Overrides Frightened. Fortitude and Deflection Defense Penalty Accuracy is reduced by 10 for all sources. Charmed is exclusive. Reflexes are reduced by Stunned Wrenched Knee Dominated is exclusive.

Unconscious Maimed Dead The majority of damage a character takes Health loss occurs at the same time as If a character loses all Health during a fight. Once the fight ends. If a character in death. Unconscious characters cannot benefit fight. Their soul actions. A leaves its body and their energy moves forward from stamina healing. Dead characters cannot be restored unconscious. This condition can recover their Stamina. If a character loses all Endurance loss.

A Slight Case of Rumbling Rot hidden items that can be kept or traded for other items or currency at shops. Alternate Endings.

You are sick with a possible case of You can inspect the tree for more information on it. Rumbling Rot. Selecting these responses who mostly urge you to undertake your berry hunt. Speak with him. Then wander influences your personality and standing with individuals and factions. Act I After learning of the type of berries you should be hunting. They are mostly ransacked. Then head northwest of the Vale.

Odema recommends you take someone with you. Head along the road to the west of Sparfel 6. Main Quest: You have around 70 cp to spend. We chart your entire adventure in full detail. No one that liked them enough to stop them Once you leave.

After some quick banter. You need a specific berry that Magnifying glass icons. Heodan the trader. Caravan Master Odema sends his standing by a tree 6. Usually rain and wind. Journey to Gilded Vale Head southeast of the camp.

In-depth coverage of all Races. The Training section of this guide gives you more information about this. Understand the subtleties of combat A fallen tree blocks your progress to Gilded ruined stone wall. If you follow this road to the assistant Sparfel off to hunt. They can hold a advice on character creation. Plus— Items. Technological advancements like medicine. Unless a race is intentionally segregated from other cultures. Racial Modifiers Races have ability score modifiers that remain consistent between ethnicities.

A dwarf from the Vailian Republic. When found. Aumaua are physically distinct from other races due to their towering size. They are occasionally found in the Dyrwood. Aumaua natural lifespans are typically between 70 and years. In this way. While there are some cultures that are dominated by a particular race. Vailian Republics.

Although they are not the most widely-traveled racial group in the world that distinction belongs to Calabandran humans. They did not come into the world fully formed and educated. Race and Culture Races and cultures do not directly overlap. Aumaua have two widely divergent ethnicities that are geographically separated by thousands of miles. Even soul-bending magic and theories are relatively young for most of these races and cultures. Long arms. Upturned or square faces.

Long domes. Tiny ears that barely protrude from the head. Hair does not grow on the very top of their skull. Southern Coastal aumaua cultures are more centralized and urban than their aumaua are physiologically similar in many ways. Higher body fat. Straight or wavy texture. All island aumaua gain an additional Weapon Set. Dwelling primarily in the northern hemisphere. Though still uncommon in the Dyrwood and surrounding environments. Tiny ears that Skin: Cool tones.

Long skulls with prominent prominent eyes with epicanthic folds. Coastal aumaua are more common in Aedyr than in the Dyrwood or island aumaua are more commonly encountered here than coastal surrounding areas.

Metal is used in small quantities. Slightly webbed arms. Warm tones. Slightly webbed hands and feet below the second knuckle. Very wide nose bridges and widely-spaced eyes. Rectangular or bridges and widely-spaced eyes.

Round or square faces. Because this successive series of wars allowed the century Japan. Wavy or kinky texture. Long skulls with prominent domes.

When encountered around the Dyrwood. Moderately wide. Most boreal dwarves live in the remote southern island of Naasitaq. Like abused orlans. Most historians believe dwarves originated somewhere in the southern hemisphere and have spread rapidly in waves over thousands of years. Some the evidence being found in remote mountain ranges. Almond or thin Almond. Broad jaws and necks. Enutanik share an instinctive drive to explore and their residences rather than move on.

Boreal dwarves are extremely rare in Aedyr. Many dwarf-heavy cultures are noted for being among the most aggressive terrestrial colonists in the world. As a result. Generations and horrific diseases.

Tan to dark tan. Deep-set eyes. Unlike the frequently. Their oozes. Like all dwarves. They tend to be extremely sturdy and durable. Also unlike orlans. Accuracy bonuses against them. Mountain dwarves originated in the continent to the east of the Dyrwood.

They are rarely encountered in Aedyr. Shallow-set eyes. Fair to dark brown. Their natural lifespan is typically between and years. Their skin often lacks any warmth other than their faintly-visible circulatory system. Elf-dominated cultures are among the least expansive and colonial. Hair texture is straight or wavy. Some linguistic similarities between Glamfellen. Thin and pointed noses.

Deep set eyes. Their natural lifespan is typically if they have seen one at all. Mid-width to narrow noses. Originated 3. In many ways. They have progressively It is unclear exactly how long ago the Glamfellen came to the southern migrated south through the forests at a similar pace to the Thyrtan polar regions of the world. Males can have facial hair. Mid-set Round.

Against any enemy that is more than 4m away. Extremely pale and translucent. Pointed ears. Glanfathan elves are physiologically identical to those from Aedyr They are rare in all northern lands and most people consider them exotic but share no culture in common. Sceltrfolc from the Aedyr share more in common with a nearby human ethnic group the Thyrtan than any other. They equator. Fair to light tan. No facial hair.

Pdf guide pillars strategy of eternity digital

Reflex against distant enemies them an inherent resistance to Burn and Freeze damage. Originated near the equator on the other side of the world. They are rare in both Aedyr and Meadow folk are the most common humans in Aedyr. They have now been near the equator for about 2. Their typical natural lifespan is between 60 and years. Full lips. Meadow folk have traditionally lived at the edge of Sceltrfolc lands.

Pillars of Eternity Collector’s Edition Strategy Guide Available to Pre-Order

Texture may be straight. Light brown to extremely dark brown. They have traditionally lived at Ocean folk are the dominant culture of the Vailian Republics. Deep-set eyes and eyes. Mid-to-shallow set eyes and strong brows. Texture is straight. Rust brown. Thin lips. Most cultures recognize that Calbandra are currently the most Originated in the far north. They are the most common humans in Aedyr. They can also be found in small numbers in the heavily due to rapid cultural expansion in the last two thousand Vailian Republics.

They can also be found in small numbers in the Readceras. Rectangular or oval Features: Hearth orlans are often found as slaves in Readceras and the Vailian Republics. While wild orlans are feared for their tenacity and explosive violence. Due to their size. Moderately full lips. Coarse and thick.

Narrow or almond eyes. This has been honored. Originated just south of the equator. Small or narrow. Deep-set eyes and very prominent brows. Almond or narrow eyes. While the wild orlans have stayed deep in the forests and jungles of the continent.

Large irises with cat-slit pupils. Lightly tan to dark tan skin with a warm reddish tone. Savannah folk are uncommon in the Dyrwood and Vailian Republics. The natural lifespan of an orlan is typically between 50 and 80 years.

So-called for their relatively sedentary nature. Moderately broad noses. Orlan skin often has a green or yellowish undertone to it.

They are more common in Readceras and very rare in Aedyr. Even though they have migrated north heavily. Round or heart-shaped faces. They are also. Many orlan communities have also adopted brutal guerilla tactics including heavy use of traps and poison in the surrounding environment. Hearth Orlans Features: Mid-set eyes with shallow brows.

Digital eternity guide strategy pdf pillars of

Strawberry blonde. Round or heart-shaped faces.. Wild orlans have very little visible skin. Though their appearances vary. No one region seems to have any more or less than another.

Not only does this mean that they cannot wear any head gear e. Wild orlans are only rarely found in established communities. The face and neck of a wild orlan are covered with hair as thick as any other part of their body. They are incapable of reproduction with each other or any other creature. They are also less commonly encountered in the Dyrwood or enslaved in Readceras and the Vailian Republics. Most people consider wild orlans to be poor slaves due to their lack of language skills and their extremely violent nature.

pillars of eternity strategy pdf download official game guide free digital book walkthrough prima

For better or worse. Godlike are equally uncommon all over the world. Many times. There are only two constants for godlike. Godlike manifest their divine heritage in a variety of ways—wings. Godlike eyes are always unusual in some way. Even if there are physiological similarities between two godlike. This fact often colors how cultures regard them and their roles in society. Wild orlans have only been significantly separated from hearth orlans for a thousand years.

Small or narrow.. Sometimes they do have hair but it is of an inhumanoid tone or texture and blends in with other growths. Godlike skin tones sometimes come from the mother and father. Godlike hair is often not hair but horn. In many cases. Godlike Variety Features: Sailors Fire Godlike are objects of both reverence and fear in the Deadfire have many beliefs about Moon Godlike and their propensity to bring luck. Fire Godlike are often seen as a sign of the blessing of Magran. Friendly Aura: While their skin tone and The bodies of Fire Godlike often resemble hot metal.

Racial Ability goddess of war and fire. The growths are transparent for the Godlike but they are diseased. This has led to the common stigma that sinister appearance. Many locals believe they have the power to awaken though there is little agreement as to what kind of luck they tend to bring. Strange growths Nature Godlike appear to be a fusion of human and animal features. In the Dyrwood. Death Godlike are orders have a keen interest in Nature Godlike because of their general commonly killed at birth because many cultures consider them to be curiosity as to how souls occupy animals.

Against all targets with low Endurance. Many druidic opaque from the outside. Barbarians are a challenge to deal with on a battlefield. As the Dyrwood has settled down over time. Barbarians have a special. Overview Barbarians are savage warriors. Barbarians are the wild. Barbarians come from many of the more remote cultures found across the world. In the Eastern Reach.

Lacking the accuracy and strong Deflection of the fighter. Barbarians are often used as shock troops for dealing with mobs or simply to intimidate the easily-cowed with their ferocity. Barbarians all have a strong skill focus in Athletics and lesser focus in Survival. Their primary focus in combat is dealing with large numbers of foes. Areas of Focus: Crowd Control Minor: Striking Supplemental: Distinguished by their recklessness. Alternate Build Races For a two-handed barbarian alternate.

Sickened for 3 sec vs. Frightened for 12 sec vs. Moderate AoE. Battle Axes. Use Weapon Focus based on two-handed weapons instead. Engaged by two or more enemies. Lets out a terrifying yell. High Attack Rate. Will The barbarian makes a courageous stand against all attackers.

This character is Savage Defiance Bloodlust Brute Force Heart of Fury best when following a heavier tank into battle as it does not have the best defenses. Great Sword. Great Accuracy. Use Frenzy often and try to focus on flanking enemies. On attacks that normally target Imparts an unquenchable bloodlust to the barbarian.

Less Micro Constitution 15 Intellect 16 Disadvantages: Low Deflection. Aumaua Death Godlike Focus on Estocs. The barbarian becomes able to charge with reckless abandon. Exacts a final revenge when the barbarian reduced to 0 Endurance. Each equipped weapon attacks every for 12 sec nearby enemy. Health and Endurance concealed taking on all comers. Melee Only Interrupt: Not stopped by Engagement for 5 sec Lets out a dreadful shout. Sends the barbarian into a frenzied state. Available at Level 11 1 per rest.

Terrified for 20 sec vs. For every successful melee attack. Carnage also hits a bigger area. Instant The barbarian deals a massive blow. Speed of Wild Sprint is increased. Strengthens Savage Defiance. They are also capable of casting powerful spells. Many historians consider chanters to be the most ancient workers of magic. While chants may seem modest compared to a wizard or a priest magic.

Support Minor: Chanters are storytellers and repositories of ancient lore from myriad cultural traditions. Chanters can combine phrases in a variety of ways to suit their needs. Through the clever overlapping of phrases. Overview Chanters are historians and storytellers. Though chanters have a bit of minor talent in traditional arts of combat and soul-based magic. They construct chants from individual iconic phrases.

Ancient Memory Field Triage Description: Blunt the Point Lo. Equipment Focus on using large shields with high deflection bonuses. This character works well in large teams where they can serve as a distraction for more vulnerable allies. None Can Say Sex: Male At the Sound of His Voice. Rise Again.

Using Summons and powerful invocations to deal damage. Chanter Rise Again. Alternate Build For a party with strong ranged weapon users or two chanters.

Crowd Control. Wear Heavy Armor. High Survivability. Hatchets and Maces serve as great early game weapons until you get a strong one- handed unique weapon later.

Scions of Adon! Rauatai Available: Strong Field Presence. Takes time to shine. Chants are modal activated abilities. Chanters have the highest number of summoning spells of all classes. Invocations With each chanted phrase that passes. Invocations are powerful. A chain of low power. When enough control is gained. Chanters gain access to all 1st level chanter phrases. They string any number of phrases together into a chant that can be used in combat. Friendly AoE: These two phrases are automatically entered into the default chant for the chanter.

As one phrase ends and another begins. In addition to gaining the benefits of individual phrases. Chanters always have one chant selected. Because chants do not occur out of combat and are temporarily suspended by roars. This allows them to combine overlapping bonuses or penalties.

To use their special kind of magic. Note that chants are free actions. The phrases have distinctive. They will always start chanting as soon as combat begins and always stop chanting as soon as combat ends. Invocations are often support-oriented. Stunned for 5 sec vs. Reflex Calls beyond the Shroud and summons a phantom to fight for the party.

Phantom Interrupt: Reflex Causes a nearby downed enemy to explode. Will Conjures three wurms into existence to fight for the party. Fast Interrupt: Drop Trap: Decreases the duration of and defends against Hobbled. Paralyzed for 8 sec vs.

Foe Aura: Frightened Generates a field of terror. Terrified for 12 sec vs. Will Defense against Paralyzed attacks for 30 sec. Charmed for 6 sec vs. Fortitude Duration: Level Three Invocations OH. Attacks enemies in sev en directions around the chanter with bolts of freezing ice.

Revive with 50 Endurance Interrupt: Foe Target: Constitution and Resolve. Reflex Revives allies in the area of effect with a small amount of Endurance. They are gaining acceptance over time.

Pillars of Eternity Official Game Guide.pdf

Like wizards and priests. Once they are activated. Ciphers are uncommon and often misunderstood individuals with extraordinary mental abilities. Though most ciphers are still found in the Eastern Reach. They are capable of performing many abilities that are unique to their profession. While wizards use complex formulae in large tomes and priests tap into the passion of their faith.

Cipher abilities generally require Focus to activate. Overview Ciphers are an unusual class. Other classes are capable of manipulating their own souls use of their Soul Whip. To do this.

Wear lighter armor to build Focus more quickly. Strong AoE. If a gun is desired. Following up with a few ranged attacks. Though you could substitute a Wand. Pain Link Disintegration killer instinct. This build would drop all ranged talents such as Penetrating Shot and Marksman and play more similarly to the Assassin Rogue.

Using spells like Mental Binding and Amplified Wave. Moderate Micro. Equipment War Bows or Hunting Bows work best with this build. Crowd Control Disadvantages: Relies on Crowd Control Strategy The Psionic Archer Cipher build is heavily focused on controlling enemies while wearing them down with a barrage of arrows. Stunned for 3 sec vs. Charming them for the duration.

Invokes a retaliatory strike. Foe Beam: Reflex User: Confused for 6 sec vs. The Soul Whip mode reduces the amount The cipher has an increased maximum Focus. Soul Whip Passive.

Eternity strategy of pdf guide digital pillars

Frightened for 6 sec. They have a lot of single-target damage powers. In practical terms. Slow Interrupt: Charmed for 10 sec vs. Focus below maximum Range: Prone for 5 sec vs. Dazed for 10 sec vs. Slow Speed: Jump Targets: Fast Range: Paralyzed for 6 sec vs.

Blinded for 10 sec vs. Flanked for 10 sec vs. Paralyzing it and causing its soul to emit a shockwave that can leave nearby enemies Stuck. Characters standing in the area around the target take Shock damage. Stuck for 8 sec vs.

Blinded for 10 sec. Target becomes the object of a concussive blast of leaving them Flanked for the duration. Dominated by the cipher for the duration. Stunned for 6 sec vs. Hobbled for 12 sec. Slow vs.

Fortitude Interrupt: Produces a psychic howl in the targeted area. Weakened for 12 sec vs. Dominated for 10 sec vs. Stands a high chance of causing an Interrupt. Frightened for 15 sec. Dominating the target and Charming all others. Dazed for 18 sec. Prone for 4 sec vs. Fortitude damage to them.

Additional Attack vs. Confused for 18 sec vs. Fortitude knowledge of his or her enemy. Requires 30 Focus Interrupt: Targets that have their Requires 30 Focus Endurance reduced to zero disintegrate into nonexistence. Much like priests. When not casting spells and transforming into mythical beasts. In most cultures.

While not necessarily religious. While druids do not have the diverse spell repertoire of wizards. All druids also choose a spiritshift form that allows them to take on aspects of a powerful beast. Druids are animists. Overview Druids are the guardians of nature and the stewards of the wilderness. Their animistic powers allow them to create a variety of powerful supernatural phenomena. If Melee is used.

Druids select a damage type Slash. Crowd Control Spells like Tanglefoot and Blizzard can also help to manipulate groups of enemies. Allows the druid to shift his or her form into a hybrid of their natural form and that of an animal or elemental spirit. Higher Micro. Equipment Any particular weapon suits this caster build. The Druid is a very flexible caster.

Spiritshift overcompensator-par-excellence. Use Sunbeam and Burst of Summer flame to spot-target closely grouped enemies for heavy damage. Large AoE. As druids gain power. Druid when unchecked. Spiritshift forms Sex: Male have strong melee attacks that bypass some DR.

Hearth Orlan Barbarian build we described previously. Wear light or medium armor to cast spells more quickly. Druids start with specific spirit forms and can find additional spirit forms in the world though these are often limited by level.

Druids in their special Advantages: High Damage Output. Focus on following behind a heavier front line character and flanking your enemies as you shift. Starting a combat with a quick Firebug or Returning Storm can quickly dictate the outcome of the battle. Swapping out a few spell-based talents for Two Weapon Style and Vulnerable Attack can help this alternate build to really shine. Shock that is added to any attack they use that causes any damage to the target. Instant Speed: Shoves an enemy with enormous force.

Fortitude groups of enemies with its melee Carnage attack. Lets out a terrifying roar. Available at Level 1 Modal. Fortitude The stag spiritshift has higher defenses and can attack User: Primary Attack vs. Instant Interrupt: Will temporarily allowing him or her to assume that form. While in stag form. Deflection Accuracy temporarily allowing him or her to assume that form. Prone for 3 sec vs.

With every successful melee attack. They can cast a fixed number of 1st level spells before they must rest to recover their uses. There are six druid spell levels in Pillars of Eternity. Only Beasts vs. Charmed for 30 sec. Every two levels. On the first level. Conjures a giant pair of razor-sharp talons. Summon Weapon: Now for some serious reading: I still wait for my hardcopy. But I will not read it. It is just for my collection of PoE things. I got the whole thing, that is, the "most DLC" edition which I think was the Royal edition, but may have been the Champion edition, or possibly an edition named after some element currently unknown to man , off Steam.

When I look in Steam insists that the guide has been installed, and that is where I would have expected to find it, but the only things in their are:.

Try verifying the integrity of game cache through Steam. None of the extras were appearing for me either. When I verified the integrity, it found a bunch of files it needed to re-download. All of the extras except the Novella and Documentary showed up for me.

I have the collector's book and strategy guide in their own I bought a prima guidebook thingy from there website and they don't give you the option to download or print it off, just have to look at it from there site lol.

It turns out I'm both a backer I'd genuinely forgotten and I have the Royal edition, and this is getting astoundingly frustrating. I also can't seem to link accounts, so there is that, too Thanks for the help, I did get mine downloaded. Sign In Create Account. Obsidian Members Forums Blogs. Welcome to Obsidian Forum Community Register now to gain access to all of our features. Once registered and logged in, you will be able to create topics, post replies to existing threads, give reputation to your fellow members, get your own private messenger, post status updates, manage your profile and so much more.

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PDF Strategy Guide

Is there a way to download it onto my computer for easier access or what? AncientManBeast 0 Nub Initiates 2 posts. Right click on the green pdf button and select 'Save link as', that should set you straight.

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